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"I'll beat you someday!" - Contestshipping

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Wind Waker, Apr 13, 2006.


what do you think? (don't be honest if you hate it!)

  1. It has the potential to go far.

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  2. It's got good potential.

    8 vote(s)
  3. I can see a small spark of potential

    3 vote(s)
  4. I personally like this fic where it stands good job!

    3 vote(s)
  5. Umm, with improvement this could go far.

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  6. With improvement you may get it on track.

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  7. This is the typical 'hate it' option but nobody has to click here

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  1. Wind Waker

    Wind Waker Now that's Effulgent

    Rated PG(ish>_>)

    Hmmmm, well i finally made a contesthsipping fiction of my own, and it took me a while to get everything together as I want to make the pilot/prlogue impressive.
    So when writing this fic i really wanted to brake the contestshipping mould. Not sure if i did, but i''ll try either way. Not sure if they're will be chapters or episodes, the flow may be contradicitng itself at times.
    BIG thanks to Juny, who wihtout i may have started this fic full of plotholes and spelling earros. hehe the titles are done ANTM style and yes there are some new pokémon. ET VIOLA FOLKS!

    “I’ll beat you someday!”-Pilot – The rivals who want to duke it out!

    In a bustling city on high ground overlooking the ocean, a contest had just finished and people- viewers and coordinators alike were flooding out. Drew made a small step out of the building and took a breath of fresh air. Looking confident he began to slowly stroll away. However, he was followed. “Drew!” A voice yelled. Drew immediately turned his head to face the direction of the voice, were he saw May. She was panting as if she had just chased Drew and pointed one finger at him. There was a long stare between the two rivals “Drew, I will beat you someday! I will!” May cried.

    Drew turned his head away from her. “You say that all the time, yet you can never live up to it. So am I supposed to be surprised?” he responded. Drew began to walk away with May glaring at him in the distance.

    “You’re supposed to be… uhm, afraid?” May said softly and confused, knowing Drew couldn’t hear. She growled. “I will beat you,” she said, about to cry.

    All the exiting contestants could hear the announcer’s voice echo through some outside loudspeakers. “Thanks again for coming and let’s keep the area clean. And heck, let’s give Drew our winner one final applause ladies and gentleman!” All people inside and outside of the hall began to clap and cheer. May tried to smile, but just couldn’t.

    ************************************************** ****************************

    It had always been in May’s desperation to defeat Drew in the heat of a contest, yet she could never pull through in the time of need. Today she swore would be different. It was the morning before the Bonsai Forest contest and both May and Drew would be entering. The morning had arrived in the forest and it was that typical beauty shining skies. May stood in the middle of a ‘delta’ of stone pathways passing through parts of the forest Co-coordinators flooded through, resting on benches, training or just walking around. At the end, far from May, was a big contest hall in which more people were crowded. May, with all the determination in the world, glared down at the hall and took a deep breath, ready to train.

    May tried to feel like the world was letting it all out for her to relax herself. She clenched a pokéball from her belt and took it high into the air. Taking a breath, May then hurled the pokéball upwards “Criera, let’s go!” She cheered. From her pokéball emitted a light that changed into the shape of her pokémon, a Criera, native to the region she was located, called Auralon. The cute pokémon had pale yellow fur and a very cute face. It had a pink paw mark on its right cheek and a red bow twice the size of its head on the top. Criera let out a weak yet very adorable cry as well as a yawn.

    With Drew fresh in May’s mind, she braced herself for a training session. “Criera, release a fire ball and burst it with an ember attack!” May commanded as her pokémon widened its jaw. Out from Criera’s mouth a fireball its size rose into mid-air. Following up, Criera used its ember attack and filled up the fireball and soon it doubled in size. The fireball then burst into a dazzling display of sparks and embers.

    “That’s great Criera take a bow!” May congratulated as people passing by stopped to take appreciate the performance, even offer a little applause. May stood back and waved “Eat your heart out Drew,” she smirked.

    “Yeah you go girl! Great job! Work it!” Various watchers shouted.

    May smiled “Yes, I will go and I will win that contest!”

    Drew was sitting on a bench very close to the contest hall and looked like he was in a deep concentration. An approaching May broke that silence. “I said I’ll beat you some day and today’s the day!” May yelled at him, pointing a finger.

    Drew sighed and stood up and flicked his hair back to get a clear view of May “Humph, geez May, what makes you think today is going to be any different? You couldn’t beat me the first time, then we kept on practicing and you loose again. I’ll always be one step ahead of you! Now if you’ll excuse me I’m psyching myself up for this evening,” Drew confidently responded.

    Drew attempted to sit back down quickly but May didn’t look so happy “Hold it buddy, I’ve tried so hard for you to say things like that. At least shake my hand and say good luck or something!” May said, folding her arms.

    Drew twitched his head and sighed again. He moved swiftly towards May and grabbed her wrist throwing it awkwardly up and down “Good luck,” Drew replied with a distorted tone. May held herself back looking rather confused and somehow blushed. “Well there you go,” Drew said “Now go.”

    May decided to put on accepting look and nodded her head despite a bitter taste in her appearance “Okay,” she said simply with nothing to go on with, even though she wanted to continue to conversation until Drew felt intimidated. But Drew, intimidated? May turned around, a little upset. Criera ran around May’s legs and looked up to her face to try and understand the situation, but purred sweetly instead.

    Drew remembered all the times May promised to beat him, always saying: “I’ll beat you someday!” Would today be that day? Well, he wouldn’t let this happen easily, that was for sure. Drew decided not to sit down and instead began to slowly stroll around the perimeter of the contest hall. He looked around, taking notice to all the surrounding details as well as analysing contest strategies, just in case he had to battle May.

    May placed her hands in her pockets and walked along the path with Criera. “Do you think I can beat Drew, Criera?” she asked her pokémon.

    Criera smiled at her reassuringly.

    May’s face brightened in satisfaction “Okay then I can win… I hope,” she continued to ponder. “I mean, what if I loose? I’ll look like an idiot!”

    Criera stopped paying attention to May’s mood swing and looked around, noticing a tree with some berries. Criera pounced gently on May’s leg, trying to grab her attention.

    “What is it?” May asked as Criera tugged on her shoe with its mouth in the direction of the tree. The berries caught May’s eyes and she realized what Criera wanted. She approached the tree and stretched out her hand to grab them.

    “You want these, right?” she enquired and Criera nodded. May stretched even harder as the berries were nearly in her grasp, when suddenly a flying pokémon dashed right in front of them and took the berries with it. May quickly refrained from stretching and turned to the pokémon. “Hey!” she yelled, nearly frantically.

    Criera watched the pokémon fly up with the berries it had wanted and growled, small pieces of flame scraped of the edges of its teeth. Criera yelped at the flying pokémon and began to run towards it.

    “Criera remain calm. Don’t loose your temper again!” May cried, running after her. When May first met Criera she found out that the often-cheery pokémon had a temper that could easily become dangerously bad and it had always been a difficulty to calm it down.

    May took a closer look and recognized the pokémon in front of her as a Swablu. The Swablu seemed rather pleased with itself as it tossed the berries in the air and then caught them in its mouth. Instantly Swablu’s delicate wings began to glow and its blue skin’s colour was better than ever.

    When Swablu stopped, Criera finally reached it as more yet larger embers flew along its teeth. May was able to make it to the two pokémon and she picked up her angry Criera. “Calm down Criera it’s okay,” she reassured her pokémon, petting it. Criera soon calmed and enjoyed the petting. It didn’t even notice when the Swablu took flight once more and left.

    “I tell you the attitude of pokémon sometimes, doing anything to become better at anything,” May grumbled. She turned around and, to her own shock, saw Drew approach her with Swablu perched on his arm.

    “Yes, stupid Swablu, how dare you want to win this contest!” Drew exclaimed sarcastically, leaving May staring at him confused.

    “You caught a Swablu? How un-Drew of you,” May responded. Drew and May stared at each other again as Criera and Swablu took notice to each other and glared in rivalry. “What’s the deal anyway?”

    “I always try to broaden my horizons,” Drew answered. “Still choosing adorable yet weak types I see.”

    May’s cheeks blew up, trying to keep back a series of cursing words. She was currently ‘comeback impaired’. “It’s pointless arguing sometimes,” she said simplistically.

    “Exactly, but if you feel that way then how come you’re the one who always starts them?” Drew began before being interrupted.

    “I do not start arguments, your-”

    “Snobby attitude?’

    “Yes, Drew your-”

    “No, May I was talking about your attitude.”



    “You…” May grumbled, putting to silence their ever-interrupting feud.

    “It’s pointless arguing sometimes,” Drew said, putting on May’s voice.

    “That’s it!” May shouted, about to explode mentally. If May had been standing in a better stance she swore she would have pounced on drew and slashed at him with her claws. Reoiw!

    “Well, well the rivalry between Drew and May seems to never end!” A voice exclaimed from behind the fight. Taking notice, May and Drew refrained for the brawl and brushed the dirt of their clothes standing up and panting frantically. May turned to the origin of the voice to see Brock standing in front of her looking confident.

    “Brock, hi!” May exclaimed throwing her hands in the air. “I’m so glad you could come to watch me win!” she said as the two greeted.

    Brock scratched his head and nodded “Well yeah when you told me you were entering the contest here I decided I’d drop by,” Brock explained.

    “Oh, are you sure Lucy didn’t mind at all?” May asked her friend.

    The thought of Lucy made Brock blush. “No, she was rather excited by the idea of watching the contest with me. In fact, she’s booking a room in a hotel five minutes west of here. It’s a pretty fancy hotel so there’s room for two more people if you’d like to come,” Brock replied.

    May’s eyes lit up immediately wanting to go but then she heard Drew purposefully clearing his through sop she quickly turned towards him instead.

    “Did you to forget I was here?” Drew asked with his arms crossed.

    May chuckled, trying to think of an answer as Brock approached Drew and put his arm on Drew’s shoulder. “Sorry about that Drew, you could come and stay with us if you’d like.”

    May looked at Brock with a ‘what are you thinking?’ stare “Now, now Brock, Drew doesn’t mind camping out tonight so you don’t have to worry about filling that extra bed,” May replied.

    “No, no, no I insist. Come with us Drew,”

    “No Brock doesn’t insist Drew, you can go away now,”

    “Of course I insist, May, what’s the matter?”

    Drew purposefully coughed again, getting their attention. Drew frequently visited stylish hotels but really wanted to get May going “It’s okay Brock I don’t have to come if May doesn’t want to. I’ll just sleep on that bench,” Drew sighed faking a depressed appearance. Without waiting for a response Drew headed off with Swablu flapping behind him. Criera watched as its pokémon rival flew away.

    Brock turned to May and looked disappointed “May, why’d you go and do that?” he asked.

    May rolled her shoulders over coming up with an explanation “Drew is hard to live with, trust me. Plus he may learn of some of my contest strategies.”

    Brock looked at May still disappointed “Okay then I’ll see you this afternoon. Meet me and Lucy back here after the contest okay?” Brock told his old shopping buddy. May turned to Brock and felt a little ashamed of her yet nodded her head. Criera looked up at May’s face and twitched its head, wondering what they were doing.

    *Huff puff* well yeah hope it was good, now time for another feature i may add.

    Daily Pokédex
    Keep in mind i'm a horrible drawer, the front legs on this drawing look like baby feet. The only way i pass art class is by calling it post modern. But here is Criera!
    Criera, the cute fire pokémon. Type: Fire
    Criera are often kept among rich folk but may be owned by other trainers if it truly trusts them. Criera have a temper that could become deadly powerful

    Yeah, i may not do the pokéedex, but i hope you all enjoy. That's my main goal; to make a good fic better and better so everybody can enjoy it!
  2. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    Aw...Criera is so adorable! Good story!
    Anyway, is Lucy...Brock's girlfriend? If it is...(Does a dance because Brock finally has one)
  3. Wind Waker

    Wind Waker Now that's Effulgent

    hmm, why not! i would of repleid earlier but for some reason it said there were no replies, odd.
  4. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    Yeah, I know. I saw that there was 0 replies and then I thought, didn't I post? Then I went back to check and I did post. Very odd...
    And...Lucy remind me of Pike Queen Lucy XD
  5. This is good, keep it up!!! XD I love the part where May is thinking if she were in a better stance she'd pounce and slash him with her claws, that part was cool! Well, I can't wait for the next chapter!!!
  6. Wind Waker

    Wind Waker Now that's Effulgent

    Well, i'm nearly done with episode one but i'm ediitng it quite thoroughly sp it maybe be ready by tuesday, so here's a preview:

    “I’ll beat you someday!”- The coordinator who is mentally ‘flushed’

    May and Drew now stood at each end of the battlefield and stared along it to meet each other’s eyes once more. May shrugged a little to shake out all the nerves while Drew looked completely unthawed. “Okay you know the rules, five minutes on the clock,” Belle said looking both at May and Drew. The two coordinators aware of the rules nodded back at her. “Okay then let’s begin!” Belle yelled. A very large buzzer sounded to signal the start of the match. The large monitor displayed point bars under photos of May and Drew’s photos and also displayed the time limit, which began to decrease second by second.

    May leaped into the air and threw her pokéball into the stadium “Criera let’s win this!” she cried.
  7. Oh, the preview's got me hanging on the edge of my seat!! (Literally!) This is good, has great potential too! Keep it up!

    ~Kitteh ;259;
  8. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    What do you mean by...'mentally flushed'?
    Anyway...can't wait for the next chapter...
  9. Wind Waker

    Wind Waker Now that's Effulgent

    Well it took a while logner to edit than i would of hoped but here it is,

    “I’ll beat you someday!”- The coordinator who is mentally ‘flushed’.

    May walked through the front doors of the contest hall and peered across the large room. It had plain yellow walls and orange tiles, there were two doors that lead to a roaring stadium and a big desk in between them. On one side of each door were two hallways that both lead to different preparation rooms, so the sign told. May walked along the floor and approached the desk, placing her hands on it and leaning forward. A neatly dressed woman with simplistic blonde hair took notice of May and lifted up her head. “Here for registration I suppose?” The woman asked May.

    “You betcha! You’re looking at the winner right here!” May cried. At that instant Drew came by and comically pushed May out of the way.

    “Yes It’s Drew again just confirming my reservation,” Drew said to the woman.

    The lady looked extremely confused “Am I still looking at the winner?” she wondered out loud. May stood at Drew’s side looking very annoyed. Drew stared into the Lady’s eyes and nodded his hear politely. “Okay then Drew, yep you’re okay to participate just head to the waiting room on your left,” The mesmerized female said crunching in various keys on a computer located on the side of her desk.

    “Thanks very much,” Drew smirked flicking his hair. Drew walked of leaving May to eat his dust, she furiously re-approached the table.

    The lady at the desk looked up at May apologetically expecting an angry outburst “The Name’s May Maple,” May said with a very >_> look.

    The woman turned back to her computer and began to type in the name “A thousand apologies May,” she said.

    May folded her arms “Whatever”. May turned away but a thought hit her mind and she quickly turned back “Saaaay can I please request to go to the waiting room on my right?” she asked leaning forward expecting a very thorough yes.


    Over the next half hour the stadium room crowded with people who chattered loudly talking about what they expected to see. Brock, who was holding the lovely Lucy’s hand, politely led her through the audience until they found some front row seats. “I remember May, she seemed nice,” Lucy said to Brock as they sat down.

    Brock gritted his teeth a little “Yeah she is, but quite prone to mood swings as well,” he responded. He looked at one of the entrances in which May way peeking her head through and the two waved. ‘There she is!” Brock said to Lucy. Lucy too noticed May and waved to her as well.

    After acknowledging that Brock and Lucy were there, May headed back into the wall and walked back down to her waiting room. She stretched her arms and took deep breaths getting her self confident before the contest began. May entered the room were various other coordinators of different ages and sizes did similar things. May sat down on a bench that was in front of a row of lockers and took another serious breath. She moved her hands onto her belt and removed two pokéballs gripping them in her hands. May pointed them at the ground and pressed her fingers into the center causing the pokéballs to release two of her pokémon: Criera and Skitty. The two pokémon both made cute poses and cries. May leaned towards her pokémon and gave them an apt with one hand each.

    “You guys do me proud no matter what. Deal?” May asked her pokémon. Criera and Skitty nodded and looked excited to get going. “Okay then,” May said to herself.

    Suddenly Drew entered the room and walked up to May who was shocked to see him in there. “Hey May even though he had a bit of a row this morning I still want to wish you luck, so good luck then,”

    May accepted this even though normally she wouldn’t “Thanks I guess. But aren’t you supposed to be in the other prep room?”.

    Drew looked around and placed a finger over his lips “Shhhhh don’t tell,” He whispered dashing out of the room. May watched him run out and giggled under her breath with her pokémon chuckling too. May silently breathed preparing to move on when she felt something on the bench beside her. Immediately turning around to see it she saw a rose.

    “Dammit, he gave me another stupid rose,” May joked.

    “Everyone they’re starting!” A random coordinator exclaimed. All the other coordinators in the room including May turned to on of the four monitors placed in the top corners of the room. Seen clearly on each monitor was a mid-twenties aged girl with long and luxurious purple hair and a pink dress.

    “Hello coordinators and spectators! I’m Belle and I’ll be your master of ceremonies and announcer for the Bonsai forest contest!” she announced standing in the center of the stadium room with a marked battle field. During Belle’s pause the audience applauded quiet yet keen. “Okay,” Belle said searching through a pocket in her dress. “Here is the ribbon our coordinators will be playing for!” Belle exclaimed dulling out a shiny silver ribbon from her pocket and holding it up gallantly to the audience. While the audience clapped once more three people entered the room from a back entrance and stood behind three boxes sitting down. In front of them each was a small stand, a microphone and a keyboard.

    Belle put the ribbon back in her pocket and turned to face the judges pointing them out to the crowd “Next up on our agenda is today’s judges! Meet The local Nurse Joy who works just outside this forest! Judging his first contest EVER is the newly elected president of the pokémon fan club Mr Fabor! And as a very special guest judge, you’ve seen him on all the top surfing magazines, he’s a visiting gym leader from the Hoenn region, it’s Brawly from Dewford town!” Some people were shocked some were overjoyed with the selection of the judges. “Okay with that out of the way let’s finally start the appealing round! We’ll have 32 co-coordinators dazzle you today and the first one is Rory Tides from the Blooming Villa!” as Belle’s speech ended she humbly walked of the field and stood aside the judges as a teenaged boy with brown hair and a red get-up arrived on the stage.

    May and Drew looked up at respective monitors while Brock and Lucy leaned forward as the appeals begun. There was a Marowak playing tennis with it’s club, a Scyther cutting up wood to make a wooden ribbon, a Sealeo shooting a rainbow-shaded beam at an icy sphere and much more different performances. Each on had its own high points and after a while it was May’s turn. As she went through one of the doors and walked towards the stage with hundreds watching her as Belle introduced the coordinator. The audience silenced as May made and opening pose, pulling a pokéball from her belt. She took a deep breath and began her performance by twirling and tossing the pokéball into the air.

    “Skitty let’s go!” May exclaimed. Skitty once again appeared form its pokéball and posed alongside May. “Okay let’s use assist!” May commanded. Skitty’s right paw glowed and out from it a series of swift yet sharp spinning leaves. “Razor leaf nice,” May commented “Okay let’s throw a blizzard in there!” Skitty nodded and widened its jaw to release a powerful wind with hundreds of overpowering balls of ice. The blizzard attack soared in all directions to reach each and every leaf. As soon as the two attacks made contact with each other the leaves bursted along with the ice to make a snowy rain. Skitty and May then Made finishing poses as the snow fell to the ground. With that the audience erupted into a large cheer. May waved to the cheering audience and Skitty cheered along.

    “Now let’s all look to see what the judges thought of that display!” Belle announced. The crowd and the people in the waiting room focused on the judges.

    “It was very sweet I enjoyed it!” Joy exclaimed praising May’s performance, and giving her a score of 8.4.

    “Nicely done, you made my first judging worthwhile!” Mr. Fabor congratulated May as he gave her a 9.3.

    “Dude, you mastered it awesome effort!” Brawly exclaimed. While most of the women stared blankly into Brawly’s eyes, he awarded May a score of 9.0. This meant that May’s total score was 26.7 not to bad but could be a lot better. However May was pleased with her effort and exited the stage along with a delighted Skitty walking behind her.

    “Wow, that was really special!” Lucy said to Brock. Brock nodded his head and the two smiled at one another.

    The show went on and both high and low scores were given with mixed reactions from the audience. There was surprises and excitement all round and soon it was Drew’s turn as he positioned himself on the stage. “Okay let’s see what Drew has to offer today!” Belle said.

    Drew flicked his hair and released his pokémon from its pokéball, Swablu. “Okay Swablu let’s get started!” Drew ordered with confidence. The audience clapped as Drew began his display. “Swablu begin with sing to soothe the audience!” Drew told his pokémon. Swablu nodded and opened its mouth and a quiet and peaceful melody was emitted. The song passed through the audience and made everybody more relaxed, but not enough to go to sleep. The song continued to circulate as Swablu flew up towards the roof “Mist attack then take down!” Drew said waving his wand to conduct Swablu. Swablu’s eyes glowed and a mist began to appear in a cloudy form directly below it. Then when the cloud was big Swablu flew even higher and came soaring directly down through the mist, which caused the mist to swirl around very speedily yet gracefully at the same time.

    Swablu flew back down to Drew as they made finishing poses and the audience cheered again, but even louder than all the other coordinators. It was obvious that Drew had done very well and with seemingly little effort. Drew and Swablu then turned to the judge’s panel.



    “You were excellent out there man!”

    Needless to say Drew got a high score 29.7 to be exact. Drew waved to the audience and took in all the cheer and compliments; Swablu enjoyed the entire spotlight as well. The near flawless duo then exited the stage knowing that they would advance to the finals. So after a couple more performances it was time to find out who would be in the final for battling it out for the ribbon.

    “Can you all feel the suspense?!” Belle shouted. Soon all the monitors in the waiting rooms and including the large on in the stadium room became screens that had four slots in them. Soon all the coordinator’s pictures were displayed and began to appear on and off each slot very quickly and shuffled themselves. The pictures slowed down a bit and then Drew’s photo appeared on the slot. As they slowed down even more two more trainer’s pictures filled the slots, and then May’s filled the final slot as she had hoped.

    While many hopes were dashed four hopes became even bigger and with that Belle continued her speech “There we go the final four! And now to pair these four up for the semi-final matches! Keeping in mind our coordinators MUST use a different pokémon in the round!” The audience applauded as the four photos began to move around the screen rapidly. In an instant they all froze to reveal the pairs. May and Drew would be dueling it out in the semi-final round.

    May was shocked as she expected to face him in the finals, but accepted that she would fight him as long as she won. She had so much confidence in herself and it was only building up from here. In the other room Drew was also surprised by their early match-up. He was confident he could beat May earlier but her constant belief in herself shook those thoughts.

    “Was Drew the one May disliked?” Lucy asked Brock.

    Brock nodded his head “Yep, but I don’t think she hates him all that much. Deep down one day I think she might learn other things about Drew she didn’t realize before,”.

    Lucy sighed staring into Brock’s eyes “Wow, Brock that’s really wise,” She said. The two the blushed madly.

    “With two advanced coordinators battling it it’s sure to be a good match!” Belle announced. The judges watching May and Drew enter the room nodded expecting a lot from them.

    As May and Drew found they approaching the inedible battle, they glared at each other/bleeding rivalry. “May, let’s see if you can live up to all those things you’ve said about beating me!” Drew called to May.

    May looked down and smirked “You just wait and see!” she called back.

    May and Drew now stood at each end of the battlefield and stared along it to meet each other’s eyes once more. May shrugged a little to shake out all the nerves while Drew looked completely unthawed. “Okay you know the rules, five minutes on the clock,” Belle said looking both at May and Drew. The two coordinators aware of the rules nodded back at her. “Okay then let’s begin!” Belle yelled. A very large buzzer sounded to signal the start of the match. The large monitor displayed point bars under photos of May and Drew’s photos and also displayed the time limit, which began to decrease second by second.

    May leaped into the air and threw her pokéball into the stadium “Criera let’s win this!” she cried.

    “Masquerain go!” drew said hurling a pokéball in a tough manner. Criera and Masquerain popped out of their pokéballs and faced each other ready to leap of the spot. “Hidden power!” Drew commanded.

    “Criera use ember attack!” May told her pokémon. Criera fired out a series of small fireballs darting across to Masquerain, whereas the bug pokémon released a similar looking attack with glowing spherical object flying towards Criera. The two attacks met each other in the center of the battlefield and stayed there evening out. For every ember gone a hidden power sphere disappeared as well.

    “Criera run forward while using ember,” May said quickly, and like she told Criera, it ran forward still suing ember enough to push all the embers back to hit Masquerain.

    Masquerain flipped over but recovered quickly “Silver wind!” Drew belted from his throat with sheer determination. Masquerain flapped its wings bringing out a powerful silver coated wind with cutting-edge blades. This maneuver pinned Criera to the ground. While Masquerain had already lost some points before, this continuous attack was slowly chipping away at May’s.

    May had to think of something to do before Drew go the upper hand. Well she knew that Drew might not be completely familiar with some new pokémon and therefore new attacks that would be her only hope. “Use Vanish!” May cried. Two every small desert winds passed by Criera and soon it were nowhere to be seen. The audience, shocked looked for where it could be and even Brock was unfamiliar with this attack. Masquerain also confused called off its attack.

    Two more desert winds passed swiftly and Criera appeared in the same spot as where it first used the attack! “Fooled ya!” May exclaimed. Criera hadn’t moved anywhere and now it opened its jaw and released a fireball that slammed directly into Masquerain. Drew was shocked and impressed, but flicking his hair wasn’t giving up any time soon.

    “You’ll have to do better than that May, hidden power!” Drew shouted. Masquerain used hidden power once again and in the same manner.

    “Vanish!” May called again and just like that Criera disappeared once more.

    “Keep firing Masuqerain and add some bubble beam into the mix as well!” Drew said with a plan in his mind. The hidden power attacks, not hiding a target just stopped in mid-air as did the bubbles when Masuqerain released them. May thought she had it in the bag and was very confident, a desert wind passed again d Criera appeared.

    May smirked “Now use…..eeeeeeeeeeeeek!” she squealed. Criera in response to May’s scream wondered what the deal was and looked around and everywhere it looked, there were hidden power spheres and bubbles surrounding it! There’s was no escape, Criera was stuck, stranded hopeless. In a second, May’s confidence collapsed and then the attacks cam crashing down on Criera. May was so stunned she could not bare to look. She closed her eyes and hoped for the best, but all she heard was the buzzing noise made when the judges ruled a pokémon unable to battle. If May’s confidence were in a toilet, somebody would have pressed the ‘full flush’ button on them.

    May opened her eyes to see Criera collapsed on the battlefield with Masquerain flying over it. While May felt pain inside of her Drew felt good about himself. Brock and Lucy stared down at May and felt deeply and truly sorry for her.

    Even Belle felt a little sorry for May “Well Criera is unable to continue which means that Drew ill advance to the final round, congratulations,” she said softly and emotionless. The judges also looked sympathetic. May with her head down walked onto eh field personally and took Criera into her arms. Without even looking at Drew she exited the door.

    “Poor girl, I hope Criera's okay,” Brawly commented. Both Fabor and Joy nodded in agreement. Drew was probably the only one not feeling any form of sorrow. He flicked his hair and exited the room boastfully. Ever so happy with himself Drew couldn’t wait to rub it in May’s face, but before he left the room completely, he saw May in the corner of his eyes and felt a little sorry for her. Drew took out a pokéball and returned Masquerain in a batch of shining red light that dispersed along with Masquerain. Drew put his hands in his pockets as he entered the halls. “Geez , is that what I’m like all the time?” Drew asked himself.

    May sat back on the bench was her bag was and took out Criera’s pokéball “Rest up girl,” she said obviously very depressed. May allowed Criera to be sucked into the pokéball and put it in her bag, zipping it up. May sighed and wiped a tear from her eye, took a deep breath and didn’t look so sad on the outside anymore as she did on the inside. Drew, who felt terrible about his boastfulness entered the room and sat next too may. He wanted to apologize, but refused to look at her while he did so.

    “Look May, I’m sorry I didn’t take into account how sad you felt, but you’ve got to suck it up,” he told her.

    May took another deep breath trying to stop from crying “But I was so confident and it just came crashing down on me,”.

    Drew shook his head “Suck it up May even I had to deal with rejection every now and then like that but I had to suck it up, and if I didn’t, you probably would win all those war of words we have,” drew admitted.

    May tried to take in Drew’s words and nodded “Drew?”


    “I WILL beat you someday!”.

    Drew smirked and chuckled a little bit “If you say so May, now suck it up, so then you can try have a go at me later on for helping you,” Drew told her.

    May didn’t realize that Drew was trying to get her angry again but when she did realize it she felt mildly ticked off, which was a good thing now. “Wow Drew is really bland when he’s not annoying,” May commented to herself. “I think I like a **hole Drew more,” she joked. Just wait until she gets Drew to step in some pokémon waste then they’ll be at it again!

    Out in the stadium, a high moving Scizor zigzagged along the field as one of its claws began to glow. Scizor approached a nervous looking Wartortle and slammed into it heavily with the sparkling claw. The force of the attack pushed Wartortle painfully along the ground and was judged unable to battle by the judging panel.

    Bell stepped onto the battlefield “There we go Sam Parker of Fauna town advances to the finals! Let’s give it up for him!” Belle called to the audience, who applauded in response. The victor waved to the audience very happy with himself.

    “This contest is getting really interesting!” Lucy pointed out.

    “It’s definitely unexpected! Hey Lucy did I tell you I entered a contest once?” Brock asked in reply.

    Lucy looked happy and surprised by this really “Amazing! Did you win?”

    “Unfortunately no,” Brock admitted “But I lost to May which was okay I guess,”

    Lucy nodded “Did you have fun doing it?” asked.

    “Definitely!” Brock said with his face lighting up.

    “And that’s something to be grateful for!” The two said in synchronization.

    “I might enter a contest one day then!” Lucy exclaimed but doubting it would happen, the two laughed. Then Belle waked back onto the stage to present the trainers for the final round.

    “We will now take up Sam and Drew for the exhilarating final round folks!” Belle said with a loudly excited tone. The audience clapped once more, but not as much as they knew they’d have to save up they’re cheering for when the winner was given their ribbon.

    Sam and Drew began to head up the field but then Drew stopped to shake off the nerves again ‘I’ll beat you someday!’ kept on echoing in his mind. Drew was hoping that somehow May would be channeling her determination into Sam’s battle somehow. Drew quickly sped up to meet Sam on the battlefield. Being the final round, He and Sam shook hands and walked back to take their positions.

    “Begin!” Bell yelled at the top of her lungs.

    “Let’s go Masquerain!” Drew ordered with fierceness.

    “Scizor come on out!” Sam roared in a going-into-war style.

    The two trainers tossed their respective pokéballs into the air as Scizor and Masquerain appeared for on more battle. Once again the timer on the large monitor began to count down the five minutes.

    “Bubble beam Masquerain!” Drew commanded.

    “Scizor double team!” Sam called.

    May watched via a monitor in the room, she had her hands clasped together as if she was praying “Come on Drew I know you can do it!” she said softly to herself. Masquerain jetted out a series of high speed bubbles at Scizor, whom divided itself into multiple forms. The bubbles spread around each of the Scizors that were speeding around the entire room. Masquerain blasted bubble beam frantically to try and knock of all the fakes, but they were very quick. The real Scizor appeared from out of the blue and slammed into Masquerain with a claw.

    A sweat dropped from Drew’s forehead “Don’t give up Masquerain hyper beam!” He cried with all the strength in the world.

    Sam snickered “Scizor counter with your hyper beam!” Sam yelled furiously. Drew was surprised by Sam’s aggression. Could he pull it off? The two hyper beams collided and caused an explosion filling the room with a smoke cloud. The cloudburst blinding everyone in the audience, even the monitors displayed nothing but smoke.

    “I really hate it when this happens,” May commented.

    Soon the smoke cleared to reveal both Masquerain and Scizor back with their trainers, panting and bruised all over unfortunately this was more the case for Masquerain and Drew knew that and realized he would have to step up/ “Masquerain surround Scizor with Bubble beam!” he called. Masquerain shot out the series of bubbles, which spun around Scizor to create a ring around it. “Close ém in!” Drew continued. Masquerain controlled the bubbles to fly directly at Scizor.

    “Scizor fly up!” Sam commanded simply and without a worry, Scizor shot itself upwards and dodged the collision of the bubble beam attack with ease.

    Drew began to sweat non-stop as he was running out of ideas “Silver wind Masquerain!” he said with uncertainty. Masquerain did so, commanding the powerful breeze up towards Scizor.

    “Iron defense Scizor then follow up with furry cutter attack!” Sam said pointing his finger at his companion. Scizor focused on the silver with attack and soon became shrouded in a silver polish, and the attack bounced off its armor. When the silver wind subsided, Scizor flew forward towards Masquerain and gave it a clean whack with its claw. “Again, Again!” Sam cheered and Scizor continued to slam into Masquerain with its furry cutter.

    “Pull Back Masquerain,” Drew ordered now in a serious panic, which May would call “Very un-drew of him”. Thankfully Masquerain pulled back when Scizor raised its arm giving it a second to attack.

    “Masquerain, summon all your power an use the strongest hyper beam ev…” Drew’s plea to win was interrupted by the sound of the buzzer. Had it been five minutes all ready? Obvious to say when Drew gazed upon the large monitor he had lost and he had found another person better than him.

    May felt a bit sorry for drew but realized something “I guess there’s always going to be somebody you have to beat someday,” she admitted. Drew, realizing a similar fact was still satisfied and gracefully accepted defeat as the audience began to roar.

    Belle ran onto the field very excited “There we have it, utilizing brute strength and tactics Sam and his Scizor have strived through to take the cake…and the ribbon for the bonsai forest contest! So if you can stay in your seats for one minute we’ll give the victor the prized piece of fabric!” Drew and May unaware of each other applause in congratulations for Sam.

    Drew and Sam approached each other in the battlefield center and shook hands. “You did really good…. I guess,” Drew told Sam.

    “Thanks, you too,” Sam replied. Masquerain and Scizor met also and smiled at each other in a friendly manner. Then the two turned to the back door were Brawly reentered with a ribbon on a fancy cushion and began to approach the field with Belle and the other two Judges following. Sam turned to Brawly as the Dewford Gym leader handed him the ribbon.

    “Well Man you surely did earn his ribbon so take it and celebrate!” Brawly exclaimed to Sam who held up his newly acquainted ribbon with glee. A feeling of relief for some and joy for others filled the entire contest hall and grew into a pleasant mood. The contest was officially over, but some memories would last lifetime blah blah blah.


    When everybody had cleared from the hall May, Brock and Lucy met outside the hall by a light that was slowly beginning to illuminate the evening. “I’m sorry you lost May,” Lucy said kindly.

    Mays shook her head “Don’t worry. I mean I said I’d beat Drew one day and that didn’t necessarily mean it had to be today, I just wanted to believe it,” she explained.

    “I’m glad you realized that May,” Brock told her.

    “I think his could make you a stronger person now,” Lucy added.

    May took the compliments well “Thanks you two I’m really gonna have fun next time!”.

    “Hey May!” A voice called from behind, May turning around to see it was Drew.

    “Oh, hey Drew needs anything?” May asked approaching him. Brock and Lucy backed off leaving the two too chat.

    Drew nodded his head “Well actually May, it’s going to be very cold tonight and your recent lash out to thwart me staying in the hotel has been,”

    “You can come with me, Brock and Lucy if you want, I was being selfish,” May answered.

    “Sure were,” Drew added.

    May growled “You’re supposed to say something nice in response to that!!”.

    “Since when did you control who says what?” Drew enquired snickering.

    “Well I….I….Just come with us,” May snarled.

    “Whatever,” Drew said as the two turned around catching up with Brock and Lucy.

    “Well that has to be the shortest argument you two have ever had, a landmark!” Brock joked without looking at them. Lucy laughed along with him even May and Drew took it okay. Along the pathway the four turned don the pathway into a big forest wall.

    “Five minutes from here?” May asked Brock.

    Brock nodded his head slightly “Yep, then we can get some rest,” he answered.

    May turned to Drew “Well I guess we can argue some more before we get there,”

    Drew blinked “Was that supposed to be funny?”


    “Please don’t answer,” Drew added. May nodded and began to laugh slightly under her breath. Drew saw her doing so and shook his head as if she were crazy. The four were now walking on the path but surrounded by rows upon rows of trees. Tall ones that could block out that sun if it wasn’t already going down. May decided to take off her bandanna and let her hair hang down.

    May rubbed her hands through her hair and sighed “Ah, It’s so nice out here, the air is so fresh!” she exclaimed.

    Drew’s eyes popped practically out of his head as he thought to himself ‘Wow May is really……….stunning with her hair down. Maybe I’m just paying more attention to her face and figure than before because…. I mean…yuck!’ Drew froze for a second and gulped.

    “Hurry up slowpoke, if you get lost we’re not looking or you!” May teased.

    Drew began to walk faster and caught up with May trying to pass her. When this became obvious to May, the two found themselves in a running race along the path, dashing by Brock and Lucy. With both of them at the front at times, it looked like the two were having fun. “Last one there’s a rotten Execute!” May exclaimed.

    “Just watch May, this’ll be another thing I can beat you at!” Drew exclaimed. “Oh, Drew I’ll beat you someday!” he then mimicked in May’s voice.

    May slowed down a bit to get behind Drew and began to chase him “You are so going to get it!” she screamed. The two laughed and ran up the forest path as Brock and Lucy jogged to keep up with them laughing at the two. May made several attempts at catching Drew but failed so resumed trying to bet him to the hotel. After a heated and exciting race the hotel came in sight no more than 200 meters away. May leaned hr head forward to try and get an edge over Drew as the Hotel appeared closer and closer.

    Drew then pulled ahead of May at the last second “By the time you get in May I would of already had bed and breakfast!” he taunted. However in the end the two arrived at the front door at the same time and soon Brock and Lucy caught up with them. The four all walked into the hotel foyer at the same time immediately attempting to locate the desk.


    It was now nighttime in the hotel and everybody was entering to stay for the night. The gang’s room was split into three sections, on was a small hallway at the front door with a desk and computer at the end with a great glass window. To the right were four large beds and to the right was a large living room and kitchen. Brock, Lucy and May were all huddled over the computer planning out their route and whether they’d have to split up again. Brock was moving is mouse over the mouse pad swiftly while Lucy took out a large map that covered the desk and a bunch of books were piled on the floor below them. May also had a pen out drawing different coordinates on the map. The whole process seemed a daunting and elaborate task that would go late into the night.

    “There we have it!” Brock exclaimed.

    “Have what let me see!” May said trying to look at the map.

    Lucy turned to may to explain what was happening pointing out different areas of the region map “We can go up to Scar rock via the Deadleaf woods. Then you can head left to Spring City, enter the contest and take the train to Flora Bay. And while you’re doing that, Brock and me can go up the coast and meet you there.

    “Wow, elaborate and it looks like it could work!” May exclaimed. However the girls noticed Brock didn’t look to good.

    “I don’t know Ladies, the Deadleaf woods is a frightening place and I don’t want May to face it alone.” Brock said sadly.

    May sighed “Oh yeah, but I’ll only be alone for a week,.

    “Still that’s a couple of days in the Deadleaf woods alone,” Brock rebutted.

    May realized that it wood be awhile in the Deadleaf woods alone. “You’re right, but what do I do?”. Suddenly May, Brock and Lucy silenced trying to think of an idea but nothing hit them.

    Drew was enjoying a nice and peaceful shower in an ensuite to the leaving area, relaxing him after a harsh contest. Feeling refreshed, he turned of the tap and departe from the shower. As Drew walked out of the room he pulled a towel out from the wrack and wrapped it around his torsoe as he began to walk through the hallway. Drew passed by Brock, Lucy and May who (who didn’t notice him) naked with the towel around his waist. “May,” He called to her. May turned around and when she saw Drew with the towel she yelped and leaped up.

    “Eeek Drew what is it?!” she cried.

    “Umm I’m going to get changed then go to bed so…………..goodnight,” he said softly walking into the bedding area. Brock and Lucy who were pretending to be unaware of the situation laughed quietly.

    “Oh, goodnight Drew,” May said softly. Then May turned back to see Lucy and Brock looking excited. “I guess I better head into the bedding area as well,” she decided,

    “See ya then!” Lucy told her.

    “Yeah have a long rest we have a lot to traveling to do tomorrow and don’t worry we’ll try and plan a safe path for you,” Brock added.

    “Okay then you two, Goodnight!” May said stretching her arms. She slowly began to tort to the right were the bedding room was, highly anticipating getting under the soft blankets and lying on a large mattress.

    May finally walked into the room forgetting that Drew was getting changed,


    Well there it is, if all goes well the next bit should be up by the weekend no more than Monday. As a nice twist i think the next bit should be a special 'you choose the ending Episode to shake things up in a good way. enjoy!
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    XD May sure has a bad memory! Drew is in there! -can't stop laughing-
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    Well to shake te sotry up. I may write the first three quaters of the episode/chapter and post it leaving a question. (e.g who is May's father? A or B?) then if i can get opinions from readers who want a particular ending then i can write that ending.
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    Preview time!:
    I'll beat you someday! - The roselia who 'misses'
    "That's easier said than done," May said draging his weak body along the ground.
    "Hurry up May we don't have all day," Drew added.
    "Yeah, Yeah I'm coming, hush hush," May said placing the body at Drew's foot.
    Drew knelt over the body and looked at the red mark. "Hmm from what i know that's definatley not good either way. But with further inspection, it's....."

    i used 'the body' to replace the name to not spoilt anything serious.
  14. OMG. That was good. XD Very good, not too short, not too long (when is a contestshippy ever too long?) Can't wait for the next chapter!

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    You know what? You spoiled a little of it.

    Look at this sentence

    The word...'his' but I don't know if you meant Drew...
    AND...I get why your banner has forest in it.
    Me think is this way

    [SPOIL]They travel together because naughty Brock and Lucy asked them to. They get lost in a forest and then...0.o I have no idea. Um...they...kill someone? Um...Harley? Ok, that's impossible...[/SPOIL]

    Um...I'll stop guessing now.
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    On the contrary i enjoy people's guesses. However, the next part may be postponed due to social regions, i'm still working on it though.
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    Okay i got it up earlier just for you two, remember, you get to choose the ending. Apologies if its a little dodgy as i've said, i've been juggling this among so many other things this week so it's been stressful. and if i find the opportunity i'll edit all my episodes after to make them better and better!

    “I’ll Beat you someday!”- The pokémon who ‘misses’ its target.
    Drew, Lucy and May passed through the Deadleaf woods as if it were a breeze, the silence seemed rather peaceful and their were no distractions. It was no doubt that they’d reach Scar Rock in no time, however during their excursion, Drew pulled up stopping the gang’s journey to head off alone from then on out. “Well this is where I have to say goodbye,” Drew announced.

    The other three turned around to recognize him “Are you sure, Drew? Scar Rock shouldn’t be too far,” Brock said.

    Lucy nodded in agreement “and I thought you told us before that..”

    “Well if I cut through the forest from here I should be in Spring city just earlier than May giving me the training edge” Drew interrupted. Nice save.

    May snarled, “I won’t need the extra training!” she rebutted.

    “Excuses, excuses,” Drew said. Realizing that May was about to explode, Drew turned around and parted ways, “I better get going now!” Drew called waving to them.

    Brock and Lucy look mildly confused “Umm, bye Drew good luck!” they called back. May waved a little too but didn’t say anything. After Drew’s departure, Lucy, Brock and May turned back enroute to Scar Rock. Soon enough they arrived at the landmark, it was no bigger than a house but it was shaped like a hurricane and had signatures carved into it. A wondrous sight to be treasured is all whom viewed it. In a similar fashion it was time for May to depart and head to Spring City in which after the contest she would have to take the train to the east coast where Brock and Lucy would await, so in a way May wasn’t so affected by their soon to be goodbyes as she knew deep down she’d only be gone for a week at the maximum.

    The three stood in front of the Scar Rock, May faced Brock and Lucy with her path behind her back staring in the direction the others would head. Brock wondered how to say goodbye but just simply leant forward and gave her a hug; Lucy offered a hug as well.

    “You’ll be okay won’t you?” Brock asked.

    “For the last time yes, please don’t worry about me!” May exclaimed.

    “Well have fun,” Lucy said.

    “And be very careful, watch your back!” Brock added.

    “I will be,” May say nodding. The three all turned around waving largely.

    “Goodbye!” They all called in synchronization and so Brock, Lucy and May all headed deeper into the Deadleaf woods.


    May tracked alone through the Deadleaf woods as confident as ever. The Deadleaf woods didn’t seem so, well….dead. Each step was one closer to Spring City, but it was getting rather boring, “Well I guess it’s time for May’s expeditions!” May exclaimed “Today, May and her crew make their way through the Deadleaf woods, but is it as threatening as some of the people make it out to be? I think not!”. Suddenly a pokémon jumped out in front of her and gave her a stare, it was a Buizeru. “Hmm what have we got here folks?” May wondered taking out her pokédex.

    Buizeru: The sea weasel pokémon. Despite the fact that Buizeru live on beaches, they make long journeys into the woods to collect various materials for shelter.

    “Hmm this means I could be coming up on the West coast soon, I probably should be heading a little more diagonal,” May thought.
    “Come back here!” A voice yelled from the distance.

    The shout caused May to leap up “Who was that?” May asked herself.

    “Roselia go and find that Buizeru!” the voice called. May stood stunned, it couldn’t be, Drew already?

    “Drew?” May said.

    A figure soon entered May’s vision, however it was a brown-haired boy with a red get-up, of whom May remembered. “Rory, Rory Tides?” May asked.

    Rory with a Roselia of his own by his side turned around to see May and then his heart thumped “Hey May it’s you! From the contest!” he exclaimed.

    May scratched the back of her head a little nervous “Sure is, hi,” she replied.

    Rory was obviously very excited to see May “I can’t believe it what have you been up to?” he asked running up to May.

    May blushed “Nothing much just traveling,”

    “To Spring City for the contest I suppose,” Rory guessed.

    “Ummm yes that would be right,” May, said still blushing “You going too?”

    “I’m not quite sure. Hmm maybe,” Rory replied beginning to blush himself “Saaaay, I’ve set up camp about a minute from here and you seem a little tired, so would you like to come with me?”

    May stared at Rory and Roselia who were leaned forward anticipating her response “Sure, why not? It would be nice to have some company,” May answered missing friends like Brock, Lucy and even Drew at times. The chemistry between the kind Rory and little old May was very obvious.

    Rory seemed overjoyed “Oh okay that’ll be great! Come this way,” he said politely gently leading May in the direction of their camp with Roselia following. Buizeru watched from behind a bush confused why Rory and Roselia had given up chase on it. Rory and May walked through the forest paths cutting in between trees “So May, you were pretty good in that contest,” Rory told her.

    May took the compliment well and blushed “Thanks, you weren’t so bad either. If only it weren’t for me you may have got in to the final four,”

    “Don’t say that May you deserved to be there,” Rory said.

    May giggled “Oh Rory you’re so nice!” she exclaimed.

    “Well that’s just my personality I can’t help it,” Rory explained noticing some positive tension. Rory seized the moment and wrapped his arm around May’s waist as they continued to walk.

    May looked very surprised “Are you……”

    Rory jumped back “Oh no, no, no it’s just that you looked cold,” -good save.

    May laughed “Hehe thanks for the thought, Rory,” she said.

    The two coordinators and Roselia then entered Rory’s camp, it was in a circle of large trees, A lamp was placed on a tree stump and a tent was pitched beside it. Roselia quickly ran unto the camp and danced around the stump. “Welcome, umm it’s not much but,” Rory said before being cut off.

    “It’s better than my camps,” May interrupted “Will I be in the tent?” she asked.

    “Well it’s actually a one man tent, but I’d be more than happy to sleep outside,” Rory explained.

    May was swept off her feet by this gesture and Rory recognized that ‘what a gentleman,” May thought to herself. “Would you like to sleep in the tent May?” Rory asked.

    May shook her head “No, no it’s your tent you sleep in it,”

    “Come on are you sure,” Rory quickly added.

    “Oh, sure then. I hope it’s not too much of a trouble,” May say. May walked up to the tent and unzipped the entrance, peering into it. May decided to keep her head in, as she couldn’t think of anything to say to Rory at the moment.


    Drew too walked along the grassy paths of the Dead leaf woods and stared into the sky “It looks like it’s evening,” Drew figured. A sudden rustling in the bushed was heard by Drew as he quickly twisted his head to trace the source and notice what leapt out of them and it was the Buizeru. “Hmm a Buizeru, would I want to catch that one?” Drew asked himself. Making his decision, Drew shook his head at the pokémon “Nah, probably not worth it,”

    Buizeru was offended by Drew’s innocent rejection and growled at him. “Hey don’t get ticked Buizeru,…” Drew tried to think of an excuse but couldn’t come up with a sensible one. “Tell you what, we’ll have a battle. If you win, we’ll have a second battle in which I try to catch you but if I win then you have to leave, Deal?”

    Buizeru nodded its head accepting his challenge.

    “Okay then, go Roselia!” Drew called as he threw pokéball into the air expelling his trademark pokémon whom landed on the grass elegantly. Immediately Buizeru growled and leapt at Roselia “Roselia use magical leaf,” Drew ordered. Roselia directed its arm to face the mid-air Buizeru and shot out glowing green leaves in series, which slammed, into Buizeru throwing it to the ground with a thump. “Now Roselia use petal dance!” Drew commanded, confident. Roselia nodded beginning to twist creating many glossy pink petals firing them at the slowly recovering Buizeru. As Buizeru recovered, it’s opened its mouth just in time to shoot out a high-speed jet of water. The two attacks collided pushing each other back-and-froth constantly yet soon the attacks subsided as no clear advantage was seen. After this Buizeru and Roselia positioned themselves to attack once again, Buizeru was first to attack releasing yet another water jet, which quickly hit Roselia pushing it, back yet failing to tip it over. Before Roselia could even think of attacking again Buizeru jumped forward trying to tackle it again.

    “Were not giving up that easily, Roselia use poison sting!” Drew called gallantly. Roselia prepared to launch its attack when Buizeru slammed into Roselia redirecting the poison sting as it blasted out from Roselia’s rose. The poison sting as if it were a shocking coincidence, flew into the forest not hitting anything. The attack soared past Drew’s sight and into the unknown.


    May, Rory and his Roselia sat around the camp’s tree stump joking and talking about their lives in general. May was really enjoying the bonding experience actually a little attracted to Rory. Rory on the other hand had thought that the chance encounter was a sign and he constantly tried to make his move. As the cruel laws of fate would have it, the poison sting managed to zoom into the camp and before any reactions could be made, Rory felt a piercing feeling in his side. “OUCH-I-WA-WA!” he yelled nearly making light of the pain.

    May and Roselia leapt up assuming the worst “Oh my goodness was that a poison sting? He could be poisoned!” May cried.

    “Relax May its nothing,” Rory told May cringing his teeth. “No reason to get worried.

    “Are you sure?” May asked as she began to tend to him. She decided it would be best to investigate where the attack hit. “Pull up your shirt,” May instructed as Rory did so. May headed over his side to check that he was okay, however she found a red path that looked like either a bad bruise or a poisonous swelling. “Is that a mark of pain or poison?” she panicked.

    “Don’t panic I’m fine,” Rory reminded her “Do you know the odds of getting poisoned by an attack like that?”

    “I know its just..” May was interrupted by the cry of Rory’s panicked Roselia who has jumping on the spot frightened as ever.

    One minute ago;


    “Hey Buizeru did you just make Roselia hit someone?” Drew said midly shocked. Buizeru looked around trying to be innocent but knowing it was in trouble and dashed off. “Come back!” Drew called to it. Roselia made an attempt of its own to chase after Buizeru very focused on catching up with him and it seemed that Roselia was gaining ground. Drew was getting caught in the moment “: Yeah Roselia stop it in its tracks!” he called beginning to run along as well.

    Buizeru tried to loose the two and thus took a skid causing it to turn sharply to the left past a row of trees. Soon Roselia made the turn and Drew followed up making a rather silly chase after it.

    “Help us, help us!” Drew heard a voice cry in the distance. He was stunned by the sound of this voice’s cry “May?” Drew asked himself. As Buizeru Roselia and Drew ran into the camp his suspicions were confirmed. They was May kneeling by Rory’s side looking distressed as Drew stopped running to notice. Drew’s Roselia (who is a female) took notice to Rory’s Roselia and froze as well. However, Buizeru took this opportunity to pass through and escape Drew and Roselia’s gasp.






    “What’s going on?” Drew asked her taking notice to her panicked expression.

    “This guy was hit by what I think was a poison sting attack,” May explained.

    Drew blushed “Oh, that was him,”

    “Did you have something to do with this?” May asked angered with the possibility that this was Drew’s fault.

    “That doesn’t matter now,” Drew pointed out “Let’s see what happened to him, I know all about Roselia’s attacks so I can tell what happened,”

    “So it was your fault!” May growled when suddenly they heard Rory cry weakly and fall to the ground motionless. There were huge gasps from everyone worried for Rory’s safety. “Now look what you’ve done!” May cried in an emotional outburst.

    Drew scratched the back of his head nervously “Trust me, it was all an accident. I’ll explain later. Okay just bring the body to me and I’ll find out,”

    “Okay then,” May sniffled grabbing Rory’s shoulder securely. As May planned to drag Rory’s body she realized how heavy it truly was but she had to do it for Rory’s sake. Meanwhile the two Roselias got acquainted as Drew’s Roselia felt very sorry for Rory’s. They turned to watch might struggle to bring Rory towards Drew, who real wasn’t helping at the moment.

    “Come on May just drag it over here!” Drew instructed.

    "That's easier said than done," May say dragging Rory’s weak body along the ground.

    "Hurry up May we don't have all day," Drew added.

    "Yeah, Yeah I'm coming, hush, hush," May said placing the Rory at Drew's foot.

    Drew knelt over the body and looked at the red mark. "Hmm from what I know that's definitely not good either way. But with further inspection, it's..."

    Pain or poison?

    Pain: Who knows how far those needles pierced Rory, would they be able to safely remove them, does Drew have the materials to heal them? And Will May be able to forgive Drew?

    Poison: This is some other stuff. May has never seen something so serious in her whole live. Will she be able to see Drew to same way again? And can the poor Rory be cured?

    Will Rory be okay? Will May and Drew bond? Will the Roselia’s save the day? Will Buizeru come back? All this comes down to your vote. Pain or poison?

    Sorry that this Episode (2) was so short, I guess because I knew there would be a two or three (even 4,5) Page ending I kinda slacked off. Til next time cast your vote by Pm-ing me or posting here.

    This Episode is sure to have a great impact on the story! Wooooo!
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  19. Some errors... some minor, some huge... punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc. XD.: (the bolded stuff is the stuff that needs to be fixed)

    "tides" needs to be capitalized.

    Bold 1: Thanks, not hanks. Bold 2: I think that should be a period.

    There's an "h" at the end of that O...

    Many more minor errors, that I can see anyway- this is a good chap!!

    Huh! Bad Buizeru!!! Bad!

    NOO!! It's supposed to be DREW and MAY!!! -cries cuz Rory might get May before Drew does- lol.

    Poor Rory... but that leaves room for Drew to steal May away and for them to live happily ever after!! (Die, Rory, die!!) just kidding, just kidding!

    Well... there's my review. XD

    ~Kitteh ;258;
  20. Wind Waker

    Wind Waker Now that's Effulgent

    Edited all that. and i've got a really juicy ending in stall for Rory no matter what the ending is!

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