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I'm Confused... Is Tucker a Guy or a Girl?

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Okay, I always thought Tucker was a guy, but I was reading a thread and it said Tucker was a girl. So I checked the emerald section under the battle dome and it said "...you get challenged by the dome leader. Beat her and you get the tactics symbol." But then I checked the episode guide for the Pokemon anime episode "Tactics Thearatics" and it refered to Tucker as a guy.

...I'm confused.


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He's a dude. Even in the anime it said so.

I thought he was a girl at first, too. See? Serebii isn't a reliable source.
Like everyone said, Tucker is a male, Electivire Addict. Tucker isn't a unisex name, if I'm correct. So, it automatically makes him a male. Unless he's transexual. Although, I doubt that.


He is a man, well not all man, i find him a little feminine,Though in the anime all the girls are screaming at him ^^.
I'm very sure he's a man^^

Korobooshi Kojiro

Since Japan doesn't have gender-specific nouns irc, and when that page was made, we only had a small sprite of Tucker (named Heath in Japan, not a common name or really strikingly male) so I can see the mistake.
Relative to Birdo.


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Tucker is a guy. Serebii has some errors on various pages. The page in question was probably from before Emeralds release, when everyone was guessing on the genders of the Frontier Brains.


Tucker is a dude. A gender-confused one, but a dude either way.

It's commonly known he's gay.

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He's a guy. He has a male name and in the anime, his voice sounds more masculin than feminine.
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