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If your pokemon was like Ash-Greninja


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The Ash-Greninja fusion concept has been stuck in my head since I saw it in action in the anime, and it's more than likely going to be a new mechanic in Sun and Moon. So if that's the case I want to perform this mechanic with some of my closest pokemon I have had with me for years. But out of all of them I would want to do it with my Typhlosion. It was the first pokemon I had. And even though it technically isn't the same one I rekindled with a new one in Heart Gold, and it's been with me since. Good enough bond don't you think? If you could do the same thing which one of your pokemon, which would you want to do it with?


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Jirachi, being it's what really got me into Pokemon


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I'd choose my Luxray that I've had since the Platinum days. As much as fusing with Giratina sounds cool, that probably wouldn't work so well given its awful disposition XD


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Wow, there's just too many favorites of mine to choose from. But If I had to, it would be Minccino/Cinccino most of all because it's just so darn likable to me!

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Well I would go with Gyarados, but it already has one XP I mean Mega Evo *^* So I would actually go with Haxorus which is actually one of my favorites.

Maybe I should try my hand at sketching how it would look if it had that kind of thing Ash-Greninja does. P: :D
It'd probably be an Aromatisse. It's purple 'skirt' would become brown, akin to my hair colour, and maybe a bit less unruly. Also, it'd gain two small wings on its back, only aesthetic though. Just to show off the bird theme more.


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As much as i loathe the very idea of poké-human fusions.... Altaria, no doubt. I keep changing my mind about who's in my top 10 but Altaria is the only one who's always on top.

Although I have no idea how I'd change its design to make him look like "me".