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In-Ear headphones trouble


Falcon PUNCH!!!
About a year ago i bought some Inner Earphones for Nintendo DS by Hori and just the other day they went crazy. First the left ear bud wouldn't play any sound unless the jack and a little bit of cord was in the right spot. but then later on the left earbud stopped working at all no matter where the jack or cord was, but later on i found out that if i turned the in-line volume down all the way the left earbud works but it only plays the same as the right earbud (i.e. if the right earbud plays the treble of the song the the left earbud plays the treble too instead of the bass). can anyone help me with this? or will i have to get a new set of earphones?


<- It was THIS big!
This happens eventually to all earphones, particular ones with thin wire. You'll just have to get a pair of new ones. But, make sure it's the headphones that are the problem; test another pair in your DS or try your headphones with a different audio source to see if the problem fixes.