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If you have pre-ordered the games, tell us if it was odd (like mine!)

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Well, I came into the store, and I went to the counter. I said "I would like to pre-order a game." And the guy there said, "Pokemon?" I said "Yes." So I pre-ordered both games. It took him a while. He was going SOOOOO unbelievably slow. It took him ten minutes to write on a piece of paper, give me the pre-order cards, and give me the styluses. Finally when he gave them to me, he said "Aren't you a tad too old to be playing pokemon?" And I said, "Aren't you a TAD too slow to be getting more the minimum wage?"


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i pre-ordered way before anyone else, so the guy wasn't expecting it; he didn't even know there WAS a DiamondPearl...


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LOL. I pre-ordered at Gamecrazy (both games) and I didnt get anything!!

;491; ;491; ;491; ;491; ;491; ;491;


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You could have filed a lawsuit for discrimination :)
They aren't entitled to say things like that or to even sway your opinion on games~

Good comeback though!


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*snap snap* You go girlfriend *snaps*

I didnt pre-order.
Im getting mine at Wal-Mart.
A day early than everyone who pre-ordered.


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Preordered back in January and will probably throw out the stylus if I get one. :)

Didn't get any hassles either.
I went to a gamestop store at a nearby city to get a game (didn't know which one.) Then I saw an empty pokemon diamond box on a nearby counter and decided to order it. It was a pretty happy experence for me. :D

It wasn't very odd, but it was cool.
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The actual ordering of the game wasn't awkward, but I kind of threw the guy for a loop. He asked, "Do you want to put five dollars down?" And I had planned on just paying for them up front, so I said "Can I just pay for them both now?" He kind of like...jumped and shrugged, but sure as hell snatched up the hundred bucks I gave him...

I ordered way back in January as well, so the guy was probably thrown back by that as well.
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