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Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by R_N, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. R_N

    R_N Well-Known Member


    Here's a list of rumors and fake info gathered around the net:

    PROVEN FALSE. Fairy-type has been introduced.
    “Due to the “world wide” release of Pokémon X/Y, pre-release information that at this time would usually be reserved for the Japanese branch of the Pokémon Company is now present among the localization departments of the other regions as well (such as NOA, where I am situated), and I have actually seen the full roster of new Pokémon as have quite a few people worldwide due to the difficulty regarding keeping everything under wraps. Thus, I can share a bit of preliminary information about new Pokémon appearing in X/Y.

    • More than 100 new Pokémon.
    • There are indeed new evolutions and pre-evolutions, most of them focused on Gen V Pokémon However, a few older Pokémon, including Gen I classics, are getting surprising new developments.
    • No new types, but there are “Cross-bred” Pokémon introduced. Certain father/mother breeding pairs will result in a visually distinct child, who will be the mother’s species, but will, for example, have a pattern reminiscent of its father or a slightly altered color scheme. This is basically the new Gender Difference and is simply an aesthetic bonus, nothing extreme and only certain pairings result in this…the Pokemon is still considered the species of its mother, it’s not a new species. One example I can give is that it is possible to get certain Pokemon sporting Pikachu’s red cheeks.
    • The Starters become Grass/Steel, Fire/Psychic, and Water/Electric. They’re inspired by various European-centric archetypes…Chespin becomes a knight with chestnut armor, Fennekin a wizard with a majestic fur cloak, and Froakie a Nordic Viking with a thunder-cloud mullet/beard.
    • Xerneas is Ice/Steel, and Yveltal is Fire/Dark. They have a unique ability where they can shift types with each other, Xerneas becoming red and Fire/Steel, and Yveltal becoming blue and Ice/Dark. Supposedly, Game Freak chose the typings in part due to members of the team being fans of R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, among other reasons.

    Normal: Kendama-based Pokémon. Its main body rides atop a giant ball.
    Grass: A black-bear whose body is made of berries.
    Fire: Pintata Bull with horns that are torches.
    Water: Sea-bird. Looks like a socialite due to a feather that looks like an ascot.
    Electric: A poodle whose fluffy-parts are statically-charged fur.
    Bug: Millipede, besides the head its long body is made of bubbles
    Flying: A peacock with a tail that’s a harp.
    Steel: A female-like Pokémon whose long hair is made of long, steel cables.
    Rock: A rock-based snail, its got a bell for a shell, and its body looks like a cathedral.
    Ground: An elephant whose body is covered in hardened mud-armor, more realistic looking than Donphan.
    Psychic: An “Arabian” Pokemon wrapped in a brightly-colored carpet clothing.
    Dark: Raccoon. Its tail serves as a burglar sack, and it’s got a stylish black mask.
    Poison: Little purple lizard, it swings its (very large) broken tail around like a huge club.
    Fighting: A very weird Pokémon who resembles a giant, living sneaker. Cooler looking than it sounds.
    Ice: A Snowman with coal on its head looking like the incense marks Shaolin Monks have.
    Ghost: A kasa-obake (umbrella ghost) that’s brightly colored and “fancy” looking.
    Dragon: A Kirin that looks like a dragonic-unicorn.

    Source: http://pokejungle.net/2013/01/22/rumours-predicament/
    Do note that PokeJungle is not the one responsible for these rumors. A user just pointed it out to them.

    PROVEN FALSE. No new Pokemon revealed in March.
    As skepticism and arguments have devoured the good nature of my last thread, I am starting this thread and putting more one the line. I want someone to screenshot this post for March.

    Summary of what I have already revealed:

    New region is divided between Northern forests/mountains and southern coasts / plains.
    2 new villain teams
    Yveltal and Xerneas are based on yatagarasu and shishigami respectively
    The 2 legendaries represent North and South
    The 3rd "Z" legendary is based on a shachihoko (check other thread for a detailed description)
    New eevolution is flying type
    Fennekin line = Egyptian
    Chespin line = military / soldier
    Froakie line = wizard
    ...and I believe that was all the major stuff I discussed

    Now, for my huge show of faith I will give you the other 4 pokemon designs that will be shown in March (already told you the eevee one). AfterI post this, I will probably logout until mid-March (hopefully with new info) when more people will believe me after the reveal.

    1. Small dolphin with clown face paint (no clown nose) and a striped hoop around its belly. (summary says it gets 1 evo)
    2. A bird that looks very similar to a plover, mostly white body with black stripes, forming something like a hashtag on both sides of the body. Also stripe across eyes. (summary says 2 evos)
    3. A fluffball with only small legs and a nose sticking out of it (cannot see eyes). This is the new rodent, but the animal it is based on is neither associated with fluff or Europe. (summary says 1 evo)
    4. A small kangaroo with a battery-pouch and two hammer-like hands. Its tail is spiraled (no obvious lightning marks on its body) (summary says 2 evos)

    OK, that leaves me with 4 designs unspoilt. See you guys in March!

    Source: GameFAQs user, Ultimacanti | http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/696959-pokemon-x/65153824

    PROVEN FALSE. The Global Friend System is called Pokemon Search System (PSS).
    “Alright. Choose to believe this or not, but I am currently working for the North American branch of The Pokemon Company. I am literally at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to a source of information/importance or even job security. Working for the localisation part of the franchise literally mt only task at this point has been to ensure no grammatical or spelling errors have been made for for the blurbs that will eventually be selected to feature on the back of the English 3DS packaging. I am one of few editors (meaning somebody verifies these short paragraphs before I do), so naturally there aren’t many mistakes. Anyway, I receive these small blurbs in a text format with no supported imagery at all. I receive numerous blurbs that are close to identical with only small variations (as other people hate on decide which are more suited for eventual placement of the packaging), and in the proceeding posts, I have selected two of these paragraphs I have received in the past week that stood out to me the most. There is no point asking me anything related to the game, because this is pretty much all I know.

    “Discover the immense and expansive region of [rgn] as you set sail on a brand new Pokemon[cprt] adventure! As you make your way on your journey through new and exciting landscapes with your Pokemon[cprt] companions by your side, you soon realize that not everything is quite what it seems. Who knows what people you will meet, and what mysteries you will discover in Pokemon[cprt] [x1][y1]? Which path will you take?”

    “Grow your bonds with your Pokemon[cprt] stronger than ever before as you talk to them using Nintendo 3DS[cprt] technology.

    :: Over 130 brand new Pokemon[cprt] to meet and befriend! Discover exciting new forms and evolutions of your old friends.
    :: Wonder through flourishing cities, quaint towns, and mysterious environments in rich, 3D graphics.
    :: Have fun and make new friends around the world with Pokemon Connect[cprt]

    Source: Supposed Insider from The Pokemon Company, NA Branch | http://leviathyn.com/games-2/news/2...der-information-posted-about-pokemon-x-and-y/
    Original 4chan post screenshot: http://leviathyn.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/pokemon_xy_insider_leak.png

    PROVEN FALSE. Mr. XY himself admitted that it is fake. Click for his confession.
    I'll spare you any long detailed explanation as to who I am, or what position I hold, only to say that this info will shock, anger, and perhaps relieve long-time fans of the series. You may view this as a rumor, or view this as the truth, but I promise you that in the following months you will all remember this post, fondly or not, when it becomes reality.

    I can confirm Nintendo of America will be releasing a New Trailer showcasing a Baby Pinsir and a Baby Heracross around the middle of March, as well as featuring information on the new "Bond System" that Sylveon figures into. Look forward to that as proof of my legitimacy.

    Without further ado, here is a compiled list of some key features Game Freak is launching in Pokemon X and Y:

    • Main Characters are named Jean and Jane in the localization, non-customizable. The Trainer now appears on the bottom screen during battle, with the visual interface resembling a "speech bubble" with the commands inside.
    • You now have a Trainer Level, effects how in-game characters react to you, and grants various Bonuses as it goes up such as increasing capture rate, and rarity of Pokemon you encounter. New In-Battle Key Item "Whistle" can be used once-per-battle, with different effects depending on the situation including waking up a Pokemon from sleep or confusion (without wasting a turn), or causing them to dodge an attack when their health is critical.
    • Every Pokemon has a Bond Level with you in addition to regular Levels. Most Level Up Evolutions now evolve based on their Bond with you, which goes up as you fight with them. Higher Bonds also increase the EXP. gain, as well as grant small stat bonuses. These bonuses can be turned off in player vs. player matches, as can the Whistle, for the benefit of competitive play.
    • Sunglasses are called "Bond-EYE", allows you to view the Nature of a Wild Pokemon, and your "compatibility", which basically means the Capture rate of that species. Bond-EYE also allows you, while in-towns, to see visual avatars of other players akin to the Miiverse Function in Nintendo Land, and send them messages and battle/trade requests. Pokemon X and Y will be the first Miiverse-enabled 3DS game.
    • Local Wireless Co-Op is included, with one player being the leader, with the other player aiding in battle. All Wild and Trainer Battles transform into Double Format, as the players use three Pokemon each. In-game trainers are included to Co-Op with for those without any local players, residing within a new "Juice Bar" located in each town.
    • PokeDex is a tablet with a 3D display, resembling the Wii U controller. Can fully view the Pokemon model, read their Dex (now they're full paragraph descriptions), listen to their cry, view their location, and compare size and weight with any other Pokemon in the Dex. Can also activate a mode which shows comments about that species made by players around the world via the 3DS Miiverse.
    • There is a Bank where you can store excess money, receiving special gifts upon depositing a certain amount, and receive interest. Each Pokemon Center has an ATM allowing you to access your funds.
    • Using a special wristwatch device, mirrors, and certain reflective surfaces, serve as portals allowing the player to travel 30 years into the past. The Past World has different characters, some younger versions of present characters, differences in layout, with buildings having yet to be built, and different wild Pokemon. Past World is sepia-toned, and closed-off, as different portals in the present take you to different Past World locations. Pokemon from the Past and Present can be used in any era, and all stored in the PC regardless of when you catch them.
    • Evil Team is named "Team Gear", with a clock-based motif, and their outfits are these funky purple bodysuits with black "clock hands" on them. Their Modus Operandi involves messing with stuff in the past that alters the present, and you must correct their actions. The player character also meets their father as a beginning trainer in the past, who is trying to stop Team Gear. Past Actions effect the present...in one part, you must catch a Munchlax in the past to clear the road of a Snorlax.
    • Professor is Professor Bristle, a very old-man who you meet in both eras, being ironically as old-looking in the past as he is in the present, and your Rival is named "Ricki", a part-time magazine writer who documents the weird events occurring in the past due to the time-travel mess ups of Team Gear.
    • There are 99 New Pokemon included. Large amount of New Baby Pokemon and New Evolutions. Only 6 Legendaries. Most of the brand-New Pokemon are new type-combinations, and less orthodox, as there is no new Rodent/Bird/Bug or the classic tropes, instead they are filled by old Pokemon.
    • The first Pokemon sent out in every match by a trainer will do a little stomp pose that spread the field around them. You never see your Trainer on the top-screen, as he's always on the bottom, instead it's like Stadium where Pokeballs appear from off-screen and such. They may change it up and spruce it some by the time itcomes out in October, though.
    • Tey're planning to reveal all the Starter Evolutions pre-release this time around, so I've already learned quite a bit about them. Grass/Flying, Fire/Psychic, and Water. Chespin is based on a helicopter/samara fruit (think a mammalian Garchomp), Fennekin looks a lot like Ninetales, with "lotus-shaped" ear fluff and tail, and Froakie becomesa giant, horned toad with tons of cloudy stuffcovering his body.
    • Sylveon is pure Normal. It evolves through the Bond System. Umbreon and Espeon are receiving new items to evolve them like they did in XD since Happiness has been replaced with Bonding, while other Happiness Evolutions are now Bonding Level Evolutions.
    • there are no new types. Though most of the New Pokemon I'velearned of appear to be newdual-typing, so they seem to be trying to fill in all the holes.
    • Xerneas is Psychic/Rock and Yveltal is Ghost/Flying.
    • "Large amount of New Baby Pokemon and New Evolutions" when those are put together. THere's about 10 Baby Pokemon, and around 20 Evolutions.
    • Sylveon is the only new Eevee.
    • At this point, "non-Cartridge" DLC Pokemon is a possibility thanks to the added power of the 3DS, so itmay come later.
    • The other4 Legendaries area quartet, they're white and black animals, with the black parts resembling card suits. A large cobra with a heart-shaped hood and tail, atiger with diamond patterns, a t-rex dinosaur with spade-shaped spikes, and a peacock with a club-shaped tail. Not sure about theirtypings.
    • I believe they're referencing the Sain Beasts of Asia Lore, yet taking liberties. Bird, Dragon, Reptile, and Tiger.
    • Bonding is mainly done through methods akin to Happiness, raising as you play normally, so you don't necessarily need to go out of your way to do it. Petting doesn't actually raise the Bond.
    • I've seen at least one evolution per Gen. (a) Pinsir. Has four-arms, four horns. It can remove its horns and hold them like swords it appears. Pure-Bug. (b) FlaaffySplit-Evolution. Quadrupedal ram with tesla-coil horns. Pure-Electric. (c) Hariyama Evolution. Mountain-colored (green bottom, brown top), with white hair and beard resembling clouds. Pure-Fighting. (d) Lumineon Evolution. Finds resemble figure-eights, like the infinity symbol, and it's got neon-red lines running on the edges of its body. Pure-Water. (e) Darumaka Split-Evolution. Turns into a snowman-looking ape, with little orange spots running down its chest, and its eyebrows are duller flames. Fire/Ice.
    • Not sure if it's exactly considered a Pikachu, but one of the Pokemon is Electric/Steel, and resembles a metallic mouse, with a "computer mouse plug tail. I don't see anything else that comes close to Pikachu, so that'sprobably it.
    • The last three Pokemon before the Legendaries are Dark/Electric. They seem to be based on "star life cycles", as the first one is little and star-shaped, the second one is huge and spherical, and the final one is more humanoid with vortex shaped on its body. They look powerful, so I'd guess they fulfill the BST layout, but I'm not sure of any base stats.
    • No Heracross evolution from what I can see, Pinsir is the only Pokemon I've seen this time around who gets both an evolution and pre-evolution. And no Camerupt Evolution, as far as I can tell.
    • There is a Farfetch'd evolution, but it's pretty disappointing. Farfetch'd doesn't evolve, the LEEK itself grows into a cool word-leek with a little (\____/) face on the end. Honestly I'm still wondering if the LEEK is a new Pokemon and it's a Mantine-Remoraid situation where Farfetch'ds model incorporates it or what. And then there's odd choices, like Sawk and Throh both seem to get one that look like Fist of the North Star rejects.

    Source: Mr. XY, A Supposed Insider | Original post no longer available.
    Original 4chan post screenshots: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ntsptzfo58uu52l/Rumor.png

    PROVEN FALSE. Mr. XY himself admitted that it is fake.
    First off, for those of you who screen capped the original thread, feel free to check my trip with that of the original. There have been multiple people posting as "Mr. XY' lately, but I have not posted since the original thread.

    Second of all, in the original thread I made this more clear, but my phrasing of the "main characters are named Jean and Jane, non-customizable" was meant to reference customizing their designs, not their names. Sorry for the confusion.

    Anyway, I have compiled a list of all the New Pokemon I know of, about 80 or so of the 99. Some of them I have only heard about from fellow co-workers and second-hand sources, while others I have seen myself. Mainly, there's a few "new line" Pokemon I have yet to see, or don't have much information on, so there are some gaps left to fill. With New Evolutions and Baby Pokemon, there are also quite a few of them I've yet to see for myself, yet I have heard which Pokemon are obtaining them.

    As I said before, this Generation has a large amount of New Evolutions and Baby Pokemon, while the New-Line Pokemon are less orthodox than previous Gens, bumping old Generational archetypes (there's no real early-bird, rodent, or bug this time around) in favor of mostly new, or underused, type combinations.

    There are a large amount of Old Pokemon present during the main campaign, the Regional Dex around 400 I believe including the New Pokemon. New Evolutions are, I believe, obtainable during the main campaign and not pushed towards the end like in Diamond and Pearl. On the note of Old Pokemon, Gen V Pokemon can be transfered over, although I do not know the exact mechanics of the transfer process.

    *Chespin Evo (Grass). Sharpens up, little whirligig on hood.
    *Chespin Final (Grass/Flying). "Mammalian Garchomp", helicopter-based.
    *Fennekin Evo (Fire/Psychic). Lotus-shaped ear fluffs.
    *Fennekin Final (Fire/Psychic). Tail splits into lotus-shape as well, very majestic and Ninetales-like.
    *Froakie Evo (Water). Grows a horn, gets larger and more cloud fluff.
    *Froakie Final (Water). Huge, horned frog with clouds covering its body.

    *Xerneas (Psychic/Rock)
    *Yveltal (Ghost/Flying)
    *Diamond Tiger (???)
    *Club Peacock (???)
    *Spade T-Rex (???)
    *Heart Cobra (???)

    New Lines
    *"Robo" Mouse (Electric/Steel). New Pikachu? Metallic mouse with computer mouse plug tail.
    *Straight-jacket Ghost (Ghost/Steel). Shadowy, creature with a roundish head, thin body. Has metallic chains wrapped around its chest resembling a straight-jacket.
    *White Feathered Dinosaur (Rock/Ice). One of the Fossil Pokemon I believe. Bipedal, and raptor like, with white feathers covering its body. Has on a feathery "mask" making it resemble an owl.
    *Red Feathered Dinosaur (Rock/Fire). Other Fossil Pokemon it seems. Has reddish-brown and black feathers, and a red comb on its head making it resemble a rooster.
    *Crystal Girl (Psychic/Ice). Magical girl creature sleeping in a magical looking crystal that's floating.
    *Music Ox (Rock/Ground). Very large, black-furred ox. It has large white, horns that resemble tubas "they open at the end", and it has curled, white hair that looks like an old-fashioned powdered wig.
    *Bodyguard Gargoyle (Dragon/Fighting). Grayish, doggish gargoyle creature that's very stout and tough looking. It has red patterns on its arms that look like tattoos, and little red earrings.
    *Scent Dog (Normal). Little, hound dog with a prominent nose. Probably the "plainest" of the New Pokemon.
    *Hunting Dog (Normal). Evolution. Larger, with floppy ears covering its eyes, and an ever larger nose.
    *Trashcan Monster (Poison/Steel). Trashcan with leech-like mouth, looks "cartoony" as it bends in ways metal should not.
    *Dumpster Monster (Poison/Steel). Evolution. Dumpster (still "cartoony" though) with trash compactor mouth. Predatory relationship with previous pollution-based Pokemon I hear.
    *Black Bird Monk (Flying/Fighting). Small and little, with bowl-cut "hair" feathers, long nose, and black/white feathers. Has "glove" looking hand-feathers. Resembles a black/white monk outfit, or martial arts outfit.
    *Black Bird Monk Evo (Flying/Fighting). Evolution. Larger, more crow-looking. I believe the line is inspired by Bruce Lee, because their appearance resembles the famous black/white outfit he's known for.
    *Locust Ninja (Bug/Dark). Green and purple bipedal little bug, with its body resembling "ninja" armor a bit, with little scythe arms. Has under-bite with little teeth that stretch up past its head.
    *Locust Assassin (Bug/Dark). Evolution. Looks more "ferocious", with longer scythes, meaner face, and two sets of "underbite" teeth.
    *Kangaroo (Normal). Resembles a peach-colored, little kangaroo. It looks like a normal one compared to Kangaskahn, and is much cuter. No pouch.
    *Fighting Kangaroo (Normal/Fighting). Evolution. Larger, and tougher looking. Has black spots around its eyes, and little black "armor pads" running down its tail. Instead of a pouch, has an x-shaped bandage on its stomach.
    *Blue Fishing Cat (Water). It's a bluish wild cat with black spots, and its ears resemble fish-fins. Also has a curvy, hook-like tail.
    *Metallic Fishing Cat (Water/Steel). Evolution. Larger, leopard like. It has longer, curved talons, and a thin metal "rod" runs along its back, ending with a long, steel hooked tail.
    *Coconut Soldier (Grass/Fire). Has a coconut army helmet with a green palm on the top. Main body is roundish, red/green "camo" colored, and it's got a protruding "cannon" mouth.
    *Guerrilla Coconut (Grass/Fire). Evolution. Personally my favorite new design yet. Resembles first form, but now has a large bush surroundings its body, in addition to two sprouting out of its head, as if to camouflage itself.
    *Mud Pig (Ground/Fighting). Small, roundish bipedal warthog with a red Mohawk, and mud covering its pink body on its bottom half, making it look like it has on shorts.
    *Mud Pig Evo (Ground/Fighting). Evolution. Larger, very muscular looking like a wrestler. Also has mud covering its face, looking like a mask, and prominent lips sticking out. Resembles Kinnikuman.
    *Ice Bug (Bug/Ice). Little, white caterpillar creature. Has white "cocoon" wrapped around its body like a snow jacket, including a part at its neck where two strands hang out like a scarf.
    *Stained Glass Moth (Bug/Ice). Evolution. White, pretty moth with striking, icy wings that are multi-colored and resemble stained-glass windows.
    *Melting Lizard (Poison/Ground). Quadrupedal, fat little lizard that's orange with black patterns on it. It's got oil substance falling out of its mouth, and little oil splotches around its feet.
    *Melting Lizard Evo (Poison/Ground). Evolution. Larger, and its whole body has a "dripping" look to it, like its falling off. It's legs are "unseen", as the art has it emerging from a pool of black oil. I think it can "melt" into it.
    *Star Creature Pseudo-Legend (Dark/Electric). Little yellow-black star-shaped creature, sort of dragon-like.
    *Planet Creature Pseudo-Legend (Dark/Electric). Evolution. Very spherical, planet-like with yellow "saturn" ring around body.
    *Black Hole Creature Pseudo-Legend (Dark/Electric). Final Evolution. Humanoid, with vortex patterns on its body that swirl inward. Line seems to be based on "star life cycle". Presumably Pseudo, as they come before Legendaries it seems.
    *Clover Dragon (Grass/Dragon). Small, bipedal yellow "European" dragon with green wings and tail. Its wings have little clover leafs on them.
    *Clover Dragon Evo (Grass/Dragon). Evolution. Larger, slightly more serpentine, with more clover leaves on it. Has four legs in addition to wings.
    *Clover Dragon Final (Grass/Dragon). Final Evolution. Very elongated, with multiple legs, two sets of wings, with clovers sprouting out over its body.
    *Ghost Jellyfish (Water/Ghost). Weird, white "ghost sheet" jellyfish, with a little dark-blue body underneath.
    *Ghost Dolphin (Water/Ghost). Evolution. Still has the white ghost-sheet top, and dark-blue lower body, but resembles a dolphin more so.
    *Ghost Whale (Water/Ghost). Final Evolution. Resembles a killer whale, with the white ghost-sheet covering the front-part of its body, although there are holes in parts of it giving it the spots you see on an orca.

    Baby Pokemon
    *Pinsir (Bug). Stag beetle with "shield" shell.
    *Heracross (Bug). Roundish, roly-poly
    *Girafarig (Normal). Small giraffe part, larger black tail. Giraffe ducking down, the tail is in the "head" position.
    *Bouffalant (Normal). Fluffy afro with legs/nose popping out. Has gold comb-shaped objects on sides of afro.
    *Lapras (Water). Smaller, shell-less, horn-less lighter-blue Lapras.
    *Tropius (Grass).Banana-horned, yellow Saurolophus.
    *Skarmory (Normal/Flying). Brown, stealth-jet shaped bird with red wings like Skarmory. Not metallic.
    *Lickitung (Normal?). Yet to see myself.
    *Carnivine (Grass?). Yet to see myself.
    *Sigilyph (Psychic/Flying?). Yet to see myself.
    *Druddigon (Dragon). Yet to see myself.

    *Sylveon (Normal). Bond Evolution.
    *Pinsir (Bug). Four-armed, four-horned with detachable horns it wields like swords.
    *Hariyama (Fighting). Mountain-colored, with white hair and beard.
    *Lumineon (Water). Red highlights and infinity-symbol fins.
    *Flaaffy Split (Electric). Neon-blue ram with pink fluff. Tesla-coil horns.
    *Darumaka Split (Fire/Ice). Snowman ape, with dull flame eyebrows and orange spots running down chest.
    *Farfetch'd (Normal/Flying). Leek transforms into large, leek sword with stoic face. Farfetch'd stays the same.
    *Sawk (Fighting). Sleeves rip, gets buff. Spiky, "Bart Simpson" head and extra eyebrow.
    *Throh (Fighting). Chest rips, showing pecs. Grows spikes on chest and shoulders. Eyebrows thicken.
    *Bronzor Split (Steel/Psychic). Mirror. Mirror surrounded by metallic blue frame, with eyes and arms below the mirror part.
    *Starmie (Water/Psychic). Looks more...futuristic, platinum-colored. Has little "starships" circling around it. Seems to be a nod to "shoot the core" shoot-em-up bosses.
    *Houndoom (Dark/Fire). Has canine-skulls with red-eyes on shoulders, giving it a Cerberus-thing going on.
    *Claydol Evolution (Ground/Psychic). Very elaborate looking, body becomes more humanoid and "feminine" with wide hips and "breasts". Seems to be fertility idol or something.
    *Persian (Normal?). Yet to see myself.
    *Sableye (Dark/Ghost?). Yet to see myself.
    *Combee (Bug/Flying?). Yet to see myself. Perhaps a Male Combee Evolution?
    *Audino (Normal?). Yet to see myself.
    *Torkoal (Fire?). Yet to see myself.
    *Qwilfish (Water/Poison?). Yet to see myself.

    Here is the list of Gym Leaders and Elite Four, at least in the present. I have heard that there are additional Gyms in the past that are available during the post-game, but I am unsure of how many there are and what they're like.

    *Snyder (Bug) - Web Badge - Galatan Gym: Rugged, brown-haired man wearing outdoor gear, such as hiking boots, and a vest filled with various tools and doo-dads covering it. An outdoors-man skilled in trapping and such who is a master Bug Catcher.
    *Blanche (Normal) - Star Badge - Coladale Gym : "Pixie-cut", orange-haired young girl in a typical ballerina outfit. Is a ballet prodigy.
    *Justin (Dark) - Eclipse Badge - Croceanna Gym: Slicked-back, black hair guy in a police officer outfit wearing an eye-patch. Former convict turned good who tames dangerous Pokemon.
    *Rochelle (Rock) - Solid Badge - Mistiltin Gym: Long, brown-haired woman wearing a racing outfit and holding a helmet. Is a motor rally racer and car enthusiast.
    *Felicity (Psychic) - Grace Badge - Durendock Gym: Black-haired "office woman" wearing very fashionable eyeglasses. Interior decorator that practices Feng Shui and is very orderly.
    *Flavius and Ferra (Steel) - Grid Badge - Caladbough Gym: An older, "fluffy hair" man wearing a flashy golden suit and a beautiful blond woman in a silver dress. Are co-hosts that run a game show at their Gym.
    *Jules (Ghost) - Spirit Badge - Nagelrelm Gym :Young boy is a black suit, with pale skin and light-blond hair. Eyes closed. Is a blind violinist who uses his other senses to play.
    Vincent (Fighting) - Force Badge - Tyrforge Gym: Pretty plain looking, middle-aged man wearing a black sweater and brown pants. Well known movie star and philanthropist.

    *Odelia (Grass) - Young, primmed woman with medium-length red hair wearing a fancy dark-green horse-riding suit holding a rapier.
    *Marty (Water) - Muscular dude dressed up in a full-body swimsuit, with a baseball cap and goggles. Has a towel wrapped around his neck.
    *Ignatius (Fire) - Purple-haired man handsome looking man wearing a red/black "priest" outfit, with "intense" eyes.
    *Eydis (Electric) - Very muscular, powerful looking woman with a yellow/pink mohawk wearing a black leotard and a white biker jacket.

    *Oliver (???) - Your character's father, grown up. Uses a mixed team I believe.

    And that's all the info I bring today. Enjoy, speculate, criticize, believe, disbelieve, it's your choice.

    Source: Mr. XY again... | http://boards.4chan.org/vp/res/11491730
    Original 4chan post screenshots: https://www.dropbox.com/s/twn2g7uazfj7x8x/rumoragain.png

    PROVEN FALSE. First Gym Leader is named Viola (Biora).
    >Harimaron > Harimaroo > Hariyadutsu/Hariyazutsu/Hariyadzutsu (Grass/Fighting)
    >Fokko > Fokusunara > Kitsunahara (Fire/Ground)
    >Keromatsu > Ekerokero > Raierun (Water/Electric)

    Gym leaders:
    >Ichou: Silk Badge (Bug)
    >Nazuna: Terra Cotta Badge (Ground)
    >Kisage: Focus Badge (Psychic)
    >Sanza: Hazard Badge (Poison)
    >Taragon: Wyvern Badge (Dragon)
    >Reishi: Remnant Badge (Ghost)
    >Kinma: Platina Badge (Steel)
    >Kotton: Chaos Badge (Dark)

    Elite Four and Champion:
    >Kumotsu (Flying)
    >Ganpi (Rock)
    >Saikachi (Electric)
    >Sumere (Grass)
    >Fuyugaki (Fire/Ice)

    Legendary Pokemon:
    >Boruzuniru (Steel/Flying)
    >Wirumegu (Dragon/Poison)
    >Xerneas (Psychic/Ground)
    >Yveltal (Fighting/Flying)
    >Zedorashiru (Ghost/Grass)
    >Rozetanon (Rock/Psychic)
    >Totairumu (Dragon), Unova's Legendary Original Dragons (Reshiram + Zekrom + Kyurem)
    >Genesect's New Forme "Proto Forme" (Bug/Rock), Exclusive Skill "Megalo Cannon"

    Source: Some Anon from 4chan | Original link not available
    Original 4chan post screenshots: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nwzikqhaoq3u19i/newrumour.jpg

    PROVEN FALSE. Mr. XY himself admitted that it is fake.
    Mr. XY's Pokemon list...
    Just click the link below.

    Source: Mr. XY yet again... | Original link not available
    Original 4chan post screenshots: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c5ng8lb8vklpg1b/rumoragain2.png

    PROVEN FALSE. The movie events take place at NEW TORK CITY, not NEODOLL. In addition to that, the March CoroCoro lacks everything else mentioned by the leaker.
    People might be up in arms lately after the "Mr. XY" Leak, but I bring information that will appear in the latest CoroCoro. It is quite a big issue this time.
    *Movie News.

    The Movie News focuses mainly on Mewtwo, with a sidebar detailing its various appearances, including the original film, Mewtwo Returns, its role in Red and Blue, Pokemon Stadium, and even Smash Brothers Melee. Mewtwo is said to have amnesia within the film, and doesn't remember who Ash is, and considers him an enemy alongside the rest of humanity. Mewtwo engages in a fight with the Red Genesect in order to "free it" from its prison, as it senses its pain from being transformed into a weapon. Mewtwo is said to have obtained a new power, but it is not stated what.

    The city within the film is called Neodoll City, and is a high-tech utopia where brilliant minds are said to gather. Ash and Co. travel there in order to attend a conference that Professor Oak invited them to focusing on the bonds between human and Pokemon.

    *Sylveon gets a section focused on it, revealing Species and Type.

    Sylveon is the Kashinfuu Pokemon, "Spring Wind". It is a pure-Flying Eevee Evolution, and is also 100% Female. Evolution method isn't stated exactly, but it evolves through its "bonds" with another Pokemon reaching a fever pitch. It further teases this by promising information on a new evolution mechanic in the future.

    The Mini-Movie takes place within a park and a group of Eeveelution Sisters. Pikachu and friends help a young Eevee woo the Sylveon sister, while Oshawott and Meowth engage in a "love battle" in order to win over her as well. The Mini-Movie is said to take place directly before the main film in a city park, and Sylveon and the Eeveelutions will apparently cameo within the main film to aid in the big battle.

    Chespin is the Igaguri Pokemon, "Chestnut".
    Fennekin is the Kitsunemimi Pokemon, "Fox Ears".
    Froakie is the Kaeru Pokemon, "Frog".
    Xerneas is the CHI (written out in romanji) Pokemon. Psychic/Ground.
    Yveltal is the PSI (written out in romanji) Pokemon. Fighting/Flying.

    Magazine has little speculative blurbs about them. Mentions how Chespin seems to be wearing a "hat", and wonders if it can be removed. Fennekin's blurb points out the fluff within its ears and questions if it's able to hear with all that fluff. Froakie's questions about the function of the clouds on its back, and wonders if it stores anything in it. Xerneas' points out the rainbow glow coming from its horns and asks what kind of power they contain, and Yveltal's mentions how its tail has a third hand on the end.

    Next issue will apparently reveal the secret of Xerneas and Yveltal, and the meaning of CHI and PSI.

    Arutarosu [アルタロス], which is said to be the pre-evolution of Tauros. Normal. Species is Kengyuu Pokemon, "cow-puller", apparently from "kengyuusei", the "Puller of Cow Star". 19.7 kg. 0.9 m. Is a little brown bull, with only one tail, and ears instead of horns. Has a "cowbell" charm on its neck, a circular piece of metal with bull horns coming out the sides. The magazine indicates that it uses the cowbell to lead other Pokemon, and the in-game screen-shot shows musical notes coming from the bell in a battle.

    Koorain [コーライン], which is said to be the evolution of Torkoal. Fire. Species is Sekitan Pokemon, "Coal", same as Torkoal. Very large Torkoal, with black "train tracks" lines running down its neck down its stomach, and around its legs. Has two "smoke stack" horns on the top of its head. Shell is larger, with two openings on both sides which are opened up like shafts, red fire seen inside. 291.8 kg. 2.8 m. Its in-game picture shows a red flame emitting from it in a fight against a Torkoal, Torkoal in the foreground, Koorain in the back, with the magazine pointing out the size difference between the two.

    Yamemasu [ヤメマス], which is an alternate-evolution to Wynaut and a counterpart to Wobbuffet. Psychic. Species is the Kibaya Pokemon, "quick-tempered". Looks a lot like Wobbuffet, with a red zig-zag around its neck as its head is red, and it's got meaner looking (><) eyes as they're narrowing downward. Even the eyes on its tail look mad. Its arms are layered like a paper fan, and its swatting them. It's slightly skinnier, with its legs a bit raised and less flabby. 28.5 kg. 1.3 m. Its in-game picture has it swatting its arms at a Wobbuffet in battle in some kind of attack, and the magazine points out how it's able to attack on its own unlike Wobbuffet.

    Feature on Sableye, who will be appearing in an upcoming episode. Sableye is apparently a "genius" intellect Pokemon who has been stealing books from the Nacrene Museum in order to read them, causing the Museum to shut down. While attempting to capture it, Sableye nabs Ash's PokeDex...

    There will be an upcoming arc focused on the Nature Sanctuary, in which Virgil returns in order to protect a Shiny Haxorus from Team Rocket. A "heroic" Nuzleaf also plays a role, apparently teaming up with Cilan who has become a "Kamen Sommelier!".

    Source: Some random guy on 4chan (not Mr. XY) who claimed to know exactly what would be detailed in the March CoroCoro | Original link not available
    Original 4chan post screenshots: Unavailable

    During the days of Generation V reveals a contact leaked information on numerous Pokémon that later proved to be real. This same source—who apparently has ‘connections’—has said that later today they will reveal the type information for Xerneas, Yveltal and Sylveon as well as a new type. Like we said anything said is not to be considered fact until it is proven 100% real, but there’s a slim possibility we’re in for something.


    The individual has posted saying that the new type is indeed Fairy Type as many fans have previously speculated.

    • Xerneas is said to be Fairy Type.
    • Sylveon is also said to have the new Fairy typing.
    • Yveltal gets Dark/Flying typing.

    Update: Clefairy is said to have it’s type altered. No word on Snubbull yet though. Both of these Pokémon are classified as the ‘Fairy Pokémon’.

    Quoted from: http://pokejungle.net/2013/04/21/upcoming-rumour-xerneas-yveltal-and-sylveons-typing/
    Do note that PokeJungle is not the one responsible for these rumors.
    It was from Hiro(?), the guy who leaked Pokemon info back in BW days (which later turned out real).

    PROVEN FALSE. No such info are revealed.
    I can confirm that this month's CoroCoro has a feature on the long-rumored Fairy-type, although the Japanese name of the Type is "Yosei", so I am uncertain if this means that Hiro was necessarily correct.

    Sylveon is a pure-Yosei Type Pokemon, and is known as the Maryoku Pokemon, "Magical Charm". The attack shown in the trailers for the Mini-Movie is called Mirakuru Hou, "Miracle Cannon", and is said to heal the opposing Pokemon, yet greatly reduces their Attack and Special Attack.

    Clefairy, Togepi, Jigglypuff, Audino, Chansey, Skitty, and Dunsparce are shown with their "Normal" Type changed to Yosei Type. The magazine mentions that a recent event in the Pokemon World has awakened a long-ago sealed power, explaining the Type Change. More Pokemon are said to awaken to this power, hinting at additional Type changes.

    A Type Chart is shown displaying how Yosei Matches Up.
    - Yosei is immune to Dark and Dragon
    - Yosei is weak to Psychic, Poison, Bug, and Ghost
    - Yosei resists Fire, Water, Ground, and Flying.
    - No Type is weak to Yosei.
    - Fire, Water, Ground, and Flying resist Yosei.
    - No Type is immune to Yosei.

    Source: Unknown

    Back in February we were contacted by an individual who claimed to have X and Y insider information. Of course, our standard policy is to immediately doubt anyone like this and ignore them. However, the person was able to present several facts about their first-party source that we were able to verify and, without going into too many details, no normal individual would have ever even known about the existence of said original source were they not initiated (although there was some scant information about it on the Internet that proved the source existed). While mostly convinced that this person was the real deal, we decided to not post any of their information until we could know for sure whether or not one piece of their information was real.

    Then in late April, Hiro, the guy who leaked several Black and White Pokemon before they were revealed, revealed that there would be a new type in X and Y called Fairy. That’s funny, I thought. The source who contacted us back in February had also mentioned a new Fairy type. I resisted every urge to post the news that the February source had e-mailed us because, for all I knew, it was the same source giving information to Hiro and could still be fake. Plus, there was still nothing about their news that had been officially confirmed yet. While I tried to contact Hiro to ask him about his source, he never got back to me, and thus I was unable to figure out if his source was the same as mine or different altogether. Although the source did claim that they had only approached me, I still wanted to be cautious. Thus, I decided again to not post any of the info.

    Then this morning, CoroCoro finally gave us the first major X and Y details since the games were first announced. Among those details was one tiny little tidbit that the source had first told me about in February – that there would be a new Electric move that drains its opponent’s HP. This was the only attack that the person had told me about in February, and yet it is such a specific detail to make up. For that information to be verified three months later seems to indicate that the source is the real deal (unless they are just really good at guessing).

    I want to emphasize that under the worst case scenario, I am still somehow, some way, being duped. It would not be the first time to tell you the truth, and all Pokemon webmasters have fallen for fake news before. Thus, I want everyone to take this news with a grain of salt until it is actually verified by Pokemon. If it is verified, then yay, we will be able to post other news this source has sent us since February and up until today. What you will see below is a sampling of some of the news the source has sent since February.

    TL;DR – The source seems to be genuine, but still take the information below with a grain of salt. We are classifying it as unconfirmed. Do not soil our beach sand with red liquid if it turns out to be fake. :p

    • Fairy will be a new type. It is weak to Poison and Steel, immune to Dragon, super effective against Dragon, Dark, and Fighting, and Fire and Psychic-type Pokemon take half damage from it.
    • Sylveon is Fairy-type. Some older Pokemon will be reclassified to Fairy, such as Mawile (Steel/Fairy).
    • Mewtwo has two new formes, not just one. Both are activated via items.
    • The professor’s English name is Patrice.
    • The Starter final evolutions are, as many people predicted, Fire/Psychic, Grass/Dark, and Water/Fighting.
    • The first Gym is Bug, the second is Fairy, and the fourth is Fighting.
    • A few attacks will be dual-typed.
    • There will be a new type of battling style that Flying-type Pokemon and Pokemon with Levitate can participate in.
    • You will be able to see a Pokemon’s EVs at a certain in-game facility. You will be able to boost the EVs through mini-games. It will take about two hours to get one stat to max EVs.

    The source has sent us a lot more information since then, including several English Pokemon names, but again, I’m not going to post any of it until something more substantial than an attack effect is verified. I don’t want to look like a complete fool if all of this is fake. If Fairy type and anything else above comes to be true in the next few weeks, I’ll put up the rest of the information. If all of this is fake, well, at least I didn’t let a potential good source go to waste – at least I tried! :p

    EDIT: More from the said source.
    • Pancham evolves into Pangoro in the early level 30s. In order to evolve Pancham into Pangoro, you need to have one other Dark-type Pokemon in your party. Pangoro's type is Fighting/Dark.
    • A Pokemon named Inkay evolves into Malimar. To evolve it, you have to hold your 3DS upside-down when it levels up (the 3DS has an accelerometer and gyroscope, so it can detect that). Malimar's type is Dark/Psychic.
    • A Psychic-type Pokemon named Espurr (ESP + purr) evolves into Meowstick (Meow + mystic?). (Sounds like Psychic-type cats. Meowstick's name sounds too similar to Meowth to me though.)
    • Like in B/W you have two rivals - one is friendly and the other is competitive. Your rival that is more friendly gives you his/her fully evolved starter Pokemon after you beat the game.
    • Another professor named Sycamore gives you either Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle.
    • Even though it shows the player riding on a Gogoat in the new trailer, players can't ride on their own Pokemon. What was shown is just an alternate way of getting around Lumiose City and it only works with Gogoat.
    • HMs still exist but there's a lot less of them.
    • Players will be able to see their Pokemon's EVs (probably through the same in-game facility mentioned in the other post).
    • A new move, Belch, is a Poison-type attack that has a base power of 120. The user must consume a held Berry to perform it.
    • Draining Kiss is a Fairy-type attack that heals the user for the same amount of damage performed. It has a base power of 60.
    • If the previously revealed forme of Mewtwo can be said to look roughly similar to Mewtwo's original design, the second supposed form of Mewtwo can be said to look roughly/vaguely similar to Mew's design.

    In case you missed our correction the other day, the Starters' final evolutions are Fire/Psychic, Grass/Dark, and Water/Fighting.

    Source: Supposed Insider. http://pokebeach.com/2013/05/supposed-pokemon-x-and-y-insider-information

    PROVEN FALSE. If you actually bothered to read the whole thing, in the end, the guy himself says that the spoilers are fake.
    Rumor too long. please refer to this post instead. Just click the SPOILER button.

    Note: Above info is translated. Prone to translation error.
    Source: Supposed Insider. The info above share the same info found on the following website, minus the questions. http://www.leveleando.com/2013/05/14/nueva-ronda-de-filtraciones-de-pokemon-x-pokemon-y/

    PROVEN FALSE. Pangoro Info are false.
    Some new rumors have emerged on 4chan from someone who allegedly "knows a guy" that works as a marketing supervisor. Nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary is told, but nonetheless a good read.Before we dive into these rumors, remember to take this with a grain of salt; it could be real, it could be fake.

    • New Pokémon "Elvany", Flying/Fairy, "will be revealed soon."
    • "Tame Park" allows you to deposit up to 3 pokemon for one day, and trade PokéTokens to raise EV’s.
    • Dunsparce, Mawile, Stantler, Sableye will get new evolutions.
    • Two boys, "Tofune" and "Mika" will challenge the player through out the game; one with long hair, another with spikes and a purple striped shirt; seems to be connected to the plot.
    • Pangoro does exist, with a punk hairstyle and green fur "gloves". A new ability that Pangoro has will allow the holder to steal items during battle, called "Vandal Heart", is also mentioned.
    • Skrelp evolves into Weedra, with it’s type not changing (Poison/Water), and learns the moves 'Belch' and 'Signal Beam'.
    • Clauncher evolves twice, and into a Water/Electric type, with a new move "Blister Blast", a water type move that is super effective to flying types as well as fire, rock, and ground.
    • "Kale" is the second gym leader, with blond hair and a "androgyne style". Uses fairy types and the aforementioned Elvany.

    Source: http://pokejungle.net/2013/06/17/xy-speculation-after-e3rumors/
    Do note that PokeJungle is not the one responsible for these rumors.

    Continued below...
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    Whoever posts the above fake scans again will be given infractions for spam.

    Once rumors are proven fake, please don't repost them over and over.

    If rumors from unknown sources have some bit of credibility, it is usually posted in the main site awaiting confirmation.
    If not, it's obviously fake.

    Before posting something, please try and read the thread to see if that was already posted. Thanks.
    Future fake rumors will be posted in this thread.
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    LIST OF XY RUMORS (cont'd)
    Reached the word limit for the first post, so let's have a new one:
    PROVEN FALSE.*There is no "Mewtwo X/Mewtwo Y," MegaMewtwo is not part fairy, Absol is not part Fairy.
    Hello Poképal's! I work for IGN, the #1 online gaming source. I'm pretty well-known but will keep this discreet and as short as possible, jeopardizing my job here - but I know gamers are looking forward to more news and I'm here to give it to them. What you're seeing in the trailer above is a new "form" of Mewtwo exclusively titled Mewtwo X. You get this form via item in Kalos version - but there's a catch, only on Version X can you get this item. Fans don't get too upset because the item is TRADE-ABLE. Meaning you can obtain it on version Y, where gamers can obtain the elusive Mewtwo Y "form" which is a bit smaller, pinker, yet meaner. That form can be obtained via item used on Mewtwo Event which will be released in Japan soon (and in September for America). It MUST be this event mewtwo, a regular variant (ala cerulean cave shiny) will not work. Now to add on this, Mewtwo was given these forms as a way to balance its stats in different ways, as well its giving it a second typing, Fairy. It's original variant, Mew, will not be given any new forms but IS reclassed to Psychic/Fairy. I've managed to get a close pal of mine that has been apart of the Pokémon team to get me a list of all the national Pokémon that can be reclassified to get you guys more pumped and to prep your teams ahead of time, so here they go - in elemental order. No need to thank me:

    Cleffa (Normal/Fairy)
    Clefairy (Normal/Fairy)
    Clefable (Normal/Fairy)
    Igglybuff (Normal/Fairy)
    Jiggylypuff (Normal/Fairy)
    Wigglytuff (Normal/Fairy)
    Snubbull (Normal/Fairy)
    Granbull (Normal/Fairy)
    Skitty (Normal/Fairy)
    Delcatty (Normal/Fairy)
    Happiny (Normal/Fairy)
    Chansey (Normal/Fairy)
    Blissey (Normal/Fairy)
    Munchlax (Normal/Fairy)
    Snorlax (Normal/Fairy)
    Castform (Normal/Fairy)
    Togepi (Normal/Fairy)
    Togetic (Flying/Fairy)
    Togekiss (Flying/Fairy)
    Dunsparce (Normal/Fairy)
    Buneary (Normal/Fairy)
    Lopunny (Normal/Fairy)
    Minccino (Normal/Fairy)
    Cinccino (Normal/Fairy)
    Audino (Normal/Fairy)
    Azurill (Normal/Fairy)
    Marill (Water/Fairy)
    Azumarill (Water/Fairy)
    Phione (Water/Fairy)
    Manaphy (Water/Fairy)
    Politoed (Water/Fairy)
    Milotic (Water/Fairy)
    Alomomola (Water/Fairy)
    Clampearl (Water/Fairy)
    Gorebyss (Water/Fairy)
    Huntail (Water/Fairy)
    Luvdisc (Water/Fairy)
    Plusle (Electric/Fairy)
    Minun (Electric/Fairy)
    Mawile (Steel/Fairy)
    Snorunt (Ice/Fairy)
    Glalie (Ice/Fairy)
    Vanillite (Ice/Fairy)
    Vanillish (Ice/Fairy)
    Vanilluxe (Ice/Fairy)
    Bellossom (Grass/Fairy)
    Cherubi (Grass/Fairy)
    Cherrim (Grass/Fairy)
    Petilil (Grass/Fairy)
    Lilligant (Grass/Fairy)
    Maractus (Grass/Fairy)
    Shaymin-Land (Grass/Fairy)
    Vulpix (Fire/Fairy)
    Ninetails (Fire/Fairy)
    Volbeat (Bug/Fairy)
    Illumise (Bug/Fairy)
    Kricketot (Bug/Fairy)
    Kricketune (Bug/Fairy)
    Sudowoodo (Rock/Fairy)
    Misdreavus (Ghost/Fairy)
    Mismagius (Ghost/Fairy)
    Uxie (Psychic/Fairy)
    Mesprit (Psychic/Fairy)
    Azelf (Psychic/Fairy)
    Cresselia (Psychic/Fairy)
    Chingling (Psychic/Fairy)
    Chimecho (Psychic/Fairy)
    Gothita (Psychic/Fairy)
    Gothorita (Psychic/Fairy)
    Gothitelle (Psychic/Fairy)
    Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy)
    Meloetta-Aria (Fairy/Psychic)
    Meloetta-Pirouette (Fairy/Fighting)
    Absol (Dark/Fairy)
    Zorua (Dark/Fairy)
    Zoroark (Dark/Fairy)
    Darkrai (Dark/Fairy)

    Arceus remains Normal, but receives an odd item called "Star Plate" which makes it become a Fairy typed Arceus.

    Source: A guy who claims to be an IGN staff.
    Do note that PokeJungle and IGN are not the one responsible for these rumors.

    PROVEN FALSE. PlumberPete confessed that it's fake.
    Greeting /vp/, I have come to deliver a special service, information about Pokemon X and Y. The source? Let's just say that, although one of my fellows was recently given a C&D order, I have managed to evade that up to this point by playing it safe and keeping things anonymous and not trusting in any solid source that could be easily traced. I was waiting till the second part of WPM's set of rumors were confirmed before posting, but here's the deal. For the next few days, I'll be gradually sharing information I know here on /vp/...

    Why should you believe me? Well, you can't without proof and I am not aware of how they're setting up reveals to give an exact date, but I do have a caveat to hold me responsible to. The Pokemon shown in trailer attached to Movie 16 I am certain will be revealed soon, so I will say that "Orotto"'s English name is Arborious, and it is Grass/Ground.

    Anyway, I will be providing three bullet points per day: a Pokemon, a move or ability, and a random bit of info, until I exhaust all I know.


    For the first day, I will say this:
    • Rock Pokemon named Bonbomb evolves into Rock/Fighting Pachimachia. Bonbomb is a large cluster of spiky rocks with two floating fists, while Pachimachia is humanoid with "Rayman-like" head, fists and feet. Based on "donpachi"/pop rock type candy, Bonbomb is larger and "explodes" into Pachimachia as it evolves through a unique method, using "Self Destruct" in a battle. Pachimachia can fire off its fists at foes and is very hyper.
    • New Electric-type Status Move known as "Ionize", raises accuracy and allows Electric-type moves to hit Ground-type Pokemon.
    • The 3 Starters are inspired by different famous paintings in later forms, Chespin is Eugène Delacroix's "Liberty Leading the People", Fennekin is Vincent Van Goh's "Starry Night", and Froakie is Hokusai's "The Great Wave off Kanagawa". Chespin takes after "sans-culotte" rebels, Fennekin has curled fur and "will-o-wisps", and Froakie has wave-like patterns. I'll expand on them in a future post.
    • Chespin's green "hat" basically spreads out and resembles a wide-brimmed hat, and the green chestnut shell basically grows into an overcoat, covering most of his body bar his ankles (hence "sans-culotte") is how I'd describe it. Then he's described as a Pokemon that steals food for his friends and protects them from foes through trickery.
    • EDIT: I'm trying to keep on my "3 Bullet a Day" promise, but I guess since I said more on Chespin, I'll add the names of the first forms: Chespin -> Pineneer, Fennekin -> Whisxen, Froakie -> Surfrip

    Day 2:
    • Spritzee's evolution is rather "plain", of the get bigger variety and, unfortunately, its design does not appear to further the Plague Doctor motif, but it does resemble a flamingo like has also been speculated. The Pokemon remains pure-Fairy and is known as Eauroma, and it's a more elongated Spritzee. Its smell is so powerful that it actually takes a physical form, and it's got "tail-feathers" that are made out of purple mist. Swirlix's evolution is pure-Fairy as well and named Gluudle. It resembles a chubby poodle, and its tail is cotton-candy on a stick...humorously, it's constantly chasing its tail trying to eat it because it loves sweets, so it's always running around in a circle. Both Pokemon evolve through a new Stone called the "Carbuncle", which also evolves Eevee into Sylveon.
    • One-Two Punch is a Fighting-type Physical Attack with a Base Power of 30. On the following turn, the Pokemon that took the attack is hit with 30 more BP of damage as long as they haven't switched out (and the user hasn't fainted). I believe that the second hit is calculated using the stats that both Pokemon had when the attack was first used like Future Sight.
    • The Second Gym Leader is Faith of Lumiose City, she uses Fairy-types. Her appearance resembles a "flower-girl" folk singer, with long-braided hair with flowers in it and a guitar. Flabébé is one of her Pokemon, but not her strongest.

    Source: PlumberPete, a supposed insider. | Taken from 4chan

    PROVEN FALSE. Smash didn't show Flabebe's ability nor Litleo's evolution on the July 28 episode.
    Alright well, I'm a bottom level NoA employee. I usually help with web design and updating the X and Y site. Its been really hectic translating X and Y in time for the 12th so security is almost non existent. I know close to nothing about the new games but here is what I've managed to learn.

    • Flabebe has an ability to pick up a new flower when you run through a garden or flower patcher.
    • The new way to evolve Inkay is called "Gyro-evolution".
    • Another Pokemon evolves through gyro-evolution by shaking the 3DS when it levels up past 36 (it goes from a staight line looking thing to a hectic wire looking thing).
    • Gyro-evolution and a new game mechanic called Super Training will be revealed next week along with Litleo's final evolution and a second evolution to Flabebe.
    • There will be another Eeveelution name Drakeon. It's Dragon-type and it evolves through a new item called the Scale Fragment. You can find these in cave and a man in a small area called Florian Town give you one.
    • Some items now use a process called Infusion. The Scale Fragment and the Fairy Wing both use this method into Sylveon and Drakeon. Infusion acts just like using an item on a Pokemon but I guess there's a fancy animation where the item breaks down into little glowing orbs and they go into the Pokemon.
    • Super Training is a method of training that you do in an area like Safari Zone. Each pokemon in there has double their normal EV yield.
    • Also, some retconned Fairy types are Mawile, Milotic, Chansey's whole line, and all of Clefairy's evlution line.

    That's all the information I have for right now. I'll see if I can get some more out of him later. Also Flabebe's ability and Litleo's evolution is what's going to be shown on Pokemon Smash next week on the 27th. The site is scheduled to update on the 28th.

    Source: A supposed bottom-level NoA Employee. | Taken from 4chan
    Screenshots: http://i.imgur.com/U2lpFtk.png | http://i.imgur.com/5R7xwba.png

    PROVEN FALSE. IAMTHELEAKER confessed that it's fake.
    This rumor is a bit too long. So read it here instead:

    Source: See link above.
    Do note that PokeJungle is not the one responsible for these rumors.

    MOD NOTE: This isn't really a rumor... it's a list of officially trademarked Pokemon names.
    Pokéxperto has posted online some supposed new Pokémon names from X & Y. The list supposedly existed before Swirlix, Spritzee and Inkay were revealed, and as such Pokéxperto believes it provides some credence to the list.
    [UPD]: We’ve added translations and name breakdowns below. Please remember to take them with a grain of salt, whether from our list below or from any other source. We’ve tried our best to break down the names and find their origins, but there’s a chance that some are incorrect.

    • Dianshii (ディアンシー) — Possibly a deer Pokémon. It’s name could come from deer + fancy + antsy.
    • Hariboogu (ハリボーグ) — Most likely the evolution of Chespin — Hari (ハリ) comes from pin/needle, boogu (ボーグ) or bogue, is the name of the shell of a chestnut is French. Thanks to belmad for this tip-off!
    • Gekogashira (ゲコガシラ) — Possibly from gecko + boss. Gashira means either head or boss. Possibly a Froakie evolution.
    • Borukenion (ボルケニオン) — Probably Volcanyon — likely boruke (ボルケ) from volcano and nion (ニオン) from canyon.
    • Dedenne (デデンネ)
    • Horubii (ホルビー) — Likely comes from horu (ホル) to dig + bee.
    • Nyaonikusu (ニャオニクス) — Probably Meowstick, as mentioned in a previous leak
    • Burigaron (ブリガロン) — Maybe a blizzard wolf: buri (ブリ) from blizzard (burizaado) + garo (ガロ / 牙狼) meaning fanged wolf. It could also come from garou (餓狼) meaning starving wolf.
    • Jigarude (ジガルデ) — Is possibly from Jiga (ジガ / 自我), which means ego.
    • Mafokushii (マフォクシー) — Is possibly an evolution of Fennekin: Mafoxy
    • Fuupa (フーパ) — fuu (フー) is most likely wind, pa (パ) could be many things.
    • Gekkouga (ゲッコウガ) — Gekkou (ゲッコウ) means moonlight + ga (ガ) is moth. Literally moonlight moth.
    • Torimian (トリミアン)
    • Teerunaa (テールナー) — Possibly related to Gekkouga. Teeru (テール) means tail and runaa (ルナー) means lunar.

    Pokéxperto was known for providing information that later turned out to be true before Black & White released, so we do have some reasoning for believing these could be true. As always: remember that these names are not confirmed, and should not be considered true just yet. Whether true or not we’d like to hear your opinions on these names. What do you think the Pokémon could look like?

    Source: Quoted from this PokeJungle article.
    Do note that PokeJungle is not the one responsible for these rumors.

    MOD NOTE: These names are officially trademarked names.

    PROVEN FALSE. Orotto only has one eye.
    I came to know from a reliable source some informations about Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. I have no proof of the truth of what I heard though. Mostly informations about moves, pokémon and some fragments of gameplay. I will be happy to share with you those "leaks", personally I believe without doubts, but I can understand if some of you don't. About the source, I can only tell that he's a friend of mine (obviously) and he doesn't actually work for Nintendo but he is in a position that allows him to catch informations.

    I will start with some minor leaks, then you will need to ask for them:

    • There are very few HMs: the HMs are Rock Smash, Surf, Strenght, Dive and another unknown to me. Moves like Waterfall and Fly are still widely usable outside battles, but aren't considered as HM.
    • TMs do not break when used
    • There are some moves with particular effects: there is a fire type move SE against water, a psychic type move SE against dark and many others. There are also many moves like Scald, which now gives Water STAB but acts like a fire type move. Some moves gains their type and/or effects from the Pokémon which is using them and some other moves change with evolution. In example Scyther can now learn Fly, but if Scyther evolves into Scizor Fly will inevitably turn into a new move that heals status ailments.
    • Team Flare doesn't have goals but earn money
    • Fire types resist fairy type moves.
    • The games are set 5 years after the events of Pokémon Black 2/White 2.
    • There are many references to Unova but the region isn't reachable in X and Y.
    • Clemont is the ghost gym leader, Grant is the rock gym leader.
    • Oorotto is Ghost/Grass type, and it has two eyes, while I saw it with one eye in many drawings pretty close to it in this board.
    • The pic related I made shows the relations between the starters.

    I gotta go now, I'll be back soon. Ask while I'm away.

    Source: A guy named "Remember That I Don't Know Everything". From 4chan.

    PROVEN FALSE. The next batch of Pokemon did not include any of these.
    Guy on youtube claimed to talk to an insider at an anime convention. Said that, in the next batch of Pokemon revealed, there would be:
    [*]A bag of chips
    [*]A sushi roll
    [*]A new type-unspecified eeveelution

    PROVEN FALSE. The white Pokemon revealed during the September Pokemon Direct wasn't mentioned nor described in the Dex.
    Some guy posted a full dex description (Mysteriously with no names in any language)
    It's too long to post here so: http://pastebin.com/C6761nic

    PROVEN FALSE. Everything is wrong.
    MOD NOTE: Not a single 4chan rumor is ever legit.
    New Pokemon and Mega Evolution Information

    Yo, so, yeah, there's been a lot of rumors going around and such and people are probably a bit on-edge, but I can give you my word, although it isn't much since you don't know me, that this is information that is on its way to being revealed around the middle of this month when the Official XY Website updates and everything. Here's what I've learned about the New Pokémon and Mega Pokemon being revealed as well as some other game play stuff I've learned about. So, yeah, trust me or not, but this'll be revealed in about a week's time and you'll see yourself.

    First off, there are Eight New Pokémon being revealed, although four of them have been seen previously in preview videos or mentioned in leaks.

    • Aspent. It's a Poison-type "Desert Snake" Pokemon, basically a maroon cobra with gold stripes and a little Egyptian Pharaoh hood. It has Intimidate as an Ability, and a new Normal-type move named "Serpent Dance", which confuses the user while lowering the foe's Attack and Speed. In the overworld you can now see certain Pokemon, some will run away from you, some will stand still and let you walk up to them, while others will chase after you, with Aspent popping out of the sand in areas and chasing after you. It is described as being a dangerous desert-dwelling Pokemon that performs a strange, twisting dance that lulls its prey into a false-sense of security.
    • Poirre. It's a Water/Rock-type "Gushing" Pokemon, it resembles a large gray, finely carved fish statue like the kind you see on fountains, with a wide mouth that's shooting out water skyward, even in the art it's shown shooting water out. It has Drizzle as an Ability, and learns very few moves besides Water Gun, but is said to shine in Double Battles. Using its new Water-type move, "Healing Spring", it is able to continuously heal it and its partner for three turns but, on the downside, it is unable to use any moves or switch out. It is described as being a sedentary Pokemon that gets rid of its excess body water by spraying it out of its mouth for hours at a time, with nearby Pokemon gathering around it for hydration.
    • Grimmwood. This is the English name of "Orotto", the Pokemon seen in Japanese trailers beforehand, known as the "Deep Woods" Pokemon. It is Grass/Ghost, with Stall as an Ability. It knows Ingrain, and often appear in Horde Battles with other Grimmwood, using Ingrain to continuously heal and prolong the fight. They also learn a new Poison-type move known as "Poison Apple", which heals the foe's HP then badly poisons them. It is described as being strange Pokemon that grow in large groups in areas where wars took place in the past, and move around in order to confuse travelers who pass through the woods they live in.
    • Espurr. It's a Psychic-type "Roaming Cat" Pokemon, a chunky purplish cat with black star marks decorating its body, and pointy ears like a witches-hat. It has Infiltrator as an Ability, and has Swift as one of its moves. Espurr appear in certain towns, including Lumiose, at night and will run away if approached by a trainer. To catch them, you need to utilize your skates and back them into a corner so you can battle them. It is described as a foreboding Pokemon that gather around human settlements, and are said to be associated with strange occurrences.
    • Meowstic. It's a Psychic-type "Familiar" Pokemon, the evolved form of Espurr, with a stronger witch motif has its ears are taller and pointier, and its tail resembles a broomstick. Its body is pure-black with purple star marks, and inverse of its pre-evolution. Its Ability remains as Infiltrator, and learns Moonlight, as it is a Pokemon that is stronger when battling at night. It evolves from the mischievous Espurr by playing with it in Pokemon-Amie and getting on its good-side. It is described as being a fiercely loyal Pokemon with powerful magic that follows its Trainer's will to the fullest, but will hiss and scratch if any human besides its Trainer attempts to touch it.
    • Staeger. It's a Bug/Flying-type "Stag Beetle" Pokemon, it's a copper-colored stag beetle with a folded up body and larger pincers, it resembles a "spaceship" a bit with its wing spread out. It has a new Ability called "Air Strike", which powers up its attacks when used against Flying and Levitating Pokemon, thus it is said to be a very powerful Pokemon when used in Sky Battles with "Aerial Ace" and "Bug Bite" as attacks. It is also said to evolve when it masters Sky Battling. It is described as a fierce hunter that never lands on the ground when chasing after its prey, but is docile when drinking sap from trees.
    • Beettallion (Armored Mode). It's a Steel/Flying-type "Metamorphic" Pokemon, a larger metallic stag beetle with little turrets on its back, once more it looks a lot like a futuristic "spaceship" with "Shell Armor" as an Ability. It has strong defenses, but loses some of its Speed and Attack. It learns a Bug-type move known as "Metamorph", which allows it to Mode Change into Strike Mode, which is Bug/Flying and has a more humanoid, mecha beetle look who wields its horns like swords. Furthermore, Strike Mode lowers it defenses, but regains its Attack and Speed as well as regaining Air Strike as an Ability. It cannot change back after using Metamorph. It is described as being a natural Pokemon that evolved a method of transforming its body in order to keep up continuously evolving prey, and thus can adjust to changes in battles.
    • Reangil. It's the Pokemon that was seen in the Nintendo Direct, a Fairy/Dragon-type "Nevermore" Pokemon. It has a new Ability known as "Fog Horn", which creates a mysterious fog wherever it appears which lowers the Accuracy of all Pokemon including itself. It has a new Fairy-type move known as "Dragolance", which does Dragon-type damage to foes. It is described as being a Pokemon that appears in many ancient Fairy-tales and shows itself to those who believe in it, and is said to live for exactly 100 years.

    There are also four Mega Evolutions shown...

    • Mega Mewtwo (Pure Forme). In addition to Mega Mewtwo, a second Mega Evolution of Mewtwo exists which is much smaller and friendlier looking, with its tail wrapping around its body. It is Psychic-type, and has "Magic Guard". It is said that Trainers who have proven themselves to have strong hearts may bear witness to this Forme that, while small, is rumored to possess extremely potent psychic powers.
    • Mega Magcargo. It becomes Fire-type as it breaks out of its shell, resembling a larger fiery snail with the back of its body bubbling up with heat bubbles. It gains a boost in Special Attack and has Flash Fire as an Ability. It is described as its body raising to excessive temperatures that prevent it body from cooling down whatsoever.
    • Mega Drifblim. It is Ghost/Flying, and its upper body swells to a larger size and it has six "arms" now instead of two, but mostly stays the same looking. The larger size gives it stronger Defense and Special Defense than before, and it has a new Ability, "Sky High", which prevents it from being grounded. It is described as its body swelling to massive sizes as it takes to the air to heights that most Pokemon are incapable of reaching.
    • Mega Jynx. It is Ice/Psychic, and its body slims down and it has a more "hotter" look to it, with its hair turning an icy silver. Its slimmer size gives it more Speed, and it also has stronger Special Attack, and has Cute Charm as an Ability as it has an alluring look to it. It is described as using its Psychic powers to create a strange illusion that gives it a beautiful look that no Pokemon can resist.

    This is all, but there is more scheduled to be revealed to look forward to! Get hyped.

    Source: 4chan user, !!1ZvZyahy/Pu

    PROVEN FALSE. Taken down by the mods in that forum since it was fake.

    Source: Unknown...

    PROVEN FALSE. Froakie's final evo info are incorrect. Bunnelby evolves into Normal/Ground.
    Another source has sent us a new set of information about X and Y. Like the last batch of leaks, consider all of this a rumor until Pokemon reveals it. Like our last source, some of this information is from memory, so it may not be 100% accurate. Again, please treat all of this with caution - even though we've been shown evidence to backup some of the information, we could still be falling for an elaborate trick. Time will tell!

    • Trusk is a Grass/Rock boar Pokemon with long green tusks coming out of its mouth. He is gruff, has grey skin, and features green leaf-like ears. It has an "adorable" pre-evolution with tiny tusks and a leaf at the end of its tail.
    • A Normal/Poison porcupine Pokemon named Quillom can be found quite early in the game in the forest. It has white skin with light purple quills. He has a Poison-type quill attack which damages and has a high chance of poison.
    • A Ghost-type spider Pokemon is found in caves. It is dark gray with blue spots and multiple light grey eyes. It has a feint light blue mist around its abdomen. The source doesn't remember the spelling of its name, but says it was something like "Apparachnid." He thinks it may have an evolution.
    • There is a Ground-type badger Pokemon that is dark brown with black stripes going up its face. It knows Slash and a new biting move.
    • Reconfirmation that Froakie's final evolution is Water/Fighting. It looks similar to a poison dart frog. The dark blue now takes over its body almost entirely. There are a few even darker (almost black) spots on his sides and face and it gains more of the bubble foam around its neck and down the back. It's also a bit bulkier. It uses its hind legs a lot and has kicking attacks.
    • Bunnelby evolves into a Ground/Dark type rabbit that is larger and much rounder. Its color scheme is reversed, with the dark brown now being the prominent color. It can be found in caves. It is useful because you can get it early in the game and use it to evolve Pancham into Pangoro.
    • Helioptile has an evolution. It is bipedal with a second yellow triangle on its face. Its ears become more jagged and it looks meaner. On its back are what look like spikes with jagged parts at the very top. It can learn a new attack called Thunder Roll, where it rolls up like a wheel and strikes the opponent.
    • Reconfirmation that Meowstic has a pre-evolution named Espurr. There is no gender differentiation until it evolves. It is mostly white, similar to the female version, with cuter eyes and a single puffy tail. It has a little patch of fur under its head (similar to its evolutions). The fur is dark blueish with little tufts of white in it.
    • Other Pokemon that are now Fairy-type: the Chansey evolution line, Dunsparce, the Clefairy line, and Togepi's line.
      Fairy Dust is a new move that will randomly cause either Paralysis, Poison, Sleep, or Burn.
    • Like Magneton, Wailmer is part of one of the Super Training Facility games.
    • Team Flare makes an appearance right at the beginning of the game. On the TV in your house, one of its members talks about fashion and how your Pokemon should match your style.
    • The outfit your character wears at the start is colored to match what you've set as your favorite color in your 3DS settings. It can be changed easily though.
    • The opening cinematic is in 3D. (Have to mention this since most of the game isn't in 3D. :p) The opening cinematic is in 3D. (Have to mention this since most of the game isn’t in stereoscopic 3D. :p) It starts off with Yveltal’s cry, which wakes you up. You sit up in your bed. It then pans and there is a shot of your city. Yveltal’s shadow goes over it. After that there is some other shots of your town. You seem amazed that you saw Yveltal. It then shows generic in-game shots like you entering a forest with your friends, selecting your starter, running through a cave, etc. After that it shows Sycamore welcoming you. You are standing outside of his lab at the time, then he takes you inside. It then shows him showing you three Poke Balls which leads into a transformation video where it shows all three Kanto starters evolving to their final forms, and then the three of them Mega Evolving. It’s a really cool cinematic. The video ends with Yveltal flying with the sun behind him, leading in to the title screen. Team Flare is also shown at some point in the sequence.
    • On the title screen you can use the analog joystick on your 3DS to change the angle at which you see Xerneas/Yveltal.

    PROVEN FALSE. Admitted to faking the rumors.

    Mod Note: He piggy-backed off the Pokebeach Rumor Batch 25, below is his stuff.
    And here is some new stuff that isn't on Pokebeach (yet):

    • There is an ancient tablet pokemon with what look to be runes on it. It is ice/rock and can be found near a city with a windmill. It has the ability Flash Freeze which causes Pokemon to become frozen when they use a physical attack on it. The pokemon's name is Bitrunic and it knows the attacks rock smash and ice beam. It looks like a grey stone rectangular slab and the runes glow icy blue normally and red when it is attacking. It's eyes are two runes that are rectangles with diagonal lines that go through them.
    • The next is a steel/ghost type pokemon also found near the ruins that have bitrunic. It is known as the mirror pokemon. Named Flekter. I only saw its pokedex entry and it said that it can trap a person's soul within the reflection. It does evolve into a broken mirror pokemon. I do not know the name of the evolution but it has a ghost like mist holding together broken mirror shards.
    • To get spewpa to evolve into vivillon, you have to shake your 3ds up and down while it levels up. You can do this at anytime once it is past level 16.
    • To get malimar, when inkay is leveling up past level 24, turn your 3ds upside down. Another thing to keep in mind is that you have to be surfing to do this.
    • There is a lady in Lumiose city who will give you a task once a day for a week. If you complete her tasks (it can be anything from showing her a certain pokemon or bringing her a certain item to showing her an evolved pokemon), she will give you an egg. This egg has a Skiddo in it. If you take the hatched Skiddo to her, she'll teach you how to ride pokemon. This isn't required to ride pokemon, but she gives you tips on jumping over ledges.
    • Pokemon-amie it a lot of fun to play and create bonds with your pokemon, however if you don't use it, your pokemon don't lose happiness. This is good because you don't have to use this feature. I can see this as being geared more towards girls.
    • Pokemon that can be found close to the starting area: quillom, bunnelby, scatterbug, fletchling, flabebe, pikachu.
    • The Togepi lineup loses its normal typing and becomes fairy type.
    • Metronome and Moon Dance are now fairy type moves.
    • The day care center is near a bridge and has a river flowing behind it. You can now put up to four pokemon there. If you leave a pokemon there to breed, it's happiness will go down. If it gets too unhappy, it will no longer breed.
    • When you street pass someone you can see them on your PSS. You can also battle them in a place called the pokemon battle arcade (not to be confused with the battle arcade from the battle frontier).
    • Your friends don't believe you when you say you think you saw the legendary pokemon. Your rival (the male or female one that you didnt choose said they saw it too). Tierno says that you guys probably just dreamed it.
    • There are new types of pokeball, each with a different speciality. On has a yellow top with a lightning bolt on it. As you can imagine, it works well on electric pokemon. It is called the shockball.
    • The next is the ironball. It is all silver looking except a black band around the middle and a little indent on the top. Use for catching steel type pokemon but can also be good for catching heavier pokemon.
    • They are following the pattern of having two eeveelutions in this generation. I have seen the other and it is unexpected, but awesome. I won't say what type but it isn't dragon or poison like people are thinking.
    • Raichu gets a mega evolution. It turns brown with the orange/gold accents on its ears. Its speed and special attack are increased.
    • Tropius gets to mega evolve. It gains more back leaves and now has more coconuts hanging from its neck. Its physical attack is raised but its speed it lowered.
    • You can leave money with your mother again but you don't get annoying calls from her when she buys you stuff. Now you can leave her a shopping list and she will pick them up for you if she "finds a good sale".
    • The train tracks in the East of Kalos lead to a new battle frontier that is being "built" while the main story is happening. It presumably will be finished by the time you beat the elite four.
    • Shiny helioptile is a darker yellow, kind of orange-ish. This is the only shiny Pokemon I have encountered so far.
    • Talonflame doesn't evolve from Fletchling, there is a pokemon in between.
    • The save game function takes substantially less time than previous games.
    • On the main menu, these are the options: New Game, Continue, Mystery Gift, Streetpass Settings, Options, Wifi Settings.
    • Mega stones can be found in a caves through a new feature similar to the mining feature in D/P/P. Not the exact same way, but you use your stylus to break rocks. You don't always find something but you can get mega stones (in their raw forms, you have to take them to the fossil lab).
    • You can design your own clothes (not the shape or anything, but you can add patterns or Pokemon images onto them, similar to how Tierno has vanillite on his shirt). You have to have seen the Pokemon in order to get it put onto a shirt. I am not sure if you can put any Pokemon on a shirt, but so far many of the early Pokemon work.
    • The 5th gym is Dark type and the gym leader is tough!

    That is all I will post. See you on October 12th!

    P.S. - Wednesday September 25th is the next reveal date from Nintendo. I think they will either reveal the second eeveelution, mega Raichu, or helioptile's evolution

    Original article: http://pokemonxyreview.weebly.com/

    PROVEN FALSE. The Day/Night cycle follows real time.
    So, through some methods that aren't exactly legitimate (but aren't exactly blatantly illegal), I have actually played a bit of Pokemon Y. While I'm not going to leak everything I've encountered so far while playing about five hours in, there are some interesting tidbits I've come across which I haven't seen mentioned anywhere else.

    • I don't want to spoil the New Pokemon, but I power-leveled Chespin to its final form and I can confirm it is indeed Grass/Dark. It is a seriously powerful looking Pokemon, reminds me of Golbez from FFIV, but its 'Dex Entry mentions how it's frightening appearance scares others despite being extremely friendly, so it seems that it's an "ironic" Dark Pokemon like Absol that's just misunderstood. Two early game Pokemon I've come across is a Bug/Water Spider with a giant eye and a single tear drooping from it, with its little feet resembling eyelashes, and a Normal/Fighting Koala with ears shaped like hands, which I can confirm is indeed the one seen in the trailer in the Daycare Center. I've also ran into what appears to be pre-evolutions of Noivern and "Orotto".
    • There are truly a lot of Pokemon in this game, and going back through routes I've found myself running into different ones every-time I went through them it seemed. I've seen around 200 Pokemon and I only got to the Fifth Gym. The only Mega Pokemon I've encountered though is Mega Blaziken and Mega Mewtwo (Y) in a cutscene near the beginning, and Mega Mienshao which Korrina uses when you battle her. In the PokeDex though I've noticed certain Pokemon have an empty circular slot next to their name, and Mienshao has a colorful orb in the slot which clicking on allows me to view Mega Mienshao. Raichu, Golduck, Jynx, Octillery, Manetric, and Lopunny are all Pokemon I've encountered and see this slot, so I assume they have Mega Evolutions.
    • Day and Night work differently, it's a lot like 3D Zelda now in that the time isn't based on your clock, but instead passes as you walk around. It's about ten minutes of day, ten minutes of night I timed, with it gradually darkening/brightening up, you can even see the sun set in some locations. Time doesn't seem to elapse while in battle or Pokemon-Amie. If you sit on benches, time seems to pass faster. The game begins during the Day, and the time didn't change for me during the first part of the game. There are also beds you can sleep in to make it day or night. Seasons seem to be gone, but on one route it began to rain, and on another route during the early morning there was a thick fog effect (but it didn't effect battle like in Gen IV).
    • When you visit the Breeding Center the first time, you get an egg that hatched into a Smoochum for me. You can interact with eggs in Pokemon-Amie and poke them...I'm not sure if this sped up the hatching process or anything, but it didn't take long for it to hatch. I haven't bred any Pokemon, but talking to the NPCs it seems they can hold up to 2 Pokemon still, and also it seems you can now instruct them to prevent your Daycare Pokemon from learning new moves. There's also an "Egg Basket", and it seems they'll hold up to six eggs for you until you come and pick them up so you don't need to keep checking with the Daycare Man. It seems the eggs in the Egg Basket also incubate, but at a slower pace, according to the NPC who was near it.
    • So far I've ridden on Rhyhorn, Gogoat (you don't get to control it), Skiddo (it's near the Daycare Center so it's useful for hatching eggs), and a Lapras, which just ferried me to an island in a cut-scene.
    • Sky Battles are pretty much just like normal battles, except sometimes "random" events happen, such as a powerful duststorm blows through which decreases both sides' accuracy, or the wind picks up which boosts both sides' attack. Horde Battles are pretty easy and a bit boring, the Pokemon A.I. seems worse than usual and sometimes the extra members don't attack and instead skip their turn. You can only catch the last Pokemon standing.
    • Trainers seem to be overall smarter, I've seen them use combos like Defense Curl + Roll Out with a Geodude, use Hold Items, and one of them even Baton Passed his Pokemon.
    • The game is way bigger than the overworld map lets on, routes have a lot of little branching paths and the towns are big with lots of little things to do. In Lumiose a girl asked me to bring her a Pokemon with Water Gun to water her flowers for her, when I did this, she rewarded me with a floral-patterned shirt I could dress up in.

    That's all I'll say for now.

    Source: 4chan. Someone who claims to have a copy of XY.

    PROVEN FALSE. Everything is incorrect.
    "My review for Pokemon X and Y is coming out on October 4th and I just got my review copy in today. Im not allowed to post pictures of the final evolutions but I wil be posting shots of in-game, maybe a few new Pokemon, I work for an Italian gaming website."

    • The names of the final evolutions are Frogue, Chesknight, and Kyubixen
    • First five gyms are Bug, Fairy, Electric, Fighting, Steel,
    • Alexa is a reporter from Lumiose City who will appear often in bustling cities to do reports on you and will battle you afterwards, the battles can be seen on big screens in Lumiose City
    • There's a new bird Pokemon named Aquerial who is a phoenix with soaked wings and is Water/Flying
    • There's a new Pokemon named Koadly who is a small bear/koala and is Fairy type
    • There's a new Pokemon named Gorem who is Ground/Grass and can learn the move Wood Hammer
    • Professor Sycamore and Master Calix, an old man in Shalour City, are both learning about Mega Pokemon and Master Calix gives you a level 20 Riolu holding a Lucarionite to train
    • There's a Gym Leader with a blue jacket and yellow hair who you have to escort to another Gym Leader with gems in his hair. They're supposed to be best friends and the Gym Leader with gems closes his gym down for the time being while he's out
    • A boy named Aero owns a Pikachu and claims to have seen you in one of his dreams

    I'll be posting more screenshots in my forum thread tomorrow but I can't post anything starter evolution related"

    Source: The Italian lady who leaked the Pokemon Center pics.

    PROVEN FALSE. Sycamore doesn't give you more than the Kanto starters
    I work for a magazine in the UK and got sent an email a couple of weeks ago with apparent Pokemon X & Y 'facts'. The writer says they are from a European marketing team (did not mention which one).
    I don't really think they are true, however a couple of things were right. Posting on here to see whether any had been already confirmed as true or fakes.
    I'll post the few kinda 'confirmed' ones, they way they were written is not concrete which is why I doubted the rest are completely true, but at least maybe they are fun rumours to share.
    Two tv spots will be launched prior to release each with a new pokemon briefly shown to gain hype. A new normal-type unevolved pokemon (the grey one in the new uk trailer?) and a new poison-type pokemon with no evolutionary line.
    Three new evolutions of Gen VI pokemon will be released on the official facebook page prior to launch. (Doublade just released I guess?)
    The new Starter evolutions will be released. But no final evolutions until the week leading to the 12th October. (Well true so far)
    Mewtwo will have two forms, one for each game version. The second will not be announced until later on for fans to get used to the idea of mega evolutions. (This is one of the main things that made me post)
    And the rest:
    Rhyhorn will be first pokemon you get to ride in-game. You cannot ride Rhydon. The pokemon you ride in-game are not available for battles. (Guessing this means they act like the bike?)
    Main professor in the game will be female, with male professor (I'm guessing Sycamore?) as main plot driver.
    Pokemon from all previous generations will be able to be caught in-game, making it easier to complete pokedex without having to trade or use pokemon bank service. Re-emergance of 'Gotta Catch 'Em All" to regain Gen 1 fanbase.
    Harder to catch specific pokemon as more will be available in each route. Percentage of each pokemon appearing is lower.
    All starter pokemon will get mega evolutions and one from each generation will be obtainable throughout the game as part of male professor's research.
    Not all legendaries are getting mega evolutions. There is no mega evolution for Mew, Cresselia and Genesect. They are confirmed to not have any.
    No Gen V pokemon will get mega evolutions. [Mod Note: Later in the comments claims he made a typo, it's No Gen VI Pokemon]
    And this was apparently to help me?...
    The European names of new pokemon are not sent to the marketing team until 3 days prior to announce, to reduce leaks. This means any names currently 'leaked' are fake unless revealed within the week.

    source: http://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/1nbozg/possible_spoilersleaksrumours_pokemon_x_y/
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