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I'm in need of shinies.

Discussion in 'DP Battle & Trades' started by ProtoManEXE88, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. ProtoManEXE88

    ProtoManEXE88 Rising Trainer

    Basically anything, post what you have and maybe we can come up with something.

    I have basically everything from the original 386 besides Deoxys (damn event never came to New England D:<)

    Here's a short list of what I have to offer, and again, all things are legit, so don't think I'm ripping you off here, XD.

    Mew from Toys R Us
    Celebi from JAA
    Jirachi from the Colo Bonus Disc
    GSC Starters (breed from Colosseum Pokes)
    Manaphy (Offer well for this please)
    RSE Starters
    FR/LG Starters
    Shiny Belossom
    Shiny Bronzong
    Shiny Gyarados
    Shiny Geodude
    Shiny Zubat
    Shiny Voltorb
    Shiny Crobat
    Shiny Psyduck
    Shiny Beldum
    Shiny Floatzel

    (Bronzong and Belossom I caught myself, while all the others were obtained in trades, just throwing this out there if anyone cares)

    And... name anything else if you want it. And note: if they can't be breed, they're most likely cloned. I don't care if you trade me clones either, just as long as they were caught legit. Specify that if you want, but I won't ask questions, I'm just assuming that most 3rd gen ones are cloned.

    Have any questions? Ask away.
    Last edited: May 23, 2007
  2. Light Venusaur

    Light Venusaur Konoha's FMA Ninja

    I can clone you my non-legit Deoxys...if you need one.
    Anyways....I'm not going to ask for much....just a Female Combee/Misuhoney. (since it's a hacked one)
  3. ProtoManEXE88

    ProtoManEXE88 Rising Trainer

    Thanks for the offer, but I'll have to pass.

    If you're really desperate for a Combee though, I'll breed it and trade you one. I got a female off of Wifi today actually, so yeah.
  4. winb83

    winb83 Member

    if you just want a female combee i got one i'll give up, i don't care if your pokemon is hacked or not i'll take it
  5. Silent Dragonfly

    Silent Dragonfly New Member

    I've got a couple of shinies I wouldn't mind trading away, especially considering I'm missing Mew and Celebi are the only pre-4th gen pokés I don't have access to.

    Shiny Geodude, Lv28 (F) Rock Head ability with an Impish nature, Fresh from capture.
    Shiny Crobat, Lv82 (M) with a Naive nature. It's EV trained since I was training it for a potential slot on a team, you can use berries to remove EVs nowadays though.

    Both are legit, one snag - they're stuck in my 3rd gen carts and I don't have access to Pal Park yet. Perhaps you could reserve me a Mew and a Celebi until I've got far enough in the game?

  6. ProtoManEXE88

    ProtoManEXE88 Rising Trainer

    Done and done. Just drop me a PM when you're good to trade.
  7. Gfuent

    Gfuent New Member

    i have a shini duskull i would like to trade fo a celebi or mew but i dont have the national dex yet so you would have to wait until i get it
  8. Leumas

    Leumas Viva La Revolution!

    I have a Shiny Shuppet that I intend to put up for trade once D/P is released in Australia. Would you accept that?

    Last edited: Apr 27, 2007
  9. MEWSY=)

    MEWSY=) <<<I got it!!!!!!!!!

    i need that celebii jaa wood u be interested in trading my shiny deoxys for it
  10. [aka]

    [aka] Well-Known Member

    what would you want for the Red Gyrados?
  11. Shiny Ho-Oh

    Shiny Ho-Oh Well-Known Member

    I'll tarde you my Shiny Medicham for your Mew?
  12. xanthateto

    xanthateto New Member

    I have a (currently level 45) shiny Tentacruel with Pokerus, but like a previous poster I don't have access to Pal Park yet, so I would like to ask could you possibly reserve me a Celebi or Jirachi for a while? I realise this is quite a big ask, so please feel free to say no :)

    If you're interested, I also have a spare Mewtwo (unused so still level 70) and a level 51 Pidgeot; neither are shinies but I'd offer them for any of the legendaries you're offering if you'd be willing.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2007
  13. lilbigman42012

    lilbigman42012 Well-Known Member

    um not now cuz i havent beat the elite four yet but maybe my shiny parasenct 4 ur breloom?
  14. dialga55

    dialga55 New Member

    ill trade u a shiny xatu for a celebi
    I will have to reserve it because i will have to wait until diamond comes out in the uk
  15. ProtoManEXE88

    ProtoManEXE88 Rising Trainer

    Alright. For people who CAN trade today/tonight/tomorrow, send me a PM.

    For those who will have the national dex within a week, just post again in this thread when you get it, or drop me a PM at that time when you have your shiny on your D/P game.

    And for those who won't have a Mew/Celebi/Jirachi for a while... such as the UK people who aren't importing... if my thread still somehow exists at that point, revive it, but I'm not going to be able to remember every single one of you XD.

    And today I'm going to transfer over a bunch of Celebi, and tomorrow likely a bunch of Mew.
  16. gaara2k6

    gaara2k6 Member

    i can trade with you. the only shiny that i got is Dragonair lv 99,
  17. xanthateto

    xanthateto New Member

    Thanks, I'll come back here in a week or so then :)
  18. ProtoManEXE88

    ProtoManEXE88 Rising Trainer

    Alright, had a successful trade with Silent Dragonfly.

    Any other takers?
  19. ProtoManEXE88

    ProtoManEXE88 Rising Trainer

    Bumpage D:
  20. Little-Fox11

    Little-Fox11 New Member

    I Want Shiny Bronzong!!!!

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