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The Ultimate Absol~
My name is Manene, and I've been gone over a year. I left in May of 2006. The reason: I just stopped coming. But I plan to come back.

I remember everthing, though, but if anything's changed, please tell me.

Although I've been off of the forums, I still go to the main site. Just to let you know.


Go with the current
Welcome back!
(I don't know who you are... but welcome back!)


Welcome back, Manene! Nothing's really changed besides the fact that everyone has Diamond and Pearl on mind these days, while back in May it was all about new voices in the anime.


The Ultimate Absol~
theswampertgirl: Thanks, even if you don't know me!

XD375: That's good to know. And I remember the voice acting "crisis." Everyone was freaking out.

And I think I remember you. . .