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im doing an iv breeding experiment

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Big Vyce

i have 6 koffing at lvl 1
Bold/ capable of taking hits 31 in defense
calm/ somewhat vain 31 ivs in sp.def
timid/ alert to sounds 31 iv's speed
modest/ mischievous 31 iv's sp.atk
bold/ often dozes off 31 iv's in hp
If I begin to breed and the first gen of these koffing for ex: the bold/ COTH with modest/ mischievous would the chances of me getting maxed out iv's in DEF and SP.ATK be heightened??? Also if i then breed the bold/mod offspring with a speed/ sp.def offspring would that help me to get maxed iv's in those 4 stats sorry so long plz give feedback sorry mods if i wasn't supposed to put this here

Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
Good 4 u,But For a better chance of getting a good nature use a everstone!


That was unclear. did you mean;

Koffing - 31 Iv in Def +
Koffing - 31 Iv in SpD
= Koffing - 31 Iv in Def+SpD

Koffing - 31 Iv in Atk +
Koffing - 31 Iv in Hp
= Koffing - 31 Iv in Hp + Atk

Koffing - 31 Iv in Atk, Hp +
Koffing - 31 Iv in SpD, Def
= Koffing 31/31/31/X/31/X


You should probably read the smogon breeding guide


gone gently

Take Rad3n's advice.
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