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In-Game Rituals

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Game Maker

Memento Mori
I take off my clothes on midnight and dance around my DS naked. I always keep my team in the order I caught each Pokemon in. And if I ever switch their places, I always switch them back.


I train my entire team up by intervals of 5 before each gym, level 10 for the first gym, 15 the second, 20 the third etc...


Well-Known Member
My team ALWAYS has to be the same level. I get rather obsessive about this, and even try getting them at the same EXP level.

I do this all the time! Gets annoying but somehow if I dont do it Ill fail.

Another thing is I always train a team made up of pokemon that are rarely used by people. eg corphish/delcatty/beedrill in 3rd gen

Espeon POWER!

Coral Eye Trainer
I have a few of these.
Since yellow my first game where you get pikachu and all the 3 main starters, I always try and get a team with a grass, water, fire and electric type pokemon on my first run through the game and then 2 pokemon I just like but I've also had a flying type too which was the starting area flying type but Pidove didn't come till a bit later so I ended up with swoobat in white.

I always train my starter and any pokemon I already got by then to level 10 before fighting the first pokemon trainer, so like I don't leave to the next town that comes after where the introductory bit of the story end e.g. Pewter city in RBYFRLG.

I try my best to train my pokemon in cycles of 5 levels and usually use the starter pokemon as the base pokemon, so like I would train pokemon X from 30 to 35 then do the same with pokemon Y, though some people would say even this is to large of a cap and that you should train each pokemon by 1 level and keep them all more closer together in level range but I can't really be bothered especially when I need to switch the pokemon I just trained down to the bottom of the party 1 by 1.

I also try and stick to native pokemon cept in GS and HGSS it was kinda difficult, especially in HG were I had a few kanto pokemon.

Oh and I also try and only have 1 of each type of pokemon but some dual types sometimes end up overlapping like say if I have 2 different dual typed flying pokemon or something like that.
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I like to do the training 5 levels at a time thing too. =D That's normally what the level gap is from Gym to Gym so it's a good strategy.


Well-Known Member
If I feel as if I'm going the 'correct' way (i.e the way the game wants me to go), then I always double back and make sure I've checked every square inch of the map to make sure I got everything, and didn't miss any important stuff. Also I try to battle all the trainers in a route before I exit it, unless my pokemon are really in need of a PC...


While most people enjoy being over-leveled for things such as the gyms, the elite four, and the legend matches, I enjoy being under-leveled. I enjoy the challenge it provides.

I also assign one pokemon each to take on the gyms. While the pokemon I use the destroy that gym may not make it into my final six, they'll be adequately trained and remembered as the one who destroyed a certain gym.

I make sure to always have variety, I can't have two of the same type on my team. This only applies to their primary type however, so I could have a Water/Ground type, and have a Ground/Rock type on the same team.

I don't have legendaries on my team. I simply don't allow it, I like to feel like the average trainer, not some suped up destroyer of worlds. The average trainer (most) never walked around sending out their Darkrai's or their Suicune's, it just doesn't happen.

Pokemon have to be a specific gender depending on how they look. For instance, I would never have a male Gardevoir, or a female Haxorus, it just seems odd to me. If a pokemon looks male, I make sure to catch/breed a male one. If it looks female, I make sure to do the same.

My lead Pokemon is always female, don't ask why, it's just what I've always done.

The very game I get is ALWAYS opposite to that of my real life rival, my best friend. While we both inevitably get the "third" version, we always get opposite versions ever since Ruby/Sapphire.

I had Sapphire, Diamond and White. He had Ruby, Pearl and Black. This helps us get pokemon we couldn't otherwise, content and such, and feel a little different.

I don't ride the bike. UNLESS I'm trying to move somewhere quickly and don't have fly yet. I like to experience the story on foot, Ash and pals never rode around on bikes (Misty's bike excluded), they made that long journey on foot. I like to look around and admire the surroundings and such at my own pace.

Like with the female leader pokemon, my trainer is always female. This usually equates to any game that allows me to pick gender. I look at it this way, who's bum would I rather be staring at four hours and hours while I play? The girls, of course.

I talk to myself as I play. No really, I comment to myself about the situation, the characters, the plot, and everything.

I train a little bit and do some sidequests before each gym, makes the game feel a little longer I guess.

Can't really think of any others right now...although I'm sure there are tons more.


Born to Fly~
I NEVER really use my starters. I feel it is very overused and I want the feeling that my team is different to others. I sometimes only play with Pokemon which I never used or seen anyone used before. I also don't use any legendaries in-game.

Also, weird enough I haven't yet to train properly a Flying Pokemon. The only Flying Pokemon I have in my party is my Lvl.5 Pidove, who is only responsible for flying.


c l a r i t y
I NEVER really use my starters. I feel it is very overused and I want the feeling that my team is different to others. I sometimes only play with Pokemon which I never used or seen anyone used before. I also don't use any legendaries in-game.

Also, weird enough I haven't yet to train properly a Flying Pokemon. The only Flying Pokemon I have in my party is my Lvl.5 Pidove, who is only responsible for flying.

Yes, there were some times where I never used my starter often.


So long
My "rituals" have changed considerably through the years, but these are my current ones:
- No nicknames for story team members
- Always use my starter
- No overlapping types
- Make sure everything is overleveled as much as just possible
- Catch every new Pokemon I see in order to add them to the Pokedex
- Explore every area and pick up all items
- No legendaries until the story is over (except for those that must be caught during the story)
- Battle all available trainers

...that's all I can think of.


Well-Known Member
All of my team is the same level, except for my starter which is about 3-4 levels higher then the rest of my team.

I want all of my Pokémon to be higher in level than any trainers Pokémon up until I reach the E4.

I also always nickname my in-game team so I can find them after they go in the PC box.


TCG Trainer
I think my only major "ritual" is to face Pryce before going to face Chuck and Jasmine. Why? Because it's just Awesome to see the 7th Badge before the 5th and 6th one.


Mes amis
I always have a Rock or Ground type on my team (Aerodactyl, Kabutops, Tyranitar, Nidoking, Rhyperior, Flygon, and Krookodile are some of the more memorable ones).


The time I start playing Pokemon is sort of a ritual too. I start doing homework and then about 10 minutes in I realise I can't be bothered so I pick up the DS. =D

Meowth City

Staff member
I always have a Water and Fire type. I usually have an Electric, Dark and Flying type.
On certain occasions, I have Ghost, Psychic, Dragon and/or Fighting types.


Self explanatory.
My my team must all be the same level, exempt for the starter who is usually 2-5 levels above.
Three of my Pokemon must have a higher level than the gym leaders strongest or I will not battle him/her.
I must always have a water type & a grass type on my team. I have never, EVER broken this rule.


Because I'm Worth It
I never train two pokemon of the same type in my main team (save for battle frontiers) and I never train two of the same species of pokemon in multiple games. For example, if I have Empoleon in Platnium, I won't train another Empoleon in any other game. That just adds variety to the games for me.


Aspiring Arteest~
I also try to keep my team among the same levels, or pretty close.

One really weird thing I do is watch the intro every other time I turn on the game. Don't ask. I don't even know why I do that. Maybe to get pumped to play...?

I never use the same Pokemon twice in a row. The next time I start the game, my team must be completely different.

Everytime I reach a new town/city with a shop, I buy ten Pokeballs.

Charizard Lord

Probably Napping
In-game, my team almost always consists of the following:
Regional Normal/Flying-Type
Random Pokemon

Also, I try, whenever possible, when fighting a gym leader, to never use more Pokemon than they have on their team. It's only fair!
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