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Illegal things you've always wanted to do. (Serious answers please?)


Are you high...?
Like Dattebayo said, Touch a girl.
Also, Rob a bank, Buy some guns, Steal a car or Helicopter, And take off to Mystery Island with my money and Helicopter and sexy girl.

Mr Chili

In the trade market
O man,

I'd like to steal a police cruiser and mow down people with it so everyone thinks the 5-0 went over the edge. While I'm in the police cruiser it'd be fun to pull people over for no reason and mercilessly beat them to death :O

Do some grave robbing.

Destroy a priceless piece of art, maybe Picasso he sucked.

Pipe bombs in New York when they are dropping the new years ball.

Go to all the churches around here and rip off the crosses and turn them up-side down XD

Steal a someones credit card info and buy me a new living room set.

Break into someones house, download some kiddieporn, leave then call the cops on that pervert. XD

Car fires.

Rob a music store at bomb-point, Idk why but it would be worth it.

Cannibalism. Maybe a politician.

Tag a quick stop with 'Eat P*ssy' across the wall commemorating clerks 2.

Deface currancy Nevermind just did it.

I've always wanted to hit 200 down the highway.

Hostage situation. Stitch two peoples hands together, givem knives make them fight for freedom.

O so much more :O
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The Fire Starter

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Glad I repeated some things other people said and yet I was called out for my post. Ah well, I started this thread so I don't blame you for thinking I'm pretty messed up. I assure you I have a good head on my shoulders, though.

Hmm...I guess there is nothing left except perhaps tearing the tags off of mattresses. So bad.

The Fire Starter

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So, apparently I am not allowed to start a thread about doing bad things, without being seen as an arsonist. (I never said I wanted to set fire to any building?)

Everyone else is free because it appears that most of them fleetingly responded to the thread, they are taken less seriously than I? I certainly hope none of you think I would seriously do this stuff. Just because I started this thread? No, I just wanted to give people the oppurtunity to share in a unique topic.

I offer a little thought into my choices and it's labled as disturbing.

Some more, to stay on topic:

-Eat a steak in India.
-Making fake identities with ridiculous names.
-Beat the crap out of all of the wannabe gangsters at my school who are complete ****s. This, I know can never happen as there is at least one gang somewhere in the student body that I'd rather not mess with. Plus, I'm tall, but scrawny.


Professional Badass
shoot people with a paintball gun


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Pee on the white house.


De Ibwis Twigga!

-Make a Killdozer and use it for revenge.
-On top of that, make homemade Steel Armour much akin to Ned Kelly and go around pumping lead into cops.
-Make, Grow and Distribute Illegal Substances.
-Make some home-made explosives and blow some Shit up.
-Join the Sicilian Mafia and The Taliban at the same time.
-Topple a South American government. Preferably Brazil's.
-Rob a Bank or Museum and steal Cash/Priceless Relics.
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missy peregrym & jessica stroup's car break down & need a phone they come in & have some "water" mixed with x & i get my dream, dont want to get to into details but u get the picture.


The Abysswalker
Besides things I've already done, um...

I've always wanted to kill douches who no one would care if they died anyway.

Oh and driving at my age. It's really not that hard to drive and I'm tall enough to control a vehicle.

Not worth having the cops on your *** though

oh did I mention i'm a pyromaniac?

Deleted member 133172

Have a pet zebra

...Can't think of much else


hit a policeman
i dont even have an issue with the police in the slightest but there is an overwhelming urge to punch them just to see what would happen?