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I'm Sorry, My Love (WizGato one-shot)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Kutie Pie, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie 桜咲くこの坂を今も上っている

    Okay, this here's a one-shot inspired by the song "Gomen Nasai" by TATU and the instrumental version of "You'll Be in My Heart" from Tarzan. But this doesn't mean it's a song fic, no. And this is a WizGato one-shot, so if you turn out to be a PataGato, VeeGato, MyoGato, or some other Gatomon shipping, you may want to avoid this.

    And so as to avoid some confusion...

    If a portion is in italics, it's a flashback.

    If a portion is in bold, it's a dream. This'll confuse you, probably.

    And yes, I know the title is in Japanese, but I won't ever dare do it in the title area. Just inside the post, that's it. Or maybe just this one time, I don't know. I want to hear your opinions about that.

    Rating: All Ages

    Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon. Bandai (or whoever in Japan) has the rights to it.

    Hope you enjoy!


    *~* Gomen Nasai, Watashi no Ai *~*​

    It was a lukewarm, spring night in Odaiba. Small owls hooted happily as they perched in the blooming trees surrounding the city. The lights were bright enough to be seen from afar, but not too bright so it blurred out the night sky. Everything was quiet within the depths of the metropolis. Moreover, it seemed there wasn’t anyone up around that time. It was true, otherwise pedestrians would see an unusual cat walking around.

    Gatomon didn’t want anyone to bother her, so she was glad hardly anyone was out at this time. A soft breeze rustled through her white fur, making her shudder. Her large ears, usually perked upright, were flat against her head in sadness. Her bright sapphire eyes were occasionally twinkling with tears. The clawed, green gloves were tucked underneath her arm as she walked on two legs. Her purple-striped tail swayed to and from lately, the gold tail ring slightly moving from its spot.

    She was gazing sadly at her left paw. It had a large, but faint, X on it. It brought back awful memories. Back before she met her Digidestined, Kari Kamiya, she worked for an evil Digimon named Myotismon. He was a cold-hearted vampire who only wanted power. He found her as a Salamon and took her in. From there he mercilessly whipped her just because she looked at him.

    “Every time you look at me with those eyes,” he once told her, “I’ll have to hurt you.”

    He was true to his word. He had these “training sessions” with his whip, which was where she got it. How she hated it as much as she hated her eyes. With a sad sigh, Gatomon slipped her gloves back on and stopped in front of a large building. She looked up to see the Odaiba Television Station. She came here for privacy, but also for something else. So taking a deep breath she walked right into the station. Fortunately, the door was unlocked, so she slipped in without any problems. No was around at the time, luckily, so she casually made her way through the building.

    For several minutes, she searched the place for the one room she wanted to go into. It didn’t take long for her to find it. As soon as she saw the window, she paused with a small gasp. Slowly, she walked over to it, her eyes wide as if she was in a trance. Had there not been a pane of glass, she would’ve walked to her death. She pressed her paws against it, gazing up at the large moon. It was only a crescent, but she didn’t care. She loved looking at the night sky. She didn’t know why, but it was something she used to do with her friend, Wizardmon.

    Wizardmon was the one Digimon she trusted with her life. He wasn’t cruel and nasty like the others were, just the opposite. He did his very best to take care of her, even if it meant risking his life. Whenever she was sick, he stayed by her side, nursing her back to health. If she was injured, he healed her. If she was lonely, upset, or just emotional, he was there to comfort her. He was a wonderful mon, always looking at the bright side. She usually referred to him as her “big idiot”, being such a card at times. Nevertheless, she loved him as a friend. Never once did he complain about her.

    Gatomon sighed as she continued to stare up at the constellations. Her eyes grew teary as she remembered one of her most memorial past events she tried to look back on.

    “Look, Gatomon!” Wizardmon exclaimed one night, staring up at the sky. “That one looks just like a Koromon.” He traced the stars with his finger, glancing over to her with bright emerald eyes.

    She leaned her head to one side before smiling. “I see it!” she giggled. “Looks a bit wonky, but it does look like one.”

    “Maybe it’s his expression.”

    “Now that you mention it, he has that ‘oh em gee’ look on him.”

    The dirty-blonde elf laughed heartily. “Maybe it’s what he’s seeing.”

    She punched his shoulder. “Knock it off. You know it’s just an expression.”

    He winked. “I know. I was just saying…”

    “Ah! Don’t want to hear it.” Gatomon shook her head before turning back to the stars. She frowned immediately as she stared up above her. It wasn’t a pretty picture. It showed her being whipped harshly by Myotismon, the other henchmen laughing off to the side. What hurt her even more was that there was no sign of Wizardmon. It was common for him to be somewhere else while she was being beaten.

    Her friend glanced over to see her eyes watery. He leaned on one elbow as he turned to her. “Gatomon? What’s wrong?”

    She briefly looked over at Wizardmon before turning away. “Nothing,” she breathed out a lie.

    “You sure?”

    She just nodded, hugging her knees to her chest. “I’m fine, Wizardmon. You don’t need to get worried over something small.”

    He sat up to his knees, gazing down on her. “I’d like to know what the problem is,” he insisted. “I can help you.”

    But she stubbornly shook her head before burying her face into her arms. Gatomon tried hard to keep in her tears as her memories flooded back to view. Wizardmon wouldn’t be able to understand. How could he help make her feel better? She felt his hands cup her head, bringing it up. They stared into each other’s eyes before she lowered them in shame. “I’m sorry, Wizardmon,” she muttered.

    “No need to apologize,” he reassured her. “I’d like to give you some advice, though, on how to make your eyes more beautiful than they already are.”

    “Huh?!” Gatomon felt insulted at that comment. What was wrong with her eyes? “What’re you saying?”

    “They’re filled with too much anger, sadness, and fear,” he explained. “I also see some pain and…” From behind his cowl, Wizardmon smiled slightly. “…and some hope.”

    “Hope?” she repeated.

    “It’s that hope that’s been keeping you alive. It also lets some of the beauty shine through.”

    “So, what you’re saying is… I just need to change how I see things?”

    He nodded. “And more. You know, Gatomon, a long time ago you had the brightest eyes I’ve ever seen. But now that your heart’s been plagued with darkness, it’s been trying in vain to show itself.”

    “Nobody likes my eyes now, so why should I change them?” she grumbled.

    Wizardmon caressed her face slowly. “If you want to survive, change your ways. Then you’ll see for yourself.” He poked her nose, making her giggle.

    “I’ll try, Wiz,” she promised with a purr.

    “I know you will. After all, my last wish is to see the true beauty in your eyes. So I want you to work on it, okay?”

    “Last wish, eh? That’ll be plenty of time.”

    The years went by and she did change her ways. It was hard to do because of Myotismon’s beatings, but it was what saved her. Yet she didn’t know if she fulfilled Wizardmon’s wish. That thought haunted her many years after his death. “I failed you, my friend,” she sadly whispered, hanging her head. “I broke my promise.”

    “What do you mean?” a voice echoed in the room. “No promises were broken.”

    Gatomon gasped as she spun around on her spot. Standing there was Wizardmon, still with his battered hat, tattered cloak, ruffled blonde hair, and kind, yet sad, emerald eyes. She smiled through her tears. “Wizardmon… you’re back.”

    “Just for now,” was his reply.

    Without thinking, the cat ran over to him, spreading out her arms to give him a hug. But she went right through him, tripping onto the cold floor. Her eyes widened with shock before she spilled out more tears. She glanced at her paws, sobbing. “Just like before,” she breathed.

    Gatomon slowly stood up, her ears drooped and head down. She forgot… he died ten years ago. He was still a ghost, unable to find peace. With a small wail, she ran right back through her friend to the window. Again she ran into it, smashing her poor little face. But she didn’t care. In anger, she pounded her fist against the glass, wishing it would shatter, taking her sadness with it.

    “Gatomon…” she heard him whisper behind her.

    She turned around, staring up into his eyes. He was knelt down close to her height, and she knew he longed to comfort her with his touch. She dropped her eyes, ashamed to look at him. “I’m sorry, Wizardmon,” she suddenly blurted out.

    “What for?”

    “I broke your promise to change my eyes,” she reminded him. “I tried really hard, too. But I failed.”

    He just shook his head. “No, you’re wrong,” he corrected her. “You actually succeeded.”

    She was confused. “What are you talking about?”

    “You did fulfill my wish, Gatomon. You did…” He raised a hand to touch her cheek, but then lowered it in sadness.

    Gatomon wished she had a mirror so she could see for herself. “What do they look like now?” she wondered.

    Wizardmon gazed into them. “They’re filled with… Happiness, love, compassion… the list goes on. But…” He paused. “They’re still filled with pain. Not from the darkness, no, but from loss. Oh, Gatomon…”

    She hung her head. “So I did fail you…”

    He shook his head. “Wrong again. Yes, you were sad to see me go, but you had worked very hard to make sure Myotismon wouldn’t get to you. I congratulate you on that.”

    “Well, yeah, but… I wasn’t done yet. I still had to work on a few other things.”

    “You were fine, Gatomon. Please don’t go blaming yourself still. I want you to be happy, free from your pain.” Another painful wave washed over him as another crave to stroke her head came.

    She smiled slightly. “Why were you here, all of a sudden?” she queried. “I didn’t call for you. Well, not yet.”

    Wizardmon sighed. He stood up and turned his back on her. “I… I just wanted to is all.”

    Gatomon frowned. It sounded like a lie. “You did, huh? But is there another reason?”

    He shook his head. “N-No. That was just it.”

    “Then why aren’t you looking at me? It's hard for me to believe you're telling the truth.”

    He suddenly sobbed as he collapsed to his knees. She gasped in horror as she saw how he was wavering out of focus. He was about to disappear… wasn’t he? She ran over to his side to see him trying his hardest not to cry. “Wizardmon? What’s wrong?”

    It startled her when his hands suddenly shot out to grasp her shoulders, but instead slipped through. “I can’t take it anymore!” he shouted.


    “Gatomon, there are consequences to death,” he said, staring at his shaking hands. “I can’t leave this cursed television station because it’s my grave. I can still watch over you, but I can’t stay in dreams for even a short period of time. I can’t contact with you except here. And… and…” Wizardmon couldn’t go on. His throat clogged up with tears before he could mention anything else.

    Gatomon just stood there, staring at him as she felt his pain. A few tears trickled down her face at the sight of him lost in his thoughts. She wished she could hug him. “So… what you’re saying is…”

    “I just want to be with you again,” he choked out quietly. “I don’t mind being a guardian angel, it’s just that… I can’t do anything except… protect you briefly…”

    “Just like before.”

    He only nodded in a slight agreement. “Except that, I can’t do anymore.”

    They were silent for a while, Wizardmon flickering in and out every now and then. It worried Gatomon to think she might not see him again. She walked back over to the window, staring up into the moon. She could see the scene of her friend’s death replay clearly in her head. Myotismon’s bats darting at her and Kari… Wizardmon taking the blow… Watched as he slipped away from her life as her Digidestined’s cry split the silence.

    She gave a sudden gasp as she felt something cold on her shoulder. She turned around to see Wizardmon, tears in his eyes. He lowered them sadly. “I’m sorry, Gatomon.”

    “What do you mean?” she asked softly.

    “For not being able to… be with you,” he added. “I’m forced to stand aside and watch you fall apart. I can’t do a thing… and it hurts to think about it…” With a small sigh, he looked back into her eyes. He raised a transparent hand to her cheek. Gatomon shivered slightly at the feel. Then with his other one, he pulled down the scarf that covered his stitched mouth.

    She did nothing, not even widening her eyes in shock. Instead she smiled slightly. “I forgive you,” was her response. “And it’s all right. I’ll survive. Just as long as I know you’re still watching over me… I’ll be fine.”

    He smiled as well, a tear streaming down his face. She raised her hand to flick it away, but then paused in embarrassment and sadness. She let it fall, but not before Wizardmon’s tear fell onto the back of her glove. With wide eyes, she pulled it off to see on her hand a change. Her X-shaped scar had disappeared, only to leave a heart with angelic wings on her hand. Etched in the middle of it was a single teardrop.

    Gatomon’s eyes filled with tears as she looked back up into her friend’s eyes. She had grown numb from feeling the cold touch of his hand, but she just focused on the last words he whispered. “I’m sorry… my love.” Then he slowly leaned down, closing his eyes. But just as his lips reached hers, he faded from view.

    She just stood there in shock, staring ahead. He tried to kiss her… and she could’ve sworn she felt it briefly. With a small smile, Gatomon turned around to face the moon. Near it, a certain star caught her eyes. It was a bit brighter than the others, winking like how Wizardmon would had he been there. Tears escaped down her face as she went through her memories of her and him. But she ended up looking down to see Kari walking up to the door. Her short, brown hair gleamed at her, almost scolding her for running away.

    With a sigh, she pulled away from the window. But in her head, she recited a small poem Wizardmon used to say:

    Whenever you’re lost in the dark
    Search for the light, my angel.
    From inside your heart
    The answer you seek may dwell.

    Don’t store your life away
    It becomes part of Hell.
    Just reach for the light of day
    And your soul shall swell.

    Please don’t cry, my angel
    For in my arms you are safe.
    I’ll hold you well
    And strengthen your faith.

    He used to recite it to her when she felt lost. It helped her forget briefly Myotismon’s tortures, helping her return to life. It calmed her down, just like a lullaby would. She never forgot it, not even the rhythm it had. Only once did she say it to Kari when she was feeling down one day. But tonight, it was clearer in her head, like Wizardmon was there next to her, reciting it.

    “There you are, Gatomon,” Kari’s gentle voice drifted to her.

    She looked up briefly to meet her umber eyes. “Hey, Kari,” she whispered.

    “What’s wrong?” The brunette knelt down to look at her better. She wrapped her arms around her in a hug.

    “The usual.”

    Kari frowned. “You couldn’t help but come back again, huh?”

    Gatomon nodded slowly. “Is it okay if I go to the Digiworld very quick?” she wondered.

    “What for?”

    “Just whatever.”

    The Digidestined was hesitant, but she walked over to the computer. She pulled out her D-3, called the Digiport to view and activated it. Nodding, Kari stepped aside to let her Digimon go through. “I’ll wait here,” she said. “Don’t be long.”

    “I won’t.” The feline was sucked through the computer and soon turned up at the beach. She looked beside her to see the four memorials Mimi made a decade ago. They were for the Digimon who sacrificed themselves for the Children: Whamon, Piximon, Chipmon, and Wizardmon.

    She knelt down at the one for her friend, tears invading her vision. “Wizardmon… thank you,” she whispered after a few minutes. “Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. Had you not been there when Myotismon sent the deathblow, Kari or I wouldn’t be here. Thank you for telling us about the golden radiance of kindness so as to bring Ken to our side and to defeat MaloMyotismon. And thank you for always being there for me. You’ve been a great friend.”

    With a small smile, she sketched a heart on the sand, placing his name inside it. “Arigatoo, Wizardmon-kun. Aishiteru." Closing her eyes, Gatomon felt herself returning to the Odaiba Television Station, landing in Kari’s arms. She purred, hugging her as sleep overtook her.

    Gatomon opened her eyes to find herself in a large meadow, covered with colorful flowers waving gently in the light breeze. The long, sparkling river flowed downstream with no disturbances. In front of her was a large weeping willow, its long, stringy leaves and branches hanging over the side. Underneath the shade was a figure, waving to her.

    She smiled, running over to him with tears in her eyes. Though her lips moved, she called his name soundlessly. In a matter of seconds, she found herself safe in his arms, sobbing into his clothes. Gatomon looked up into his bright emeralds as he cupped her chin. He knelt down close to her height, leaning his forehead to hers. She gave a silent sigh of happiness as she placed her hands on his shoulders. Then they leaned forward and softly touched lips, holding each other close.

    When they parted, Gatomon snuggled underneath his chin as he carried her back to the weeping willow.

    Whenever you’re lost in the dark
    Search for the light, my angel.
    From inside your heart
    The answer you seek may dwell.

    Don’t store your life away
    It becomes part of Hell.
    Just reach for the light of day
    And your soul shall swell.

    Please don’t cry, my angel
    For in my arms, you are safe.
    I’ll hold you well
    And strengthen your faith.

    Aishiteru, Wizardmon…


    So how was it? I don't think I did the ending right, but I'll take all comments you throw at me.

    Oh, and "aishiteru" means "I love you" in Japanese in case you didn't know.

    *Kutie Pie* Please be kind to midgets!
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2006
  2. Well done, Kutie Pie. What an amazing one-shot!! You really did a good job. I hope you get the PM I sent you.
  3. Brian Random

    Brian Random I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!

    KP… If you’re familiar with baseball, you’re hitting it home.

    I don’t think you describe much on the scenery in some parts of fic; for example, inside the building but it’s okay when you almost everyone distracted with the emotions Gatomon and Wizardmon showed, which, I must say, was terrific.

    I don’t think I can review on anything else because this is mainly based on the emotions and feelings between the two characters. The lyrics you picked got me thinking of one word, ‘wow’.

    I feel that something more could be added but still, it’s brilliant the way it is.
  4. Speedfox

    Speedfox Well-Known Member

    Wow. Just... wow...

    It was amazing! Well done! I loved that fic! :]
  5. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie 桜咲くこの坂を今も上っている

    HIYA PEOPLES! *hugs*

    Psychic Umbreon: Hi! *hugs* ^^ Thank you! I thought I did horrible one it, but now guess I didn't. And YES, I did receive the PM you sent me. IT'S ADORABLE! LOVED IT! *huggles you* Thanks again for reviewing! (And the little treat.)

    Brian Powell: Hi! *hugs* Yes, I'm familiar with baseball (who isn't?). O_O Considering I rarely made it home when I played ball in elementary school. xP About the building... yeah, it's not like there was much inside, but I SUCK at describing buildings on the outside. I figured no one would really notice, XD heh. Yeah, I took FOREVER on the emotions, but I didn't make it longer than I hoped. Wait, lyrics? No, that was a poem, actually. A small poem I made up that Wizardmon would've recited to Gatomon back at Myotismon's castle. (If that was part of a song, I'd get in trouble for not mentioning who it was XD. Credit for "lyrics" goes to *names non-existing band* 8D. Well, thank you for doing the three 'R's, Brian Powell! *hugs*

    Speedfox: Hi, newcomer! *hugs* ^^ Aw, thank you! I thought I did poorly (or at least mediocre) on it. Especially at the end. o.o I had trouble doing it. Short reply, but it says a lot of things. Thankies! *hugs*

    Thank you all for replying! *throws candy* It's my brothers' candy along with some of mine I haven't eaten yet 8D. I'm SOOO busted.

    *Kutie Pie* Please be kind to midgets!

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