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All other forum rules apply to here as well.

Team Format can be found at the bottom of this post.

1. Flaming/Bashing/Trolling/Baiting will not be tolerated.
"You suck n3wb" "My Chesnaught could sweep ur team" "GTFO lurk more" etc.

Just don't do this.

2. If someone wants to use a certain Pokemon, don't continue to suggest changing it.
Ok, they want to use their fav. Pokemon and request to not change it, then don't WHINE about it, let them use it. Just give the moveset, and move on. If you really want them to change it at least just suggest/ask about it nicely, and instead of whining and complaining, explain the reasons why your way would be better.​

3. READ the first post made by the thread maker.
If they say they can only use certain Pokemon, or they aren't willing to breed/get a new nature, then don't whine about how they NEED it and their set sucks without it. Work with what they have. Again, if you really want them to do so, at least just suggest/ask about it nicely, along with the reasons why they should do so, instead of whining and complaining. Don't whine if they still say no, it's un-becoming.​

4. DO NOT spam.
This section is for rating teams, therefor you must give some kind of useful and PERTINENT info in your post. At least try to use a few sentences, don't just say things like "Darmanitan>Charizard ftw" that doesn't help anyone.

*Also, saying just "this team is ___ weak" when the thread is a monotype team thread is considered spamming. It's a monotype team, so it's painfully obvious that the entire team would be weak to a certain type. If you are going to say that, at least add a suggestion on how to counter said weakness.​

5. Learn to accept criticism and help.
Sometime's it's hard to hear that your fav. Pokemon is bringing down the rest of your team, but don't fly off the handle when someone says that it isn't working. The point of having your team rated is to have it picked apart and optimized, so when someone takes the time to rate your team, have the common courtesy to take what they say into consideration.​

6. No illegal movesets.
In other words, Glitched/Imaginary/Sharked/AR'ed moves and such...don't post them.​

7. Stay on topic.
The point of this forum is to fix/improve/help teams. Not to talk about who your favorite Pokemon is, or where you are in the game.​

8. No "Make my team!!/Let's build a team!" threads.
No one really feels like building you a whole team. If you need help choosing members, have at least 3 Pokemon on your team with some form of a moveset that you know you're going to use. There's no issue if you want to collaborate with someone to make a team, but don't do it in a thread, community team threads should be approved by moderators.​

9. You must at least post movesets when asking for a "rate".
"Rate my team!! -insert 6 smilies here-" or "Rate my team! -list 6 pokemon and their natures here-"

Listing 6 pokemon and asking for a rate is spam. You need to post the movesets, or else what in the world do you want them to rate? The order in which you listed the "team" ?
Basically, just put the movesets, please. And do not just put in random moveset with moves that almost every Pokemon can learn (example : putting Toxic & Protect on everything just to bypass this rule because you have moveset) or putting moves that a Pokemon definitely can't learn (example : putting Blast Burn on a Kingdra, when it is known that Blast Burn is a move restricted to Fire-Type starter Pokemon) then ask for a rate. At least try to look at the Pokedex on the main site.

10. Number Rates/1 Liners are not allowed.
"Cool team bro 10/10!!" "Your team suxx" --Don't, you aren't helping.

11. Please either wait until AFTER you have beaten the 7th gym to post your current team OR post what your final team plans will be.

An example of what we do not want to see:

"RMT! I just beat the 4 Gym!! My team is:
Frogadier (Rash Nature) lv.26
-Quick Attack
-Water Pulse

Ivysaur (Impish Nature) lv.27
-Leech Seed
-Poison Powder
-Sleep Powder
-Razor Leaf

Combusken (Jolly Nature) lv.28
-Double Kick
-Bulk Up

Please don't post a current team if you haven't beaten the Elite 4 (Or at least have 7 badges). There's nothing much to rate otherwise. Wait until you've beat the E4 to post your real team. Any Pokemon works to get the badges and beat the E4 with as long as it's at a high enough level. If you still want to post a team but you haven't beat the gyms or the E4 yet, post a future team you would like to have.​

12. Post your team in YOUR OWN thread, not in someone else's thread or the Single Rates thread.
PLEASE don't do this. Having multiple teams in a thread makes it difficult to know which team is being rated, and ends up clogging up threads. Also, the Singles Rates thread is for single Pokemon only, so again, post your team in its own thread.​

13. "joke teams" are not allowed, as they are pointless and only lead to spam/arguments/trolling.
here is an example of what we do NOT want to see. As you can see, the OP purposely puts up bad movesets not for a rate, but as a joke. You will be infracted for posting joke threads.​

14. Do not put more than one team per thread.
Don't be greedy, one team per thread is enough. It can be time consuming to rate a full team, let alone two so just keep it to one per thread, you'll get more rates that way. Trust me.​

15. If you want only one or two individual Pokemon rated, post in the Single Rates thread.
It's at the top of this sub-forum's page (or here if you can't navigate the pages), above even this sticky, so there's no reason why anyone should miss it; it has its own little section for a reason. Infractions will be given to those who fail to follow this basic rule.​

Here is the format for posting your Pokemon:

Pokemon @Item (optional)
Nature, Ability (optional)
EVs: (if any)
-Move 1
-Move 2
-Move 3
-Move 4

description here if you have any

It doesn't have to be EXACTLY like this. Like if your Pokemon aren't holding an item or if you can't remember the Nature right off the bat... etc. Just try to keep it clear like this.
Also, Stats and Levels are not needed.

We DON'T want to see any of this:
"RMT! Here they are!
;160;Feraligatr lv.100 Bold Nature with Leftovers Ice Beam, Surf, Aerial Ace, Waterfall ;250;Ho-oh lv.100 Impish Nature with Sitrus Berry Sacred Fire, Recover, Thunder, Shadow Ball;306;..."

etc. Keep it clear please.
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