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in-game non competitive team advice

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by LthePanda, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. LthePanda

    LthePanda Member

    My team seems to now look like

    MIlotic @ Leftover
    Marvel Scale
    252 hp/ 252 Sp.D / 4 Sp.A
    -Ice Beam
    -(undecided) maybe dragon tail

    Salamence @ Leftovers
    -Dragon Dance
    -Dragon Claw
    -Fire Blast

    Gengar @ Life Orb or Leftover
    -Giga Drain
    -Shadow Ball
    -Focus Blast

    Umbreon @ Rocky Helmet
    HP 252/Def 52/Sp. Def 200
    -Foul Play
    - Protect

    Snorlax @ Leftovers
    252 Sp.D/ 172 Def/ 88 Hp
    -Body Slam

    Roserade @ black sludge
    Natural Cure
    4 hp/ 252 Sp.A/ 252 Spe
    -Energy Ball
    -Sludge Bomb
    -HP ground/ShadowBall
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2013
  2. Macroboom

    Macroboom Beyond Infinity

    Read the rules please.

    Marvel Scale
    ·Ice Beam

    ·Dragon Claw
    ·Rock Slide
    ·Dragon Dance

    Can't remember Ability. Is it Pressure?
    ·Dragon Pulse

    Inner Focus
    ·Dragon Claw
    ·Fire Punch

    Natural Cure
    ·Giga Drain
    ·Sludge Bomb
    ·Shadow Ball
    ·Extrasensory (if possible)
  3. LthePanda

    LthePanda Member

    Ah, I apologize. I originally read the rules, but I did not remember to check the rules for this specific section. I will Edit my post now.
  4. LthePanda

    LthePanda Member

    Salamence and Dragonite are really similar so I am thinking of replacing one with either Blissy, Snorlax, or drudigon.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2013
  5. Macroboom

    Macroboom Beyond Infinity

    You should have edited your first post, not make a new one.

    If you want to replace either Slamence or Dragonite, I'd replace it with Snorlax. Blissey really only has a place in competitive battling and Druddingon is also a Dragon.

    Here's a set for Snorlax.

    Thick Fat
    ·Zen Headbutt

    Return is STAB. ZH and Crunch are for obvious reasons. There are so many good moves for you to use in his last slot. Look at a Pokedex and see.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2013
  6. Macroboom

    Macroboom Beyond Infinity

    As I said before, edit yoir first post, don't make a new one.

    Yes, you should replace Scald with Surf on Milotic. For Gengar, I'd use Giga Drain instead of Substitute. It's a good coverage move and moves like Substitute have no real importance in-game.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2013
  7. LthePanda

    LthePanda Member

    Yeah sorry about not editing the original post, the site would not let me edit it for some reason, but now I can so I will get to that.
  8. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    For Salamence, go with Dragon Claw, not Outrage.

    After a single DD boost, the confusion from Outrage will be a problem. You either have to switch (which makes you lose the DD boost) or spend a turn healing it.
    It's a problem because the "hit self" damage is physical, which means it is based on its own Attack, which is boosted by DD.

    That and after a single DD, Dragon Claw becomes powerful enough, no need to go overkill with Outrage, not to mention Outrage locks you up into using it for 2-3 turns.
  9. LthePanda

    LthePanda Member

    Ah that makes a lot of sense. Thank you, I will make sure do change that.
  10. LthePanda

    LthePanda Member

    Whats his best EV spread?

    Also what would be the best roserade nature and ability that will fit this team?
  11. cagedWINGS

    cagedWINGS The Poké-theorist.

    I disagree, keep Scald on your Milotic. It's a slightly weaker move but Scald is way more useful as it can give burns. It's upto you but I would personally take Scald over Surf every time.

    The thread is a little bit confusing lol. I'll do my best to work around it and come up my own view.

    I'm guessing the initial team was Milotic, Latias, Salamence, Dragonite, Roserade and an open slot. You were right to change a few members as nearly all of them shared an Ice-type weakness. I would have suggested taking a counter for Ice, such as a Fire or Fighting type.

    The new version looks tons better. Not so many Ice weaknesses. You have Umbreon and Snorlax who are both weak to Fighting but you make up for that with Gengar.

    I'd still possibly take Latias over Salamence, but that's just personal preference. Salamence kicks more butt but I personally like having a Psychic-type in all of my teams as Fighting-types are always a notable threat. Most Fighting types can even wreck teams that they're doing normal effectiveness damage to, like, try and withstand a Low Kick or Superpower! I aim to nip that in the bud ASAP. Granted you have Gengar. It's all down to if you're wanting to rest the entire Fighting-type responsibility on one Pokemon.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2013
  12. LthePanda

    LthePanda Member

    Well I suppose I could put scald back in. Some Pokemon are not affected by poison from toxic so the burn may work as the back up
  13. LthePanda

    LthePanda Member

    Latias is one of my favorite legendaries so I might consider this but as you said, salamence is quite powerful and he has been dealing some rather nice damage.

    Even though this team is for in-game purposes; what are the chances of them doing well in online battles?
  14. Sohryu

    Sohryu Be a Man!

    Milotic benefits from Scald more than Surf. So yeah, I agree with CagedWings. And why she benefits more from Scald? Milotic is a pure-water, bulky pokemon. Its powers rely on stalling to keep on the field. She's not powerful, really, while a 100 SpAtk is nice, her movepool is shallow and she doesn't find any way to go through most common threats, no matter what*, even with 252 SpAtk EV's and a Modest Nature*. She'll usually get walled, although it's not so common outside of meta. So yeah, for that reasons I found Scald > Surf.
    And some advice to your Milotic:
    1) Either Scald or Toxic, both of them doesn't work together. If your Scald induces Burn, then forget Toxic; if Toxic is successful, then you would rather be "better" with Surf instead of Scald. I prefer Scald > Toxic. Also, run a Dragon Tail instead of Toxic for do some phaze capabilities, to induce Burn on everything you can. This strategy may fail against some pokemons, though.
    2) A good EV and Nature for Milotic would have to be Bold + 4 SpAtk, 252 Def & 252 HP, to fit a defensive set and to fully use Milotic's defensive capacity.

    For Snorlax: Curse, Body Slam, Crunch and Earthquake are your best bet, packed with a Careful Nature. That way, he can cripple the opponent with Paralysis while causing some rather good damage and walling nearly everything on this game. Not to mentions its already high Atk stat packed with some boosts from Curse.

    Well, all the best! And you do have a nice a team, a lovely one, actually!

    *1 : Actually, Milotic is indeed good being offensive, but there's a lot of better options and they have better chances to deal with most things
    *2 : A Modest EV spread may work on Milotic, but again, read the sentence above to clarify.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2013
  15. LthePanda

    LthePanda Member

    Actually as of my last post I got my hands on a shiny milotic but its a timid nature. Does milotic in anyway benefit from a timid nature? Because lets face it a shiny milotic is far too beautiful to keep in the pc box lol
  16. Sohryu

    Sohryu Be a Man!

    A Bold or Modest one would be better, but Timid is "good". Base 81 is actually kinda low and a +10% in it won't do nothing. But who cares, anyway? It's ingame, don't worry!
  17. I Like Pie!

    I Like Pie! Smile smile smile!

    If you are using Snorlax in-game, a simple EV spread of 252 HP/ 252 Atk/ 4 SpD is good enough.

    Return, Earthquake, Crunch with Curse and Leftovers can be an option if you want to turn it into a bulky sweeper.
  18. LthePanda

    LthePanda Member

    ooh Both snorlax movesets sound rather well. So as of the moment I should be aiming to get a Careful Snorlax then with 252 Hp / 252 Atk / 4 SpD ( I kinda combined both of your guys ideas except for the moves)

    I now have a munchlax and a careful ditto so I will start breeding for a careful snorlax.

    As for milotic with the timid set, what is the build that I should be looking at? (EV spread and moves) right now I am thinking; scald, recover, Ice Beam, and undecided for the last one. Should I just go with the EV spread Akanjão gave me for a bold milotic?

    I am taking toxic off of milotic seeing as my umbreon seems to be doing a better job with it anyway.

    As for Roserade I am stuck between making it offensive or defensive. If I go for a defensive one I will look for a calm nature and for offensive I may get timid or modest.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2013
  19. Sohryu

    Sohryu Be a Man!

    Indeed. Since Timid isn't doing anything particularly bad or hindering her, you can ran the EV Spread I suggested earlier ^^

    A pokemon with a base 160 HP doesn't really need so much investment in it's HP. It's also running Curse, no need 252 ATK EV's, either.
    252 SpDef, 172 Def and 88 HP would probably be better spread for a CurseLax, as it helps its low defense, which might be a problem while setting up, and also helps boosting its SpDef which might be helpful later. To further improve his defensive capabilities, a Careful Nature is suggested.
    Anyway, I think Body Slam > Return because of Paralysis. While Return's base power is nice packed with STAB boost, it does nothing more thag and it does not help the set in a whole. Body Slam Para' chance will help him get a +4 or +6 for Curse, allowing him to stay on the field as much as he wants.
  20. LthePanda

    LthePanda Member

    OK so the way I see it is:

    Snorlax @ Leftovers
    252 Sp.D/ 172 Def/ 88 Hp
    Body Slam

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