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Iki Gekkou


Justified Trope

A Comically Dramatic RPG by Deokishisu.123 (Sam)
(Rated PG-15 for Language, Mild sensuality, some innuendo, and violence.)

March 19th, 2016, the world was hardly at peace. The wars in the Middle East were still going, as a new leader of the Al-Qaeda had just risen, and the war was still being fought; America winning, but not by much. Even in places like Japan, things were chaotic. Since the major taxes placed apon the middle classes, and all the price jumps, many riots have broken out.
One particular riot, called the Breach of Central Osaka, had caused so much damage and disruption, they got in the middle of a gang war. The riots had then began turning into gunfights in the middle of the streets. A few innocents were dead by the first few weeks. Many have been injured, and there is no telling how long this huge war between the rioters and the gangs of the area will go on. The police had already have had months already to stop the gangs, so far as to bringing in more advanced weapons beyond pistols to stop them. The Prime Minister has had numerous reports of the rioters starting things, but never on a scale like this! He was so over burdened with all of the reports, he never even had time for his family- or even for himself; eating was probably the only thing he could do without reports cluttering his face. He rarely slept those few months.

With the wars spreading out through the island, and all the issues the rest of the world has, it's no wonder many think the world is soon to become a wasteland of war. World War 3 may happen yet. The riots got worse as the weeks trudged on, and the gang shoot outs got more intense. Many people have left Osaka all together, leaving to Kyoto or Tokyo for safety from the gangs.

But even then, the riots spread, and the gangs crop up. Osaka is the worst. Tokyo has the crime waves hitting it, but not in as much mass as in Osaka. The wars in the streets raged on like an inferno.

And, to top it off, school starts soon. Girls are out getting the cutest accessories for their uniforms and bags, guys are out trying to get last minute school supplies, and teachers are ready to open the doors to their students. The riots in the streets are making it all more difficult than in other years, but with the massive step up in security and the 9:00 curfew for underages (for their safety) have made it so the teens and children are safe.
High School was changed massively. Students get out at about 3:00 now thanks to the new early curfew. Bus rides must have three armed cops aboard, and there is at least a law enforcer squad every square kilometer.
This is no different for the students of Shinozuka High School.

Shinozuka High was one of the most populated high schools in the uptown Tokyo district. But, thanks to the massive riots and wars with the gangs, many people have moved to the north or west, away from all the danger., making Shinozuka High rather under-studented.


Back in America, there is a kid who is about to move to Tokyo... Sam Halcyon.

"Sam, get down here!" His father called for him from their house living room. Sam was playing games in his room, as usual, with some friends on his PlayStation. He jogged out of his room, and to the foyer, where his dad was standing in the living room below.

"...here." He said, gesturing for him to come down the stairs and into the living room. Sam obeyed. He never liked to get on his dad's bad side, as he had a rather short temper.

"Son, I have some news." He told him. Sam couldn't tell if it was good or bad. "I got a job at an airport."

"...You called me down here to tell me -that-?" Sam said, feeling like he was just wasting time. Sam was absolutely addicted to his PlayStation, and any attempt to bring him from it usually results in a half-asked job, and him back in his room.

"Let me finish." His dad told him, sternly. "I got a job at an airport in Tokyo."

"...you got a job in Japan?" Sam said incredulously. "You know what's going on there?"

"I know." He said. "But it's a job, and my family comes first." Sam's heart gave a very sudden wrench. He was leaving all of his old life behind to live in some gang-busted riot haven? What kind of job is that?

"But... what about my school? My friends?"

"Samuel, you will enroll into a Japanese school." Dad said. "There will be three things different from your school here than there. One, you will be in uniform. (Sam groaned.) Two, you will have to speak Japanese, meaning learn it. (Sam didn't groan, but gave a bit of a mental facepalm a the fact he had wasted his time learning French in school when he should have taken Japanese.) and three, you may be the only american there. You'll make new friends there! Now, you can go back up stairs. We'll leave next month, so I'll get you some language learning software, okay?"

But Sam had already bounded back upstairs, his face in shock. His friends all heard it too.

"You're... going to Japan?" One said. "For real?"

"Yeah..." Sam said. He never felt more mixtures of emotions in his life. He was happy for his dad getting a new job, shocked he will be leaving to another country, sad that he will have to leave all his friends behind, annoyed he had to learn another language, anxious at the thought he will have to enroll into Japanese high school, and scared of the rioters and the gangsters, and what they could do to him if they got a hold of him.

He never felt more lost. And the only thing for him to do at that moment was to open another Mountain Dew, and sit back down, and enjoy his final month with his friends playing the games they loved.


The riots didn't get better by the next month. If that, they got worse. The riots began to spawn in the southern islands, and some on the western Japanese seaboard. These riots were quelled slightly when the Prime Minister levied the taxes on the the middle-class.
But by that time, the gangs got so bad, they eventually congregated into one group. They began to revolt against everyone, and started to kill people that got in their way of killing the Prime Minister and the senators of Japan. Now that rioters were getting killed too, the riots began to stop all together, and now it's just a large swarm of gangsters from Osaka and Tokyo beginning to vandalize the cities.

Efforts to stop the gangs have resulted in almost meaningless attempts, most of them just making it worse.

The armies of Japan could not pull forces out of Afghanistan, as many of the world's superpowers had their armies there fighting the Neo Al-Qaeda, who managed to get their hands on a new type of bomb development called the Σ-Bomb, which is not an explosive, but a sound bomb, driving anyone within the explosion radius insane within seconds. With their hands tied up with that matter, they left the safety of the citizens with the law enforcers.

It's only a matter of time before someone, or a group of someones, rises up to try and stop them from underneath...​


It was about 6:30 in the morning, and the sun was coming over the horizon. The sun reflected off of the deep blue ocean that was Tokyo Bay. The bustling city was never sleeping, like the residents of the city. The entire metropolis was working around the clock. The cities lights were still flickering from the previous night.
One of the residents of Tokyo, somewhere to the north of town, in a suburb, was a modest apartment building. In that apartment, was a 17 year old American named Sam. Sam Halcyon. His father got a job at an airport in Japan, so he moved here with his family. Sam was enrolled into Shinozuka High School. Sam was already awake. He saw many different anime since he arrived in Japan, and realized that normal school years for these people started as being late. Sam was determined to change the agenda a bit by getting their early.
Sam had eaten breakfast, and put on his black jacket, despite it being about 70 degrees outside. With his bag over his shoulder, and a sleepy look in his eyes, he set off.

It was about 7:00 when the bus dropped him off in front of the school. Sam's heart gave a quick spin. He had never been to a Japanese high school, so he felt absolutely out of place. The schoolyard was filled with students already. He walked into the campus, which was closed in by a brick wall, and looked around at all the students around the 3-story building.

So far, so good... Sam thought, trying his best to look casual.
But the fact he looked nothing like the rest of the students, them being Japanese, him being American, made him feel like he was being watched.
No one looked like they payed him any attention. A single girl, however, looked at him. She quickly turned back to her group, and whispered something, all of the girls turning, looking at him. Eventually, much of the schoolyard had their eyes on him. It was apparent they had never seen an American teenager before. At least not this close up. They didn't swarm, but whispered among themselves, no doubt saying-
"Hey, isn't that the American that enrolled here?"
"Yeah, that's him. Sam something, isn't it?"
"His complexion is so light."
"I think he looks kind of cute!"
"Are you kidding? Him? I look better than him!"

All this chatter made no difference to Sam. Since they were talking in jumbled Japanese, it was hard for him to pick out individual words. So, he decided to sit on a bench, and wait for someone to come and introduce themselves to him.

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Sam Halcyon --- Deokishisu.123
Rin Kaneko --- Buchou
Hiroshi Satou --- Fukubuchou
Rei Amaya --- Leafstormfire
Chiharu Koizumi --- Aura Wolfe
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filch some swag
The alarm clock in Rin's room was ringing, signaling it was time to get up. Rin, however, wanted a few more precious moments to sleep. She had spent the last day of her summer vacation with her boyfriend, Hiro, and they stayed out late. All she wanted now was some sleep. School was the last thing on her mind. Ignoring the alarm clock, she drifted back asleep, pulling the sheets and her pillow over her head. With her leg, she kicked the alarm clock off of her night stand and the batteries fell out, essentially ending the annoying alarm clock's life.

Rin got to sleep for another 30 minutes. It was a nice, peaceful sleep and she was having a wonderful dream of her becoming a pop idol. She had just sold her first ORACON chart hit, and was being interviewed by the press for her success. Everyone cheered her name, causing her to blush a bit. Rin had all the fans she could ever want and her life was absolutely complete. It was a perfect dream. However, as dreams go, it wasn't made to last. Rin's younger brother would, once again, ruin her slumber.

"Ne-chan, if you keep sleeping in, your going to miss your first day of school. I don't want to be embarrassed by a lazy sister like yourself."

Rin looked up and noticed Takato was dressed in his middle school uniform, ready for his first day of junior high school. His Gakuran was nearly pressed by their mother. He stood there, tapping his foot impatiently, his school bad slung over his shoulder.

"Takato.." She mumbled, rubbing her eyes sleepily. "You know I like to sleep in... what time is it anyways..?" Rin slid out of the bed, the covers tumbling out with her.

"Hm? It's 7:20 AM. School starts in exactly.." Takato looked at his watch and tapped it. "10 minutes."

Rin nearly had a heart attack when she heard those words. 10 minutes was no where near enough time for her to get ready completely. Fighting her way out of the covers, Rin threw open her closet door and rumbled through her clothes. There was her uniform, neatly ironed like Takato's. Smiling, Rin grabbed her shirt and neatly buttoned it up. Her blazer came next, followed by her tie. She raced into the restroom to do her hair cutely, and came out completely ready.

Or not.

"Eh.. Ne-chan.. aren't you err.. forgetting something..?" Takato asked, blushing slightly.

"Hm? What is it Ta-chan?" Rin replied, getting her school bag and a piece of bread to eat along the way.

With his eyes, Takato motioned to below Rin's waist. Her uniform was complete.. on the top. She had forgotten to put her skirt on, somehow, as she was putting on her thigh high socks and school shoes.

"Iyaaa!" Rin cried, pulling down her shirt over her legs. Takato shook his head and sighed, walking out the door. It would take him a good 5 minutes to get to school, and he was nervous that someone might jump him along the way. He didn't want his stupid sister to ruin his first day.

"Ok Ta-chan, I'm ready..." Rin slid out of her room and noticed that Takato had left. She checked the clock on the wall and realized she had less than 5 minutes to get to school. Yelling, she placed the bread in her mouth and hugged her mother good bye and ran out the door.

"Iyaaa Iyaaa... this sucks!" Rin cried, running down the sidewalk, tears forming in her eyes.

Aura Wolfe

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(OOC: You forgot to add my name to the list on the first page, just saying)

BIC: Chiharu could have slapped herself for being so stupid. What had she been thinking, staying up till three in the morning last night (okay, well technically it was that morning but anyway)? And now, now she felt like she'd taken sleeping pills, but someone was forcing her eyes open. With a groan, she rolled out of her bed, and fell onto the floor, wishing she could smash that stupid alarm clock for waking her up. So she picked up the nearest cat plushie she had, and threw that at the wall, before apologising to it.

The door opened, and she glanced up to see her older brother standing at the door, rolling his eyes. "Nya-chan, you sure you're not going crazy? You're talking to an inanimate object."

A few moments later, Suzuki had to shut the door to protect himself from a flying cat. “Do not mess with me this early in the morning!” Chie screamed at him. She wasn’t too much of a morning person.

Suzuki laughed at her. “Hey, it was your fault, you were the one who stayed up all night watching Eureka 7. Oh and by the way, if you want a lift to school you’d better get moving – I have Japanese Extension this morning.”

Grumbling with annoyance, she grabbed a bright pink skirt and a blue top, before pausing and putting the school blazer over the top of that. After following the usual getting-ready-for-school procedure, she walked into the living room of their penthouse. Danelia was on the phone, talking in Italian.

” Così il condannato si trasformerà in tribunale tra due settimane, ed hai bisogno di me c'è come testimone? Aspetta, fammi controllare il mio programma ... Oh, good morning Chiharu... Sì, posso farcela ...”

“Morning.” She said witha yawn, despite the fact that her mother was focused on the court case coming up soon.

Her two older siblings, Suzuki and Katsumi were waiting for her. Suzuki was in his last year at school, tall with dark hair and always in full uniform He was a bit of a Japanese geek. Katsumi was two years older, and worked at a cafe a couple of blocks away from Shinozuka High School, so they dropped her off on the way to school, despite she didn’t start work for an hour. She was a bit shorter, her lighter hair pulled up into a bun. The youngest of the four, Minori, didn’t go to high school.

“Geez, take your time Nya-Chan.” Katsumi groaned. “I was hoping to get some cute new clothes before work, and you’re cutting into my shopping time!”

“Most of the shops you like aren’t even open now anyway.”

“Whatever, lets just go.”


The Koizumi family close to the centre of the city of Tokyo, arguably the centre of the universe (at least according to anime anyway). It took them about a half an hour to three quarters of an hour to get to the school and the drive bored Chie out of her mind. She amused herself with the cat shaped hair clip she was wearing, rather than listen to her two older siblings discuss the riots that were happening at the moment. The riots made it harder than nomral for them to get to the school, and more dangerous, with with law enforcers and police everywhere, they were willing to take the risk.

With a vague ‘bye’ to her siblings, Chie darted into the school and started her usual routine of searching for Risa, her best friend. Then she stopped and bit her lip. Risa had moved away because of the riots of course, which was hard on both of them. But no matter, she’d survive and they’d keep in touch. It wasn’t the end of the world or anything.

Someone seemed to be causing a disturbance in the students, who were whispering and muttering to each other. She quickly spotted what the strange thing was; a new student, and most certainly western. She grinned deviously. An unsuspecting forigner, how fun.

In a second, she appeared in front of the new kid, and winked. “Hi there!” She said slowly, not entirely expecting him to understand what she was saying. “You’re new around here aren’t you? I’m Chiharu Koizumi, and who are you?”


('ε') フーン
Hiroshi groans as he climbs out of the bed. He hated being an early riser, school didn't start for another hour yet he was already up. He turns on the radio as he prepares for the dreaded day of school.

"Ugh. Talk of the riots again?" Hiro whines as he brushes his teeth. "It's nothing new."

It doesn't take the young adult long to get ready and even though he still a whole hour to spare, he decides to head out to meet up with his girlfriend, Rin. Though he knew she would be late, she always was.

He heads down the hall only to find that his aunt was out again. "Shocker." He rolls his eyes as he grabs the lunch he prepared for him and Rin.


Hiroshi flips open his phone to find the time, sighing at his girlfriend' routine. He didn't get why she was always so late but it couldn't be helped he suppose. He found that cute about her anyways.

"God where is she..."

As he waits, a couple of students walk pass him. He overhears their conversation, which consists of something about an American student being at their school. Hiro himself was a bit surprised that an American chose their school compared to the better ones, but in all honesty he could care less. he wasn't going to freak out about it like everyone seemed to be. He checks his phone once again, feeling impatient for his girlfriend.

"Five minutes left..." He mumbles.


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Sam glanced up at the girl that had walked in front of him.

"Oh, hello, Chiharu Koizumi." Sam said calmly, in Japanese. It wasn't difficult to decipher the sentence in his mind. It was a bit like she was talking to him in English, he was so familiar with basic Japanese.
"I'm Sam. Sam Halcyon." He does a two fingered salute. "I was born and raised in San Diego, in America."
He looked at her for a few more seconds, taking note of her features. He was new to Japan, so he didn't exactly know who was supposed to look attractive. She had pink hair, presumably dyed, which he found slightly off in his book- he liked things natural.
He leaned back some.
"Would like to sit and chat before class? Perhaps tell me about yourself?" He leaned back on his bag, and he felt a sharp pain in his back. He yelped, and, as such, spoke in English.
"Agh... Damn..." He reached into his bag, and took out a plastic, LCD Light Disk. "Why didn't I take this out before school?" He looked back at Chiharu, who was obviously surprised to hear such a fluent stream of English.
"Oh, sorry..." He said in Japanese. "I have a love for Tron merchandise, so I made myself a Light Disk. He thumbed the button on the side, the light disk lighting u, and gleaming white, making noises like it was real.
"Made it myself. Wanna see?" He held out the Light Disk towards her.


filch some swag
Rin continued to rush down the sidewalks, dodging angry cars and pedestrians who didn't take too kindly to her running into them as she charged for school. Looking at her phone, she had less than 3 minutes to get to school before she was late. Sobbing harder, Rin attempted to pick up the speed. A couple of fruit stands were knocked over in the process, but she did pick up her daily Taiyaki from the man who sold them, now just giving it to her for free since she visited so often.

"Iyaa Iyaa.. Almost there!" Rin could see the school, it was right there! With Taiyaki in her mouth, she turned the corner swiftly, sliding a bit as she did so. A teacher who was pushing a cart was knocked over, his papers thrown every where in the process. He tried to grab Rin by her shoulder but she was too fast.

"Gomen Nasai Sensei... I'm late as it is!" She called back.

A few students laugh, realizing that the person causing the commotion was none other than Rin. They could've figured, as she always was doing something like this on the first day of school. While she was cute, she could be a handful. Still, her mission wasn't done. There was someone she had to see, and she would crawl there if she had too. A male student sitting alone, on his phone, was her target. Squinting hard, she looked for the blond with earrings. It didn't take her long to pick him out. Sneakily, she crept up behind him. Just as she was about to scare him, something startled her and she fell on top of him.

"Ahhh!" She cried, losing her balance.


~Freezing Winds~
"Ahhh..." Rei yawned and rolled out of bed. She rubbed her eyes blearily and checked her alarm clock. "Right on time." she mumbled aloud. Rei stumbled to her closet and pulled out her school uniform. In 20 seconds flat, her whole outfit was on, and she wasn't going to change it. She brushed her hair quickly, as she did every morning in a practiced routine. The girl nodded at herself in the mirror as she studied her work, and went down the stairs.

"Oh, good morning, Rei," said her father tiredly. He had purple bags under his eyes, and ran his fingers through his hair. He had actually improved since Kaito had died in a gang fight - before he looked throughly miserable. But her mother was a whole different story, depressed throughout the entire day. Rei knew that all her parents needed was time to themselves and time to heal, but she always showed love to them.
"Good morning, dad," replied Rei. She hugged him tight and looked up to see his lips form a small smile. She kissed him once and strolled to get her violin, as she did every morning.

Her instrument tuned and her bow rosined, Rei started to play. Her hand moving with grace and skill, beautiful notes crafted with a sharp staccato whistled through the air. Time seemed to slow, and Rei focused entirely on the sheet of music on her stand. And then, reluctantly, she let her bow drop to her side, put the violin and music away, and slung her backpack over her shoulder. With a quick goodbye to her father, she opened the door and headed towards the high school.

As Rei entered the school courtyard, she heard a shrill scream and a girl running towards her. "Miu!" Rei laughed. "It's good to see you!"

"Rei!" Miu panted. "You're actually staying! And, guess what? There's a new American kid this year. That's kinda weird, with all of the trouble brewing..."

Rei stood on her tiptoes and caught a glance of the foreign student. He looked about 2 years older than her...and he was talking to someone. She mentally noted to say hi, and walked away with Miu.


('ε') フーン
Hiroshi tumbles over as he feels Rin's body stumble onto his. Though he was usually graceful, he fell straight into the wall, his girlfriend still being on top of him. He moans in pain as he tries to get up from the wall without hurting her; he knew right away who it was on him. This happened more than enough times so the poor guy was use to it by now.

"Trying to scare me again?" He asks, finally managing to get off. "You know that doesn't work with me baby."

Students stare and whisper, not sure how to feel about the situation. Students always talked about the two, finding it weird how open of a couple they were and that they were even together. Rin's a happy-go-lucky cute girl while Hiroshi is well... Hiro. Hiro gives them a simple glare, knowing it would scare them off. And he was right, the students quickly turned away from the situation and talk about the American student instead. Feeling annoyed, Hiro grumbles to himself.

"I'm getting sick of this American..."
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Chie stared at Sam, sweatdropping. Oh, he knew how to speak Japanese after all... And now she felt like an idiot for talking to him as if he wouldn't know how to speak their language. He taller than her, with spiky brown hair and pale skin, with a bit of an American accent. Or, thats what she thought it was anyway. She'd never met an American before.

She got even more confused and embarased when he started saying words she couldn't understand. What was he saying anyway? "A-g... Da-m... Y dednt..." Yeah, she gave up trying to figure it out about there, and instead looked at the device he was holding out to her. It was a black disk with a hole in the centre of it, slightly flat and sharp looking, with lights all along the rim. She spotted a speaker on it, which was probably where all the futuristic sounds it was making was coming from. It looked like some kind of high tech frizbee.

"Oh, sorry..." Sam was speaking Japanese again. "I have a love for Tron merchandise, so I made myself a Light Disk. Made it myself. Wanna see?" He held it out to her, and she picked it up, studying it. She'd never heard of Tron before, but she made a mental note to look it up on the internet later, whatever it was.

"That's pretty cool Sam-san, although I haven't heard of Tron before." She paused, considering his earlier suggestion. She knew that she had to meet Shin'ichi Sensei for his every-term-opening-speech about how well he wanted them to do with whatever gymnastics compertitions were coming up, but since when had she ever cared about his speech? It was almost always the same all the time anyway.

She glanced around at the people who were in the school. They seemed kind of shy to approach Sam, or didn't care, which was far enough. If Risa had been here, she probably would have joined them and watch from afar, but without her, she felt a bit out of place.

"Hey, call me Chie alright?" She told him with a wink.


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Rin blushed and apologized to Hiro for falling on top of him. She was such a klutz sometime. What was she thinking? Rin was always a klutz. Laughing cutely, she helped Hiro dust himself off. Rin felt horrible for making his uniform dirty, especially since it was the first day of high school and it was important to look nice! At least, in her opinion anyways. As she was about to reply to Hiro, she heard everyone chattering about some American exchange student. Grabbing Hiro's harm she pulled him over to the American. Already there was a girl talking to him, and he appeared to be showing her some weird disk thing.

"C'mon Hiro-sama! Let's go see what all the commotion is about!"

Hiro groaned, but followed his girlfriend anyways. She was quite high maintenance, even in the morning. He didn't understand how she could be this way, as a few minutes before she must've been tired. Her run must have woken her up or something.

"This is my boyfriend, Hiro Satou-sama, and my name is Rin! You can call me Rin-chan if you'd like! I heard you are from America! What is America like? I want to go there some day!" She continued to smile, beaming. Reaching into a bag, she pulled out a lollipop and began to lick it.
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('ε') フーン
(I'm sorry this is small >< I'm just waiting for the other characters to start talking.)

Hiroshi glares down the American as Rin excitedly talks to him. He was quickly starting to become jealous. Rin was his girlfriend, and he wasn't going to let some hot shot take her away! Hiro places his arm around her as she speaks, signaling that she was all his.

He refused to have anything to do with the new student, so he just stays quiet. He knew that if he were to speak then he would not have anything nice to say, so he knew it was best to keep his mouth shut. He didn't want to embarrass Rin but at the same time he just couldn't help but to feel jealous. What was so great about this guy to have everyone talking, even his girlfriend?
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Sam looked up to the two. He still was unfazed at them, as they looked exactly the same as the other people in the school yard, minus the fact they didn't have pink hair.
"Hello." Sam said, calmly, as he was sure that the male did not approve of him talking to his, as it appeared to be, girlfriend. "Sam Halcyon. Pleasure to meet you." His eyes were still peripheraly looking at the male that was standing next to her. It was apparent that he did not like Sam, for whatever reason. He had wrapped his arm around her's, signaling to him that they were indeed a couple.
"Cool your jets, bro, I'm not about to steal your girl from you." Sam said reassuringly. He deactivated his light disk replica, and slid it back in his bag, and closed it. "Rather calm morning, I think. No need to make it peace-less with dramatic relationship quarrels." He spoke several bits of that in English, partially because he didn't know enough Japanese to make that entire sentence.

But before he could continue, the bell blared across the grounds, signalling class was about to begin.

"Sorry guys, I guess class is about to begin." He got up, and walked away. His mind filled with excitement.


~Freezing Winds~
(OOC: This is small too, just wanted to get into a conversation.)

"There's the bell," sighed Rei. "Let's go." The two girls squeezed their way through the overwhelming crowd into the hall.

"See you later," called Miu. Rei saw her drift away into the pack and enter a classroom.

Alright...Find homeroom...Where is it? thought Rei. Just then she saw the American student, and shrugged. This time was just as good as any. She approached him and said,

"Hi, I'm Rei. Who are you?"


filch some swag
Rin frowned as she realized Hiro, for some reason or another, didn't like the American student. He seemed like an ok guy, and she didn't mind it. This boy was the 1st REAL American she met, Hiro being half American. Smiling, she offered out her hand sweetly.

"Sometimes you have to ignore Hiro-sama. He can get a bit over protective." She blushed, placing a hand on her cheek and closing her eyes. Rin began to daydream about Hiro being a prince and saving her. It was quite romantic, but not the time currently.

"Sam Halcyon you say..?" Rin repeated, having some difficulties on his last name. She has never really heard any "English" last names other than say, Smith or Jones. This one was unique but difficult for her.

"It's nice to met you Sam-sama! I hope we can become great friends!" Rin chimed.

The bell for school rang, cutting her slightly off in mid sentence. Grabbing Hiro's hand, she dragged him into the school for their first class. As they entered, they saw the familiar faces from before. There was the girl with pink hair, Sam, and another girl.

"Yay! We all have the class together!" Rin cheered.


('ε') フーン
Hiro clenches his fists as he listens to the American. Oh how he wanted to punch him right then and there, but his girlfriend was right beside him and he wasn't going to start anything in front of her.

Trying to be a good boyfriend, he follows his girlfriend to their class. As soon as he noticed Sam being in the class he just knew that it was going to be a rough rest of the year. He tries to, however, keep his cool. He wasn't going to lose it, not in front of the American.

Still though, he couldn't help but to feel worried. He didn't want to lose the only person who was keeping him sane. He couldn't imagine what it would be like if someone were to steal her away from him. The very thought upset him. He hears the happiness in his girlfriend's voice and tries to be happy along with her.

"Great, isn't it Rin-chan? Now all your friends are in the same class as you." He forces a smile.

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Chiharu glanced to her right as Hiro and Rin walked over, with the latter looking far more happy then the first one. She didn't actually get why or how the two of them had gotten together; they were an unlikely couple. Sweet, slightly naive Rin and dark brooding Hiro... It didn't make much sense to the half italian. But it didn't matter, each to their own she guessed.

"Cool your jets, bro, I'm not about to steal your girl from you." Sam said, trying to reassure Hiro. Chie winced as she noticed the dark look in Hiro's eyes quickly became on of I-am-going-to-kill-you-and-I-will-enjoy-it.

Rin seemed to be slightly embarased about Hiro's behaviour, but then again, Chiharu didn't really know either of them very well, so maybe she was secretly angry or annoyed? They continued talking for a little while, with Chie happily not paying much attention. She was still feeling a bit awkard for talking to Sam like he was an idiot.

Her head snapped up at the bell rang, and as she turned to go find her homeroom, someone touched her shoulder. With a casual glance, she found herself looking into the eyes of a rather furious member of the school gymnastics team, Chie couldn't remember her name (that's how much she thought of this particular girl).

"Where on earth were you for Sensei's speech!?" She cried with mock distress. "You're one of the best in the team; you should be there for things like this! Even with riots going on, there is no excuse!"

Chie sighed with bordom. "Random person, that speech is the same every year and it is really boring. Nobody wants to listen to it anyway."

With a 'hmph', random girl walked away, nose high in the air. Chiharu shrugged, then walked away calmly to her homeroom. Upon arriving, she was suprised to find that Sam was already sitting there, along with Rin and a brooding Hiro. There were a few others there too, like that girl... ummm, what was her name? Rei, yeah that was it.

With a nod in their general direction, she sat down at a desk, dumping her cat face bag down on the ground next to her, and she lent against the wall, her legs slightly blocking the walkway, and she waited for the teacher (or something interesting) to appear.


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"Hiro-sama.." Rin stares, noticing his weird smile. It looked kind of funny on him. He wasn't the one to smile, at least, not often. For some reason or another, he didn't seem to like the American transfer student. It probably stemmed to the fact he himself was half American, remind him of his mother, who Rin knew Hiro missed dearly. It wasn't her place to say anything though. She just hoped everyone would be some how or another end up being friends. It would be a hard year if they didn't.

"It'll be a fun year! It's just day one and already we have some new friends! This is a great way to start out high school.." Rin's mind then flashed to her brother, Takato, and she began to worry slightly. It was his first year for junior high school. She hoped he would make some new friends, as he was slightly an introvert. He studied more often than going places with his friends. Perhaps some of his friends from primary school would be in his class, so he'd have someone to talk to. Rin made a mental note to ask her brother about his first day when she got home.

Rin twirled a strand of her hair and looked out the window. It was such a lovely morning. Perfect for going places or shopping... or sleeping. Rin then remembered how tired she was and began to doze off slightly. The teacher hadn't arrived in class yet, probably still getting his things together or having some coffee in the Teacher's Lounge. It was still a little bit before actual classes started together.


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"Oh, would you look at that." Sam said. "Looks like we are all together. Destiny has odd ways." Sam said, sitting in his seat, once again, his light disk replica, which actually was rather sharp around the edged, jammed him in the back. He yelped, wrenching the light disk out of his bag, swearing again about "why I never leave it at home."
Then, his deck box fell out, his Duel Monsters cards scattering. They were english, so it would be practically impossible to have them go missing. They were Duel Terminal Gem-Knights.

"Damn it, why does all my stuff just get scattered?" He began to pick up cards. One of the girls (Or was it a guy?) picked up Gem-Knight Ruby, and studied it.
Sam shuffled his cards back into his deck box, obviously not noticing Ruby fell out.

"Alright student's, seats please!" the teacher called to the class. Sam stowed his deck box into his bag. He decided that he wasn't going to bother with the Light Disk again, and decided to carry it.

Besides, if any thug were to attack him in school, or on the way back home, he will need to defend himself.

(And yes, the light disk can hurt someone when it hits you, partially because it is very hard plastic, and it was rather sharp.)

"Now, a few things I'd like to go over with you students. First, and most importantly, we remind you that you must not roam the streets after 17:00, as that is when the gangs are most active. Stay on public transportation. Second, We remind you not to wear your school uniform out after school. We ask you to go home and change.
"Third, Be reminded that school no longer releases at 17:00. The release bell rings at 15:00. This means classes have been shortened to fit this new schedule. That is all, students. You may chat amongst yourselves for the next 20 minutes until First Period." And with that, the teacher left the room.

Sam flipped on his light disk, which could injure whoever was really -hit- by it, and spun it on the desk, it making the normal light disk noises. He liked to stare into the light around the middle hole.
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Rin noticed that Sam had dropped some of his trading cards. Flipping it over, she tried to read some of it. The English was a bit confusing, and it gave her a slight headache. Not wanting to forget that she had it, Rin handed the card back to Sam so that he could put it away. She never was really into the whole trading card game scene, but her brother was for a while. Rin didn't know trading card games were big in America. Sam had the cards with him, so it must have been.

"Here is your trading card back. You dropped it when all the cards fell out and forgot to stick it back into the deck box. Losing these wouldn't be any fun." Rin smiled.

The teacher came in and explained some of the typical rules about being out after curfew and using the public transportation system. Rin wasn't sure if the teacher meant the bus or the subway. She didn't really like either, but she preferred the subway. It was slightly faster, but sometimes perverts got on the train. Starting to doze off, she was awoken by the teacher explaining that students were to go home and change clothes because they couldn't be in their uniforms after class.

"No fair." Rin pouted, but remembered that she normally had to go home and change anyways since she worked at the maid cafe. She didn't want that brought up though, so she kept it to herself.

Sam pulled out the light disk again and Rin was amazed by the colors it made. Everything he owned seemed to glow somehow. Did Americans carry around these things all the time?

"Uwaaa that's kind of cool. What is it?" Rin asked.


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Sam looked over to Rin. He wasn't sure how to respond to her; apparently, her boyfriend was very protective, and very much the jealous type. He may as well just explain without much disposition.

"Well, the Light Disk is a weapon from the movie Tron. It's a story about a computer world called 'The Grid', inhabited by people that are actually programs." He picked up the light disk and handed it to her. "There are several different 'teams' a program could be on, and all of them colors." He listed them. "Red, cyan, yellow, orange, purple, green, and white. Normally, yellow, orange, and red are categorized as the 'negative' factions, like criminals, cyan and green are based mostly to 'basic programs', purple being of ISOs, or Isomorphic Algorithms, and white being to administrators and users."

But, if you really want to learn more, you should see the movie. I got a copy if you want to borrow it, but it's in Blu-ray format."

He wasn't sure how her boyfriend was reacting to him explaining all this to her- but for all he cared, Sam was just glad he could talk to someone so quickly in a foreign country.

He pondered what her boyfriend was on the inside. It was certain that he did not like Sam. So what was he going to do to him?

Well, Sam thought, If he tries anything, he will be in for a rude awakening upon his first punch. Sam didn't look very strong, but he was very sneaky in fighting others. The moment the first punch is thrown (Sam would never draw first blood unless it was a necessity,) if it was 1-on-1, then it would take Sam about 3 seconds to automatically gain the upper hand and floor them.

All he did was yank their arm one direction, punch their face in the other direction, force them to the ground, and hold them there.