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In Code Lyoko.

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Gardevoir Aura
Code Lyoko is kinda cool, don't you think? Would you go in that world? If you did and you can go into the scanner, what would your powers be and what would you wear?
I would be exactly like Jeremy when he first when to Lyoko, terrified. The thought of falling into the Digital Sea and being gone forever, freaks me out. But, if I were to manage, I would like my powers to be similar to Alieta, because of controling things and what not. I've also taken a liking to Yumi's fans too, but I would like to control plants, even though the Forest Sector is the only Sector with plants. And my outfit would be a Japanese battle suit.
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Here you go. Once again, this isn't a Japanese cartoon. Also, you're getting on my nerves and I have contacted the moderators (bar Chris, his inbox is full).
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