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If you were in Team Rocket, what would you do?

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The Master of Water
Sell meouth on Pokebay tell jesie and james to stop stalking little kids and go after all legendarys!


Well-Known Member
Step 1: Take over Team Rocket
Step 2: ??
Step 3: Profit!

.. and that's still a better plan than Team Rocket usually thinks up.
Probably capture Arceus and make myself Queen of the Universe. And force Meowth to become a stand-up comic.


Well-Known Member
1. Spend hours locked in the basement working on an amazingly fiendish plan to take over the world.
2. Put the plan into action.
3. Take over the world and use my fellow Team Rocket-ers as global enforcers.
4. Take the Pokemon from each trainer and use them as slaves.

Red Jr.

I don't see why James, Jessie, and Meowth need to continue working for Team Rocket.

Remember when Ash was battling Gardenia in her gym? During that time, James, Jessie, and Meowth were making some guy rich by digging him up minerals from the underground. Instead of giving it to that guy, they could have kept the minerals for themselves and sell them, and become rich.

Poke Master 7

Boulder Trainer
I would find out what the purpose of this group is ( Seriously what is it, Magma, Aqua and Galactic make their purposes clear). I would stop following Ash for the sake of one Pokemon I know would never obey Giovoni even if I did catch it, actually use intelligent ways of catching wild pokemon such as the invention of the pokeball and then call out Jessie and James for the disgraces to TR they are


It's go time!
simple, i would find out where ash and pikachu were and then head for another region lol. lets face it have the not been electricuted enough times to figure it out yet lol. mind you gotta admit love there determination lol


burning it down
Become a Vice President with these Pokémon:



~Mentally Unstable~
If i were in Team Rocket, i'd be so full of fail that i'd fail to see my own fail
I'd catch some pokemon, train them, own all trainers and steal their pokemon.

In other words, I'd stop following Ash & co. around.
I would grow in rank and then when I'm at the highest possible rank besides boss, I would start to rebel against team rocket with my own sinister army of thugs. The twerps could join if they wanted to.


Prolly quit and join Team Magma <_<

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
Why is this thread still open? There's no legitimate discussion here, and everybody just keeps saying the same things over and over again. It's nothing but self-gratification for the nerds who think the anime's characters all suck and that they can do everything better than them.

Captain Brain

Well-Known Member
First, I wouldn't join TR straight off. I would travel as a good trainer and become an expert(master). Then, I would, under two different alias join both TR and TG. Then, do to my high-level Pokemon I would advance quickly through ranks. Then and only then would I overpower the leaders. Next I would take a leaf from Palpatine and start a three way war between the two Teams and "Good Guys". Ultimately, I would destroy the bad but maintain the organization in order to root out and destroy, small groups Hunter J.) then restore order with an American style government.

P.S. Feels good to post again. ;025;


Active Member
If I were in Team Rocket I'd unleash my secret weapon on Ash and the twerps namely Elmyra from Tiny Toons to steal Pikachu for me, but it would ultimately backfire on me.


Well-Known Member
I'd stalk Meowth, because I'm a Skitty....

Penguinist Trainer

Well-Known Member
First off, give up on Ash & Co. There have been alot of resources wasted on him.

Next, I would work behind the scenes getting all my high level agents in key positions around the world.

Finally, I would overthrow the genereral world order and reign supreme.

The way I see it, no one should know Team Rocket's existence until it is too late.


I'd gather some sense and stop wasting my life chasing a kid half my age just to get some of his measly Pokemon.
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