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Im so proud


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My son found thePokemon Gale of Darkness disc for the Game Cube the other day and has been playing it with intensity. It' so fun to see an old game getting new love!


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i love XD! i've played thru that game at least 7 times. i usually start over 3 or 4 times a year...i'm currently on mt battle no. 100, resetting for a good natured cyndaquil.
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XD is a good game. I am actually going to restart mine when I get the time.


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Thats great malanu :)

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I don't actually own XD but I played it at my friend's place back in the day. Reading this brings back memories. I wish there were a place where I live now that carried it...


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pokemon XD Gale of Darkness was amazing. I'm gonna restart it soon.


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I always restart that game every time I beat it. It's just that much fun to play, even though it's pretty old.


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I've been planning on restarting XD, but I probably won't have time to do it until summer at the earliest. I haven't played through the story in a long time, so I'm looking forward to playing it again.

I also hope that my future kids will enjoy my Pokemon games. ^_^
Great to read! I love Pokemon Colosseum and XD and replay them a lot! I started an XD file some months ago, and EV train there and select by natures and try to do as good as possible in the Orre Colosseum, I won all rounds except for the Eldes round. I have more than 20 EV trained Pokemon on that XD file. I also used some Pokemon I normally rarely used in the past. And I have more than one memory card, so if I want to start again, I don't have to ditch my EV trained Pokemon, and I could always trade them to LeafGreen or Emerald when needed.