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Iki Gekkou - Sign Ups


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An Comically Dramatic RPG by Sam 'Deokishisu.123'
(Rated PG-15 for Language, Mild sensuality, some innuendo, and violence.)


March 19th, 2016, the world was hardly at peace. The wars in the Middle East were still going, as a new leader of the Al-Qaeda had just risen, and the war was still being fought; America winning, but not by much. Even in places like Japan, things were chaotic. Since the major taxes placed apon the middle classes, and all the price jumps, many riots have broken out.
One particular riot, called the Breach of Central Osaka, had caused so much damage and disruption, they got in the middle of a gang war. The riots had then began turning into gunfights in the middle of the streets. A few innocents were dead by the first few weeks. Many have been injured, and there is no telling how long this huge war between the rioters and the gangs of the area will go on. The police had already have had months already to stop the gangs, so far as to bringing in more advanced weapons beyond pistols to stop them. The Prime Minister has had numerous reports of the rioters starting things, but never on a scale like this! He was so over burdened with all of the reports, he never even had time for his family- or even for himself; eating was probably the only thing he could do without reports cluttering his face. He rarely slept those few months.

With the wars spreading out through the island, and all the issues the rest of the world has, it's no wonder many think the world is soon to become a wasteland of war. World War 3 may happen yet. The riots got worse as the weeks trudged on, and the gang shoot outs got more intense. Many people have left Osaka all together, leaving to Kyoto or Tokyo for safety from the gangs.

But even then, the riots spread, and the gangs crop up. Osaka is the worst. Tokyo has the crime waves hitting it, but not in as much mass as in Osaka. The wars in the streets raged on like an inferno.

And, to top it off, school starts soon. Girls are out getting the cutest accessories for their uniforms and bags, guys are out trying to get last minute school supplies, and teachers are ready to open the doors to their students. The riots in the streets are making it all more difficult than in other years, but with the massive step up in security and the 9:00 curfew for underages (for their safety) have made it so the teens and children are safe.
High School was changed massively. Students get out at about 3:00 now thanks to the new early curfew. Bus rides must have three armed cops aboard, and there is at least a law enforcer squad every square kilometer.
This is no different for the students of Shinozuka High School.

Shinozuka High was one of the most populated high schools in the uptown Tokyo district. But, thanks to the massive riots and wars with the gangs, many people have moved to the north or west, away from all the danger., making Shinozuka High rather under-studented.


Back in America, there is a kid who is about to move to Tokyo... Sam Halcyon.

"Sam, get down here!" His father called for him from their house living room. Sam was playing games in his room, as usual, with some friends on his PlayStation. He jogged out of his room, and to the foyer, where his dad was standing in the living room below.

"...here." He said, gesturing for him to come down the stairs and into the living room. Sam obeyed. He never liked to get on his dad's bad side, as he had a rather short temper.

"Son, I have some news." He told him. Sam couldn't tell if it was good or bad. "I got a job at an airport."

"...You called me down here to tell me -that-?" Sam said, feeling like he was just wasting time. Sam was absolutely addicted to his PlayStation, and any attempt to bring him from it usually results in a half-asked job, and him back in his room.

"Let me finish." His dad told him, sternly. "I got a job at an airport in Tokyo."

"...you got a job in Japan?" Sam said incredulously. "You know what's going on there?"

"I know." He said. "But it's a job, and my family comes first." Sam's heart gave a very sudden wrench. He was leaving all of his old life behind to live in some gang-busted riot haven? What kind of job is that?

"But... what about my school? My friends?"

"Samuel, you will enroll into a Japanese school." Dad said. "There will be three things different from your school here than there. One, you will be in uniform. (Sam groaned.) Two, you will have to speak Japanese, meaning learn it. (Sam didn't groan, but gave a bit of a mental facepalm a the fact he had wasted his time learning French in school when he should have taken Japanese.) and three, you may be the only american there. You'll make new friends there! Now, you can go back up stairs. We'll leave next month, so I'll get you some language learning software, okay?"

But Sam had already bounded back upstairs, his face in shock. His friends all heard it too.

"You're... going to Japan?" One said. "For real?"

"Yeah..." Sam said. He never felt more mixtures of emotions in his life. He was happy for his dad getting a new job, shocked he will be leaving to another country, sad that he will have to leave all his friends behind, annoyed he had to learn another language, anxious at the thought he will have to enroll into Japanese high school, and scared of the rioters and the gangsters, and what they could do to him if they got a hold of him.

He never felt more lost. And the only thing for him to do at that moment was to open another Mountain Dew, and sit back down, and enjoy his final month with his friends playing the games they loved.


The riots didn't get better by the next month. If that, they got worse. The riots began to spawn in the southern islands, and some on the western Japanese seaboard. These riots were quelled slightly when the Prime Minister levied the taxes on the the middle-class.
But by that time, the gangs got so bad, they eventually congregated into one group. They began to revolt against everyone, and started to kill people that got in their way of killing the Prime Minister and the senators of Japan. Now that rioters were getting killed too, the riots began to stop all together, and now it's just a large swarm of gangsters from Osaka and Tokyo beginning to vandalize the cities.

Efforts to stop the gangs have resulted in almost meaningless attempts, most of them just making it worse.

The armies of Japan could not pull forces out of Afghanistan, as many of the world's superpowers had their armies there fighting the Neo Al-Qaeda, who managed to get their hands on a new type of bomb development called the Σ-Bomb, which is not an explosive, but a sound bomb, driving anyone within the explosion radius insane within seconds. With their hands tied up with that matter, they left the safety of the citizens with the law enforcers.

It's only a matter of time before someone, or a group of someones, rises up to try and stop them from underneath...

Themes and Elements

This Role Playing Game is what you call 'Develop and Create', which is, in essence, you make your character, build him or her up gradually, and later in the story, the plot begins to come out. This is so we can make the character before you know of the plot, making it feel more real. Character development is essential, and that's what I'm wanting to go for with this RP- for you to practice development.
This RP is to have an Anime base, meaning it's an Anime RPG. Everything you do can be silly or it can be serious. Because it is anime based, you can hit someone with a paper fan that comes from nowhere in a "YOU FOOL!" manner. But, there is a limit to how silly you can be. This may be a comedy, but we have limitations.
This is also, on the side note of a story, a very serious RP. It may be light and fluffy fun at the start, but, when you get into it, don't expect this to be a cake walk of an RP the entire way through. It may appear to be a High School RPG at first, but in reality, it will eventually develop into a story of a group of teenagers working underground to stop this massive gang, using technology and their wits, you must assist them in stopping the gangs. But at the start, you will just be getting to know each other.

Le Rules
1. All SPPf Rules are in application while you are playing in this RPG.
2. No God Modding
3. No trolling.
4. You may not bunny a character unless you have permission from me and the character's owner.
5. You must be able to post every five days or less.
6. DO NOT progress the story without persmission from the GM. Even a Co-GM must consult me before you do anything wth the plot.
7. This RP is 'Real World' based as well as anime based. This means we do not RP in the same universe of Pokémon. However, Pokémon exists here as it does in our world. This goes for all anime. We are a world of our own.
8. If someone is PMing you trolling or threatening messages regarding the RP, don't waste your time PMing me with a complaint, go directly to a moderator. Razor Leaf or Psychic will take care of the person causing the trouble.

So where do I come in?

You are already a student of Shinozuka High. As a student, you are to live somewhere in the metropolis area around the school. (It's kinda far from downtown, so you can't live there.) The GM, myself, is the only person there that is relatively new to the school. If you want to be a 10th grader just entering, or be a kid that has moved from Osaka or Kyoto, then be my guest. Just know I'm the only American. ;)

So, this is what you, my fellow users, will be using as a sign-up.​

Name: The name of the character you will control.

Other names: Another name your character goes by, like a nickname.

Age: The age of your character. You are to be at least 15, and at most 19. If your character has skipped grades, contact me, and I'll set you up. But no older than 19. You are not a Yokai. You will not be some godly immortal.

Gender: What is the gender of your character?

Description: A desc. of your character. Be creative. If you are having a hard time with your character's description, as I have a hard time making descriptions myself, simply add an image of your character to the desc. Spoiler it, as we don't want our DS and PSP users to throw conniptions.

Characteristics: Give us all a description of who your character is. Are they nice, or mean? Shy, or outgoing? Loving and caring, or hateful and abusive? It's up to you! Just not a Stu or a Sue!

Biography: Tell us about your character's history! Set the stage and give us all a nicely created summary of your character's life. This has to be at least three lengthy paragraphs. I'm not asking for a book, guys. But don't make it so short, you put no effort into it.

Likes: It's always good to know what characters like...
Dislikes: ...and dislike.

Other: Jobs? Talents? Grades? Ambitions?


Why are you the only American?
Because, if we were -all- Americans, that would remove my characters diversity! We can't all be Americans, but hey, if you want to be a Italian exchange student, be my guest.

I'm not seeing such-and-such in the plot.
Patience, young Padawan. The plot will be get to you, just focus on developing your character and building relationships, and -then- the plot will get to us. Or we will get to the plot... or maybe we will meet somewhere halfway.

This idea sucks! Never make another!
You got any other bright ideas, bro? If you don't like my ideas, don't sign up.

How far does 'Mild sensuality and some innuendos' take us?
Well, as far as innuendo, you can make perverted jokes. But no explicit speech. As for sensuality, there will be love. There will be kissing, and there will be dating. But if I catch one of you trying to get the other alone in an empty school classroom in the way I'm talking about, you will have hell to pay.

How many people can sign up, and how long will it be up for?
Sign-ups will be up for as long as you want- That way, if someone drops out, we can have the thread opened for someone else to join in the game. The maximum player count will be 10 people. (That means humans, not profiles.)

How many profiles are we allowed?
I would recommend one, but you are allowed a maximum of two.

Can we make relationships before hand?
That would actually be splendid. If you decide to make a profile, and want to start with a friend or two off the bat, go recruit people to come play with us, make RPs that coincide with one another. It would make the RP seem more real, as it would only make sense you guys would know each other already.

How do we go about conversations with short messages?
If you want to have a conversation with a character, but don't want to spam the thread with a lot of posts consisting on one sentence, get together with that person, and do a PM conversation with your characters. When you are done, one of you can put the entire conversation into one post and post it here.

Accepted Profiles
Sam Halcyon --- Deokishisu.123
Rin Kaneko --- Buchou
Hiroshi Satou --- Fukubuchou
Rei Amaya --- Leafstormfire

Pending Profiles

Denied Profiles
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While technically you have no problems length-wise, you didn't dedicate more than two paragraphs to the actual plotline of the RPG. Everything you typed up isn't vital information explaining the RPG world to the players - it's really just the History section of your character's sign up sheet. This RPG isn't about one character - it's about a bunch of kids in high school, and we don't know a single thing about said high school at this point. You've essentially said "this high school is like every anime high school" and left it at that, which isn't helpful for those who will be attending.

There's no real problem with having a high school RPG (though as a warning they tend to get a little dull). The problem lies in the fact that you don't make it look like an RPG about a school - you make it look like everything revolves around Sammy because most of your post is dedicated to him. Information on characters belongs in the sign-up sheet; information about the plot should be at the forefront, and should be in-depth. The fact that the plot will revolve around a gang showing up is pretty important, so it shouldn't be at the bottom of your post while your character takes the spotlight.

I would also suggest not banning other players from making American characters, and also noting that learning a new language is not an easy feat that can happen in a matter of months. You don't need to trash this RP or your character, but please rework it, at least so the plot is at the forefront. RPers should know more about the RP than your character, remember that.



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Sign Ups are now opened, everyone. Thank you for waiting.


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Could help with a Character Name or so, but, I'll jot your name in for you.

And since KMG is making an SU, too, I'll put him on the list.
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Reservation made, but it would help if you guys would include a name into your reserve.


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Reserve accepted. Very well, 3 girls and 2 boys.

I believe this is going good and steady, thanks.


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Could help with a Character Name or so, but, I'll jot your name in for you.

And since KMG is making an SU, too, I'll put him on the list.

I am? Well then, I need to come up with stuff. Can I go with the name Yagami Koushiro (Koushiro Yagami by American standards) just 'cause I'm not creative enough to think of names not mashed together from ones from Digimon. I'll have it up soon enough, so don't worry.


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Flame Mistress' reserve removed at request.


('ε') フーン
I'd like to reserve Hiroshi Satou if that's okay? :3


filch some swag
Name: Rin Kaneko

Other names: Ri-chan by her close friends and parents.

Age: 16 years old

Gender: Female

Description: Rin is rather short for her age, coming in at just 5'0" or 60 cm. Her physical body is also small, giving her the appearance of a pre-teen or child. Although her skin is a light complexion, she tans quite easily in summer months, so it isn't unheard of to see her sporting a summer glow. Her hair is a light blond color, dyed from the original brown she once had. It reaches just past her shoulders and does a sort of flip at the ends. Two pink clips are placed at the side of her hair, helping keep it out of her eyes. Her bangs reach her eyebrows, and when her hair is messy, you can't see her eyes at all! Her eyes are a deep chestnut color, always full of life and energy. You can typically tell what mood she is feeling by looking at her eyes.

Rin is almost always seen in her school uniform, which is takes great pride in. Although typically against the rules at Japanese high schools, she takes a rebellious nature and sports a pair of white, knee high socks. According to her, it makes her look much cuter and has a sort of "appeal" to the male students. (So she claims) She also has her cheer leader uniform, but typically doesn't wear it unless she is at sporting events.

When not in her school uniform, Rin can be seen most likely in cute, current trendy clothes. Because she is such a fan of fashion, her looks change with the seasons. An outfit she is particularly found of a pink, pleated skirt that reaches midway to her thighs. Her top is a white blouse with ruffled sleeves and neck. Around her neck she wears a pink ribbon, but sometimes will switch it out for a necklace with a star pendant. In her hair she replaces the hair clips for two pink ribbons. A pair of white and pink striped socks complete her outfit.

Characteristics: Rin Kaneko is quite an interesting girl. While she has an affinity for anything cute and fashionesque, she preforms terrible in school, giving her a bad reputation when it comes to intelligence. Her grades are never impressive and quite low. She refuses to study and would rather spend her time going to the mall or hanging out with her friends. While some may find her lack of focus cute, her parents disapprove of her actions, and constantly are trying to come up with new ways to keep her focused. Rin has a habit of saying things are beyond obvious and has a hard time reading serious situations. It can become frustrating to an extent, especially if someone is trying to get a point across to her and she misses it. Hiro has an especially hard time with Rin, as his serious problems can turn into silly matters when he tries to confront her about things. While she has a job, Ri is quite embarrassed about what it is and prefers not to disclose the information to anyone except her family and Hiro.

Her appearance isn't the only innocent thing about her. Rin is quite uninformed when it comes to the real world. Because she dislikes studying, she also dislikes the news. When the riots and the gangs broke out throughout Japan, Rin wasn't even sure what they were. Instead, she preferred to ignore them and wasn't entirely sure what they were. Most topics fly right over her head. She isn't quick to understand jokes, which requires them to be repeated several times. When cornered with questions regarding the opposite sex, Rin prefers to think guys are charming and sweet. However, she misses out on innuendos due to her innocence and doesn't know when someone is interested in her. It took her quite some time to finally believe Hiro when he said he wanted to be in a relationship with her. She's still childish when it comes to love.

When she views something cute or what she deems fashionable, Rin has a tendency to exclaim to everyone around her that she likes it. This can sometimes come off as annoying, as she can obsess over one thing for short periods of time. However, since her tastes are always changing, it is difficult to know what she deems as interesting.

Concerning her friends, Rin has quite the heart of gold. Rin is always up to meet knew people and takes quite an interest in foreign students. She will try anything within her power to please them, although sometimes just the opposite happens. Her antics of friendship can cause problems for the person she is attempting to help. Rin means well, but sometimes she messes up completely, resulting in nothing gained. When he friends are upset, she typically feels empathy for them and broods as well. It can become confusing, due to her having so many different friends. If one is upset then she becomes upset, sometimes causing issues for her other friends.

Rin does have her flaws. To be so high maintenance means to keep a cheerful personality. While most of the time she succeeds, Rin has been known to become depressed. Instead of talking her problems out, she keeps them bottled up, resulting in some lashing out at times. Her anger can get pretty severe, and if it is enough, will cause her to sever ties with the person and just give up completely. She can become distant and almost withdraw from certain things and people. If she deems the problem a necessary one, she has been known to carry on the depression for quite some time. No one can talk her out of it and it takes her to mature to see she is concerned over nothing.

Biography: Rin was born to a mother and father at Aiiku Hospital in Tokyo, Japan. A healthy baby, she would become the object of adoration in her family. As the only child at the time, Rin was pampered and spoiled. Her parents were not married, but would soon "tie the knot" and settle down in an apartment in Tokyo. While they wanted a house, their credit was not acceptable at the time due to them just starting a life together. It took some time for her parents to finally decide on an apartment that appeared safe enough to raise a family. This caused baby Rin to experience moving at a young age, although she can hardly remember it being a new born.

Rin grew up in the apartment she lives in today, playing with the children of the tenants. Even at a young age, Rin had an affinity for fashion. From the time she could talk, Rin was interested in what was considered "in". Rin always volunteered to go to the department stores with her mother so she could see all the clothes and perhaps pester him mom into buying them. While sometimes bothersome to her parents, Rin made it clear what she wanted and when she wanted it. Whatever they could afford would become hers, leading her to live quite a spoiled first few years. Up to the age of 5, Rin was in charge. However, her mother and father wanted to expand the family a bit. A baby brother was born. Rin did not take too kindly to this intruder in the house. Her mother and father could no longer devote their time and energy to her. Instead of taking her places or playing with her, the baby required constant supervision and care. Rin then acted as children do. She started to act out and try to regain the affection. This caused discipline to be enacted by her family. The new baby was a wake up call to Rin to mature. Once the baby was old enough to interact with Rin, she soon became accustomed to him. Her role as an older sister had begun.

Entering elementary school, Rin was shy and reserved. Although she had taken quite a position of leadership with the apartment's children, in this new place, she was nothing of importance. All the students were into different things, card games and such. She tried her hardest to become interested, but it always failed. Her difficulty in school stems from this time. As no one was interested in her she grew uninterested with school work. Instead, she preferred to lounge about or help her mom around the house instead of do homework. Graduating from elementary school into junior high school was much better for Rin. The students were more grown up and she could finally meet some actual friends. Rin disliked her elementary school years and prefers not to talk about them

Upon entering junior high school, Rin soon developed her personality she has today. It was much easier to break out of her shell in junior high than elementary school. This is ironic, as typically it is the reverse. Rin herself isn't sure how it happened. However, in junior high, Rin found herself. The girls were much more interested in what she was into, instead of playing video games and the like. It was much easier to talk to these girls than the other ones who were still growing up. Here, Rin met her first friend, Mato-chan. This girl wasn't her first choice of friends, but eventually she grew on her. Mato-chan was quiet and reserved, much like Rin was in elementary school. Rin was slightly obnoxious and out going. How the two became friends is quite peculiar. Rin was walking home from school and discovered two bullies picking on Mato. Not one for bullying, Rin stood in the way of their fight and saved Mato. Even though it was a small brawl, Rin ended up with a few scrapes. Mato was forever grateful and the spark was lit. Rin had a new best friend. The two spent time with each other all through junior high school and up into high school. They shopped together and did typical girl things. While Mato-chan enjoyed to study, Rin refused to study with her. The two did have a couple of tiffs here and there concerning their interests, but they always came out together. However, things weren't to last as Mato-chan entered a foreign exchange student program and ended up studying abroad in America. Rin lost contact with Mato-chan, but still is ambivalent on sending her letters to her address in America. Rin didn't know it, but Mato left Japan because of all the sudden gang related activity and violence around Tokyo.

Entering high school, Rin still retained most of her qualities gained from middle school. Her hair changed from brown and blond and she grew slightly taller, only by an inch or so. Upon entering her freshman year, Rin developed her first crush which developed into her current boyfriend. Hiroshi Satou was his name. He was slightly older than her, having repeated a grade but still ahead of her in the years. Most students brushed him off as a gangster and trouble maker. It was true though, he was a gangster. He had quite a troubled past and personality, and Rin was instantly hooked. For quite some time she took a stalkerish position with Hiroshi, wanting to speak to him but never really able to. On a particularly uninteresting school day, some gangster like guys decided to flirt with Rin. They started messing with her and making her feel uncomfortable. She wasn't sure what to do and remained innocent through the whole problem. Hiro happened to be in the vicinity and stopped the perverts from bothering any further. What she didn't know was that these perverts were acquaintances of Hiroshi's. It would be quite some time before he actually told her. Still, one thing led to another and a relationship was born. Hiroshi finall confessed that he was part of a gang though, and Rin didn't approve of gang related ordeals. Through a lot of encouraging and comfort, Rin succeeded in getting Hiro out of the gang and integrated him into society.

As she soon figured out that her parents cannot buy her everything like they one did, Rin applied for a job at a cafe. The taxes on the middle class didn't help, so Rin decided to try to help her family out, even if it meant doing something embarrassing. While this does embarrass her, she enjoys her job and loves to serve other people. It is a part time job, with her working every Monday, Wednesday, Friday after school, and Saturday afternoons. This job wasn't exactly up to par with what her parents wanted her to do, but they manage anyhow.

Her father is currently a business man for an important company in Tokyo, resulting in him not being home all the time. He was almost drafted into the military, but his position in the company saved him. He doesn't like leaving his family alone with the gangs roaming about, so he invested in a security system to protect them. Money is difficult to come by, but he manages. Her mother, instead, takes care of Rin. She works as a pre-school teacher at a nearby pre-school. Her mother can become busy, but always makes time for Rin and her brother. Rin's younger brother, Takako, is still in junior high school. Rin likes to tease him about being young, and refers to him as Ta-chan or Ta-kun, depending on her mood.

Likes: Rin enjoys fashion and reading fashion magazines. Her favorite past times are going to the mall and cheer leading. Next to fashion comes Hiro, her boyfriend. Rin loves him more than anything. Skirts are a favorite of Rin, as well as knee socks. Cute animals and cute plushes are always a like of Rin, seeing her room is full of cute things! Her favorite animal happens to be a fox, but she has a pet cat named Nyako. Being into J-Fashion, Rin likes the models, both male and female. Rin also enjoys trying different foods and sweets. Her other likes include sleeping, going on dates, and shopping!
Dislikes: Rin dislikes dull colors and dull people. She refuses to associate with anything or anyone she deems dull. School is another dislike of Rin's, as she does horrible at it. Studying is something Rin refuses to talk about and has a hard time coercing her parents into letting her do other things. Rin doesn't like perverts, and ranks them up with studying. She also dislikes escalators for some reason or another.

Other: As a job, Rin works part time at a cafe. While she won't flat out admit to this, it is obvious as she has been seen there working in the cafe's uniform. For after school activities, Rin is cheer leader for all the sports teams. She wanted to play tennis but decided against it, becoming more attracted to the cheer leading uniforms. Her aspirations are to one day own her own clothing line or becoming an idol.

OOC: I hope that is good enough... :)
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Sweetness! Accepted, and added to the roster! Welcome to Shinozuka High, my friend, and I can't wait to see your BF's SU either.


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Sweetness! Accepted, and added to the roster! Welcome to Shinozuka High, my friend, and I can't wait to see your BF's SU either.

Awesome! Glad to be a part! This RP seems like it will be a lot of fun! Hope you don't mind me recruiting Fukubuchou XD


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In fact, I encourage it, as I said in FAQ #7. I prefer it, as it would only make sense that you would know each other before Sam's arrival. Get as many recruits as you can, men and ladies, I could use the awesomeness that you guys can create!


('ε') フーン
Name: Hiroshi Satou

Other names:
Hiro by anyone

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Hiroshi is about average height for his age. Though it's forbidden in the school, his hair is dyed a dirty blonde. His hair is usually messy, he hates trying to appear neat for people. He either has a stoic or angry expression on his face. He rarely, if ever, smiles. His ears are pierced and he always wears his blue hooped earrings.

Just like his hair, his uniform is, if he can help it, never neatly worn. He makes sure to leave his shirt a little unbuttoned and untucked. It's not that he's a pig, he just prefers to be rebellious. Outside of school, surprisingly, he only wears plain clothes. He's not one for trendy items and doesn't care to stand out outside of school.

Characteristics: Hiroshi is quiet and prefers to keep to himself. Despite his quiet self though he will instigate a fight if anyone seems threatening to him. He is rude and mean to anyone who gets in his way. He is extremely stubborn and doesn't take orders often. A lot of this stems from his childhood with his father, who would constantly try to enforce strict rules on his son.

Despite his rebellious attitude, he is extremely bright and usually can understand something in one sitting. Hiroshi prefers to sit in a library reading or studying instead of wandering the streets like he once did or being around a lot of people. While Rin enjoys this, Hiroshi typically has to go along with her. It makes him happy to see her happy, but he would rather be in a quiet setting minding his own business.

When the gangs and riots began he decided to join them. Their cool attitude and rebellious natures appealed to Hiro, who felt he could never really be himself with all the conformity around him. For such a short amount of time he was in the gang, Hiroshi participated in many of their activities. This made him somewhat happy to cause bits of distress to other people. His days as a gang member did not last long though, for he soon met Rin and his life instantly changed.

Rin helped him get out of the gang with only some bad injuries and it's a good thing he didn't stay there for good due to the gang wars and riots growing worse and worse. Had he stayed any longer, Hiroshi could have found himself back in prison. Prison was a place Hiroshi liked to forget, so his gang activities stopped. He is very protective of Rin and doesn't like to see other men talk to her. He gets jealous easily and usually beats up the said man to rid himself of it.

He isn't really open to meeting new people since he has a hard time trusting anyone thanks to his past.

Hiroshi was born to a Japanese father and American mother. Him being half Japanese always causes issues for him at school, because to everyone else it's weird to not be fully Japanese or American. His family was average when it came to money so he could never complain. His father owned a chain on convenience stores and his mother stayed at home taking care of her son. When he was about five years old, his mother died from a serious illness. Doctors at the time where unsure what kind of illness it was, so she was left to die a painful death. This caused his father to go into a deep depression which made him become extremely abusive.

Throughout most of his childhood, Hiroshi preferred to remain alone. His father actually forbid him from trying to make any friends, lest he get more beatings from him. Instead of playing with the children in primary school, Hiroshi chose to spend his time studying and learning new things. He was far ahead of the children in his grade. At the start of his last year of primary school, a student began bothering Hiroshi. Everyday he would tease him for being smart and not having any friends. This eventually took a tole on Hiroshi's nerves and the boy got what was coming to him. Hiroshi beat him to within an inch of his life. While no one ever bother Hiroshi again, the primary school did not approve of the violence and held Hiro back a year. This bitter experience was the start of his interest into gangs and gang related violence.

His middle school years were somewhat uneventful to say the least. Hiroshi continued to excel in school but still maintained his distant, cold attitude towards everyone around him. In his second year of middle school, Hiroshi meant with an anatomy professor who took immediate interest into Hiro. This teacher became the idol in Hiroshi's life. The pupil and teacher spent many an hour after school, discussing the human body and all that ails it. Combined with his mother's death, this man influenced Hiroshi to become a doctor. Even today the anatomy teacher is the only man Hiroshi will say he respects.

In high school, he entered a small gang. After the death of his father, Hiroshi felt he could get away with it. He was transferred to live with his aunt, who wasn't much better than his father. Still, it was better than nothing and Hiroshi could finally have some "friends" so to say. The gang hardly did much at first, but it made him happy to cause trouble for others. From causing problems in the classroom to immature pranks in the hallways, Hiro loved being in this gang. He excelled through the ranks and was almost the leader. However, the gang soon took a strange interest in harming other people. While Hiro went along with this at first, it got to the point to where someone could seriously die thanks to their hands. Hiroshi was almost the cause of a serious accident to another human being, something he isn't quite proud of. A man was walking home from his job and the gang jumped them. Hiroshi pulled a knife on the man and held it close to his neck. The man instantly gave them all the money he had and anything else of value. However, Hiroshi continued to pester him, cutting his neck slightly. He wasn't paying attention to the actual pain he was causing someone. One of the gang members noticed the police coming and they urged Hiroshi to leave. He snapped back into reality and realized what he was doing. This was no longer something childish. Unsure of what to actually do, Hiroshi remained with the gang. It was a boring school day that changed that though. A couple of the lower members were creeping on a female student. As co-leader, Hiroshi had to go see what was actually happening. It was that moment when something snapped in his head. Instead of going along with the members, Hiroshi beat them to a pulp. The girl was forever grateful to him. There was something about the look in her eyes that attracted him to her. He got her name and the two soon developed romantic feelings for one another. However, she would have no part in the gang related activities. Since the gang was rather small, it was easy for Hiroshi to leave. The members would miss him greatly but Hiro didn't really care.

Likes: Hiro actually enjoys studying and finds languages and science interesting.
Dislikes: He doesn't enjoy cooking and hates to be in crowded areas due to him enjoying his personal space.

Other: Though he isn't much of a people person, he wants to become a doctor. His mother's death is the main reason for his dream as well as the anatomy teacher he met in middle schoool; he wants to make sure that no one goes through what he had to when his mother died.
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Hmm... I love the idea of the character, as it seems like the almost exact opposite of Sam (they do share one thing in common: They get protective of girls easily.), but before I accept, I'd like to see a bit more history. What were his days like in Primary school? Middle School? What is a typical day in the life of Hiro? Had he done anything noteworthy while he was in a gang? What was the first time with Rin? Descriptions of that time? There are an abundance of things you could add, bro. Just add a lot more description to his history, and you will enter the game grid. (Sorry, I love the TRON references. :))