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If You Were in Charge of the Anime (*POTENTIAL SPOILERS*)


Thank you, SPPf! :)
Welcome to the new “If you were in charge…” thread! The other mods and I felt that the old topic and the thread for “Things you want to see more/less” were creating some clutter and overlapped ideas, so we’d like to contain such constructive and critical ideas to a single location.

This is your toolbox for your anime imagination! If you were one of the writers of the Pokemon anime, how would YOU handle things? Is there some certain future event you would like to see written a certain way? Is there some past event that you would like to have seen written differently? Is there a battle that you would prefer have gone in a different direction? If so, post your ideal fantasy events of the anime here!

Remember that all standard Anime Discussion rules apply here! No character bashing is a key rule here, and that does include VA bashing. Make sure all posts are thoughtful as well.

If you enjoy creating multi-page stories or episodes in the anime universe, we have a handy Fan Fiction forum just for that. This thread is NOT for creating your own episodes, but rather suggesting and modifying ideas that are already in place or will take place in the future.
(Example: Saying, “I wish the Aqua/Magma conclusion was more thorough” and then giving an example of how you could change it is fine, but don’t give us a ten-paragraph summary of your rewritten episode.)

Have fun sharing ideas! :)


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I would make Dawn catch three more Pokemon. Have a grimer egg because i think she'd be great having a grimer. She'd leave one of her pokemon with proffesor rowan, pachurisu, to study evolution and get a Chikorita and Cyndaquil too.

V Faction

Truth be told, I'd probably turn the Anime into the Pokemon Special manga.


But Never Again...
Make Ash lose a lot more often...>.>

Maybe a display of affection? [starting to think Ash is 'awkward'] lol. no offense.


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+Misty and Brock would be replaced with the FR/LG girl and a Tracey-like character. The FR/LG girl would be a Coordinator, and breeder conventions (think Beauty and the Breeder) are a common thing. That way, each character has something to do.

+Gary, A.J, and Ritchie would all be Ash's main rivals, and appear as much as Paul and Barry do, so that they're developed on much more.

+No one would be released, just Oaked/homed/whatever.

+Pointless captures like Primeape would be erased completely, or given to different characters. That way, we wouldn't have people complaining OVER TEN YEARS LATER about the thing.

+Ash's Aunt Hilary would SO appear in the anime *shot* I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.

+Orange Islands would be replaced by Sevii Islands, to tie into the games.

+An actual Rocket arc, with admins and a Giovanni battle and whatnot. Jessie/James/Meowth can remain, though.

+Ash would have Oaked his Kanto team right before he left for Johto, so that they don't steal the limelight.

+The arc would be like Sinnoh, more character based episodes and less fillers.

+No. Pity. Badges.


+It would be a bit more like the Kanto BF, except with the Orange Island leaders, who would have more character development.

+Tracey wouldn't exist.

+Ash would still use his Kanto team, but rotate them.

+FR/LG girl would leave at the end.


+Not even HALF as many fillers.

+Jimmy and Silver would replace Gary, A.J, and Ritchie for rivals. Jimmy would have been childhood friends with Silver until the latter became more hateful, and eventually left Jimmy in the dust. It would later be revelaed that he was understanding more of how evil his father, Giovanni, was, and was taking it out on Jimmy.

+Marina would replace Leaf, who would make a cameo in a Wallace Cup-esque contest.

+Team Rocket's final arc, where after this they eventually disband for good. J/J/M would put the blame on Ash and co, and continue to stalk them.

+There would be another BF-esque place, some sort of islands or whatever.

+At the end, Marina would leave along with the rivals. The Breeder would still stay, doing his breeding competitions.


+They would have followed the Emerald plot with Aqua/Magma, and have Rayquaza come in and stop it all. No Pikachu getting possessed, Maxie would NOT be that polite, Steven would replace Lance, and so on.

+Harley would have appeared a lot sooner, maybe around May's second ribbon. Would still hate her for dissing his cookies. Him and Drew's Pokemon would be more developed.

+Ash's rivals would have been Brendan, who would be a Jimmy-like rival, and Wally, who Ash would "mentor" to eventually become a threat.

+May would have lost a bit more, similar to how much Dawn lost.


+Solidad would have been introduced a bit earlier, and would have had a better finale.

+Squirtle would have lost against Harley's Ariados, making May lose that contest. She would win the next one, don't worry!

+Brendan would still be around, but Wally would have already left.

+May would have gotten Eevee a bit sooner.

+Brandon would mention his son never beat him when Ash did, for some foreshadowing~

+Ash wouldn't have caught Aipom. It would be kind of a "stalker" Pokemon like Jigglypuff and come to 4th Gen land.


+Ash woulda caught Buizel first, and before Orenburgh. It would star with Turtwig in the battle/s against Roark.

+Dawn would have caught Aipom in the first place, and evolved her. Oh, and she'd never have left.

+Galactic would appear a lot more, and have appeared sooner. And Jupiter would've had a solo by now.

+Brandon would be Paul and Reggie's DAD. Yes, he so would.

+Conway would be a Coordinator, and be Dawn's version of Harley, strictly for the lulz.

Next time: Main character's Pokemon teams!


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I'd make the anime darker and more about the villains but still keep some of the lightheartedness that's in the anime now. The violence wouldn't be too extreme since, whether we want to admit it or not, most of the franchises' money comes from little kids. Think DBZ dub level violence.

So it would be a mix between what the anime is now and Pokemon Special and feel more like a typical shonen anime.

I wouldn't make it predictable either..switch things up a bit. Ash and co. would travel through each region just like they do now but I'd change up the pace. Have Ash go to the Sevii Isles in the middle of his Kanto journey because Team Rocket's doing some crap there or something. Have Ash go out of his way to do things to train like Paul, enter tournements and what not.

As for the characters, I'll start with Ash.


First of all, the pokemon trainer career needs to be explained:

I'd make trainers people who travel around and make a career of it. They win money by winning battles just like in the games. Trainers would have to go to a trainer school prior to becoming a trainer. If they weren't interested in being a trainer or coordinator, etc. they would go to normal school (Officer Jenny, Joy, breeders, etc). Becoming the "pokemon master" means earning fame and wealth. One may only become a "master" by defeating the champion of EVERY region in the world and then battling the previous pokemon master. Catching all of the pokemon is not a requirement but catching a large assortment of different species of pokemon would definitely help the trainer on their journey(this would be an excuse for Ash to ditch his entire team at the end of each region and catch new ones).

So yeah, Ash's goal would be to become a pokemon master. He would be a permanent member of the main cast (as would his Pikachu).

I would keep his Kanto personality. Have him mature but have him keep his quirks. Keep him "funny" is what I'm trying to say I guess

He would start off as a weak trainer and progressively get better. I'd strech it out throughout the regions. For example, so that Ash defeating the Kanto champion and then losing to a Johto gym leader doesn't look like BS I'd have Ash encounter specific problems that he must overcome. "OMGZ I'm having difficulty winning with my new pokemon! I have to learn how to train them to become as strong as my Kanto pokemon to win but it's going to take time!!"

No more of those league-only rivals. He would have a different set of recurring rivals in each main region. Gary and the two other Pallet Town trainers(I'd make Damien one of them as well as a female trainer) in Kanto, Silver and Jimmy in Johto, Wally, Brenden, and Morrison in Hoenn, and Paul and Barry in Sinnoh. Each rival would be different and have different character interactions with Ash. Examples: Jimmy and Ash would be alike in every way and be friends like Ash and richie. Paul would act the same as he does now. Silver would go to the dark side and use Team Rocket to become stronger or something. Ash would be Wally's mentor. Stuff like that.

Rex Kamex

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Lemme start over...

1. I might keep the whole entire series as Pocket Monsters and make the episode numbering clear on things like the official site. If not, I'd make Johto it's on series. I'd give each series a proper ending/finale, because to me it looks like you really can combine all the episodes into one series and it wouldn't really make much of a difference.

2. That "Girl's Day" and "Kids Day" episodes would be in the proper episode numbering order. Just because they were aired late in Japan doesn't mean they shouldn't be listed in the proper order. Don't know if the writers would handle something like this, though.

3. Get rid of the seizure-causing strobe lights in the Porygon episode. Basically, though, I'd rewrite parts of the episode so that the strobe lights won't be necessary.

4.Kanto- Ash, Misty, Brock
Orange Islands- Ash, Misty, and a more interesting Tracey
Johto- Ash, Misty, and Brock, AND THEN Marina after Ash. and co. pass a battle tower near Olivine
Hoenn- Ash, May (the co-star of the show), Brock, and Max
BF- Ash, May, Brock, and Max
Sinnoh- Ash, May, Brock, and Dawn
...- Ash, May, Brock, and Dawn
5th gen region- Ash, May, 5thgendude, and Dawn


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First and foremost, I'd sell the rights to the anime to an animation company that doesn't suck and up the budget a little. It won't hurt anyone to have the animation quality be a little crispier, especially now that it's in HD. Current Pokemon quality in HD is embarrassing and painful to watch.

Secondly, (assuming that I'd still be in charge) I'd restart the series from scratch under that better animation company. I'd make each region 52-100 episodes each and have the characters age at a slow pace (so that 2-3 years will have passed in Sinnoh, for example). The rating would increase ever so slightly and I'd include more violence and complex situations. Romance would be kept at a minimum.

Now, for each region...

+ Misty: Replaced by FR/LG girl. Misty would play a role akin to hers in Special--a minor one. FR/LG girl would be a coordinator, but contests would be more like Hoenn's where the focus isn't so much on vanity as it is on bonding or whatever it was. She would be girly, but not unbearably so and would only fear to get her hands dirty in extreme cases.

+ Brock would remain. He would compete in things such as breeder exhibitions and cooking contests in order to expand his knowledge and ability. Also, he'd actually breed Pokemon (off-screen of course) and raise them up to be powerful fighters so that he would be the twerp trio's secret weapon.

+ Gary would still be Ash's main rival, but he'd appear more and be more of a show-offy jerk. He'd still have his redeeming moments. He'd battle Ash relatively often and always win so that it would seem like Ash will beat him at the League.

+ Team Rocket would be active, competent villains. JJ&M would be the admins. Giovanni would seize control of the government and pass a law to make all Pokemon slaves under their owners. Trainers of all ages would become mad with power and Kanto would become Hell on Earth for Pokemon.

+ No pity badges, Ash. Also, the trio would soon find out TR's plans as well as their new law and attempt to stop them. Fail.

+ Ash has a hard time winning badges, and he starts giving in to the power to abuse Pokemon freely by becoming harsher. Brock snaps him out of it, saying some yadda yadda about how the most powerful trainers have their position partly because they know how to be one with their Pokemon.

+ Obviously since each series will be 100 episodes tops, fillers will be greatly reduced if not eliminated. Most episodes will involve capturing a Pokemon, training for gyms/contests or becoming entangled in the plot somehow. This applies to all other regions.

+ Ash would lose at the League to Gary. FR/LG girl wins the GF by a very small margin. Gary starts taunting Ash, telling him he sucks as a trainer. Ash lashes out and swears he'll make something of himself, and that when he does Gary has to kiss his shoes. Gary agrees, not really paying much attention.

+ Twerp trio succeeds at overthrowing Giovanni (details not included dammit) and almost get themselves killed, kidnapped and lost multiple times in the process. By Ep. 95 or so Gio would be long gone and his admins would be reduced to rubbish. The next 5 or so episodes would be goodbyes and leaving for Johto. Yes, Johto. Naturally by now the Pokemon abuse law will be overturned.

+ There is no point to the Orange Islands, so they would not exist. Tracey would be introduced as Oak's new assistant, and would occasionally give Ash pointers and send him useful items. This proves vital to the trio later.

+ New Team: Ash, Marina, Brock. Jimmy is a friendly rival, Gary is douchebag rival. However, Gary shows up progressively less and when he does, he shows significantly less interest in battling. At one point he admits that he's lost interest and wants to pursue a career in researching instead. Ash is frikin aghast. Gary drops out of the League challenge and admits defeat

+ This series is shorter than the last one since Neo-TR hardly does anything, Marina gets a whole arc near the end where she drops contests because she sucks at them and by the time she gets back up from her BSoD she's too late for the festival, and Ash beats Jimmy at the league. He loses to the final opponent before victory. Ash gets this far because of Tracey and Oak's guidance, and thanks them before heading off to Hoenn. Marina leaves for Sinnoh to make something of herself.

I'll do Hoenn and Sinnoh later.

Rex Kamex

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^ I forgot about age...


Orange Islands
Misty 13?

Misty- 14?
Brock- 16?
Marina (remember?)- 11/12?


Ash- 14
Brock- 17

Ash- 14/15
May- 12
Dawn- 10
Brock- 18

Still working on it, though... but having time slowly pass wouldn't kill the series.


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Coordinators would have a similar goal as trainer. They would need to travel through each region, win the Grand Festival of each region and then battle a set of "Elite Coordinators".

The Elite coordinators would be characters like Wallace, Fantina, Johanna, and Jasmine
Coordinators would have a similar goal as trainer. They would need to travel through each region, win the Grand Festival of each region and then battle a set of "Elite Coordinators".

The Elite coordinators would be characters like Wallace, Fantina, Johanna, and Jasmine

I don't think Fantina and Jasmine are that big of a coordinator. If they were that better they wou;ldn't lose that easily, don't u think? Maybe coordinators goal is to become a super coordinator by winning super contests.


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Well this is a thread where you can make what you want happen, any complications could be worked around.

Anyway, Main Kanto cast:

Ash: A dimwitted, but heroic, generic shonen hero. His main goal would be to defeat the champion of each region and become the pokemon master. He will be the loser of the 4 Pallet Town representatives to leave for their journey in that particular year due to his poor performance in pokemon school.

Pikachu: Ash's Pikachu..nothing to report here except that it would keep it's personality. I would also do something to regulate it's power so that Ash could take it to every region and people wouldn't "WTF?!" when Pikachu defeats a Regice and then loses to an Elekid 5 episodes later. In Johto I'd create this plot: "Pikachu has become too strong and will blow up if he store this much electrical power in it's body!! OMG Ash you have to carry around the light ball to regulate Pikachu's electrical energy and prevent that from happening!!"

Leaf: She would have Misty's personality but instead of wanting to become a water pokemon master she would want to become top coordinator. Instead of three idiot sisters she would have a strict, stage mom who pushes her too hard to become a great coordinator.

Clefairy: A snotnosed, mischievous Clefairy that gives Leaf a hard time. It would be her starter and would always be out of it's pokeball just like Pikachu (who it wouldn't get along with)

Unnamed breeder: His goal would be to become the best breeder in the world. Like Brock, he'd be a permanent member of the cast and would compete in Breeder Conventions(although it would be handled like the Whirl Cup, only one or two a region). He would be a mentor and big brother figure to Ash and the current female character. His personality and role would be the same as Brock's aside from that. His background would be the same as Brock's except instead of owning a gym his family would own a breeding center.

Ditto: The breeder's main pokemon. It would be a pervert and cop a feel on every female human(because every shonen anime needs a pervert) and when ever it sees a female pokemon it would trandform into a male version of it and flirt with them. Ironically it would be it's trainers regional BrockBlock (Croagunk reference)

Jessie, James, and Meowth: Same story here, comic relief characters. They would appear about as much as they do in DP, which is not much. Jessie would win contests, James would be a breeder, and Meowth would be able to use pay day but it would have a limit because it would use up a lot of his energy(to justify them having money). They would have a huge role in the Team Rocket sagas of the Kanto, Sevii Isles, and Johto saga. After Team Rocket is overthrown they would vow to reform Team Rocket by spreading the word to other regions(an excuse to continue following Ash). Their background stories would be the same

Gary: His personality would be exactly the same, he would just appear more. He would be far ahead of Ash and barely defeat him in the final round of the Kanto League due to Charizard's disobedience. Gary would go on to challenge the Elite 4 and become the champion. Mr Goodshow would see that Ash only lost because of Charizard and give him an opportunity to challenge the Elite 4 as well, but first he must prove himself by winning the 4 Orange Island badges and defeat the champion, Blake(name change). His starter from Pallet would be Squirtle

Melany: She would be another rival from Pallet Town. Her starter would be Bulbasaur. Ash would defeat her in the Kanto League after not being able to all through his Kanto journey.

Damien: The third Pallet Town trainer. His starter would be Charmander which he would release and Ash woul capture. Ash's Charizard would sweep three of his pokemon at the league and finish him off out of spite.

Unnamed contest rival 1: A Pallet trainer who owns a Wartortle(Ash would have Squirtle, Gary would have Blastoise). He left a year earlier and Ash, Gary, and all of the others.

Unnamed rival 2: A feminine pretty boy that acts stuck up and smug.

Daisy: Leaf's third rival and Gary's sister. She left for her journey at the same time as Leaf's other rival(the one with the Wartortle)

Brock, Misty, Surge, Ericka, Sabrina, Janine, and Blaine: Gym leaders. They would get plenty of development though

Giovanni: The leader of Team Rocket and the Viridian Gym leader. He would be overthrown when Ash defeats him.

Spudnick, Apollo, and Armstrong: Kanto Rocket Executives


i would have the anime make sense ash not cheat and have him actuallyface the pokemon leage


Overall changes
-The Elite Four would appear as recurring characters in whichever region they are the champions of.
-Previous characters would be handled better by having them actually appear in guest spots a bit more often.
-Ash would start new each region, minus filler ones of course, but would still occasionally call on his reserves for things like filler episodes and the league battles.
-Pikachu wouldn't be restarted every region. Instead he just wouldn't be used as much in the beginning of each region while Ash trains his other Pokemon.
-Brock and Misty would alternate each region past Johto. The former Coordinators will all go off to travel alone each region. They would return each season for the Wallace Cup, which would be a recurring yearly Contest that Ash always attends so he can see his old friends.
-Released Pokemon would each get one filler guest star episode like Lapras. Butterfree's, and Haunter's during the Kanto Battle Frontier, and Larvitar during the Johto Battle Frontier. Pidgeot would have gotten an important Battle Frontier battle and would end up after that becoming a powerful reserve member much like Charizard has become.
-I'd reveal Genders.

-Gary would appear more.
-Gym Leaders would be more then just glorified COTD.
-Misty would have dumped Staryu and Goldeen in The Misty Mermaid. Her Horsea and Goldeen would have received more attention.
-Brock would have caught Togepi rather then Misty.
-Pidgeotto would have been used more.

Orange Islands:
-Brock would have stayed, Tracey would have been reduced to either a COTD or recurring character in the region.
-Better treatment of the overall Team Rocket plot.

-Misty would have gotten Totodile. Ash would have gotten a Quagsire instead.
-Anime equivalents of Silver, Gold, and Kris would have appeared. Gold would have been a friendly Rival usually helping the twerps in his episodes, Silver a disrespectful one, and Kris would have appeared later on to join the twerps, and similar to her PokeSpecial counterpart have been interested in capturing different types. When Johto ended she would have stayed at Oak's to help him study occasionally rejoining the group in future arcs for short episode arcs where she is attempting to catch some kind of rare Pokemon for Oak to study.
-Gary would continue to appear throughout but he'd begin to lost interest in battling as time goes on.
-In the league, Gold and Silver would battle with Gold winning, Ash and Gary would have one final battle, and then Gold and Ash would battle, with Gold winning. Gold would go on to become the champion of the Johto League.
-GS Ball plot would have been carried out.
-More Evolutions for Ash.
-Less Filler.
-Better Gym battles.
-Team Rocket plot would come to a close. Giovanni would go into hiding, with JJ&M would have stuck around convinced that Team Rocket will eventually bounce back.
-Brock's Togepi would have evolved.
-Since Ash oak'd all his pokemon besides Pikachu at the start, Squirtle wouldn't have been released. Charizard on the other hand would have been called back during his episode and would have stayed to train.

-Misty would have left, with Brock staying.
-May would have still joined the group, but Max wouldn't have.
-Instead of having Max, Brendan would have been May's older brother and Ash's rival.
-Silver would appear throughout. Would have stopped being Ash's Rival at the end of the season.
-Harley would have appeared earlier.
-During the frontier Primeape and Pidgeot would have been used again.
-Better Magma/Aqua arc.
-Ash would catch Aipom and bring her to the next region, but not trade her away.
-May wouldn't have gotten an Eevee. Instead she would have kept her Bulbasaur with her.

-Brock would have left, Misty would have rejoined with only Psyduck and Totodile. Explaining her Sisters begged her to leave all but one for the gym to use in plays, but after picking Totodile they forced her to bring Psyduck with her too.
-Lucas would have joined the group instead of Dawn to be the coordinator. Dawn would have been a recurring character and Barry would be Ash's main rival alongside the returning Brendan.
-No Paul due to Silver playing the same role for two regions.
-Dawn would still have Piplup, Ash would have Turtwig, and Barry would have Chimchar. Lucas would start with an unconventional Starter given to him by his mom.
-Lucas's rivals would be better handled then Dawn's rivals are being handled now.
-Barry would have a Chatot in place of his Staraptor.
-Contests would be two-parters again.
-The region wouldn't have been so serious...
-This would probably be the only region I'd have significant team changes so I'll list them for the main region.

Ash: Pikachu, Grotle, Buizel, Aipom, Gliscor, Staraptor.
Misty: Psyduck, Croconaw, East Shellos, Mantine, Lumineon.
Lucas: Glaceon, Lopunny, Mothim, Luxray, Quilava.
Barry: Infernape, Floatzel, Snorlax, Roserade, Chatot, Heracross
Dawn: Prinplup, Clefairy, Pachirisu, Mamoswine.


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Kanto and Orange
-Gary would have an Eevee who's always out of it's Pokeball much like Ash's Pikachu. Ash would battle him more often and he will be seen in Gym Battles...
-Leaf would be one of Ash's rivals who will have Clefairy as her version of Ash's Pikachu...
-Ash is not going to release all Pokemon he released and some Pokemon such as Krabby will have more shine...
-Ash will be able to defeat Leaf at the league, but would be defeated buy Gary
-Ash's Squirtle, Tracey's Venonat and Misty's Psyduck would evolove during the Orange Islands...

-Ash's old team would be Oaked and Ash would take only Pikachu with him
-There would be less fillers and more interesting COTD's
-Chikorita would stay forever as an Chikorita, Cyndaquil would became Quilava and Totodile would fully evolove and became the new Charizard...
-Misty's Horsea and Togepi would evolove into Kingdra and Togetic near the end

-Brock would leave and new guy would replace him...
-Max would have some Normal type Pokemon and he wouldn't beifriend all those Pokemon he beifriended
-Brendan would be Ash's rival
-Tyson wouldn't have that boring Meowth in boots, he would have something cooler like an powerful Mightyena

-Barry would appear earlier and Lucas would make an apperance, too...
-Nando wouldn't have Budew/Rosellia(Roserade?) as his main Pokemon and he would have more apperances
-Dawn's rivals would have more interesting personallities and Ursula would became Dawn's main rival who is much stronger than her
-Ash and Dawn will NEVER have that stupid trade of Aipom and Buizel
-Ash would get Hippopotas and Blue Shellos, not Gligar and Buizel...
-Pokemon like Swinub/Piloswine would have more shine
-Dawn's Piplup would stay in it's Pokeball like rest of Dawn's and later fully evolove...


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Orange Islands:

Ash would go here after just narrowly barely losing to Gary in the Kanto League after Mr Goodshow offers him the chance to challenge the Elite 4 as well by defeating the champion of the Orange Islands. There would be no contests in the Orange Islands so Leaf would just train for her next contest quest after her crushing defeat in the Kanto Grand Festival. Leaf's rivals Damien and Melany would all go to to the Sevii Isles to compete in the Sevii Isles Grand Festival and the Sevii Isles Battle Frontier respectivly. Gary is challenging the Elite 4. Ash would defeat the four Gym Leaders and the champion in about 20 episodes and earn the right to challenge the Kanto Elite 4. However, upon returning home to Pallet Town...

The characters are the same except the rivals are absent. The 4 Orange Island gym leaders are the same from the actual anime except each one participates in actual battles. Drake's name would now be Blake to avoid confusion with Hoenn's Drake

Sevii Isles
Upon returning to Pallet Town and getting ready to set out to challenge the Elite 4 Ash finds out that Gary is the new champion. Oak tells Ash and co. about Team Rocket basically taking over the Sevii Isles. They have captured the legendary birds. Ash and co. are surprised to hear that Team Rocket is back. They thought Team Rocket was disbanned in Kanto after Mewtwo and Giovanni were defeated but decide to head to the Sevii Isles to stop Team Rocket before challenging the Elite 4. When they arrive in the Sevii Isles Ash decides to challenge Frontier Brains and Leaf is going to compete in the Sevii Isles Grand Festival while they wait for Team Rocket to show their faces. Ash sees this as an opportunity to get in some last training before battling the Elite 4. Ash and Leaf's rivals are far ahead of them in gathering ribbons and frontier symbols. Eventually Team Rocket catches the legendary birds but are defeated by Ash, Leaf, and Gary.

- Ash gets all 7 Frontier Symsols from all 7 islands
- Leaf wins the Grand Festival and leaves the main cast to rechallenge the Kanto GF. She promises to watch Ash's Elite 4 challenge on TV
- The breeder goes home for some rest at the end of the Sevii Isles saga and watches Ash's Elite 4 challenge on TV. Ash must do this by himself.
- Apollo, Armstrong, and Spudnick take over for Giovanni and catch the 3 legendary birds but are defeated by Ash, Leaf, and Gary
- Damien sees the error of his ways and gives up being a trainer
- Melany battles Ash one last time and goes back to Kanto to challenge the gym leaders again and give the league a second try
- Leaf's rivals go back to Kanto with her except Daisy who trains to become a professor like her grandfather

Elite 4 arc
Ash challenges the Elite 4 one by one. He travels alone to the Indigo Platue while all of his friends and acquaintances watch him on TV. He ends up defeating Gary but turns down the position of champion since he has bigger goals than becoming the champion of one region. He wants to defeat the champion of each region and become the pokemon master. Gary is humbled and suggests that Ash travel to Johto next. Ash leaves all of his pokemon with Oak, meets up with the breeder, and heads to Johto.

Next time: The pokemon teams of Kanto, Orange Islands, and Sevii Isles


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+ The main team will be: Ash, May, Brock. Since time passes and people age, Ash would be about 12 by now. May is 11. Brock is 17 or whatever.

+ Ash not having an actual rival was a load of crap. Max will be 10, and Ash's sometimes-friendly-with-antagonistic-tendencies rival. Wally is his sidekick. Both start off with a Ralts--Max's evolves into Gardevoir, Wally's stays as is. Battles with Ash will always be lost even though Max can beat anyone else by the second time. Max/Wally tag team will occasionally act like a pseudo-JJ&M team, coming up with silly schemes to make Ash lag behind for the lulz.

+ Teams Aqua and Magma actually pose a threat, setting off all sorts of natural catastrophes and taking innocent lives in the process after awakening Groudon/Kyogre and they both leave to do their own thing. Ash never defeats either of them directly, but rather Max makes him leave Archie and Maxie to die when he could have saved them in the final battle. Groudon/Kyogre are put to rest after a huge Special-style battle with all the gym leaders and E4 members stepping in.

+ May's contests result in a lot less Deus-Ex wins. Also, all of her Pokemon evolve fully before the GF. She loses.

+ Harley is introduced a hell of a lot sooner.

+ I should probably mention, Max still wants to take over Norman's gym. But he feels like he can't do so until he beats Ash tho-rough-ly once and for all.

+ Since TA/TM messed up the region with their tug-of-war, natural disasters are still rampant. Ash's journey is now suddenly a lot more dangerous. The League is held in a separate location. Ash/Max battle at the league is a draw since they're almost killed in an earthquake before a winner could be decided. Ash does a bunch of heroics and is deemed the winner. Max is ******, since Ash didn't earn that victory. Twerp trio is invited to BF and Max/Wally follow suit.

Battle Frontier:

+ Since this takes place in Kanto, nature is peaceful. Rumors of an underground Team Rocket revival movement are spread, but twerp trio ignores it.

+ Filler cut! Fillers will be replaced with frontier symbol GET, ribbon GET, training, something for Brock to do, etc.

+ Important Kanto characters will make occasional appearances. Gary included.

+ End of BF: Max challenges Ash to a rematch, claiming his League victory was 100% BS. Surprisingly, he wins. Having felt at peace by defeating Ash he leaves to take the gym leader exam, leaving a confused Ash behind ('How did he actually win...?'). He shrugs it off, May ditches him, next.


+ New Team: Ash, Dawn, Brock. Paul and Barry are Ash's rivals. Holly becomes Brock's love interest and rival. Screw Zoey and Kenny; Conway and Ursula are Dawn's.

+ Alright for starters, none of this Piplup mascot garbage. Dawn never gets frikin Piplup. Instead, she gets saddled with Turtwig because she was too late so she gets the ugly starter. Piplup goes to Barry, who is introduced from the beginning. Pip evolves into a badass Empoleon. Ash gets Chimchar from Paul who hasn't changed a bit, blah blah sap, blah blah Monferno.

+ Galactic does more. A lot more. They're so twisted they make Rocket look like cupcakes. What do they do? Oh, just steal random children and Pokemon and use them as experimental subjects for various biological weapons, sap the energy from the Pokemon and sometimes even make them de-evolve then sell the useless babies to the black market and other shady places. Cyrus is clever, and has diplomatic immunity so nobody has a choice but to let them be and hope they don't anything too drastic.

+ In this universe, there's a waiting period between gym leader exams so Max and Wally become recurring characters. Unfortunately for them they both soon fall prey to TG's experiments and more or less go crazy.
"Don't worry, the insanity is reversible. The antidote serum rests in a small test tube Cyrus keeps with him at all times. If you want it, you'll have to take him on. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go back to planting small bombs in peoples' food."

+ Dawn's Pokemon actually evolve. Also, Ash/Brock meet Marina who's made a name for herself as a star coordinator and model. Dawn quickly becomes her fangirl and decides to drop her preference for unevolved cuties in hopes of being half as cool as her 'mentor'.

+ TG arc drags on into Johto BF, but Ash is able to get the serum from Cyrus after a wicked Reverse World or whatever it's called battle. Max and Wally are turned back to normal just before they both just about murder Ash by throwing him into a pit of sharp rocks. Huzzah.

That's more or less it.


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I'd change the team's completely and have each and every pokemon get nearly equal screentime and time to shine. The main characters would also rotate their pokemon much more often. Most of the pokemon would be given to a main character.






about 200 others



Coordinator rival #1:

Coordinator rival #2:







That's an example.