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If you have pre-ordered the games, tell us if it was odd (like mine!)

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when I pre-ordered I was wigging out not the proprietor
he said" it is ok man no one cares anymore" whatever....cool


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at first I was vaguely worried that he might say something, but I was like "You doing preorders for Pokemon?" and he said, "Yeah what version you want?" and the rest is history... wait no, it's obvious anyway.
Except my mom went in there with me and started asking questions about and it made me feel kinda awkward.
It's awesome cuz a bunch of people at my school (highschool, I'm 15 btw) are getting it and we're all psyched.
every day I go to German I'm like, dreiundreissig Tage bis Pokemon Diamant und Perle! (or 33 days 'till Pokemon Diamond and Pearl!) or however many days are left at the time
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Not true. Today's society makes it hard for some people to be interested in some things without being made fun of and having to deal with it.

That's the cold truth. Can't be made any simpler. I wish more people would understand though. Some people have likes and dislikes which other people just can't accept in their minds or maybe someone else makes them not accept it.


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Went to Target on Sunday, The guy there didnt know how to pre-orders so he told me to wait 10 minutes for the guy who does to come. Few minutes later some grandma was also asking, we started talking about how the guy was slow. Got my pre-orders and left, dont think the guy knew what Pokemon was so meh :p


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I pre ordered Pokemon Pearl and everything was fine i had a hard time saying one thing though and that was "I would like to reserve a copy of Pokemon Pearl"
Because in todays society you get made fun of for liking a GREAT RPG such as Pokemon

PS: I have no friends or anyone i know in RL who likes pokemon so bassicly even my family dosent even like pokemon and i got made fun of by a bunch of people so my advice to anyone who gets picked on like that just say to them, "Have you ever looked at the sales for Pokemon games? and did you know its the number 2 best selling video game franchise?" and i bet you they will shut up.

PSS: oh and heres a link to the best selling video game franchises
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The guy at the counter was surprised when I pre-ordered Pokemon Pearl instead of Diamond, I'm a guy. I already had pre-ordered Diamond at EB.

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When I went yesterday I sort of waited a while and asked the guy if I could get "one of those Pokemon reservation things" as if I didn't know. Then this girl came to open the games case to get the reservation card and it took her forever to unlock the cabnit, this was her first time unlocking tha case. She was nice about how this was her first time. Then I went back to the counter and the guy gets the stylus then checks which version I reserved and, he must have put the Daimond one back, and got the Pearl one.
The whole time I had a smile on my face, just laughing at myself about how I was pre-ordering this game, but at the same time showing slight facial expressions hinting that I was pre-ordering the game for someone else.

I was in denial!!!!!!! Pretending that I didn't know anything about Pokemon.


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Nothing out of the ordinary in my case.

I simply asked if I could reserve it, got a prompt "Yes", and walked out with my reservation slip less then a minute after.

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Yeah I asked if I could pre-order them or if it was too early, and there was a girl there who quickly stood up after putting a game on the shelf(employee) and said 'Yeah!' and then was like 'I don't think I should know that?' and she laughed and started talking to me about it, it was perty funny.


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i havnt prordered i live in oz + the guy doesnt have the right to say that there is no age limit on pokemon it is for everyone


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EB representatives are slow on the preorders...And they always talk you about irrelevant things, like 'I can remember when I used to play videogames on big tapes, like on the Atari" and I'm like, ".....Yeah....."
Grr, a two second process becomes a fifteen minute chat about classics and upcomings with those people.


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Wait so were you suppose to get your stylus when you pre-ordered the game. Because i did and i didn't get one?? And i thought you get one when you get the game. =[
GameStop/EB Games specifically says YOU GET IT WHEN YOU PICK UP YOUR GAME. Other retailers appear to be doing the opposite.

C.J. Ray

I wanted Shaymin! :(
Well, I came into the store, and I went to the counter. I said "I would like to pre-order a game." And the guy there said, "Pokemon?" I said "Yes." So I pre-ordered both games. It took him a while. He was going SOOOOO unbelievably slow. It took him ten minutes to write on a piece of paper, give me the pre-order cards, and give me the styluses. Finally when he gave them to me, he said "Aren't you a tad too old to be playing pokemon?" And I said, "Aren't you a TAD too slow to be getting more the minimum wage?"

I'd like to put this on my future site, under the page which has all sorts of funny dialogue. I mean, that was a really funny retort! :D


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Went to Gamestop just yesterday and preordered a copy of both games. The guy behind the counter actually seemed to be a fan of the games, too, so no weirdness. I assumed at least half of Pokemon fans are going into their 20's now. :S


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I was with my moms and for some reason I kept looking at while I pre-ordered other than that it was okay
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