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If you were a gym leader....

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Plat. Frontier

Epic Mustache
Psychic-types, due to my coldness to others in real-life (but not cold enough to be an Dark-Type.)

Team (7th gym leader):

Espeon LV 47
Alakazam LV 48
Gallade LV 50
Gardevoir LV 50
Wobbuffet LV 53

Reward: TM 20 Safeguard/Ability to use Rock Climb out of battle


Gallade LV 62
Gardevoir LV 62
Alakazam LV 64
Espeon LV 65
Metagross LV 65
Wobbuffet LV 66


Volt Tackle
Electric: Raichu, Electabuzz, Jolteon, Luxray, Manectric.
Straight up pure electric types.


King of the Koopas
6th Gym Leader Flying. TM. Arieal Ace

lv. 36 Tropious (Leaf Blade, Sunny Day, Earthquake, Arieal Ace)
lv. 37 Gyarados (Dragon Dance, Bounce, Waterfall, Ice Fang)
lv. 37 Pidgeot (Return, Protect, Wirlwind, Arieal Ace)
lv. 40 Charizard (Substitute, Belly Drum, Arieal Ace, Fire Punch)

Please rate and comment.

Brock Coli

Ladies' Man.
Gym Leader 8 (Ground):

Sandslash - Lv. 47
Rhyperior - Lv. 52
Claydol - Lv. 48
Mamoswine - Lv. 53
Gliscor - Lv. 50
Flygon - Lv. 55


7th gym

Water types.

Lv. 39 Gyrados
Lv. 40 Sealeo
Lv. 40 Whiscash
Lv. 42 Milotic
Lv. 43 Kingdra


Lv. 66 Gyrados
Lv. 67 Walrein
Lv. 67 Whiscash
Lv. 69 Milotic
Lv. 71 Kingdra


Psychic 7th gym

Lv. 40 Lunatone
Lv. 42 Alakazam
Lv. 44 Gardevoir
Lv. 45 Espeon


Lv. 67 Lunatone
Lv. 67 Solrock
Lv. 68 Alakazam
Lv. 69 Gardevoir
Lv. 69 Gallade
Lv. 73 Espeon
My espeon would pwn all!!! Mwahaha!!!

Seargent Cornbread

Teh lazy guy
6th Gym. Dark type.
Lvl. 40 Honchkrow
Lvl. 39 Umbreon
Lvl. 39 Sharpedo
Lvl. 43 Spiritomb

Lvl. 66 Honchkrow
Lvl. 65 Umbreon
Lvl. 65 Sharpedo
Lvl. 66 Houndoom
Lvl. 68 Weavile
Lvl. 70 Spiritomd
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Shauntal, FTW!
If I were a gym leader, I would have an awesome Dragon-type team like this:

Flygon: Earthquake, Outrage, Stone Edge, Roost (LV. 47)
Kingdra: Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Ice Beam, Surf (LV. 49)
Salamence: Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Fire Blast, Roost (LV. 51)
Dragonite: Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Roost (LV. 53)
Altaria: Dragon Dance, Outrage, Earthquake, Fire Blast (LV. 55)

Or being a champion I would have an alternative moveset:

Flygon: Draco Meteor, Earthquake, Fire Blast, Stone Edge (LV. 72)
Kingdra: Dragon Dance, Outrage, Hydro Pump, Draco Meteor (LV. 74)
Salamence: Draco Meteor, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, Outrage (LV. 76)
Dragonite: Draco Meteor, Fire Blast, Thunder, Superpower (LV. 78)
Altaria: Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Fire Blast, Draco Meteor (LV. 80)


From Zero To Hero
I'd be Dragon;

8th Gym leader;
Dragonite lvl 55
Kingdra lvl 55
Salamence lvl 55
Garchomp lvl 55

Dragonite lvl 70
Kingdra lvl 70
Kingdra lvl 70
Flygon lvl 70
Salamence lvl 70
Garchomp lvl 70


Well-Known Member
Dragon 8th Gym

Dragonaire lv 45
Gyrados lv 48
Dragonite lv 53 (Underleveled)
Salamence lv 50
Flygon lv 49

Gyrados lv 66
Kingdra lv 68
Dragonite lv 71
Dragonite lv 70
Salamence lv 68
Dratini lv 8

Plat. Frontier

Epic Mustache
6th Gym Leader Flying. TM. Arieal Ace

LV. 44 Togekiss
LV. 45 Gliscor
LV. 45 Pidgeot
LV. 48 Dragonite

Please rate and comment.

I'm not adding movesets (too lazy!) You don't want Gyarados so you can get easily killed by Electric-Types. Don't want to be beaten by your own type, do you? And Water-Types are common so don't use Charizard. Plus your levels are kinda weak... Plus, I love underleveled ****!
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weavile mamoswine walrein frosslass abomasnow andlaprass


Long Time No See!
7th Gym Leader, Grass types of course.

I'd focus more on the dual type and other tactics to not let the battle be easy, however.

Level 40 Roselia (Petal Dance, Toxic Spikes, Leech Seed, Water Sport)
{Would focus on weakening Fire Type moves first off, while poisoning later opponents with Toxic Spikes and using recovery with Leech seed.}
Level 42 Jumpluff (Aerial Ace, U-Turn, Cotton Spore, Sleep Powder)
{Mainly focus on slowing opponents down or putting them to sleep.}
Level 43 Lombre (Hydro Pump, Fake Out, Zen Headbutt, Energy Ball)
{The first true attacker. Would take down any Poison or Fire types that take down Roselia/Jumpluff}
Level 44 Tangrowth (Energy Ball, Ancient Power, Stun Spore, Poison Jab)
{The powerhouse, as the last Pokemon an all out offensive would be used}

Also when defeated I would give out Energy Ball as a TM, and the Arbor Badge.

newmoon island

Well-Known Member
Steel type,8th gym leader
TM 23 Iron tail
1. skarmory (steel wing, fly, air slash, night slash)
2. sccizor (Iron head, X-scissor, razor wind, bullet punch)
3. magnezone (magnet bomb, mirror shot, zap cannon, swagger)
4. aggron (double-edge, iron tail, metal burst, metal claw)
5. metagross (meteor mash, zen headbutt, psychic, bullet punch)


I would add Dialga, but gym leaders arent supposed to have legendaries...

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
Hm there used to be a thread like this a while ago, let me remeber what I had posted in it.
I would be the 8th Gym leader and have Umbreon Lv56, Pidgeot lv54, Ivysaur lv53, Haunter lv53, Blaziken lv55 and Raichu lv55.

Although if it was a type I guess Dark and it would be between lv50-55. Houndoom, Umbreon, Honchkrow, Mightyena, Cacturne and Absol.

If I could be a Fire Gym leader- Same levels Ninetales, Arcanine, Blaziken, Houndoom. Torkoal and Rapidash.
If I could do a duo though Fire/Dark- Umbreon, Blaziken, Ninetales, Houndoom, Arcanine and Absol.

Ruin Maniac Cairo

Digging for fossils
Definetely grass.


Or I could use ancient Pokemon

Tropius (not extinct, but I believe it coexisted with ancient pokemon)

Considering how much time I spend fossil hunting, it would make the most sense to use ancient Pokemon. It would add some type variety to my team as well.


Platinum Trainer
Mine would be the 8th Gym: Fire-TM 35 Flamethrower
Houndoom(Sunny Day, Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, Will-o-Wisp) lv. 67
Charizard(Flamethrower, Fly, Earthquake/Dragon Pulse , Steel Wing/Solarbeam) lv. 71
Blaziken (Flare Blitz, Sky Uppercut, Brave Bird, Stone Edge) lv. 69
Typhlosion(Solarbeam, Focus Blast, Eruption, Earthquake) lv. 68
Infernape(Flare Blitz, Thunderpunch, Close Combat, Shadow Claw) lv. 69
Magmortar(Flamethrower, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Solarbeam) lv. 70

Why put the pre-elite 4 its no fun compared to making ur rematch team...
Charizards moveset is so complicated, I would change it every week, I can't decide...
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Ground type.
My team would be
8th gym
dragon type



The Ghost of Tsushima
5th Gym

Ryu Badge

Gabite lv.33
Shelgon lv.30
Dragonair lv.30
Altaria lv.32


Well-Known Member
Dragon even though i would only have a few pokemon to choose from.
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