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If your favorite Pokemon and your least liked Pokemon fought, who would win and why?

Blue Houndoom

Fire-type Lover
Likes: Houndoom (<3), Typhlosion, Absol

Dislikes: Geodude, Golbat, Purugly

Naturally, Houndoom would destroy all of my dislikes =)


Aren't I adorable?
Dislikes:Weavile and Blissey
Houndoom would defeat Weavile with HP Fighting and Choice Scarf and Blissey would be taken care of with Beat Up.

Espeon's Jewl

likes pie
Likes: Espeon, Ninetails, Mightyena
Dislikes: Zubat, Geodude, and Omastar

I like my likes, not because they're that strong, but They will always be my faves. <3
I dislike those pokes because Zu and Geo are soooo common and repetative and ugly and weak, and Omastar is really really really freaky........
My likes would easily pwn geodude and zubat, but might have a tough time with omastar. Ninetails would use confuse ray, then Mighty would come in and use toxic. Then, Espeon would do Psycic(sp) until Omastar died


De Ibwis Twigga!
My likes
Palkia, Arceus, Dialga
My hates
Pikachu, Charizard, Magikrap
All fav will win ^_^


Well-Known Member
Likes: Porygon-Z, Gardevoir, Magnezone
Dislikes: Lopunny, Jumpluff, Pachirisu

My likes lose because all my dislikes have huge special defense and Lopunny uses Mirror Coat.

Death dealer

Pavane of Slaanesh
Arbok, TTar, Aggron

Least favourites:
Lickiliky (ruined a decent pokemon), Pikachu, and Blissy.

I think my favourites would win to be honest.

Metal Force

Metagross, Empoleon and Lucario.
All share the steel type, and good looks and stats, there other reasons I've posted many times, and too lazy to post them again.

Although, Infernape isn't my leaf fav or I hate it, it's the only Pokemon I really dislike, because of two reasons, one it doesn't look that good for me, two which is the main reason that it outclassed Blaiken, and is a huge threat in the OU metagame.

So the obvious the my dislike "Infernape" would win, since both physical and special, as well as mixed sets of Infernape can beat all three.


Well-Known Member
My likes

Eevee, Buizel, Cubone.

My dislikes

Garchomp, Arceus, Infernape.

Hmm.. :) My team will win! :) Because they are the best!

My likes
(I have Umbreon, Milotic and Lucario at an equal fourth)
My dislikes

Monferno would be pwn'd by the tripple type advantage my likes have over it. Suicune would probably attack swaper due to its resistance to water, spearow would annyou purugly by hovering just out of reach, While Articuno uses mind reader then sheer cold to pwn Purugly and swampert while they're distracted
Likes: Typhlosion, Heatran, Spiritomb
Dislikes: Infernape, Pikachu, Cynthia


Turn 1
Withdraws Typhlosion for Spiritomb
Uses Close Combat, no effect

Turn 2
Sucker Punch, 30%
Flare Blitz, 40%

Turn 3
Flare Blitz, 40%, burns
Pain Split, goes to 45% each

Turn 4
Flare Blitz, 40%
Pain Split, goes to 24% each

Turn 5
Sucker Punch, critical, Infernape dies.
Sends out Cynthia

Turn 6
Spiritomb uses Summon 10000 Bidoofs to chew Cynthia to Death, 100%, Cynthia dies (whats left of her)
Sends out Pikachu

Turn 7
Uses Sucker Punch, 47%
Uses Thunderbolt, Spiritomb dies.
Sends out Typhlosion.

Turn 8
Uses Eruption, 53%, Pikachu dies.

And done. The non-tarded side wins.
Slowbro, Electabuzz, Magmar, Gligar.

Starmie, Electivire, Magmortar, Gliscor.

Who will win:
Uh... Crap!


The Electric Lucario
Turn 5
Sucker Punch, critical, Infernape dies.
Sends out Cynthia

Turn 6
Spiritomb uses Summon 10000 Bidoofs to chew Cynthia to Death, 100%, Cynthia dies (whats left of her)
Sends out Pikachu

And done. The non-tarded side wins.
You win this thread.

Likes: Lucario, Gallade, Gengar, Gardevoir
Dislikes: Geodude, Chingling, Infernape, Shuckle

Lucario Close Combats Shuckle.
Gallade Close Combats Geodude.
Gengar Shadow Balls Chingling.
Gardevoir Psychics Infernape.

I win.


Well-Known Member
Likes: Lucario, Crobat, Feraligatr
Dislikes: Floatzel, Bibarel, Manetric

Feraligatr has a much more potent movepool, so it can defeat Floatzel. Manetric can be a problem, however. Bibarel would be a non-factor here. It's close, but I have to hand it to Manetric.


will give nethin 4it
My likes
Munchlax, Sceptile, Pidgeot

My Dislikes
Spinda, Smoochum, Castform

My favorites would win.
Munchlax focus punch Spinda, Sceptile dig smoochum, pidgeot gradually own the rest. I just dont like Spindz really. Most pokemon I'm fine with.

PS: Why does everyone hate Bidoof? He was my first D/P shiny, so I love him!!!

arcanine lover

Whee........ *thonk*
Arcanine (spluh -.-)

Least Favourites

Who would win
Arcanine >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Magikarp
Umbreon > Beedrill
Eevee < Infernape

Fwee, favourite win! ^.^


That guy.
Favorite-Charizard, Pikachu
Least Favorite-Meganium, Phione.

My favorites would win because they're first gen.


Well-Known Member

Blaziken, Latios, Torterra, Porygon-Z


Bronzong, Infernape

Let's see, my super Torterra is designed to outspeed Base 110 Pokémon, so it will 1HKO Ape with EQ. Then, if Bronzong has Levitate, I Flare Blitz, if it has Heat Proof, I EQ. Latios and Porygon-Z don't need to do anything.