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If You Were in Charge of the Anime (*POTENTIAL SPOILERS*)

Discussion in 'Animé Polls' started by S.Suikun, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. alexterri

    alexterri Well-Known Member

    Where to start....

    ...Eh, lets start with Kanto.


    +Make Ash keep his Kanto personality. Oh , and NO. PITY. BADGES. With the possible exeption of the first two times.

    + Make Pikachu not have a totally random amount of power.

    +As for the Ash's Kanto team, firstly, reveal all there genders. And reveal Pikachu's gender, instead of waiting until a random Filler episode in Sinnoh [Not that the episode was bad]. And try to keep the genders even. Butterfree, and Charizad will be male, duh. And make Ash keep Charizard. Also, get rid of Haunter, Primeape, and make Ash only catch one Tauros. Speaking of that, edit the Legand of Dratini [Or whatever] episode to make it ok. Matter of fact, edit ALL the banned Episodes. AND ACTUALLY GIVE KRABBY MORE THEN TWO HIGHLIGHT EPISDOES. Oh, and make Pidgeotto get Oaked as well as the rest of 'em. And make it happen at the end of Kanto, so that they don't steal the Limelight [All but Charizard]. That's pretty much it.

    +Misty's Togapi should become really good friends with Pikachu, that will blossom into love once she turns into Togatic. And Misty wont realise her , ever. But they are forced to break it up once Misty leaves. And Pikachu pretty much forgets about her

    +Now, as for Misty's team, all but Psyduck, Poliwag, and Gyarados should be Female. And Starmie and Horsea should come with Misty at the Orange islands. And Horsea should get WAY more screen time, and become Misty's fav pokemon, until Togapi comes into the picture.

    +Nothing to say about Brock, except his Vulpix should be female.


    Rename them the Sevii islands.

    +Lapras should be a confirmed female.


    + Not even half of the filler.

    + Larvitar should be a female with a tomboy streak.


    +Again- Pokémon genders should be confirmed. Swellow and Glalie should be confirmed females. Beautifly and Glacion should also be comfirmed females.

    + Pikachu and Skitty should be friends.

    [Will post the rest soon]
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2013
  2. Pretty much same thing here. You nailed my thoughts. :D
  3. adamfitz

    adamfitz poké-lover

    For xy:

    Return of contests
    The female lead gets the comedic mascot and has a goal to run along side ash's gym battles (contests)
    Team rocket are comedic and wobuffet returns/escapes from TR HQ (haha)
    Ash's male travel partner has a goal to become a pokemon ranger or open a day care and wants to get know all about different types of Pokémon, plus gets a lot of development and near the end near reaches his goal after showing progression
  4. NoNotJames

    NoNotJames Infinite


    Ash gets a chespin.
    New companions.

    That's basically it for me.
  5. Spacialrend

    Spacialrend Gallade owns

    WARNING: Mammoth effort!

    Black & White series:
    Ash and Pikachu travel to Unova as they did with Delia and Prof. Oak. Following the loss against Tobias, Ash has being suffering somewhat, emotionally - out of character he sometimes lashes out in response to one trying to sympathise. At Accumula Town (parallel to the games) Ash encounters N of Team Plasma conducting a rally. Immediately after concluding his speech, Ash challenges him to a battle. Losing, N openly opposes Ash's apparent attitude corruption. They farewell one another reluctantly, with N naming Ash an "obstacle" to his craft - therefore the latter's primary rival. Ash's adventure in Unova reflects the many challenges necessary to shift back to his usual happy self. Team Rocket persists as always to pursue him.

    Pikachu's powerlevel has not suffered a reset after his battle against none other than Darkrai and Latios. Hence, any battle should and would be won without effort. Concerned about his buddy's emotional plummet, Pikachu occasionally thundershocks Ash to simulate intervention, and Volt Tackle when things go awry.
    Learns Electra Ball as he did. He also learns Brick Break to find a way around Steel types such as Excadrill.
    Pidove->Tranquill->Unfezant is caught and evolved the same manner it had.
    Oshawott->Dewott likewise, though from a personal opinion since its middle form appearance-wise is rather neat looking, an evolution to Dewott will be granted. Oshie's personally will mature considerable through the series. Initially he will clown around, except when forced to focus on battle, he proves to be valiant. In a way, he is somewhat like Charmander, as he is used quite frequently and prides himself. As the current Oshie tends to pop out frequently, and normally met with cyber-criticism, my version of the otter pops out when someone taunts Ash's (tempory) lack of sincerity. Upon evolution he gains a more noble warrior type attitude, now able to use scalchops as swords. In the end though, Dewott remains Ash's secondary choice to Krookodile (Pikachu being the obvious exception).
    Pignite is obtained the same as he was. Does not evolve though, remaining the happy little piglet.
    Snivy->Servine is opposite to Pignite's change, she does evolve. She would tend to mother Pignite, the way Pikachu would babysit Togepi back in the day, or Happiny.
    Scraggy->Scrafty would recieve an evolution in the League.
    Sewaddle->Swadloon->Leavanny's case would remain the same as I described with Unfezant.
    Palpitoad is sent straight to Juniper's, but comes back on the occasion as wants to rotate moreso than he actually did this series.
    Roggenrola->Boldore's case resemples Palpitoad.
    Sunglasses (Sandile->) Krokorok->Krookodile becomes Ash's primarily battler. With moves like Dig, Stone Edge, Aerial Ace, Dragon Claw, etc, who is gonna claim that croc is not a badasss? However, his behavior may resmble that of Charmeleon/Charizard if his violent peratory instincts rise from being used excessively. By the climax of Ghetsis's scheming Krookodile will violently thrash himself against Reshiram/Zekrom/Kyurem, the way Dragonite had against the Kami trio
    Charizard is a no-brainer, but will arive to assist Krookodile in the downfall of Ghetsis and prove himself instrumental against the legendary Dragons of Unova.

    Iris joins Ash the same manner she had, but her confidence is emphasised more than it was. Ash softens somewhat, and is able to share parts of his experience journeying the Pokemon World. She never labels him a kid. Her respect and admiration for him evolves considerably as the series progresses, and grows to idolise him I guess. Her climax ends up with a battle against Drayden the Dragon master.

    Axew->Fraxure will remain in its plushie status until about Nimbasa City, where his trainer competes more frequently in those Don George tournaments. Axew will receive the necessary experience to evolve to Fraxure at possibly around the spectral tower where you encounter Litwick and Elgyem. When personality is concerned, Axew has a bit of an ego which develops from rivalling himself with Oshie. He is prone to frustration whenever he loses.
    Drilbur->Excadrill is revealed when she realises Pikachu is a powerhouse, so she calls out her "powerhouse". Drilbur/Excadrill defeats Pikachu easiliy due to immunity and Drill Run.
    Emolga remains as she was, though somewhat more cheeky flirt.
    Dragonite will be the same as it (he?) was, obeying her against Giovanni's summoning.
    Spheal will be caught to once and for all challenge her fear of the Ice type. May evolve when she returns in XY series.
    Lunatone would be caught as a wildcard.

    Cilan exists as he did, except there would be miminal to no picnic/outdoor banquet filler scenes or culinary metaphors.

    Pansage->Simisage remains the same, but evolves midway through the region.
    Dwebble->Crustle becomes Cilan's primary battle as Simisage is his signature/mascot. Used much more frequently.
    Stunfisk would be used occasionly, not once since capture.
    Solrock is caught as a wildcard.
    Brock never had more Pokemon per region than 4, so why should Cilan?

    N shall exist as Ash's primary rival, as described in the Ash paragraph to overcome an obstacle (Ash). Again, described way above, he is offended by Ash's sudden almost hostile personality and seeks to change it. Of course he would oppose Ghetsis as his in-game counterpart does.

    Purrloin->Liepard is first revealed after his rally in Accumula Town. He is easily defeated by Pikachu, and grows to dislike him, despite N's protests.
    Zorua->Zoroark is later revealed to have taken Liepard's place as primary battler. Knows moves you wouldn't expect one to possess.
    Miennfoo->Mienshao replaces the slot after the Dark type cat was replaced with the fox.
    Archen->Archeops & Tirtuoga->Carracosta are first revealed via "Character Origin Flashback" that he acquired both fossil types from a visit to Relic Castle, and revived at Nacrene Museum.
    Klink->Klang->Klinklang takes the position as N's "wall".
    Litwick->Lampent->Chandelure was caught during his visit to the tower. Serves as the team's Special Attack powerhouse.

    Bianca exists with a more "Posh Girl" kind of attitude than the clutz we know her as. She becomes Ash's secondary rival in this region, but loses to him in the league.

    Tepig->Pignite->Emboar remains the same, and her primary battler. Somewhat of a rival to Krookodile, though.
    Minccino->Cinccino remains the same, except revealed to have evolved.
    Karrablast->Escavaliier remains the same
    Munna->Munsharna was caught at the Dreamyard. Irritates Ash because it recovers by using Rest frequently.
    Ducklett->Swanna was caught over Charizard Bridge. Knows an abundance of Water/Flying moves.
    Cleffa->Clefairy->Clefable suits her quite well. Plus I believe this might reveal the Fairy type, it this family becomes Normal/Fairy. The professor of the Kalos will appear and detail Ash about the new type's discovery and said Pokemon's change.

    The Team Rocket trio remain the same, working for Giovanni and all that, except one change where even Ash is utterly surprised.

    Jessie is perhaps more loyal to her boss than ever, abandoning those who fail her – Pokemon or human.

    Woobat->Swoobat is her primary pawn, evolves off-screen.
    Frillish is the same as it were.

    James, despite being the incredibly faithful and trusting and not to mention honest, person that he is, has been doubting himself and guilt has been churning in his stomach about the slander surrounding Team Rocket’s credit in Galactic’s downfall . Ever since he has been yearning to go legit and obtain badges. Once Jessie discovers betrayal, she (emotionally, of course) informs Giovanni. James is sacked from Team Rocket, but remains friends with his former teammates. After Ash beats N within the quarter-finals, James reveals himself.

    Yamask->Cofagrigus is James’s Unova Pokemon, obviously. But because James had been taking on gyms between schemes, more experience is granted. Cofagrigus is a defensive beast therefore mighty obstacle in Ash’s quest to win the Unova League.
    Foongus->Amoongus exists as it were.
    Rufflet->Braviary is revealed in the league with a moveset resembling Ash's Staraptor.
    Mime Jr.->Mr. Mime appears in the league. When Ash encounters him, he thinks "Now I know I recognise you", then when Mr.Mime displays his signature move Mimic, Ash is still left curious.
    Carnavine will have Ash further speculating who his opponent is, if it wasn't too obvious already. The chompiing on James thing has vanished though.
    Growlithe->Arcanine, or Growlie, appears to have evolved, revealed to have joined James's team after that family treasure episode in the DP series. His BW debut is met with Ash viewing a flashback to the Original series. . Then he's like "Got it now! You are James!". Revealed to know powerful moves like Stone Edge and Dragon Pulse.

    Ash is defeated by James in the semi-finals, whom is ultimately beaten by his next opponent.

    Meowth is emotionally torn when James is evicted from the trio but he [Meowth] stays with Jess.

    Prior to summoning the Kami trio, Ash challenges Giovanni to battle. His team will consist of Pokemon strictly native to Kanto/Johto.

    Persion is obviously Giovanni's signature.
    Machamp, based on his possession in the Original series.
    Honchkrow based on his HG/SS party.
    Hippowdon based on BW(2?) party.
    Rhyperior proves to be a powerhouse with Rock Wrecker.
    Tyranitar proves to be a Psuedo too much to defeat.

    Ash ultimately loses, though not without valiant effort.
    N is Ash's rival.
    Bianca is Ash’s secondary rival.
    James is Ash's unexpected rival.
    Trip doesn't exist.
    Burgundy doesn't exist
    Georgia doesn't exist in place of a female Ace Trainer with identical party.
    Stephan doesn't exist.
    That camera dude with the Zorua does not exist.
    Cameron definitely does not exist.
    Others I forgot to mention don't exist either, except Cheren in his respective appearance.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2013
  6. Epod

    Epod New Member

    I would make sure ash won a league for once. Caught more pokemon . Use charizard more and train
  7. Blaquaza

    Blaquaza Elite Spritist

    Does anybody see a fanfic in the works for some of these ideas? Well, here's my list (I didn't watch much of the Kanto/Johto series because I was too young (I caught the tail end of Master Quest when the animation improved), so I'm not going to elaborate on them too much):

    Ash's team wouldn't be too different here, except some of his released Pokémon would have simply been added to a larger rotation.

    Pikachu: Practically the exact same.
    Caterpie -> Metapod -> Butterfree: Would fall for the Pink Butterfree, but stay loyal to Ash and decide not to leave. He would prove to be a tough battler, with a wide range of moves, he has a lot of coverage and uses Status effects to his advantage.
    Pidgey -> Pidgeotto -> Pidgeot: Caught as a Pidgey, it evolves fairly early on into Pidgeotto. It was valuable in many different Gym Battles, especially after evolving again into Pidgeot..
    Bulbasaur -> Ivysaur: When given the evolution dilemma, it decides to evolve and stay with Ash. It is caught this time to defeat Misty after Ash losing to her in battle once. It wins the battle and remains a powerhouse until very late in the saga.
    Charmander -> Charmeleon -> Charizard: The same as before.
    Squirtle -> Wartortle: Doesn't join the Squirtle Squad. Stays with Ash and evolves during the battle against Erika.
    Krabby -> Kingler: A few fillers devoted to it feeling neglected. It has powerful attacks and Ash doesn't realise how much of a great battler it is. It gets jealous of the other Pokémon for a while, but Ash gives it more attention and it becomes happy again.
    Haunter: Still released like in the anime.
    Primeape: A very strong battler with access to lots of different moves. Isn't released, but tends to lose sometimes simply because of bad Metronome moves.
    Muk: Ash's main powerhouse when caught and gets along great with the other Pokémon, acting like their parent. Its moves were limited coverage-wise, but it still managed to deal lots of damage.

    Misty's team would be exactly the same, and the only difference for Brock would be that he caught (and evolved) a Rhyhorn.

    Jessie and James would have more menacing teams and a couple of extra Pokémon. Their others would be the exact same, though, including Meowth.

    Oddish -> Gloom -> Vileplume: A successfully stolen Pokémon that was taken from Koga's Gym by Jessie.
    Seel: Jessie found it in a cave, and she quickly caught it. She was frustrated that it didn't evolve, but she cared for it a lot.
    Growlie -> Growlie (Arcanine): When James was reunited with Growlie, he took it with him. He then stole a Fire Stone from Celadon Gym and evolved it.
    Abra -> Kadabra: James found this Pokémon in the wild, and Jessie's Vileplume used Stun Spore on it so he could catch it before it teleported away.

    The storyline would remain close to the original, just with more character development. Ash would become gradually smarter as the series progressed, and you would see more and more of Team Rocket's good side and their backstories. Brock would be a lot more central to the plot (often healing Pokémon when a Pokémon Centre wasn't around), and Misty would get over her fear of Bug-Types quite quickly.

    There would also be a lot more showing of the Pokémon's personalities, and more dramatic battles with shocking results.

    Lapras: Remains the exact same, but just after it leaves Ash, (one of the most emotional bits of the anime I can remember, despite being 3 or 4 when I watched it) it comes back after finding parting with Ash to be too unbearable.
    Snorlax: He would stay the same.

    Misty and Tracey's Pokémon would be exactly as they were, and Team Rocket's Pokémon would be the same as the Kanto list I made. Meanwhile, Brock would have caught a Kangaskhan while with Professor Ivy.

    Ash's Johto team is largely similar to what it was in the anime, including Pikachu.
    Chikorita -> Bayleef: Would be the same as it was.
    Cyndaquil -> Quilava -> Typhlosion: Would evolve into Quilava during mid-late Johto, and would become Typhlosion in Sinnoh. It matures a lot as it evolves.
    Totodile -> Croconaw: Acts as a prankster at first, but becomes much more serious and ruthless in battle when it evolves.
    Hoothoot -> Noctowl (Shiny): Ash catches it earlier on, and it acts as a powerhouse for the beginning of the region.
    Beedrill: Given to Casey, as usual.
    Heracross: Caught much later on, but knows a wider range of stronger attacks.
    Egg -> Phanpy -> Donphan: Hatches slightly earlier to make up for Heracross being later. This time, it evolves earlier too. It doesn't appear in Hoenn.
    Houndour -> Houndoom: She is caught a little bit after Heracross, and evolves just before the battle against Gary.

    Misty and Brock's Pokémon would remain the same. Team Rocket's Pokémon would also stay the same, but Wobbuffet would have been stolen from a trade machine, and traded for an empty PokéBall. Lickitung would stay, and Seel would evolve.

    MUCH less fillers. The story is more connected and focuses more on the Johto Pokémon as opposed to the Kanto ones. Ash also starts planning strategies and such based on his losses to cover his weaknesses, resulting in some very interesting move combinations.

    Ash's team would once again be similar, but with a few changes (apart from Pikachu).
    Taillow -> Swellow: Remains the same.
    Treecko -> Grovyle -> Sceptile: Sceptile would evolve earlier (before the League) and be affected for longer by his broken heart.
    Corhpish -> Crawdaunt: Evolves at Lavaridge after beating lots of the Flannery's Pokémon.
    Torkoal -> Much more powerful, winning lots of battles it is in. It is caught by Ash later to compensate this, though.
    Snorunt -> Glalie: Battled earlier and not caught the first time, but a little bit after. It evolves at the same time.
    Trapinch -> Vibrava: Rescued by Ash and caught not much later. He evolved at the start of the BF saga.
    Aron -> Lairon: Found late into the BF saga, like Gible in Sinnoh. Doesn't end up evolving then, but evolves in Sinnoh.
    Aipom: Caught a bit earlier than Aron, but still taken to Sinnoh.

    May's team is quite different.

    Torchic -> Combusken -> Blaziken: Evolves into Blaziken much, much earlier, just before the Grand Festival.
    Wurmple -> Silcoon -> Beautifly: Pretty much the same, but isn't used too much in the beginning so that Torchic doesn't feel neglected.
    Skitty -> Delcatty: The same until it evolves, where it relies less on Assist, and more on actual moves.
    Bulbasaur -> Ivysaur -> Venusaur: Evolves once in Hoenn, and again in Kanto.
    Natu -> Xatu: Was accidentally caught like Skitty, but clearly wanted to go with May because it can predict the future, ash Brock pointed out.
    Eevee -> Umbreon: Wins a Contest and is spoiled by May as it was given a huge banquet at the Pokémon Centre that evening, becomes very happy and evolves.
    Squirtle -> Wartortle: Same as in the anime.
    Sentret -> Furret: Caught in Kanto, and is surprisingly good at Contests. It evolves after only a few battles, during a Contest in fact.

    Max befriends Pokémon and keeps them in PokéBalls, but doesn't battle with them.
    Mudkip: The same as Brock's.
    Poochyena: Makes friends with Max early and proves to be very loyal.
    Shroomish: Also an early friend, helps teach Ash's Treecko Bullet Seed.
    Ralts: He doesn't even promise to go back to Ralts; it just joins him.
    Caterpie: Befriended early into Kanto, and reminds Ash of his Butterfree.
    Munchlax: Is actually Max's Pokémon in this continuity of mine. Apart from that, it's the same. :3

    Brock's team stays the same, and so does Team Rocket's, but Arbok and Weezing aren't released and Cacnea evolves to be a rival with Harley's Cacturne.

    Ash is given a rival who constantly pushes him to the limit, and more focus is pinned onto May and her Contests. Brock leaves the group when they arrive at Pewter City, much to their disappointment. May then learns how to cook and gradually takes Brock's role. Max leaves back to Hoenn, and May joins Ash as they go to Sinnoh.

    Ash's Sinnoh team changes a lot, but he still takes Pikachu.
    Chimchar -> Monferno -> Infernape: Caught as early as Ash's Turtwig, and has a personality more like like Cyndaquil. Its backstory with Paul didn't happen.
    Starly -> Staravia -> Staraptor: Similar, but evolves quicker and learns stronger moves.
    Gligar -> Gliscor: The same, but not trained to 'ride the wind'.
    Riolu -> Lucario: Found beaten up in a cave, Ash nurses it to health and then it decides to stay with him.
    Cranidos -> Rampardos: Roark gives Ash the fossil for this Pokémon, and then it gets revived not too much later.
    Murkrow -> Honchkrow: Found in the Old Chateau. Has a rivalry with Mismagius. Evolves after Dawn gives him the Dusk Stone she won in a Double Contest with May.

    May's team is completely made up. She brings Furret with her to start off with.

    Turtwig -> Grotle -> Torterra: Similar to Ash's from the anime.
    Shinx -> Luxio -> Luxray: An early catch that May uses for a lot of her Sinnoh Contests.
    Snorunt -> Froslass: Saved from a crumbling cave, May caught it and gave it a Dawn Stone. It gets along great with Ash's Glalie.
    Happiny -> Chansey: Practically the same as Brock's, but it evolves quite a lot earlier.
    Misdreavus -> Mismagius: Found at the Old Chateau. Has a rivalry with Murkrow. Evolves after using the Dusk Stone May won in a Double Contest with Dawn.
    Combee -> Vespiquen: Caught in a forest area, it helps the trainers make food.

    Dawn's team is the same.

    Not much changes for Ash, but obviously Brock's sections are changed for May's. Contests are given a greater focus, and May and Dawn develop a friendly rivalry.

    May and Dawn join Ash in Unova, as well as Cilan.
    Ash's team remains the same, but with more evolutions, Charizard not returning and more on-screen development of Pokémon like Boldore and Paplitoad.
    Snivy -> Servine: Just evolves.
    Pidove -> Tranquill -> Unfezant: Given much more battles.
    Oshawott -> Dewott: Like Totodile from my Johto list.
    Tepig -> Pignite -> Emboar: The same personality and backstory, but it evolves again.
    Sewaddle -> Swadloon -> Leavanny: The same, but shown more.
    Roggenrola -> Boldore: The same, but given more time to show personality.
    Palpitoad: More happy and outgoing with extra screen time, but other than that, the same.

    Cilan's team is the same, except with the addition of Ferrothorn.

    May's team is made up again.
    Munna -> Musharna: Found in the Dreamyard, it is perfect for Contests. Evolves when it accidentally touches a Moon Stone.
    Tynamo -> Eelektrik -> Eelektross: Helped May when Munna was stolen by Team Plasma at Castelia City. It was then caught.
    Cubchoo: Found in a snowy tundra and caught because it was cute. It didn't evolve.
    Deerling -> Sawsbuck: Caught early. Evolves when it sees the four forms of Sawsbuck.
    Egg -> Larvesta -> Volcarona: Hidden in the bushes, May finds this egg and keeps it. it hatches into Larvesta and evolves quite a while after.
    Mienfoo -> Mienshao: Battled and ran away, but was found again later and caught.

    Dawn's team is made up too. Piplup stays on her team.
    Piplup -> Prinplup: Same Pokémon as DP. Decides it wants to evolve near the end of the series after losing a battle against a Numel and an Onix.
    Gothita -> Gothorita -> Gothitelle: Abandoned by its trainer, Dawn decided to keep it. It eventually got spoiled rotten and became a brat, though.
    Vanillite -> Vanillish: Stolen from Cold Storage by Team Rocket, but joins forces with the group and takes a liking to Dawn. It's caught not long after.
    Bouffalant: Caught by Dawn because of its crazy hair style. It does well in contests because its hair gets messed around with in many ways.
    Rufflet -> Braviary: Challenged to a battle by Ash, he fails to catch it, and Dawn threw a PokéBall at it to tease him. It caught it. Is a rival with Vullaby.
    Vullaby: Used by Team Plasma, it ran away because it was neglected. It then became rivals with Braviary (Rufflet at the time), but liked Dawn.
    Golett -> Golurk: Set as a trap in the Desert Resort, it surprised Dawn, but it looked cool. She caught it not much later.

    Team Rocket's Pokémon are the same (but they stole them), and Wobbuffet and some of the others are still there.

    Re-write the whole thing. Team Rocket is funny, but are more successful in stealing Pokémon. The plot is much more dramatic, with Team Plasma being shown as cold-hearted brutes. Old Pokémon still appear, as well.

    I can't really say much as of now. All I can say is that I hope that Ash catches Froakie, Talonflame, Pangoro and a Fairy-Type. I also hope that Serena will be his travel companion. If I had my way, either May or Dawn would still be travelling with him, too. :)
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2013
  8. cronical246

    cronical246 New Member

    I world personally get ash out of the way for Gens six as he is nothing but the nostalgia factor and base the anime around the new male protagonist and his adventures and keep it that way with ash making only a few appearances as a Pokemon researcher after he got tired of pointlessly battling trainers throughout the regions and instead wants to help the professors discover more about Pokemon by fighting instead of having his Pokemon get hurt for nothing. I would also feature episodes with the older protagonists from the games and so all regions get some recognition and ash finally will do something with his life and mention that he and misty are finally dating and he finally gave back her bike. The story would not just be fixed on one but at least 3 characters and I would bring back how episodes would teach you how to play better
  9. pokeaussie37

    pokeaussie37 Well-Known Member

    This is how I would personally start the XY Anime, it's the first six episodes. I've made Ash's travelling group members Shauna and Tierno, Trevor (friendly) and Serena (antagonistic) are Ash's rivals. Needless to say Team Rocket feature (Team Flare would come around the tenth episode!) for the most part up to their usual exploits until they are briefed. I've left it in a spoiler tag as it is quite lengthy.

    • Ash has full team but nothing more (catches five Pokemon)

    • Two sidekick characters can be Shauna and Tierno

    • Shauna is trying to find a goal (much like May was at the start), and initially goes with Ash in order to travel, and along the way will find a discipline for herself

    • Tierno is the ‘Brock’ of the group, but has Pokemon dance contests to take part in (once/twice per season, enough to give him and his Pokemon good character development)

    • Ash has two main rivals through the region:

    • Trevor is a friendly rival, whose main goal is to see every Pokemon that exists. Has done lots of research into Pokemon, and what kind of Pokemon you can typically find in various habitats

    • Serena is an antagonistic rival. Much the opposite of Paul, she dotes on her Pokemon every minute of every day to the point of annoyance. She thinks that Ash’s treatment of his Pokemon is poor (character development episode for Pokemon that are slightly less used?) and takes great delight in making Ash mad. She is distasteful to all members of Ash’s travelling group, and Trevor

    • Tierno will develop one rival, Shauna’s number of rivals will depend on the importance of her side-quest

    First Six Episodes of XY​
    • Ash meets Shauna and Trevor whom are separately on their way to get a starter Pokemon. They befriend each other quickly and Ash tags along with them to see Professor Sycamore. Shauna (being the girl) gets first choice and selects Fennekin, whilst Trevor selects Chespin. Ash notices that the Froakie left over gets lonely and sad as it realises its friends are leaving, Ash and Professor Sycamore decide Froakie should go with Ash, as they realise they will all see each other regularly. Trevor however, declines Ash’s offer to travel, preferring to go on his own. Shauna doesn’t want to make a decision immediately. Ash then challenges him to a Pokemon battle with Froakie vs Chespin. The battle is interrupted when Pikachu is captured by Team Rocket, along with Froakie and Chespin. (end of first episode)

    • Shauna rescues Pikachu, Froakie and Chespin with Fennekin. All four Pokemon come out of the experience with a special bond with their trainer. Pikachu however as the target of the attack comes out worse for wear and is injured. They return to Professor Sycamore and go to the Pokemon Centre, where Pikachu is healed but not at full strength. Upon seeing this, Trevor decides to leave on his journey to the city where the first Gym is, and tells Ash that he will see him soon. Then, he leaves. Ash then contacts Professor Oak to say he’s reached Kalos, got himself a Froakie and a new friend, Shauna. Shauna formally accepts Ash’s offer to travel with him, and so they head towards the next city. (end of second episode)

    • Third episode is largely a bonding episode for Ash, Shauna and their Pokemon. Team Rocket attempt to steal Pikachu, Shauna and Ash combine to defeat them to get Pikachu back. Ash also catches a Fletchling in this episode. (end of third episode)

    • Fourth episode showcases a local Pokemon dancing competition. Ash and Shauna watch the event and befriend Tierno and his Pancham, who are contesting the event. Tierno decides to travel with Ash in his quest to form the best Pokemon Dancing Team in Kalos. In the background, Team Rocket receive a briefing from HQ about the ‘dangerous’ Team Flare. (end of fourth episode)

    • Fifth episode is also a bonding episode for the main group, however this time they are left alone by Team Rocket who do not feature in this episode at all. Additionally a wild Chespin is in the area, and Ash manages to catch it. (end of fifth episode)

    • Sixth episode features Ash and the group meeting Serena who will become Ash’s antagonistic rival. She is seen to be doting on her Fennekin at an extreme level, and out of annoyance at her behaviour and jabs at him, Ash challenges him with Pikachu whom she has accused of being poorly treated. Pikachu however is still feeling slight after effects from Team Rocket’s capture of him in the first episode. The battle is ended early, and Serena takes this as evidence that she is correct, and takes off smugly, much to the annoyance of Ash, Shauna and Tierno. (end of sixth)

    I've introduced all the real major players, and whilst I've given Pikachu something resembling a reset, I haven't embarrassed him either. What happened though, is what I needed to set up the main antagonistic rival. I'm using the logic that Fletchling will serve as his Fire type and his bird, given him Chespin for tradition and Froakie will be his regional powerhouse, leaving him two slots for Wild Cards.

    Finally, please consider that I'm taking into account reality as well as my own wishes when making this. :p I know having two Fennekin and two Chespin might be overkill. The deal with Chespin is that I wanted to carry on that tradition, and I thought Fennekin suited Shauna and Serena in this context. I would DEFINITELY give Serena a Malamar, and possibly a Sylveon. Those seem like Pokemon that someone of that nature would realistically spoil.
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  10. Eagletalon22

    Eagletalon22 Member

    Just from branching off from Bw.

    Ash returns home to pallet and meets all his friends simple episode where all his pokemon meet his new ones and they have a good old fashion reunion. Have ash sort of go around to each of his friends who came to visit and talk one on one with em about their goals and such which leads to the misty explain to ash how she never got to finish her quest to be a water pokemon master and watching him go on adventures has made her want to journey again. Thus she begged her sisters to run the gym which they agree to do after she leaves most of her pokemon with em excluding a few like gyrados, psyduck, and azurill giving her 3 spots to fill with water pokes in the new zone. This prompts ash to ask her to join him in Kalos.

    Then Brock could just join up as they start as he joins in to complete the trio.

    But this time each character gets more development such as Ash using alot more of his older pokemon for gyms and evolving some of his old pokemon in fights and going far into the championship
    Misty enters a few water tournaments and wins a few along with having rivals
    Brock has his own goals to along with his own battles to mix things up

    Have a group of rivals be another trio that they fight in triple battles a few times.
  11. BlitzBruno_96

    BlitzBruno_96 Member

    ASH’S AGEING IN POKÉMON (My Ideal Timeline)

    Kanto Region: 4 Months (10)
    Orange Islands: 4 Months (10)
    Johto Region: 1 Year (10-11-11)

    Hoenn Region: 1 Year (11-12-12)
    Battle Frontier: 4 Months (12)
    Sinnoh Region: 1 Year & 4 Months (13-13-13-14)

    Unova Region: 10 Months (15-15-“15”)
    Decolore Islands: 2 Months (“15”)
    Kalos Region: Possibly 1 Year (16)

    •The numbers in parenthisis is Ash’s Age per season;
    •From DP to BW there is a Undefined Timeskip;
    •Each “American Season” equals 4 months (1/3 of a Year);

    •The “15” resembles Ash’s Age in the 2 parts of the 16th Season:

    2 months for “BW:Adventures in Unova”
    2 months for “BW:Adventures in Unova and Beyond”
  12. Pretty much what you said.

    I would bring back contests but make them more than dressing up your Pokemon.
    I would make TR both serious and comedic
    More side leagues (like AG had)
    No more ___ master goals
  13. Pokemaniac24

    Pokemaniac24 Banned

    If I were in charge of the XY anime, I would do a few things:

    -I would have Ash travel alone or just him and Serena. That would create a very interesting and new dynamic. Ash and his female friends usually always got by with food and navigation thanks to their older friends like Brock, Cilan and Tracey so having Ash by himself or Serena with him makes them have to survive on their own. I think it would be really fun. They would meet interesting COTD and rivals along the way and there will be a few with arcs where a side character will come in and have a certain goal and then once he/she accomplishes that goal, he/she will leave Ash and Serena to go off on his/her own.

    -I would have TR have a lot of their Kanto humor and interactions with their BW competence and I would have TR win on occasion. I would keep their Kanto motto and bring back the Kanto music or I would bring back their Unova motto with the Unova music. I would also have Giovanni show up at least twice for an arc each saga. I would give Zager more screen time and have him play a similar role to the one he had in BW and sometimes he would travel with TRio. I would bring back the Jet Packs as well. I'd also have other TR members like Domino, Matori, Pierce, etc. show up more often.

    -I would give the regional evil team way more screen time and way more than just 10 or so episodes they usually get. I would try to give each member as much screen time as they can get and their own development along the way and I would have them go head to head with the whole TR organization once every other saga.

    -I'd bring back things that worked in BW like rivals for every companion and tournaments like Don Battle. And I'd fix things that people found disappointments such as rotation. I don't think I'd give him the 11 Pokémon he had in BW but I would probably give him about 7 or 8. Reserves would be used every other League or in a Battle Frontier type of saga.

    -I'd have Serena compete in Contests or something similar to that as I always find those to be more interesting to watch than the goals Misty and Iris had, which had potential but the writers didn't really elaborate on what they needed to do as much as they should have in my opinion.

    -I'd have the fillers be more like Kanto except TR won't be in every episodes and I'd introduce other villains besides the usual TRio/Regional team we get.

    -I'd make the pacing good by ending the League early to give us time for a Battle Frontier, Championship League, etc. type of saga.

    -I'd always try to introduce as much as the major game characters as possible.
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  14. Funnycupcakes

    Funnycupcakes Well-Known Member

    I will change the animation style and make it more prettier. Make the characters look better.
  15. overlimit22

    overlimit22 Active Member

    Looks like we're in for the long run

    Caterpie - Metapod - Butterfree (Does Not Leave)
    Pidgeotto - Pidgeot (Evolves at Erika's Gym)
    Charmander - Charmeleon - Charizard (Listens After Evolution to Zard).
    Squirtle - Wartortle (Evolves at Blane's Gym)
    Krabby - Kingler (Evolves In A Water Battle Filler)
    Tauros (x1)
    Primeape (Not Released)
    Haunter (Same as Original)

    Horsea - Seadra (Evolves During Water Battle Filler)

    Geodude - Graveller (During a battle with TR Halfway Through the Season)
    Zubat - Golbat
    Vulpix - Ninetales (Eevee Stone Episode)
    Rhyhorn (Safari Zone)

    Orange Islands

    Wartortle - Blastoise
    Lapras (Stays With Ash)

    Psyduck - Golduck (Actually evolves in the episode)
    Lapras (Lapras' Mother)
    Poliwag - Poliwhirl



    (All Previous Pokemon Are Oaked)
    Hoothoot - Noctowl
    Chikorita - Bayleef
    Cyndaqul - Quilava (Vs Jasmine)
    Totodile - Croconaw (Caught Earlier. Evolves Vs Morty)
    Egg - Phanpy - Donphan

    (Lapras is Oaked)
    Seadra - Kingdra (Gets Dragon Scale in Filler)
    Poliwhirl - Politoed

    Graveller (In the Trading Episode)
    Onix - Steelix (In the Trading Episode)
    Golbat - Crobat
    Rhyhorn - Rhydon

    (All Previous Pokemon Are Oaked)
    Treecko - Grovyle - Sceptile (Evolves Before League)
    Taillow - Swellow
    Corpish - Crawdaunt (Vs Flannery)
    Snorunt - Glalie
    Bagon - Shelgon - Salamence (Evolves Vs Team Rocket, Evolves at League Becomes Disobidient)
    Bulbasaur - Ivysaur (Double Evolution with May's Bulbasaur)

    Torchic - Combusken - Blaziken (Evolves Before Grand Festival)
    Wurmple - Silcoon - Beautifly
    Skitty - Delcatty
    Bulbasaur - Ivysaur (Double Evolution with Ash's Bulbasaur)
    Ralts - Kirlia

    Mudkip - Marshtomp - Swampert
    Lotad - Lombre - Ludicollo

    Battle Frontier
    Salamence (Steals Charizards Obidience Episode)
    Lucario (Movie 8)
    Aipom - Ambipom (Evolves Vs Electrivire. Makes Ash go to Sinnoh)

    Ivysaur - Venusaur
    Squirtle - Wartortle
    Kirlia - Gardevoir

    Brock (Becomes Doctor)
    Chansey - Blissey

    Ambipom - Buizel - Floatzel
    Turtwig - Grotle - Torterra
    Chimchar - Monferno - Infernape
    Starly - Staravia - Staraptor
    Gligar - Gliscor
    Quilava - Typhlosion

    (Tobias Does Not Exist Ash Wins Sinnoh League, looses to cynthia.)

    Misty (HGSS Promotion)
    Togetic - Togekiss
    Finneon - Lumineon

    Buizel - Ambipom
    Cyndaqui - Quilava
    Swinub - Piloswine - Mamoswine

    Timeskip (Ash is 14)

    (Ash heads to Unova to train for the PWT, Battles Leaders for Fun)
    Gible - Gabite - Garchomp (Evolves Vs Team Plasma, then Against Team Rocket in there Plots)
    Snivy - Servine
    Tepig - Pignite - Emboar
    Oshawott - Dewott
    Pidove - Tranquil - Unfezant
    Sandile - Krockorock - Krookodile
    Sewaddle - Swadloon - Leavanny
    Palpitoad - Seismitoad
    Scraggy - Scrafty
    Lampent - Chandelure
    Charizard - MegaCharizard

    (Ash collects the 10 Unova Badges, Enters PWT and Faces a Kalos Trainer with MegaBlastoise. Or Kalos MegaStarter)
    (Charizard and Ash's bond allows him to become mega, looses to MegaBlastoise/MegaKalos Starter)

    Misty (Also Competing)
    Ducklett - Swanna
    Panpour - Simipour

    Axew - Fraxure
    Charmander - Charmeleon

    Pansage - Simisage
    Dwebble - Crustle
    Oddish - Gloom - Bellossom

    Ash Leaves for Kalos to learn more about MegaEvolution
  16. alexterri

    alexterri Well-Known Member

    God, where on earth to start?

    Hmm, lets start with Kanto.

    + Ash and co come across a Snorlax on the way to Fuschia city [I cant remember if that actually happened, but whatever]. Ash catches it, and trains it.

    +Ash gets Charmander, but he doesn't get Squirtle. Brock gets Bulbasaur.

    +Ash gets an Eevee, that evolves into a Vaporeon.

    +Brock's starting pokemon remain the same. Misty doesn't have a Goldeen, though. She has Staryu and Starmie at the start. Lt surge has a Voltrob, and a Raichu. Erika has a Victreebell, Tangela and Vileplume. Koga has two Koffing, a Weezing, and a Muk. Sabrina has a Kadabra, Mr mime, Venomoth, and an Alakazam. Blaine has a Growlithe, Arcanine, Ponyta, and Rapidash. Giovannni would have a Rhyhorn, Dugtrio, Nidoqueen, Nidoking, and Rhydon.

    +Lorelei has a Dewgong, Cloyster, Slowbro, Jynx, and a Lapras. Bruno has two Onix, a Hitmonchan, a Hitmonlee, and a Machamp. Agatha has two Gengar, a Golbat, a Haunter, and an Arbok. Lance has a Gyarados, two Dragonair, a Aerodactyl, and a Dragonite.
    +Gary gets a Blastoise, an Arcanine, an Exeggutor , a Rhyhorn, an Alakazam, and a Pidgeot.

    That just about covers Kanto. Will post more later.
  17. Sprinter1988

    Sprinter1988 Well-Known Member

    I'd have made each series last a certain number of episodes, longer for main storylines and shorter for side-quests.

    Kanto - 150 episodes
    Orange Islands - 40 episodes
    Johto - 150 episodes
    Hoenn - 150 episodes
    Battle Frontier (Hoenn, not Kanto) - 40 episodes
    Kanto Return - 45 episodes
    Sevii Islands - 35 episodes
    Sinnoh - 150 episodes
    Sinnoh Battle Park - 35 episodes
    Johto Battle Frontier - 40 episodes
    Unova (main) - 130 episodes
    Unova 2 - 40 episodes
    World Tournament - 50 episodes
    Kalos - 150 episodes.

    There would be no Delcore Islands side story. No travelling companion or rival is completely forgotten about and make regular reappearances.
  18. MattySadler

    MattySadler Well-Known Member

    Some real interesting choices for Ash's team, would you care to explain them all a bit? Would love to know your reasoning and ideas
  19. Sephora

    Sephora yes I'm back

    Thank God none of you guys actually are in charge of the anime, no offense LOL
    I would make Ash win the Kalos Pokemon League.
  20. MattySadler

    MattySadler Well-Known Member

    Yeah and I bet your interpretation would be amazing

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