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Ikarishipping General Discussion

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Skittygirl, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. Skittygirl

    Skittygirl Skittyx2

    Hello and welcome to the one of the first IkariShipping threads! What is IkariShipping you ask? Its a ship between HikarixShinji or DawnxPaul from Pokemon. Talk, admire, follow, and share your thoughts and ideas on Ikarishipping!

    Oh yes I have rules:

    1. Follow all Serebii rules
    2. Keep foul language to a minimum.
    3. Dont spam
    4. Dont bash the ships or the characters in the ship
    5. Dont bash members
    6. Give the link back if you found any fanart
    7.Dont claim fanart from japanese/other sites as yours.
    8. I foyu are going to post a topic, it has to be shippy.

    Okay so lets begin! But before I do, tell me to put you on the Fan List section.

    If I spell your usernames wrong please tell me. Im not the Pokemon master at spelling.

    ~*FAN LIST*~
    Kira Yamato
    Ed Elric Bunny
    Artemis Ingnitus
    buster worlf
    Drew Andrews
    Princess Ketchum
    Moonlight Burakki
    fire spirit
    Dejicandy 13
    honey clover112
    La Rousseau
    kaze wind
    Spirit Rubi
    XxEndless SummerxX
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2007
  2. dannyphantomhott

    dannyphantomhott Ash fan girl! Cute!

    I know I'm a PearlShipper and all and this isn't bashing by any means or at least I'm not trying to bash. This is just a simple question, how can it happen if the guy is a rival to Ash. He'd be thinking about trying to beat Ash any time he showed up. Plus he's not going to be traveling with the gang like we all thought, but who knows what will happen ^_^
  3. Skittygirl

    Skittygirl Skittyx2

    Well we never know. He may be a new rival but since we have no info for the first episode in Shinou just yet we dont know yet. Maybe he is a rival in Super Contets with Hikari. That wasnt bashing so dont worry. Actually Shinji might notice Hikari though.
  4. dannyphantomhott

    dannyphantomhott Ash fan girl! Cute!

    Well the guy appears in episode 3 which Hikari is not going to meet Ash by than. So if any thing happens between them its going to be in the later episodes after Hikari and Ash have meet. Will have to see what happens in there interaction ^_^
  5. Skittygirl

    Skittygirl Skittyx2

    True. If he is in Super Contests with Hikari it may be the new Contest Shipping. I think he should meet Hikari first in a cameo kind of way? So Dannyphantomhott even though your a pearlshipper do you think HikarixShinji look cute toghether?
  6. dannyphantomhott

    dannyphantomhott Ash fan girl! Cute!

    Well its been pretty much confirmed that he's Ash rival which means he won't be in super contests becuase he challanges Ash in episode 3. Any ways I'm sure once they do meet and there will be fans of the ship, course who to am I say? I ship a ship before Ash and Hikari even interacted LOL. Ask for whether or not I think there cute, his personality doesn't look like it would fit Hikari's, he seems more evil and such, but we all have a right to our opinions ^_^
    I like smiling a lot hehe.
  7. Skittygirl

    Skittygirl Skittyx2

    Well since your A PearlShipping you would disagree. I think that they do because Hikari is a cute character and is the oposite to Shinji who seems mean but may be a big softie on the inside.
  8. Hikarii

    Hikarii Two i's, not one!

    I have a biig feeling Shinji might be some badass bishounen, though. XD Hey, I was thinking about this shipping, though. Did you give it its name? XDD

    Doesn't matter if Shinji ends up being Satoshi's rival. That means he might be recurring, right? And that might mean Hikari will see more of him. Even if they don't interact, it's a nice pairing, I should think ^x^

    I'm all for it. xP
  9. Skittygirl

    Skittygirl Skittyx2

    Yay my fist supporter! ^_^. No that was the name given in the Whats that Ship caled thread. I thouht it should have been called DiomandShipping but that would be DeliaxGiovanni. Anyways next question "What do you think should happen between them in the series?"
  10. Hikarii

    Hikarii Two i's, not one!

    Heheh. I'm not sure, since we don't know their personality yet, but it'd be cute if either had a crush on each other, and if they met on the times Satoshi-tachi meet up with Shinji. Of course, Satoshi wouldn't notice anything. XD
  11. Skittygirl

    Skittygirl Skittyx2

    That would be cute ^_^! Maybe Shinji concentrates on Hikari so much he loses the battle against Ash. Oh yeah I was wondering if u know anybody that has fanart for the ship.
  12. Hikarii

    Hikarii Two i's, not one!

    I don't, but I was planning on drawing some.. ^^a I don't have any ideas though. XD;
  13. Caseydia

    Caseydia Ace Trainer

    I love the sound of this ship already. But I wish I knew more about Shinji's character.
  14. Skittygirl

    Skittygirl Skittyx2

    Yeah we have no info about him but he seems like a dark person. And Hikari seems to be energetic and nice and I believe opisites attract. You know I think after the Shinou ep. come to America,England,Australia etc this ship migt become more popular. Then again we have almost no info on Hikari and PearlShipping is probably becoming one of the most popular ships around. Well now it has 2 followers! Oh and Caseydia do you think Shinji and Hikari make a cute couple?
  15. Rugia

    Rugia Alright!

    Oh, I'd like to join. I've been thinking about this ship for a while^^

    Cute!:D I think I might draw some fanart..
  16. xSweetxAurorax

    xSweetxAurorax Well-Known Member

    i know nothing of the two characters...but hikari looks really innocent and cute and shinji looks sorta mean-ish arrogant (in a good way) kinda like drew... o_O sry i am a big time contest shipper and i really like the idea of shinji x hikari. it reminds me of may x drew
  17. Skittygirl

    Skittygirl Skittyx2

    Dont worry Sweet Aurora! I am a contestshipper too but since we will never see Drew and May again probably they seem alike. I will be making a fan listing as soon as one more person likes the Ship. I have fanart but I dont own a printer (avtually mines dosent work) and my digital camera was stolen so fanart is a no from me. If anyone has that would be great.
  18. Hikarii

    Hikarii Two i's, not one!

    XD Aww, Skitty. Think anyone'll let you use their scanner? I haven't gotten time to draw. Maybe I will this werekend.. Or during school. XDD I have issues remembering what Shinji looks like, though.
  19. Kira Yamato

    Kira Yamato Ghost of Razgriz

    When I first came in this thread, I thought you were talking about Shinji Ikari x Hikari Horaki from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Seriously. XD

    Once I find out more about Pearl/Diamond, however, this might become one of the first Pokemon shippings I've supported in a LONG time.
  20. Ed Elric Bunny

    Ed Elric Bunny bunny rabbit <3

    ROFLMAO,I thought the same thing.

    I've never been much of a fan of anime pokeships,but this looks intriguing. Shinji reminds me a lot of Silver from games/manga,and I'd like to see him be paired up with a cute and energetic-looking girl.

    Even if they don't have the same personalities,that makes the ship look even more interesting,I love it when pairings have characters with personalities that contrast.
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