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i'm gillian


is my first post supposed to be here or something? cos i made a thread as well already. sorry, if so!

anyways, i'm currently on pokemon sapphire. i got it like a real long time ago but i never completed it. so this time i'm really determined to complete it, and i hope you guys can guide me as i progress through the game.

oh by the way, my name is gillian. :D

how's the diamond version by the way? i really want to get it! but i have to get a DS first, which is kind of expensive, well, to me. :( oh well.

Rioichi Xesta

New Member
Diamond is good, i think, i have pearl but basically their the same the only pokemon that could have made a difference to me would have been dialga or stunky:) and currently i am makin a bug, ghost, and rock, and normal team(i can never seem to finish one....ghost is almost done though)

Oh and thats my best pearl team the one i beat the pkmn league with the first time, the multitype one(the one below)