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If you have pre-ordered the games, tell us if it was odd (like mine!)

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what is the stylus holder made of.


Zagara Sanosuke
it was like:
Me-Hi I need to pre-order pokemon....
Guy-sure...let's see....pokemon mystery dugeon?
Me-No....pokemon diamond.
Guy-Ok...wait a minute
Me-*waiting**gives money for pre-order*
Guy2-Hey! *talkes to guy*
Guy-*printing things*
Guy2-*telephone rings**sponge bob music*
Guy-here you go!*gives
Me-Ok! see ya
Guy-See ya in april!

it was the first time i pre-order a game....so...was very odd...specially the sponge bob opening music part.


oMfG wOaHz
Mine was extremely normal.I went to Amazon.com and clicked some buttons and WOOSH I pre-ordered Pokemon Pearl. :eek:


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usually when i buy something, like a game that seems like its for children, I get my sister to do it. i give her the money and she goes up there and buys the game and holds it till we get to the car, then gives it to me. Since she is only 8, so she doenst have to worry.


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oh and also for the comeback, good job, I would have said
"Aren't you a tad too slow to be working here."


The Amazing
*sigh* Some people just don't get what a game for all ages really means.


Bring it.
I'm going tommorow.

Quick questions, is the stylus(that you get) for DS lite or the regular DS since Lite's stylus doesn't fit in the regular DS.


Powerplay Champion
well i just reserved today during my luch break, and they were pretty cool about it.
yeah they gave me an odd look when i said i wanted to reserve pokemon, but then i told em my plan, and how its worked...
ive gotten 20 kids in my town to preorder the game.
can anyone say epic gaming nights ? :)


oMfG wOaHz
I thought they were their own size i.e you keep them out of the DS...It'd look weird to have the topper sticking out. XD


Shark Tamer
Y'know I got the same question. there's a simple answer and that's "No"


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The guy at the register had a bloody eye, and kept giving me weird looks with it. Overall though, the process went by fairly quickly.


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the gamestop i go to is like they know everything about video games and preorders lucky me :D but they still have hundreds of preorders left and im getting mine in 4 or 5 days

im getting diamond plus the nintendo power guidebook


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i reserved got one funny look and thats all and Shadow94 pray tell how are you getting your game in 4 to 5 your count down even says 22 days
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-/-Dutty Love-/-
I'm dreading the pre-order process. Since I can't do it online, I have to go in the store. I'm not going to my local EB games considering I got snickered at in the back room after buying LG. I think I may go to walmart, I got emerald there and the employees really dont care. Hope it doesnt go bad.


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You can't pre-order here in Canada. You can just put in a $5 deposit to reserve a copy.
Instead of the styluses, Toys R Us is giving out DS pouches promoting Diamond and Pearl.


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I didn't get any funny looks. They're supposed to ENCOURAGE you to buy things. Not make you feel weird. Though I did get a funny look when I came in the next day with my room mate to pre-order the second one... The weird part is he remembered me though...


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[Pikachu];5854146 said:
You can't pre-order here in Canada. You can just put in a $5 deposit to reserve a copy.
Instead of the styluses, Toys R Us is giving out DS pouches promoting Diamond and Pearl.

...Considering I'm in Canada and have pre-ordered both, I'd say you can :p Not sure about Toys R Us, but at EB you can. And EB has the pouches too, you just get both.


I pre-ordered 2 weeks ago, and I was first to order at my local Game Crazy. But back then they didnt have the styluses yet, so I would get it when it came out.

I went there today and they had 6 beautiful Styluses looking at me from the counter. 3 Diamond ones and 3 Pearl. So I told the guy about me ordering it 2 weeks ago and asked could I take a Pearl Stylus?(I pre-ordered Pearl) They told me I could, even though I was expecting them to ask for proof of Pre-order...

So Basically anyone could walk it and take one.:p
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