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I'm gonna try (UU RMT)


Meme Historian
Alright, this is kinda competitive. I have a friend who I battle all the time, and I usually just throw random pokemon together for it. This time, I'm gonna try making a real team. NOTE: I haven't done competitive in a while, so I'm likely to have a lot of things wrong. All help is appreciated. Anyway, here's how it goes:

Liepard@Normal Gem
Adamant Nature
252 atk 252 speed 4 HP

Fake Out
Night Slash
Seed Bomb/Thunder Wave

I figured I'd try something new to start. I'm sure people have used this before, but I think it might work. Double Your speed with fake out, and try to take down their lead. I'm not sure about Thunder Wave, but it would be nice if Liepard is about to go down. It could help leave something before it goes down.

Roserade@Black Sludge
Natural Cure
Calm Nature
252 HP 120 Def 136 SpD

giga drain
sludge Bomb

I love rest+natual cure. I think it's a great strategy. I'm not sure whether I want sludge Bomb. I know it's STAB, but it doesn't get very good coverage. How does poison do in UU anyway? Well, after having something with spikes, I'll need something to keep them on the field. So, I introduce...

Bold Nature
252 HP 176 Def 80 SpD

Sleep Talk
Night Shade

Here's what I'll use to block any rapid spinner. When I first learned about eviolite, I realized it could work amazing on some pokemon. This one in particular...I'm using night shade over Seismic Toss because I don't have access to seismic toss. If there's anything else I should use besides Night Shade, just let me know. And to help with spikes, I'm adding...

Bold Nature
252 HP 252 Def 4 SpD

Rapid Spin

Oh, blastoise. My favorite kanto starter. He may not be OU material, but he generally does good otherwise. This one will help me spread spikes, poison, and hopefully burns if needed. Now, I noticed I don't have any sweepers, so I'm adding...

Darmanitan@Life Orb
Sheer Force
Jolly Nature
252 Atk 4 SpD 252 Speed

Flare Blitz

Darmanitan is one of my favorite 5th gen pokemon. If it wasn't weak to stealth rock, I think it would do well in OU. It has so much power

I'm not sure what to add next. I'm adding what I think, which would be a late game sweeper. I don't know what would be good, so I'd like to hear what you guys think I should use. Anyway, here's what I wanted:

Porygon-Z@Life Orb???
Timid Nature
4 HP 252 SpA 252 Speed

Nasty Plot
Tri Attack
Ice Beam

I know smogon suggests dark pulse and HP fighting, but I can't get HP fighting, so I'm doing something else. I'd prefer to use adaptability, but if Download works a lot better, just tell me.

I used to do competitive battling, but I gave it up when my DS was stolen. I have another DS now, and I figured I'd give it another shot. I was never amazing, but I certainly did okay (sometimes). This is my team, and I'd love to get some help on it. Thanks a lot.


*Cracks Knuckles* Ah UU my preferred Tier. I'll be happy to help you out sir.

Well the first thing that comes to mind is that you should run Cofagrigus over Dusclops, they have the same typing, same general bulk, but Cofagrigus is an actual offensive threat to the opposing team. Dusclops on the other hand really just sits there and hopes for the best after burning the opponent. Try this set.

Dat Bulk
Nature: Bold
Ev's: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpDef
- Shadow Ball
- Will-o-Wisp
- HP(Fighting)
- Haze

This set lets you both dish out damage and take it. Haze allows you to keep pokemon from setting up on you, and Shadow Ball and HP(Fighting) together have flawless coverage. Will-0-Wisp is for burn support.

The next thing I see is that you are running Liepard. I like this idea but there is a better set you can run for it. It is the fastest Prankster user in the game, even beating Tornadus and Whimsicott. This allows it to take on other Prankster users with impunity, such as the ever present Sableye in the UU tier. Try this set instead.

Liepard@Focus Sash
Ability: Prankster
Nature: Jolly
- Fake Out
- Thunder Wave/Toxic/Encore/Yawn
- Toxic/Thunder wave/Encore/Yawn
- Taunt
Ev's: 252 HP/ 252 Speed

This set is rather self explanitory. You have Taunt to stop other Prankster Users, Fake Out so that if somehow you are taunted you can still attack (It also offers some free damage), and the other two move slots are really up to you. Every one of those listed moves has a good use. Its just personal preference.

For now that is about all I'm going to suggest. I will do a full rate later.


UU expert
-Liepard has no business in UU, quite frankly, everything in the tier has its way with it so I'd just outright remove it.
-Roserade needs sludge bomb lest it get shut down by xatu/grass types
-Don't really think a spin blocker is all that necessary here as you only have one type of hazard, but I agree cofagrigus generally outplays dusclops if you really want one
-Blastoise should probably be specially defensive cuz right now, nothing wants to take a strong special hit but even then blastoise isnt the best poke to take it so you might wanna think about a sturdy special wall. If you add one tho, I'd keep him defensive.
-Darm has a pretty good set but run rock slide over earthquake cuz it hides life orb damage due to rock slide being sheer force boosted while earthquake isn't
-Porygon-z should probs get a scarf, seeing as you have no scarfer at the moment. Replace nasty plot with trick and I'd run download over adapt. It's somewhat of a personal preference, but with a download boost it can do some heavy damage, even with a scarf and timid, and a download boosted tri-attack actually does more than an adaptability-boosted one. Also tbolt and ice beam are perfectly fine substitutes for dp and hp fighting.

Besides what I already said, You might wanna try registeel or umbreon here as a specially defensive wall (to replace liepard). With registeel, you can get up rocks and with umbreon you can provide wish and heal bell support, so your choice.

Not bad overall, you have a nice fire/water/grass core but certain pokes (like rotom heat) pretty much pick up a free kill everytime they're brought in. if you add a good specially defensive wall this will be quite a threatening team


If you are really going to use unburden liepard, well....

from personal experience, hitmonlee is much better in uu.

Hitmonlee @Normal Gem
- Unburden -
Jolly/ Adamant
4 HP/ 252 atk/ 252 speed
- Hi Jump Kick
- Fake out
- Stone edge
- Sucker punch?/ Rapid Spin

Rapid spin can just be a back-up, in case you wanted to remove blastoise for whatever reason. the set i used was rapid spin.

actually, you could probably use slowbro over blastoise, with rapid spin hitmonlee. the two have at least decent synergy, and lee takes out a lot of standard slowbro counters, if it switches in safely, such as zapdos and raikou.

i dont really think porygon-z is going to be sweeping anything, and other pokemon do it so much better, such as nidoking, with STAB Earth Power and/or STAB Sludge Wave. i dont really see the synergy messing up either, at least not too much.


I would like to respectfully say that your wrong in saying the Porygon-Z won't be able to sweep. It is a potent sweeper with a combination of resonable bulk and sky high special attack. I've swept many teams with it.


I would like to respectfully say that your wrong in saying the Porygon-Z won't be able to sweep. It is a potent sweeper with a combination of resonable bulk and sky high special attack. I've swept many teams with it.

well, with all the bulky fighting types, it can't ohko often. for example, mienshao wrecks it, regardless of np boosts. i think scrafty can tank at least one hit, and hit back with drain punch, and a host of other pokemon outspeed it miserably.