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.:I'm still alive:Mohawk:.

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I haven't posted art in a while. I wanted to draw a person with a mohawk, and this was the result. And I PURPOSELY left out the pupils cause I wanted to and I liked the blank stare.


Please comment and Do Not Steal This!
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Summer Wolf

OHhhh, hair looks prew-ty!

... Now that I got that out, I'll actually make a somewhat intellegant comment ^^;;; I like the coloring, especially on the hair, and the pupiless look is a little... scary *shudders*

I don't really see anything wrong with this picture so, great job! Your art rocks!


I love the yellow/skin colorish and white contrast on her skin, and the way you smudge the hair is beautiful making is so real.I think you should move the mouth abit to the left, but than that is just my opinion ^.^ This is a stand out, I love your choice of bg color :3
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