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If you were a gym leader what would your gym be about and what pokemon would you use?


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So if you were a gym leader what type of pokemon would you use? What would your gym be based on? What would your gym look like? Also what pokemon would you use?
I'd be a Water gym leader in Kanto/Johto
My gym would be a surfing paradise. You'll need surf or dive to do the gym though and you'll get the HM surf before you go to the gym.
You'll battle 2 trainers then you'll land onto a wooden platform. If you go onwards a submarine would be there and you have to go in it. It would take you down under the water into some small temple thing. You have to battle another trainer or two then you'll walk to the me the gym leader! :D
I'll start off with a Staryu at level 23. I'll then use a level 24 marill and then my highest level a level 25-26 starmie. The badge would be called Deep Sea Badge or Deep Badge for short.
So now its your turn! Please follow all the serebii forum rules and have fun! ;245;


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I would be a fire type gym leader in unova, and my gym would be a mix of blaine and flannery's gym. It would be like a vocano of sorts. You would have a set time to complete a room that will have a route to go by. There would be three rooms with three trainers each, 9 total. Once you get to the end, there will be a hot spring so you can heal your pokemon before you enter my room. As you can guess, my room would be full of magma surrounding the battlefied. My team would consist of arcanine, camerupt, and my strongest pokemon would be a zen mode darmantian. My badge would be called the flame badge
Probably Steel, my favorite type. The puzzle might involve rotating mirrors/solar panels to catch light and power up generators, which open doors and bridges to me.


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I think a dark type gym would suit me well. I would be one of the last gyms in Sinnoh. It would be a large room, and you would have to step on every tile in the room at least once to battle me. On random tiles, a trainer would pop out and battle you. My team would start out with a Murkrow, and then a Cacturne, Umbreon, Skuntank, and my powerhouse, a Tyranitar.