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Immunity Unity

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by Kerech, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. Kerech

    Kerech Shinigami...CHOP!

    Hey guys, it's Kerech. I couldn't sleep last night, so I started brainstorming about a couple of things. And from this, Team Immunity Unity was born (I subsequently fell asleep lol). Their motto: resistances are for squares! Let's dive in:

    Torterra @ Life Orb
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Overgrow
    EVs: 120 HP/ 248 Atk/ 140 Spe
    -Rock Polish
    -Seed Bomb
    -Rock Slide

    RPTerra, W00T. At +2, it'll outspeed base 116s. Why the random number? Well, the way I had it before, I accidentally speed tied with it, so I said "hell, might as well outrun it." The rest is obvious, I hope. Oh, and he's the Electric immunity.

    Burungeru @ Leftovers
    Nature: Calm
    Ability: Water Absorb
    EVs: 240 HP/ 12 SpA/ 252 SpD
    -Boiling Water
    -Shadow Ball
    -Energy Ball

    No, I don't want to make her more physically bulky; keep reading and you'll see why. Dual STAB, and Energy Ball since I'll be switching into Water moves. Recover is obvious (I hope). Her immunities: Water, Normal, and Fighting.

    Baffuron @ Choice Band
    Nature: Adamant
    Ability: Herbivore
    EVs: 252 HP/ 252 Atk/ 4 SpD
    -Afro Break

    Eh...the moveset's ok...kinda. Anyway, I love his design and bulk, and idc about using slow Pokes (geddit?). Afro Break is STAB, Megahorn is for Grass Pokes, and Payback and Revenge were to stop me from being walled by Ghosts and Steels, respectively. Grass and Ghost immunity, oh yeah!

    Sazandora @ Expert Belt
    Nature: Rash
    Ability: Levitate
    EVs: 76 Atk/ 180 SpA/ 252 Spe
    -Dragon Pulse
    -Fire Blast

    Forgoing a speed nature here, because idc. Also, slight mixing, just because I can. Expert Belt seems useful here, what with the split EVs and decent coverage. Psychic and Ground immunity is why it's on the team.

    Heatran @ Wise Glasses
    Nature: Modest
    Ability: Flash Fire
    EVs: 252 SpA/ 4 SpD/ 252 Spe
    -Fire Blast
    -Earth Power
    -Dragon Pulse
    -Nitro Charge

    Lol @ Nitro Charge, right? Well tbh, I could use a SpecsTran, but I won't. Instead, I'll use Modest + Wise Glasses for its respectable base 130 SpA, and pray that Nitro Charge will give me a Spe boost. Poison and Fire immunity!

    Weezing @ Black Sludge
    Nature: Bold
    Ability: Levitate
    EVs: 252 HP/ 252 Def/ 4 SpA
    -Pain Split
    -Shadow Ball

    Burungeru's partner in crime, and the reason she's the special wall. By the time I got to Weezing, I had finished all type immunities, and realized that I was Fighting weak. And what better answer to that than to use a physical wall with access to WoW and a Fighting resistance? Pain Split is unreliable recovery, but whatevers. T-bolt and Shadow Ball are ok coverage, so yay there. Oh, and it just so happens to have a Ground immunity, so why not?

    Isn't it interesting? 10 immunities. That's what we have so far. Well, that's the team. Rate away.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2010
  2. Aurath8

    Aurath8 Well-Known Member

    What, no Flash Fire Shanderra?
    Draco Meteor over Crunch, 'cos Sazandora will love f***ing something up, either that or Dark Pulse. Change the EVs to standard 252 spatk/252 spd/4 hp.
    Flamethrower on Heatran over Fire Blast, PP issues and all that jazz.
    Because of the sheer amount of immunities you'll have no problem switching into another pokemon to counter it, even then, Torterra's Ice weakness could easily be remedied by switching to Heatran and so on. Well done despite the insomnia.
  3. Kerech

    Kerech Shinigami...CHOP!

    Lol my mind never went to Shanderaa.

    Er...I'm going to disagree with you here. I want to run a MixDora, to utilize both of its respectable offensive stats. If anything, I may mix it even more by balancing its offensive stats, running DM > DP, and U-Turn > Surf or Fire Blast.

    I don't mind PP issues, actually, and I enjoy the extra power.

    Lol sorry for disagreeing with you here, and thanks for the compliment; it's so interesting to see that ssimple switching can keep this team impervious to a ton of damage.
  4. jolteonjak

    jolteonjak *swoons for Noland*

    You might also consider a Brave nature for Buffuron to make his low speed even lower so Payback and Revenge get doubled.
  5. [GS]

    [GS] Staring at my phone


    Baffuron wants EQ/Stone Edge>Mega Horn/Revenge. He'll
    get better coverage in the long run.

    I have a Burungeru set you may enjoy:

    Burungeru @ Leftovers
    Bold Nature
    252 HP/216 Def/42 SpD
    *Water Absorb*
    ~ Toxic ~
    ~ Protect ~
    ~ Recover ~
    ~ Night Shade ~

    This has the potential to be VERY annoying. Toxic and
    Protect allow me to stall for damage and lefties recovery,
    Recover keeps him healthy and Night Shade hits everything
    for consistent damage. The Def EV's hit the highest jump
    point, max HP with the rest thrown into SpD.
  6. Kerech

    Kerech Shinigami...CHOP!

    Ugh, you guys are making me into one of those people who disagrees with everything lol.

    @jolteonjak: Revenge has negative priority, iirc, so that's not a problem. Payback doesn't need me to be slower, since it would only be used on Ghosts, and the majority of them are faster than Baffuron anyway.

    @Joe: I can't RNG, so SpecsTran is pretty useless for me (I wouldn't give it Flash Cannon).

    As for Baffuron: though it depends on going last, Dark + Fighting > Rock + Ground, in terms of coverage. And if you notice, each Pokemon (with the exception of Burungeru with Normal/Fighting) is equipped to switch in on its immunity, and threaten back with a SE move (well, Weezing doesn't do that, but it's a physical counter, so it does its job). To remove Megahorn on Baffuron is to lose its ability to annihilate Grass Pokemon without resorting to Afro Break. While I do agree that Bug isn't the greatest of coverage, it does tie in with the team's combined strategy.

    Burungeru: while a stall set is useful, especially with its low SpA, neither of my walls are confined to stalling, a tactic that is a bit inefficient in-game. Plus, that Burungeru would want Boiling Water > Night Shade anyway, because it lures strong physical moves, and you desperately want that burn to increase your survivability. It also makes it a pseudo-double status wall, which is nice. And anyway, I want it to be a special wall, since I've got Weezing. I like the sprite though haha.

    =/ sorry for contradicting everyone here, but that doesn't mean I don't still want people to rate/advise.
  7. jolteonjak

    jolteonjak *swoons for Noland*

    Don't worry about it. I had no idea Revenge had negative priority. I actually really like that set for Baffuron, and I'd like to use it myself.

    YOOMTAH Let's dance~

    ... Change Weezing to Lucario or something. Heart of Justice = Dark immunity ftw? :D
  9. ungulateman

    ungulateman Miltank Man!

    Jutice Heart doesn't grant an immunity.
  10. peacemaker987

    peacemaker987 Custom User Title

    Lucario has an immunity to poison already :V

    YOOMTAH Let's dance~


    Well then the 4x resistance might fix that... o.o
    Never mind.
  12. card986

    card986 Well-Known Member

    it looks pretty sweet even that i dont know much about the 5th gen pokemon
  13. card986

    card986 Well-Known Member

    it looks pretty sweet even that i dont know much about the 5th gen pokemon

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