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If You Were in Charge of the Anime (*POTENTIAL SPOILERS*)


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You've flew too far with your imagination. It wouldn't have happened because, firstly, Satoshi doesn't feel anything for her, and secondly, 10 years is too early for any wedding.
Actually Ash would be 18 years old in Alola.


The Anime/Special's canon know it all.
You've flew too far with your imagination. It wouldn't have happened because, firstly, Satoshi doesn't feel anything for her, and secondly, 10 years is too early for any wedding.
There is lot of people get marring at age of early 20s …..So yeah that can work you know ?
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There is lot of people get marring at age of early 20s …..So yeah that can work you know ?
First, I mentioned getting married at 10, not 20.
Second, do you know any couple who got married as children? As far as I know, only adults can be married.


The Anime/Special's canon know it all.
First, I mentioned getting married at 10, not 20.
Second, do you know any couple who got married as children? As far as I know, only adults can be married.
i didn't say that they could get marry at age 10 or11 but they could get married at 16-20s give what law of Japans do right ?
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The Anime/Special's canon know it all.
Have Ash get married with Goh. So that we would get rid of both of them.
no thank as I would made HE becoming A TRANSWOMAN AND MARRY GARY/SHIGERU LOL


The Anime/Special's canon know it all.


The Anime/Special's canon know it all.
that was a pretty shіt joke
Yeah Yeah...as it is bad joke and that was my point and it is based on Satoshi/Ash cross-dress as Satoko/Ashley anyway.


No more six members

- In "Tower of Terror" episode should be story about Cubone too.
- Ash getting Scyther, Slowpoke instead of 30x Tauros (later evolve into Scizor and Slowking)
- Gary become a main rival in Indigo League
- Casey become a main rival in Johto instead of Gary and join to Johto League
- Introducing a new character Leaf/Green as a new Indigo League Champion
- Ash catching Misdreavus and this pokemon later going to Oak lab (later going to journey in Sinnoh).


- Glalie in Battle Frontier
- May training hard with her team without more helping
- May catching Swablu/Altaria
- Brock catching Sharpedo
- Swampert get more screentimes


- Ash bring Misdreavus from Oak and evolve it into Mismagius
- Buizel join to Ash's team before Oreburgh
- Ash win Sinnoh League and join to Elite Four battle and lose
- once unofficial battle Ash vs Cynthia (Infernape vs Garchomp)


- Ash's Unova team need treaten as a best team
- Better gym battle vs Elesa
- Better Pokemon League
- Iris get better character development


- Shiny Phantump join to Ash's team
- Ash and Clemont obtain Key Stones
- Ash bringing old his pokemon and make a mega evolve
- Serena get more performances, her decision about her goal make much earlier and get six pokemon
- Xerneas and Yveltal appear during battle against Lysandre


- Lana catching bunch of water pokemon just like Misty did
- Introducing Guzma much earlier and more backstories about him
- Ash get few more new pokemon (Grubbin, Alolan Geodude, Shiinotic etc)
- Stakataka join to Ash's team instead of releasing him
- More battles in Alolan League (Round 1&2: 1vs1, Semifinal: 3vs3, Final: 6vs6)
- Ash catch Solgaleo after league victory and his pokemon get battle against Kukui


- More screentime for Ash's team
- More old returning characters instead of more COTD characters
- Goh get challenge Project Mew after caught Giant Golurk
- Chloe get Eevee earlier and have a Eeveelution team


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In Kanto, i would do a couple of team changes for our hero group and i would follow the majority of the game plot and the goals of the hero group
- Pikachu is still his main partner.
- Butterfree is caught in the Viridan Forest as a Caterpie and evolves all the way. Is not released though. Instead, Ash gets the Pink Butterfree during the Butterfree mating season and sends both to Oak, sending them into retirement.
- Ivysaur is the third Pokemon obtained by Ash in the Mysterious Village as a Bulbasaur. It evolves in battle against Team Rocket during the Cubone game plot
- Poliwrath is caught by Ash when he is fishing in Vermillion City during a break in a battle tournament set up by the Pokemon Fan Club. Ash reaches the finals, in which he uses Poliwag. But it loses. It later evolves into Poliwhirl during a depression arc and evolves in Celadon City after having gained acces to a stolen Water Stone (Stolen by Team Rocket).
- Magmar is obtained by Ash when the group is travelling to Rock Tunnel. The Magmar attacks them without reason. But at the end of the episode, Magmar is calmed down by Ash and decides to join him. It, alongside Poliwrath, becomes his most reliable battler in Kanto
- Cubone joins Ash after it helped him against Team Rocket
- Tauros is caught by Ash in the Safari Zone. It becomes a permanent member of his Kanto team and is a real powerhouse and brings him the win against Drake in the Orange Islands
- Onix is his main Pokemon
- Graveler. Geodude evolves during the Pokemon Fan Club Tournament, defeating Poliwag in the finals
- Kabuto - Game plot, with Brock being the most involved
- Charmeleon - Rescued from Damian
- Kangaskhan - Rock Tunnel capture
Starmie - her main battler (She doesn't have Staryu)
Goldeen - At the gym
Seel - At the gym
Krabby - Caught at Bills Lighthouse
Wartortle - Squirtle from the Squirtle Squad evolved
Togepi - Baby
Seadra - The Viva episode with the hotel. Helped the group out of a dicey situation underwater. Evolved into Seadra in the process


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- Moon's appearance in Alola
- no Serena
- Cyrus' return
- Max is back as a Pokemon Trainer. His pokemons are Sceptile (with Mega Stone), Gardevoir (evolved from the Ralts he befriended), Mightyena, Carvanha, Milotic, and Plusle
- Tracey's return
- more Galar
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So Orange Islands next.
Ash leaves Poliwrath (Who becomes the mentor of the Oaked mons) and Magmar behind for some time.
- He gets Lapras. However, Lapras decides to stick with him when they find his family.
- Ivysaur evolves into Venusaur
- Snorlax is happening
- Defeats Drake with a team consisting of Pikachu (Opener), Tauros (Final mon), Venusaur, Poliwrath, Magmar, Snorlax
- He catches the Mr. Mime Delia befriends and calls it Mimey at her request. Mimey is the only Pokemon being kept at his home rather than at Oaks lab.

- Krabby evolves into Kingler
- Gets a Poliwhirl

- Venonat
- Scyther
- Smeargle

Brock comes back for the fight against Drake
- Kabuto evolved off-screen
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Well... onto Johto. GS ball is still into play. Tracey joins them until Kurt.
- Leaves all his Pokemon (Except Pikachu), behind at the lab.
- Heracross remains his first capture
- Bayleef is still a thing and the gag also stays
- Instead of in Sinnoh, i am evolving Cyndaquil here into Quilava
- Totodile evolves as well, into Croconaw
- GS ball plotline with Celebi and Giovanni
- Ash gets a Heavy, Lure, Fast, Level Ball from Kurt
- Ash meets his Johto rival after this, Silver (Silver has the following Pokemon: Sneasel, Murkrow, Ursaring, Houndoom, Ampharos and Hitmontop and all of his Pokemon have a rivalry with Ash's Johto ones).
- Shiny Hoothoot capture in Ilex Forest, using Pikachu, then evolution into Noctowl against Morty. Hoothoot is caught in a Level Ball
- Pokemon Race against Gary and Silver. Team Rocket interferes with the race. Ash wins. Gets a Pokemon Egg
- The Egg hatches into a Larvitar, who later evolves into Pupitar after battle with Silver.
- Ash loses twice against Clair with his Johto mons, so he decides to call upon some older friends. Lapras defeats Kingdra, who in turn gets defeated by Gyarados. Pikachu in turn ohko Gyarados, the weakest link in Clairs team. This leaves Dragonite, who defeats Pikachu, sustaining heavy damage. Venusaur comes in to seal the deal for Ash.
- Pokemon League happens. Ash vs Silver is a six vs six, so is Ash vs Gary. Ash battles Silver with Pikachu vs Ampahros, Noctowl vs Murkrow, Heracross vs Hitmontop, Ursaring vs Bayleef, Quilava vs Houndoom and Croconaw vs Sneasel. Ash wins. Gary is next, which Ash calls upon his reserves, to fight alongside Pupitar. Ash wins as well, only to lose to Harrisson and learning about Hoenn in the next round.

- Gets a Pinsir in the same episode as Ash gets Heracross (Which has consequences for Foretress)
- Charmeleon evolves into Charizard during the GS ball plotline
- Gets Heav and Fast ball from Kurt
- Brock enters the heavy Pokemon contest with Graveler. Graveler evolves into Golem, granting Brock the win (Slight deviation from the main anime, but i found it fitting for Graveler to evolve here and this is way i didn't evolve it in Kanto, which was my original plan).
- Leaves Charizard behind in the Valley.
- Catches a Magcargo

- Has left all her Pokemon at the gym, except for Poliwhirl and Starmie
- A stray Wooper joins her team in Violet City, which evolves at the Whirl Islands
- Togepi evolves into Togetic protecting Misty from Team Rocket during the GS ball plot
- Poliwhirl evolves into Politoed during the Rage of Lake events
- leaves after Johto to become a full time Gym Leader

- His Scyther evolves into Scizor
- Leaves after the GS ball plot to help at Oaks ranch.

You might think i made a few weird decisions, especially since aside from Noctowl, Ash hasn't gotten any Fully Evolved Johto mons, which is done on purpose, as to him still being a relative newbie, having only one other region under his belt. I also made the change to evolve Cyndaquil and Croconaw, due to Ash missing out on Charizard and Squirtle in Kanto. Him not getting Phanpy (Despite his Donphan being one of my favorite mons and it being one of my favorite mons in general), it didn't really fit with what i have planned for the future, so thats why i gave him Pupitar instead.