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I'm Bad at Titles: 2015 Standard Format


Because I'm Happy.
So I never, ever thought I'd end up posting in a TCG Section of anywhere. It just wasn't a thing I could picture myself doing, as VGC is more of my thing. However, after noticing that I was getting actually usable stuff from the Prize Booster Packs they give out at events for doing well I decided "Eh screw it, i'll try to make a deck." What follows is my first attempt at a deck since 2007, so it may be a bit bad. I'm also aware that this isn't exactly the most active section of the forums, but hopefully I can get some help out of it. Now without dragging the introduction paragraph any longer, here's the deck thing:

Pokemon (18)
1x Kyogre EX (Primal Clash)
2x Camerupt EX (Primal Clash)
1x Delphox (XY)
2x Braixen (XY)
2x Fennekin (XY)
1x Kyogre (Primal Clash)
2x Lanturn (Primal Clash)
2x Chinchou (Primal Clash)
2x Barboach (Primal Clash)
1x Whiscash (Primal Clash) Alpha Growth
2x Manaphy (Primal Clash)

Supporters (7)
1x Lysandre's Trump Card
3x Shauna
3x Professor Birch's Observations

Item/Whatever (15)
2x Energy Retrieval
1x Repeat Ball
4x Fresh Water Set
1x Max Revive
2x Enhanced Hammer
2x Hand Scope
3x Muscle Band

Arena (2)
2x Rough Seas

Energies (18)
7x Water Energy
7x Fire Energy
3x Double Colorless
1x Rainbow Energy


Kanto Region Champ
Some help, then I'll offer some help. General help at making this decklist much more consistent: Though your pokemon lines lack luster at being consistent your trainer lines are fairly consistent, first vs seeker, it's great that you have 6 supporters for draw, but they help run your deck by getting options out fast so putting in about 3-4 vs seeker helps then get things going. 4 ultra ball, this makes things like vs seeker better overall, it is also the best search card in the game even if you have to drop cards you have trump card so no big deal, though repeat ball is good wouldn't really help out if you run multiple pokemon because it doesn't count previous evolutions. Switch, hands down one of the best cards in the game, status effects on active np switch, dmg taken and want to bench something for something better switch, etc.

Decklist specific help: I assume that delphox is for draw, if so you can get away with 2 rare candy and a 1-1-1 line in the deck freeing up space for your main attackers. This deck also has a lot of high energy attackers w/o the use of energy acceleration (minus wishcash, which professor's letter makes wishcash really solid to get going), that being said I can see the use of adding in cards like fresh set and rough seas because it seems like you would take more dmg before setting up to deal more dmg back there is alternatives around this so you can go more on the offensive then the defensive,

blastoise or emboar, (LTR) stage 2 pokemon that offer you the ability to attaché either fire or water energy to your pokemon endlessly from hand per turn.
xerneas/armoatisse (XY) fairy engine, xerneas's geomancy put's 2 fairy energy on the board turn 1 (or 2 depending on who goes second)
bronzing/battle compressor(PHF) bronzing takes steel energy from the discard and puts it onto your benched pokemon, battle compressor takes 3 up to 3 cards from your deck and discards them (so steel energy and a supporter for your vs seeker in hand)
Mega manectricEX (PHF)/virizionEX (PLB) both offer alternative effects, virizion searchs your deck for 2 grass energy and attache them to 1 pokemon and manectric from your discard pile 2 basic energy to 1 of your bench pokemon.

Though these cards above may not be draft picks for your deck, they offer bench support at getting things going in the right direction. I gave some help, I could give more, maybe I'm just trying to be cheesy, probably, good luck with your deck.