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Ilex's Mega Sprite Thread

How good am I?

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Oddish plzkthnxbai
Hehe...hopefully the title got your attention :p

Anyway, this is my (New) sprite thread. I have improved greatly since the last one.

-Ivyleef, nothing much.


- I was bored before Halloween.

- My Oddish emoticon got overshaded :O

- Don't ask...please

- The worlds first Tangela mix!!!

- I had to make this to become a spriter on another forum.

- Tweedledum!

- Oddchu>You

- People seemed to like this one o_O

- And this one to.

- This is for a contest on another forum. It's name is Swellectabuzz.

- Tweedledee, the Pre evo. of Tweedledum.

- The beak killed it. X___________X

- God, I really don't like this one

- I'm not sure if I like this one or not.

- Everyone loves stantafarig ;)

-....nipplepinch XD. [/immature]
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absol attacker

go, my army!
i feel ashamed that that actually works.

anyway, those are very good! first time i've seen a tangela mix where the other pokemon is mixed INTO tangela, instead of vice-versa. also, the nidoking/miltank is cool. keep up the great work.


you amaze me.
I love them all they are all so cool looking!


All of your sprites are great, but your best is the one where you say dont ask, that one is so cute!


That's the first Tangela mix, but I have the second! (you know what it is *hates random mix genarator*)

BTW, will you post your newest test?


Hybrid pokemon! ^`_^
I personally like "Don't ask... please" (Ignoring the title name, what's it called, or is that really it's name?) Milking... *bursts out laughing* What a hilarious name... It's a really good mix, though, love it! Tweedledum is pretty good too... *oof!**gets pushed away*
Staranglemie: Why does nobody care that I exist?

Me: Because you're hideous, thats why! Please excuse him... He's got more vines than brain...

Staranglemie: I like the tangela... But it looks too much like a shellgon... Mabe give it tangela eyes? Mabe more shading on the haloween jigglypuff's mouth/eyes, too...

May I ask? did you make the "worlds first tangela mix" before or after the 24 October?
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May's brother

Now to the Maxtreme!

- Don't ask...please Even more outstanding! It is perfect

- The worlds first Tangela mix!!! Great job

- And this one is amazing!

Note: Ilex, may i use trapcargo for a TC please?
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upsy-daisy said:
because yours sucks
Dou you know that post of your's with :"Man, this site is getting noobish"?
well, it is getting noobish because spammers like you lurk around here If you keep complaining about other people's work you're not better then some random retard :mad:
I wonder why your sig says: "I love it, no noobs" when you are there....

back to the sprites.

the most of them are quite simple, but they look good,
the emoticon looks like it just has leaves attached to it's head, try to make them look rounder.
Same goes for the Bayleaf. Try making a custom....


Oddish plzkthnxbai
May's Brother said:
Note: Ilex, may i use trapcargo for a TC please?

sure, but give credit!

Guys(I'm looking at you upsy-daisy), don't make my thread title become a fact.

L.I.E, your tangela mix actually beat mine. I was surprised at that (No offence).

- This is for a contest on another forum. It's name is Swellectabuzz.

Magical Leaf

Kore wa nani mo imi shinai
lawl, Nidonipples :3

And I love Artail's "WTF?" expression. Keep it up, you're damn good.


Swellectabuzz looks nice. Is that a beak or a pair of lips? Because they certainly look like lips.. The feet look like they're stuck on its body. =_= No offence... Try making them look more natural... perhaps through removing the top outline of the right leg (our right), then... ack. Um.. perhaps by making that outline less obvious. Last thing, if the head's at that angle, I think that the feathers on the back of its head should be invisible, unless they're supposed to be sticking out to one side.

upsy-daisy said:
because yours sucks
You have a serious conceit problem. That is NOT constructive criticism. That is DESTRUCTIVE criticism. We all start somewhere, and if you shoot every budding spriter then we spriters will die out. Any sprite worse than yours does not suck. And destructive criticism is spam. Not to mention that Staranglemie actually looks rather funny and nice, IMO.


Oddish plzkthnxbai
Thanks guys, I'm out of ideas, suggestions anyone?

May's brother

Now to the Maxtreme!
How about a pupitar and magargo/magma? Oh, and a tenticruel and sharpedo mix? now that's what i'd like to see!


Yes I use MS paint
AAAH i can't beleive i fell for that!!!
The Milking is awesome but freaky

and what site did you make the machop bellossom for


Oddish plzkthnxbai
*Points to sig* The link on the right.


ZOMG, a Tangela mix, it's a miracle! =O Looks great btw. I really like the Trapinch/Magcargo...it's cute...The Milking is cool too. Great job.
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May's brother

Now to the Maxtreme!
May's brother said:
How about a pupitar and magargo/magma? Oh, and a tenticruel and sharpedo mix? now that's what i'd like to see!
Well are you doing them or not?

P.S: thanks for letting me use trapcargo, i will be sure to give credit!