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I'm Back! Nice to See You, Alola! (1126)


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I'm Back! Nice to See You, Alola!

Ash & Goh have gone to the Alola Region. It has been a while since Ash was last there so he takes the time to catch up with his old friends, Pokémon and his mentor, Professor Kukui. With his old friends throwing a party for him, Goh gets a bit nervous and eventually, Kiawe challenges Goh to a battle to see if Goh is a fitting rival for Ash. Goh accepts. Will Goh manage to win?

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It wasnt as wow I thought it would be. Nice Bewear and trio cameo. Lillie was nice ig? Some parts felt rushed and others took too long. Is it me or do some voices sound off?


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Good episode, even though it didn't really amount to much because 20 minutes is not really enough to give everyone focus, since Alola had so many characters. But this episode could have set up some long term plotlines:

1. Seems like Lillie and Gladion are getting close to finding Mohn, that would probably be for a future episode. Hopefully they will meet Ash and Go in person as well.
2. Bewear, Stufful, Mimikyu and Mareanie appearing may foreshadow TR's reunion with them in future Alola episodes.
3. Hopefully Ash will use some of his Alola reserves in future World Coronation battles. May also open the door for his other reserves to come back as well. Greninja has been teased for quite some time now so hopefully we will see it return sooner or later.


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Only major criticism I have is that the last few minutes was a little rushed but then again it doesn’t hurt the episode too much either.

This was a fantastically enjoyable return to Alola with tons of fun little moments, cameos and some callbacks up the wazoo. Really liked this one a lot.