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IMAGI and Anime: A match made in Heaven


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While Astro Boy's looking better with every trailer, most of you kids have probably forgotten IMAGI's also working on two other classic anime series.

Gatchaman is looking pretty good if the new teaser and shots on IMAGI's site are any indication.
Also on the list is Tetsujin 28, or as most of us know it GIGANTOOOOOOOR(cue guitar solo). The recent trailer also looks pretty damn good visually, but the voice acting... oh man my ears hurt.
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Going into a coma, wake me when the movies release.

I'm always curious why the ethnic change. What's wrong with a japanese boy? (I think Gatchaman basing on actual series closley..)

But the main boy in T28 look too realistic when compared to the robots.

Astro Boy look good. Although who the girl in the trailer with punk hair? No way is that Astro Girl (Uran).


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Astro Boy look good.
I was rather impressed, though, just about anything using CGI these days impresses me....

Though the fact that all I ever saw of it was the remake of it on KidsWB!, probably doesn't account for much. Sorry.

On another note... would it be bad if I said that the only series I actually recognized is Astro Boy?

Just in case... I was never here.