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I'm There For You (Hoennshipping Rated PG-13 just in case)

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Hi! This is my first try at a Hoennshipping fic.

Genre: Romance/Humor
Couple: Hoennshipping with one hint of Pokeshipping
Rated: PG-13 in case of language

On with the fic!

~I'm There For You~

by hikari_blaze

It was a bright sunny day in the small town of Littleroot, everyone's happy... except a very nervous boy.

"Aaw, come on Brendan! Don't be so nervous!" said Ash, the pokemon trainer with messy black hair and brown eyes, along with Pikachu on his shoulder. He was wearing a blue hooded vest over a black shirt, blue jeans, and a red cap which had a green pokeball icon in the middle.

"I-I-I can't help it! You never had to ask out a girl before!!", exclaimed the white-hair boy with crimson eyes named Brendan trembling with bright red roses in his hands. He wore a black shirt with red stripes, black pants that was yellow on the ends, yellow fingerless gloves with a blue stripe oneach one, and his black headband with a red pokeball icon.

"Don't worry about him Brendan. Ash never really had much romance experience before.", explained Brock, the pokemon breeder and former Pewter city gym leader. He had spiky black hair, and slits for eyes. He wore an orange shirt with a green vest, and brown pants.

"Well-uh-I..." stammered Ash trying to think of a comeback."Well, at least I have Misty! You can't get a girl yet!"

"...." was the only thing Brock said as he bowed down in shame while Brendan watched with a sweatdrop.

"...Anyway...OH!" exclaimed Ash as he spotted her. "There she is! Now's your chance, Brendan!"

"AAAH!! WHAT'D I DO?! WHAT IF SHE TURNS ME DOWN?! WHAT IF-WHAT IF-WHAT IF-" yelled Brendan as he panicked.

"Brendan, calm-down." calmed Brock.

Brendan calmed down as they watched the girl, the object of Brendan's affection, May

May, the pokemon coordinator with her light-brown hair tied up with her red bandana with a white pokeball icon. She wore a red shirt with black shorts with a white band around her waist, wearing her fanny-pack. Right now, she was practicing moves with Beautifly, her sapphire-blue eyes shining in the glimmer of the sun.

"GUYS! WHAT IF SHE TURNS ME DOWN?!" yelled Brendan.

"Well, hey. Ya never know until you try!" said Ash.


"...." Then Ash and Brock got a devilish look on their faces.

"Uh..guys? I don't like that look you're giving me." said Brendan but it was already too late. Ash and Brock threw-er.. more like catapulted Brendan in May's direction. Brendan stood up with a peeved look on his face, and looked at Ash and Brock who gave him a thumbs-up sign.

"He walked to May with the kinda crushed roses in his hands walked to May in hopes that she would accept his proposal to a date.

'What if she turns me down? What if she doesn't feel the same way? What if...' lost in his thoughts, Brendan didn't noticed anything around him until he tripped on a rock, and was met face-to-face with the ground.

"Oh my gosh! Brendan, are you ok?" said a female voice. Brendan looked up only to meet with sapphire blue eyes. It was May.

"Uh... h-hi, May." stammered Brendan with a pink blush appearing on his face. Great, I just made myself look like an idiot in front of May.

"Brendan? Are you ok?" said May snapping Brendan back to reality.

"Uhh.. yeah I'm fine! Uh..... May?"

"Yeah, Brendan?"

"Uh... I-I-I was wondering if-if y-y-y-you have time, w-we can g-g-g-go to Lilycove? At th-the beach?" stammered Brendan and handed the roses.

Ash slapped his forehead as he and Brock watched the exchange. "Ugh, this guy needs help"

"You mean... on a date?",asked May as she took the roses.

"YES-I mean...NO...I mean YES-NO-YES-NO-YES-NO-ARRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!!",stammered Brendan.

"Well...sure I'll go with you Brendan!",replied May.

"GREAT! Uh.. I mean cool. Sunday at 6?"

"Sure! See ya then! Thanks for the roses!" and with that May skipped back to her house with beautifly tagging along.

Ash and Brock ran over to Brendan. "See, Brendan? I told ya it would be ok!" ,said Ash.

"Yeah! You never know if it works until you try!",said Brock. But they got no reply.

"Brendan?" They asked to see if he was ok only to find that Brendan has fainted with a dazed expression on his face.

"Brendan?!?! Are you sick?!?!",panicked Ash. Brock and pikachu just sweatdropped.

She accepted. was Brendan's last thought.

~To Be Continued~
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Nice plot. Kinda cute. ^^ I <3 how this fic is about Brendan trying to get with May. xD

But there were a couple of flaws.

hikari_blaze said:
"Aaw, come on Brendan! Don't be so nervous!", said Ash, the pokemon trainer with messy black hair and brown eyes, along with Pikachu on his shoulder.
You don't need a comma.

(A/N: Brock: HEY!!)
Don't add author notes. =/ They throw off the plot of the story. ><;

"AAAH!! WHAT'D I DO?!?! WHAT IF SHE TURNS ME DOWN?!?!?! WHAT IF-WHAT IF-WHAT IF-" yelled Brendan as he panicked.
Just use one or two "!?". And screaming doesn't all have to be capitalized. You can bold it.

May, the pokemon coordinator with her light-brown hair tied up with her red bandana with a white pokeball icon. She wore a red shirt with black shorts with a white band around her waist, wearing her fanny-pack. Right now, she was practicing moves with Beautifly, her sapphire-blue eyes shining in the glimmer of the sun.
You described May . . . but you didn't do that to anyone else in the story. =/

- - - -

Write it in Miscrosoft Word or something first 'cuz it really looks like you just typed this in the reply box. >>;

Keep up the work! ;D
its nice hikari_blaze
some mistakes but i think Kanta-chan pointed them out already. ^^;
can't wait to read more of it ^^


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I'll be checking on it. Very few shipping fics are actually good and this is one of them. and do what kanta-chan said, type it in microsoft word. It's good but a bit short. lenthen it a bit but it is only the first chapter.


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Kanta-chan said:
Write in MicrosoftWord or something first 'cuz it really looks like you just typed this in the reply box. >>;

......... Yes, I did type this in the reply box.

Anyway I fixed all the damn mistakes.
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Well, it's a nice story. 'Tis cute! It's been such a long time since I've read any Hoennshipping fanfiction (has already read all of them here)! There were some mistakes, but you fixed them! There's some nice description in there, so I can't wait for the next chapter! Keep it up! ^^


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In chap 3 there will be Hoennshipping! ^____^ I'm trying to find out a way to post Chap2 on Microsoft. It never works when I try to write the chapter in the reply box. ;___;

I'll try my best to post Chap2 tomorrow through school and homework.
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Sweet! Even though there where a few mistakes (Kanta point them out).

Wonderful ^^;; keep it up!


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I’m very pleased people like this story. ^_^ Chap2 now on!

*I’m There For You*

By hikari_blaze

~How To Get Ready For a Date~

Brendan returned the happiest he was in his whole life. May has accepted to go out with him!

Before he went to bed, Brendan opened the curtain windows, and shouted at the top of his lungs: “THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!” It was loud enough for all of Littleroot all the way to Oldale Town to hear.

“Hey, shut up!” said a grumpy neighbor who threw an old shoe at Brendan knocking him out unconcious for the rest of the night.

The Next Day

The sun shined through the windows telling Brendan that it’s time to wake up. Brendan woke up only to find 3 pairs of eyes staring right at him. After 10 seconds of silence…


Outside the House

A man was walking by enjoying the bright day. “Ah, what a beautiful day!”


The man’s ears were ringing for a week.

Inside the House

Brendan was standing against the wall shocked as he looked at Ash, Brock, and Pikachu plugging their ears.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS DOING IN MY ROOM?!” yelled Brendan after he regained his senses.

“You didn’t wake up for a while so we tried to wake up after we found you unconcious on the floor.” Explained Ash rubbing his ears.

“We came to help you get ready for your date.” Said Brock unplugging his ears.

“But the date isn’t until 7:00.” Reminded Brendan.

“It’s 1:00” said Ash.

“AAAAAAH!! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?!” panicked Brendan as he tried to get dressed but tripped on his clothes. Ash and Pikachu just sweatdropped.

“Calm down. Lucky for you, while you were sleeping, Brock and I had the consideration to get some clothes for you.” Explained Ash as he took out a bag of clothes.

“Thanks.” Said Brendan as he took the bag and went inside the bathroom to change.

After a while he came out in the new clothes. “These ain’t half bad, guys.”

Brendan was wearing a black polo shirt which was red at the sides and around the open collar. He wore gray pants which were black at the sides, and black, red, and green sneakers. His gloves were red and fingerless with green and black striped wristbands. He wore a headband similar to the one he usually wears, but it was green.

“Not bad,” complimented Ash. Even Pikachu gave a squeal of approval. “Pika!”

“Here you go,” said Brock as he handed Brendan a picnic basket filled with food. “I made a picnic lunch for your date.” Brendan blushed at the word ‘date.’

The 4 of them headed outside as Brendan called out his flygon, Wings, to fly to Lilycove.

“Good luck!” cheered Ash. “Pikachu!” said Pikachu who hopped on Ash’s shoulder.

Brendan’s mother watched the whole thing and couldn’t help but be proud. Her son was really growing up. “Good luck on your date, honey!”

“Mom!” said Brendan embarassed at what his mother said. “What time is it?”

“It’s 6:50.” Said Brock.

“AAAH! Alright Wings, we gotta get to Lilycove, QUICK!” he panicked earning a grim from the green dragon pokemon.

-Don’t worry, Brendan! I’ll get you there at top flying speed!- said Wings, his big red eyes growing wide with excitement, his green wings framed with pink beginning to flap.

“T-top flying speed?” asked Brendan, but it was too late. Wings took off into the sky as fast as a Pikachu’s agility carrying a screaming Brendan clinging on to Wings for dear life, leaving a sweatdropping Ash, Brock, Pikachu, and Mrs. Birch.

If you were to see them, all you would have seen was a terrified screamer on a green blur.

~To Be Continued~

Chapter 2’s done! Next on Chapter 3 is where the Hoennshipping starts! ^__~
I’m sorry I couldn’t describe Brendan well. Just think of him wearing the Pokemon Emerald outfit. ^^;;;

Blaze: BTW, hikari does not own pokemon.
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Nice job on your 2nd Chapter! I love when Brendan yells out his window and a neighbor hits him with a shoe. ^^; That happened to me once...

You described Brendan's outfit pretty well, actually! Good Job!

Can't wait for the next chapter! Keep it up! ^^
Pretty short! Really... you needed description... I mean what did the shoe looked like? ANd what did the room looked like? Did the window had curtains? See what I mean? ... Keep it up ^^;;


I'm not ussually into hoenshipping, but I really like this fic. It has a good plot and is really funny. The only thing is the length, it's little to short. Anyways, kepp up the great work and I hope to see more soon!


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Hey, guys! Here's Chapter 3! SORRY for the long wait. (lazy)

Chapter 3: The Date Starts

Brendan arrived at Lilycove, still in shock from the ride Wings gave him. “Th-thanks, Wings.”

Wings smiled at his trainer. – No problemo, B-man! Good luck on your date! - The Flygon teased.

“Wings!” exclaimed Brendan.

-Haha, I just playing with ya, but good luck! – said the Flygon.

“Thanks.” Brendan took out Wings’s great ball which was blue on top with red stripes, “Return.” The great ball shot a bright red light which returned Wings back into his container. Brendan took a deep breath, and walked toward the beach where he would meet May.

At the beach, Brendan thought to himself, ‘What if she doesn’t feel the same? What if I ruin our friendship?’ Brendan’s mind was full of worries.

“Brendan?” came an angelic voice. Brendan turned around, and his breath was almost caught in his throat.

There was May dressed in a red tube top which had a white zipper and a black collar. The pockets were also white, and she wore black shorts. Over her black socks were red, black, and white sneakers. Her gloves were white with the fingers black, and the wristband were striped black and green. Her bandana was like the one she usually wears but it was green. In other words, she looked beautiful.

“Wow, you look really beautiful,” commented Brendan, and once he realized what he just said he blushed really hard.

“Th-thanks, Brendan. You look nice too,” May said, a tint of pink of her cheeks. Was she blushing? Silence ensued the two until Brendan spoke up.

“Let’s eat.”

Somewhere else, Ash, Brock, and Pikachu watched the two of them from afar. “Looking good so far,” said Ash. A pretty girl passed by, and well, you know what happens next.

“Hi! I’m Brock!” said Brock in his goofy lovey-dovey voice he uses whenever he sees a pretty girl. Unfortunetly for him, he was pulled by the ear again.

“Focus here Brock! We’re not here to flirt!” scolded Ash still pulling Brock’s ear.

“Ow… well, could you remind me why we’re here in the first place?” asked Brock. Ash sweatdropped.

“We’re here to make sure the date goes well,” explained Ash as he turned back to look at Brendan and May. ‘C’mon, Brendan. This is your chance.’

Back where Brendan and May is, they two of them set up the picnic, and started to eat the food.

“This is pretty good! Brock always was a good cook,” May commented happily, taking another bite of teriyaki. Brendan felt a pang of jealousy in his heart.

“Yeah, I guess it is.”

May looked out into the sky seeing the sunset’s beautiful reflection in the ocean. “It’s really wonderful, isn’t it?”

“Huh? What do you mean?” Brendan asked confused.

“The sun. It sure is beautiful when it sets like this. It’s kinda like it’s saying goodbye, that it’s going to the other, but it will be back,” she turned to face him, “Right?”

Brendan took a while to take what she just said in before a small smile appeared, “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

“It’s really amazing, isn’t it?”

“… Yes.” Brendan looked at the trash from the picnic, such as bones and wrappings. “Think we should throw these away?” He asked. May smiled.

“Good idea.” They both picked up the trash, and threw it away. Not knowing a small robotic camera was flying above them.

Somewhere Else

Someone was watching them from afar. The shady figure smirked, “You just wait. I will have my revenge.” He looked into the camera watching the two trainers.

Back at Lilycove

“Now that that’s done, what should we do?” Brendan asked.

“Well, we could—“ While walking accidentally May tripped on a rock and was about to hit the ground.

“May!” Brendan jumped forward just in time to catch his love, “Are you ok?”

“Yeah…” May assured, but then the two realized the position they were in, and the two of them blushed furiously. They both stood up, and start to walk back to the beach. Déjà vu strikes again, and this time Brendan tripped on the rock, falling on top of May. They ended up in another awkward position. Brendan was right on top of May, their faces just inches apart from each other.

Oh, boy.

But, it was different this time, as the two started to lean in closer to each other. Their lips were inches apart.

“Oh, boy! This could be Brendan’s chance!” exclaimed Ash as he, Brock, and Pikachu watched, their eyes glittering with excitement.

Brendan and May were getting a little closer as their eyes slowly closed.

Just a little bit more…

But, just then, sudden smoke filled the area causing the two trainers to separate. Soon, coughs filled the air.

“May! Where are you?!” yelled Brendan trying to find May in the smoke.


“May!” Brendan ran through the smoke trying to find May’s voice, but it was no use. It’s too thick. ‘But, I can’t give up! May needs help!’ Brendan took out a pokeball. “Why didn’t I think of this before?! Go, Speedy!” Brendan throw the pokeball, and released Speedy, the Swellow.

Swellow was a red and black flying type with a white underbelly. “Speedy, blow the smoke away!” The Swellow used its majestic wings, and flapped them with great power, causing the smoke to disappear. There Brendan was able to see the victim who caused this. “May!” Brendan yelled. May was unconscious in a hooded man’s arms. Brendan’s blood boiled.

“Who are you?!” he demanded. The hooded man cackled. He threw off his hood, and Brendan immediately knew who he was. “Maxie!” The leader of Team Magma.

“Aw, I’m so touched. You actually remember me!” Maxie joked, which made Brendan angrier by the second.

“What do you want?! I thought we stopped you and your twisted plan of reviving Groudon!”

“That hurts,” Maxie mocked, “Guess you don’t care about your girlfriend here.” Maxie glanced at May.

“Don’t you dare hurt her, or else you’ll regret it,” Brendan threatened.

“Aw, how sweet that you care for her so much.”

“That’s it! Speedy, wing attack!” Speedy charged at Maxie, its winger glowed bright.

Maxie smirked. “Foolish boy,” He took out a pokeball, “Crobat, use poison fang!” Maxie sent out a large bat-like pokemon with piercing yellow eyes. Crobat did as it told striking at Speedy, digging its fangs into Speedy’s wings inserting its poison. Crobat was amazingly faster then Speedy! Speedy’s attack was stopped and started to fall through the air. “Speedy!” Brendan quickly took out his pokeball, and called back Speedy before it hits the ground.

Maxie cackled. Brendan scowled, and he charged toward Maxie, “Let May go!”

Maxie did his annoying smirk, “Do you ever give up?” Maxie jumped out of the way, and kicked Brendan into the ocean.

Brendan watched as Maxie climbed the ladder into his helicopter which was flying nearby.

‘D-Damn you.’ was his last thought before blacking out, sinking into the dark depths of the sea.

~To Be Continued~

Maxie kidnapped May, Brendan’s in the ocean, what will happen next? Stay tuned!


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Ooh... This is getting exciting... It's just that... Maxie is an proud and honest man, if he says he quits (when returning the orb to Mt. Pyre, RS). He does. Same goes for Archie.

Oh well. It's good anyway. I'll just pretend it's a part from Emerald, until I've advanced even more :p
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