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I'm having trouble with some of the past missions for Guardian Signs

Discussion in 'Ranger (Hidden)' started by Skyshaymin492, Oct 8, 2010.

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  1. Skyshaymin492

    Skyshaymin492 Dimensional Traveler

    I've been kind of stumped on how to go on since when I got to the boss of the first fire temple level, I always lose do to running out of time or having my styler destroyed by the Magmortar. I'm using a Piplup for a partner, but I haven't been able to get enough points to be able to level it up further than level 2 for Assist Level, Recovery Time, and Power. Can someone tell me how I can level up my partner and my styler quickly? I want to level up enough to be able to do the mission for Deoxys.
    (Which reminds me that I need to see if anyone in my neighborhood has gotten the game.)
  2. It seems that the missions give significantly less points if you have already beaten them (or at least they're less likely to impact you much).
    I've discovered an easy way to collect points in these missions: change your prerogative a little. For example, I have just unlocked the Ice Temple, but it is still extremely hard while going solo, so I've decided to take some time off from it to take care of another thing I had been planning to do eventually anyway: collecting slates for every species. By repeatedly revisiting the older mazes and battling everything in site, I've gained many level ups and slates for many species, including Drapion and Sandslash. As long as I have some reason to revisit these mazes other than experience, it doesn't seem so tedious to go back and re-challenge them.
  3. Skyshaymin492

    Skyshaymin492 Dimensional Traveler

    Thanks, that helped out quite a bit! In the past few hours, I've defeated the Fire temple, and gotten Blaziken, Aggron, Bastiodon, Magmortar, and a few more powerhouses. By the way, how come I can't ever find enough clocks to get an S rank on each of the final missions for the temples?
  4. Oh man, you're even better at my technique than I am. I've been repeatedly challenging the Forest Temple for the last hour and the only new boss I've gotten a slate for is Vileplume. I did take some time to collect slates from Pokemon I already had slates for in the hopes that they turn out to unlock the evolved forms instead of the basic forms. So far today I've unlocked Chimecho and Noctowl today (last night I beat a Golbat and got a slate for Crobat). I also got a few for pre-evolved forms of the Pokemon I got slates from, namely Aron and Treecko.
  5. lucario295

    lucario295 super genius

    wow i never go back to the temples maybe i should cuz im solo and its hard im only on the 2nd fire temple mission
  6. My technique is still working pretty nicely; now I have beaten the first two missions in the Thunder Temple, but it seems like the third one is just impossible while going solo. You need to repeatedly backtrack to activate switches which open paths on the other side of the room, which would be easy, even while going solo, if the paths weren't lined with Claydoll that charge you as soon as they see you and eat up like 20-30 seconds each. I'm gonna need to get to probably level 50+ before trying that again; I'm gonna make sure I'm strong enough to quickly take out those Claydolls.
    In other news, I have gotten some great new powerhouses on my side in the last few days:
    Also, I just missed getting an S rank by 4 seconds while battling Tyranitar, so about two more level ups otta do it. Heck, I've already managed to get S ranks in the first three mazes of the Ice Temple already.
  7. Skyshaymin492

    Skyshaymin492 Dimensional Traveler

    Really? What pokemon have you been using to S rank the captains and the Ice Temple? I've beaten the Ice temple (with none S ranked by the way) but haven't been able to get through any of the Thunder Temple missions. By the way, the partner I've preferred to use has been Blaziken with Poke Assist level 4, recharge time level 5, and power level 4.
  8. I had been using a full-powered Shinx for the entire Ice Temple and the first two missions in the Thunder Temple, but I changed yesterday after getting a Luxray slate in the Metagross mission. Luxray's power far surpasses that of Shinx, and it only takes two seconds longer to recharge than it takes for Shinx; I still need to level him up a bit more.
    Shinx is great in the Ice Temple because the bosses specialize in speed (plus two of them are Water-types), so an electric attack that stuns them momentarily cripples their strategy. That's also how I beat Lucario, by slowing him down with Shinx's electric attacks. Luxray's attack doesn't stun them, but it momentarily disarms them so their attacks stop working for a couple of seconds, so it's just as good at getting the job done.

    In other news, I did manage to get all the way to Magnezone once yesterday, but with only a minute on the clock at the start of the match I ended up using it as a battle for the sake of scouting his moves; I knew I wasn't going to be able to beat him that quickly at my level anyway, so I decided to use the moment to figure out my opponent's strategy (he's much faster than I would have guessed, by the way).
  9. arcues

    arcues New Member


    any1 want to the deoxy mission with me
  10. arcues

    arcues New Member


    any1 want to the deoxy mission with me
  11. Skyshaymin492

    Skyshaymin492 Dimensional Traveler

    Unfortunatly, the Deoxys mission is not do-able over Wifi, and I highly doubt that you live in the same area as anyone here who has the game that also has parents who would let them associate with strangers over a video game.
  12. Yeah, they really should have thought that one through. Isn't Ranger like the least popular of the sub-branches of the franchise behind Mystery Dungeon and the main games? The Ranger games seem to get far less attention than the others do; I only know one other person who plays the Ranger games, they expect there to be the same swarms of fans with this game that there are with the others? My only hope is to get a second copy and using both DS's at the same time, one for battling and the other just so somebody is there to activate the switches (I couldn't do much more than that because one of the DS's has a defective or, more appropriately, dead touch screen).

    Also, I still haven't beaten Magnezone, but I am getting close; fought him three times today and only lost because the time ran out. As a consolation prize, I did manage to get the slates for Tyranitar and Weavile; still working on Feraligatr, but he's still being stubborn.
  13. R_N

    R_N Better Name GET

    I suspect Lag is the biggest reason there is no wi-fi co-op.

    The game kind of needs to be running at a certain pace so you can catch things and this is especially true when you're playing with other people. Coordination is the key and all. Any little lag could mess things up on either or both ends.

    Anyway I'm a bit stuck on Tangrowth. What are some suggested assists and levels for it?

    if only your main-game stats transferred
  14. Wow, the Light Temple is brutal. I finally made it last night and got creamed at level 57. I'm now about level 63 with a full-powered Abomasnow as my current partner. These last couple of days I've obtained slates for the following powerhouses:

    The most recent one I've obtained seems like the perfect weapon to combat Arceus, Lucario. His final Poke assist is a rapid-fire Aura Sphere attack, the only long-range Fighting-type Poke assist I know of, so using it on Arceus should deal serious damage.
    On a side note, I'm getting really mad that I've gotten an S rank against Salamence like six times now and still haven't gotten a Salamence slate.

    EDIT: Yesterday I finally got Salamence, and now I'm working on Electivire. I've gotten S ranks against him like eight times now and still no luck, but I WILL NOT BE SILENCED! Also, at level 67, I was able to get all the way up to Arceus... with zero minutes and zero seconds left on the clock. The fight was literally over as soon as it began, but the point is I got there. As I said before, level 75 ought to do it.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2010
  15. Illusione-Tempus

    Illusione-Tempus 7 years, man I'm old

    Well I just defeated Tangrowth yesterday alone, so probably I can give you some tips. Try to rank S the mission right before the Tangrowth mission... whatever it is. Most of the time, it will give you Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto's assist is a ranged Air Cutter (I think) at its level 1 assist, even though it's just three. It'll prove to be useful against Tangrowth when it uses Poison powder, especially with the super effectiveness from its Flying type assist.

    Anyway, I just beat the Forest Temple at my English version. In my Japanese version... I just managed to get a Vileplume and Blaziken randomly when I re challenge them out of boredom. Talk about luck. (Oh, and when I show Blaziken to my bro he went like "I want one! That's cheating!")
  16. When I first beat Tangrowth, I had already lost to him so many times that I decided to enlist the help of Drapion, the only boss in that temple that is strong against Tangrowth. Drapion uses a long-range Poison Sting attack, very good when used against a Grass-type like Tangrowth.

    In other news, yesterday I finally got the slate for Electivire. I also managed to get the slate for Gliscor the very first time I got an S rank against him; that was very lucky because it took everything I had to beat the mission that quickly. He is one of only two bosses that gave me their slates the first time I S ranked them, the other one was Magmortar.
    Now I have the slates for all of the bosses in the Forest, Fire, and Ice Temples, all but Magnezone in the Thunder Temple, and Gliscor and Salamence from the Dark Temple.
  17. Ethan

    Ethan Banned

    If you have any trouble or questions with your ranger game, just post in the sticked thread for ranger help.
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