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If you were in an arranged marriage with the above avatar...


Almighty Idiot
Paul is cool and all, buuuuuut...no.

Also no to the sobbing Gligar.
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I am Shadow the Pup!
Reshiram is cool, but no


At your assistance.
That Pancham is a male, and this Frogadier is a male... ehh...
No, sorry man. :(

(can't be worst than Ash forgetting that his Snivy was a female too back in that BW gym battle)

Crash & Charm

Back I guess

even if the children would look strange

Crash & Charm

Back I guess
Yes, She has mega Absol the fallen angel!


Gesshin Powered
I am saying yes.


Almighty Idiot
Candice Party! Candice Party!

On a more serious note, yes.