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If you have pre-ordered the games, tell us if it was odd (like mine!)

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I pre-ordered it on the 18th, so that was four days ago. Nothing too weird though. Well, other than the fact that the clerk asked if I wanted to put down the $5 minimum, more than $5 such as a 20, or to just pay for the whole game. But I didn't understand the purpose of putting down more money (I'm guessing pre-orderers who pay more get priority), but that was only weird due to my misunderstanding. Didn't get the stylus, but my friend who pre-ordered the day before I did told me that the styluses are going to be given away on the release date. Not like it mattered to me, since I'm very unlikely to use it anyways.

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I live somewhere where I don't need to worry that badly about pre-ordering.

Regardless, I was at the store when my friend was pre-ordering.

He called out, really loud to me "WHICH ONE HAS HOUNDOOM?!" and the cashiers were lol-ing and I was like "I think Pearl?" (I couldn't remember).

I don't know why he cared, he's getting *both*.

I later said (before I left the store with another friend since he was taking too long) "You're far manlier than I. I'm probably sending my dad to get mine while I'm off at college."

Not to mention, I imported Pearl because I can't bring myself to walk into a store, even if I shaved, and say "I would like a copy of Pokemon Pearl!".


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At first, I thought the shipping date was the 22nd, but when I asked the man at gamestop yesterday, after preordering the guide three months after the games, he said delivery date was on the 22nd for both.


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I preordered mine at walmart.com and I didn't get the stylus. Why wuold I want a stylus longer than my ds lite. Besides, They ship it a day early.


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Nope haven't pre-ordered yet, I don't even know when my EB games/ Walmart are even getting it. In my town games come way late...I waited an extra week for xml2...It killed me.

This is kinda relavant. I remember buying my Emerald the day after boxing day and the kid in front of me was buying FR. His mom's like' Arent you a little old to play pokemon' to her 12 yr old son....and here I was, 15, buying a pokemon game. My brother was standing away lol'ing at me like crazy. It felt odd.

Jeeze, good come back. I always fear they're going to say something like that too me and I'm not good with comebacks. Nice going:)


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I might pre-order this weekend or next doesn't bother me that much.
if some one that worked there asked me if I was a little to old I'd just say "What's your point?"and see if they say anything.

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I want race car bed

lmao oh man tahts classic you are so cool and i gonna just get when it comes


I went to gamecrazy to preorder diamond. I already had mario galaxy preordered i switched the 5$ to diamond since galaxy probly wont come till the holiday season. Now i have a much shorter wait, but it feels like forever.


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I preordered my copy of Diamond. I don't know why everyone is all flippin out,"i didnt g3t t3h stylus!!!!111!eleven!"

You get the stylus on the day you pick up your PRE-ORDERED game.


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does any one now when d/p comes to europe ;Þ but i cant pre-order it!! hate to live in iceland....i cant go too any event or anything!


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You could have filed a lawsuit for discrimination :)
They aren't entitled to say things like that or to even sway your opinion on games~

Good comeback though!
You've got to be kidding.

My opinion is, grow some thicker skin. Throwing back a stupid comeback like that make you just as bad. It's like a conversation in which this goes on:

1st person: u suk.
2nd person: no u.

I wouldn't get offended if someone said that, because it doesn't really matter to me. Saying a comeback (If you want to qualify what you said as a comeback) lets them know that you care. Shows weakness.

My story is: I walked in, asked to pre-order it. He said okay and I gave him my info, paid, and walked out.
I live somewhere where I don't need to worry that badly about pre-ordering.
I pre-ordered because I need a new stylus, haha.
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I preordered it today : D My brother had pre-ordered Diamond a few days ago, so I went to the same store he did, as he hadn't had any trouble. The guy at the counter had no clue wtf I was talking about, and had to spend awhile talking to his manager to figure out what it was I was saying. ;_; I was rather embarrassed, haha.


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Actually I pre ordered a few days ago, nice guys, I brought the japanese diamond with me, and just said "Turn i on, turn it on, turn it on"it was funny

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I walk into the toy section every time I go to Wal-Mart, Target, and Toys R Us and I buy toys, like Star Wars and Transformers. It's better to just be nice and show that you are the better person. If they give you grief, give a polite response, such as tell them it's a great game that anyone can learn and play.

I have not preordered Diamond or Pearl and I don't think I will either. It will be chaos on release day and I think it would be better if I just wait to get it a couple weeks later when the initial hype and excitement is done with.


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Well, I came into the store, and I went to the counter. I said "I would like to pre-order a game." And the guy there said, "Pokemon?" I said "Yes." So I pre-ordered both games. It took him a while. He was going SOOOOO unbelievably slow. It took him ten minutes to write on a piece of paper, give me the pre-order cards, and give me the styluses. Finally when he gave them to me, he said "Aren't you a tad too old to be playing pokemon?" And I said, "Aren't you a TAD too slow to be getting more the minimum wage?"

Lol! Well done, ultimate comback!


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I'm gonna preorder asap because I want the stylus. And good comeback. Besides most people that like pokemon are either older or just got into it and are in elementry school.


I pre-ordered in January and it was perfectly normal.
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