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If you were a gym leader what type would your gym be?

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Platium Rank
Name: Blitza
Type: Fire/Dark
City: Port Kage
Badge: Kageho (Japanese for Shadow Fire; Enables Surf)
Gym #: 6
Peoples: 5
Prize: Badge, 7500 P, TM 102 (Power Blow) , TM 50 (Overheat)

TM 102, Power Blow (Steel)
Acc: 75, Power: 150, Lag: 1 Turn
PP: 10
Auto KO if opponent has less than 1/4 HP

Blitza's Pokémon:
;136; Flareon (F) , Level 46 @ Charcol
Overheat, Quick Attack, Flamethrower, Protect

;197; Umbreon (M) , Level 46 @ Black Glasses
Mean Look, Toxic, Confue Ray, Protect

;157; Typhlosion (M) , Level 47 @ Bright Powder
Swift, Protect, Flamethrower, Focus Punch

;198; Murkrow (M) , Level 48 @ Stirus Berry
Mean Look, Faint Attack, Aerial Ace, Protect

;038; Ninetails (F) , level 50 @ Lax Incense
Iron Tail, Flamethrower, Quick Attack, Protect

;248; Tyranitar (M) , Level 50 @ Soft Sand
Crunch, Rock Slide, Dig, Protect

*Other trainers use a mix of Fire- and Dark-type pokémon, even if the pokémon has other types (Eg. Blitza's Tyranitar and Murkrow)*


So long
Type of pokemon: Ice
Which gym: 7th
Which Town/City: Cinnabar Island
How many people work in your Gym: 12
Name of Badge: Winter Badge
TM you award: TM 13 (Ice Beam)
And the Pokemon you would use: Lapras / Jynx / Walrein / Sneasel / Piloswine / Cloyster


Good Eye Sniper
type: Normal
which gym: 8th
what town/city: Mossdeep
people working in my gym: 4
name of badge: Shine Badge
TM award: Softboiled
Pokemon using: Clefable,Blissey,Slaking,Snorlax
Type: Dragon
Gym: 8th
Town: Lilycove City
People in gym: 10
Badge: MysticBadge
TM: TM02-Dragon Claw

Flygon- Lonely Lv.57
Dragon Claw
Steel Wing
Giga Drain

Flygon- Careful Lv.57
Rock Slide
Dragon Claw
Quick Attack

Kingdra- Timid Lv.58
Hydro Pump
Rain Dance
Ice Beam

Dragonite- Modest Lv.58
Dragon Claw

Altaria- Jolly Lv. 57
Sky Attack
Dragon Dance
Dargon Claw

Salamence-Adamant Lv.59
Dargon Dance
Dragon Claw
Fire Blast

Good enough? ;)


Well-Known Member
heres mine
Type of pokemon:Fire and Electric
which gym (1st,2nd,3rd etc):7th
which town/city:
how many people work in your gym:8
name of badge:Unlimited Badge
TM you award:Thunder fang
and the pokemon you would use:Charizard,Magmar,Raichu,Electabuzz,Rhydon
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