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In game team for Black 2 (give me some tips please)

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by VVeiland, May 13, 2013.

  1. VVeiland

    VVeiland Member

    Hey guys, first time user of serebii :)
    just going to post my team and see what help and response i get back from it, just beat the elite four, and was pretty cruisy but i havent really looked into whats the best movesets for my pokes.

    Hydreigon- 68
    Dragon Pulse
    Dragon Rush
    Hyper Voice

    Mienshoo- 67
    Hi Jump Kick
    Jump Kick
    Drain Punch

    Blastiose- 69
    Nature- Brave
    Hydro Pump

    Beartic- 67
    Nature- Bashful
    Ice Beam
    Sheer Cold

    Nature- Quiet
    Ancient Power
    Dragon Claw
    Rock Slide

    Mega Punch
    Aua Sphere
    Ice Beam

    Alright so i know my team moves need a lot of work, so please help we all your knowledge :)
    and any tips you can give me, Thanks alot
    Last edited: May 13, 2013
  2. DGatrz Master

    DGatrz Master Trainer of Legends.

    For Hydreigon, I'm not sure what it's better with, so I'd do a mixed set with Outrage, Crunch, Surf, and Flamethrower. For Mienshao, I'd have Poison Jab, Aerial Ace/Rock Slide, U-Turn, High Jump Kick/Brick Break. Blastoise would probably do best with Waterfall, Earthquake, Signal Beam, Flash Cannon. As for Beartic, I've never trained one, so this set may not be the best, but how 'bout Icicle Crash, Shadow Claw, Superpower/Brick Break, Dive? Archeops is fine, just take Shadow Claw>Ancientpower. Lastly, Mew can learn basically every move, so you could use it to cover everything else your team doesn't. I'd do Psychic, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse/Aura Sphere, Ice Beam/Flamethrower.
  3. VVeiland

    VVeiland Member

    Thanks a heap DGatrz Master!
    Im trying it out now! :)
  4. DGatrz Master

    DGatrz Master Trainer of Legends.

    No problem, BTW you don't have to use my Mew set, although I'd recomend a psychic STAB.
  5. VVeiland

    VVeiland Member

    cheers, got all the moves except for the mew ones you said and it has already worked wonders :)
  6. KillerDraco

    KillerDraco The Enforcer Staff Member Super Mod

    Most natures you have aren't really great for the Pokemon, but considering you'd have to breed new ones to change that, I'll just list the best case scenarios. Also, rather than adding on, these are directly in opposition to most things DGatrz has said.

    Hydreigon @Expert Belt
    Rash Nature
    -Dragon Pulse
    -Dark Pulse

    This pretty much ensures Hydreigon can hit anything and everything in the game for at least neutral damage. Hydreigon definitely doesn't want an Impish nature, as it lowers its beastly special attack. As such it's primarily geared towards being a special attacker, but with its usable attack, a surprise Superpower can deal with a lot of things that would normally counter it. Plus, the attack drop from Superpower is largely inconsequential since you can continue to spam Special Attacks after it. Expert Belt is a decent option for an item (in-game) since it complements Hydreigon's great coverage with no drawbacks.

    Mienshao @Life Orb
    Adamant/Jolly Nature
    -Hi Jump Kick
    -Rock Slide
    -Fake Out

    Poison Jab is a terrible choice for any non-poison type (and even then it's still not great on poison types themselves even with STAB) due to poor coverage. Fake Out may seem unconventional for in-game, but it has the niche of breaking through Sturdy, which proves to be a fairly common annoyance in Gen 5. The rest are just there for obvious coverage, and U-Turn works well with Regenerator. Life Orb may not be popular in-game due to the recoil, but Mienshao abuses it quite well due to regenerator; when it switches out it easily recovers the lost HP.

    Blastoise @Leftovers
    Modest Nature
    -Ice Beam

    Blastoise isn't the best offensive Pokemon, with only average offenses, but stellar defenses. It doesn't make good use of a mixed set due to said offenses. Scald/Ice Beam offer great coverage with one another; Ice Beam hits the Grass and Dragon types that resist water pretty hard, and Scald's chance for a burn makes it great on more defensive Pokemon like Blastoise. Toxic and Protect make use of Blastoise's combination of bulk and leftovers, allowing it to stall out stronger opponents that you might not be able to KO outright. Waterfall/Ice Punch instead of Scald/Ice Beam can be an alternative since your Blastoise has a +Attack nature.

    Beartic @Muscle Band
    Adamant Nature
    -Icicle Crash
    -Stone Edge
    -Hone Claws

    The Ice/Rock/Fighting coverage is pretty obvious, but Hone Claws is there not only for an attack boost, but due to the fact that it helps patch up the imperfect accuracy of both Icicle Crash and Stone Edge. Muscle Band is an obvious item that boosts all your physical moves with no drawbacks; it's great in-game.

    Archeops @Flying Gem
    Naive Nature
    -Stone Edge/Rock Slide
    -Earth Power

    Flying Gem Acrobatics can and will 1HKO anything that doesn't resist it; even if you can't continuously replace the flying gem, you still have a 110 power STAB to spam. Stone Edge vs. Rock Slide is all about whether you prefer power or accuracy. Earth Power is there because it completely destroys things that would otherwise wall Archeops to hell and back; namely, Rock and Steel types. Given most are physically defensive, and Archeops has a very usable special attack, it can make great use of Earth Power.

    Mew @Wise Glasses
    Modest Nature
    -Nasty Plot
    -Shadow Ball
    -Aura Sphere

    Mew is one of the few Pokemon to learn Nasty Plot, and it makes fantastic use of it. It has the bulk to ensure it'll be able to use said Nasty Plot, and the Psychic/Ghost/Fighting trio of moves ensures pretty flawless coverage. Boost, and proceed to use the appropriate move on whatever comes in on you. Wise Glasses are the special equivalent of Muscle Band, and again, an obvious no-drawback choice for in-game.
  7. Zhanton

    Zhanton le quant-à-soi

    Adding onto the previous rates, personally I think Superpower works against Hone Claws since it undoes the Attack boost that Hone Claws provides. I'd probably just run Brick Break; it's still a powerful move (especially after a Hone Claws boost or two) and gets good coverage, and although it's less powerful than Superpower, at least it doesn't undo the Attack boosts from Hone Claws.

    I'd also keep Crunch > Dark Pulse if you're going to go with KillerDraco's Hydreigon set since Pokemon that are weak to Dark-type moves have a lower Defence than SpD, on average. It shouldn't be too much of a problem running both Crunch and Superpower on the one set (although Superpower lowers your Attack) since you likely won't be using Superpower much anyway. Focus Blast is an option > Superpower on KillerDraco's set; it ultimately depends on whether you're more interested in hitting Rock-, Steel- and Dark-types (who statistically have a lower SpD, so Focus Blast would be the better choice) or Ice- and Normal-types (who on average have a lower Defence, so Superpower would be better for them).
  8. VVeiland

    VVeiland Member

    Thanks so much on all this feedback and support i really appreciate it :)
    Is there any where on this site that i can find the best natures for each pokemon and such?
    Because im going to be starting white 2 fresh and want to see how i can go with everything right, because with this black 2 set i kinda just rushed at it and didn't take much thought, but now that you guys have told me and i can post up a team that i may do for white 2 that you guys could help me with.

    And again thanks for helping me and taking some time into this, i really appreciate it
  9. DGatrz Master

    DGatrz Master Trainer of Legends.

    I don't know much about natures, but I could give you some help in choosing the pokemon for your team if you want.
  10. KillerDraco

    KillerDraco The Enforcer Staff Member Super Mod

    It's more of a best judgment sort of thing based on what you want to get out of the Pokemon. There's no set "best nature" for each Pokemon, but rather, the best nature for the set they're running. For instance, a Bold Blastoise makes a better physical wall, while a Calm one tanks special hits better. Conversely, you can use a Modest nature to make him a better special attacker (which works in-game)... the common theme is that all of these lower his attack stat.

    In general, you want a nature that raises a stat a Pokemon uses the most, while lowering one they don't use. An obvious example is Adamant/Jolly on a fully physical Mienshao (there are some mixed variants of Mienshao, though, which you wouldn't want either of these natures on). If it's only using physical attacks, then you go for a nature that's increasing its attack or its speed, at the cost of lowering its special attack. On the opposite side of the spectrum, special attackers who don't use their attack go for Modest/Timid.

    For a Pokemon that goes mixed (aka, using both special attacks and physical attacks), you typically lower one of its defenses, since most mixed attackers tend to be frail already, so they won't miss that little bit of defense/special defense. So you'd go for a +Speed nature that lowers Defense or Special Defense, such as Hasty or Naive. Boosting one of the two attacking stats can also be viable, making Mild, Rash, Lonely, and Naughty situationally useful.

    The same goes for defensive Pokemon; if you want to boost one of their defensive stats, then pick an attacking stat they typically don't use. As mentioned earlier, Bold and Calm work for specially oriented Pokemon, while Careful and Impish are better for physically inclined defensive Pokemon.

    It all depends on the Pokemon and the set they're using.
  11. VVeiland

    VVeiland Member

    Ah alright, that helps a lot because i havent looked into natures much, i found a useful thread last night about it but this helps!

    So for my white 2 team im thinking of these pokes, could you possible suggest what natures i should go for? and move set? i can breed them if i have to.

    Gengar (should i go with hypnosis, dream eater, physic or shadow ball and ??)

    Machamp or Conkeldurr or possibly even a poliwrath??

    Bravairy or Mandibuzz?



    and then Eelectross?

    but i would really like a tyranitar in the team because he is bad ***, i am just not sure if its necessary to have Arcanine or even Eelectross in the team?
    and what natures should i go for move sets, oh and please suggest other pokemon if you think.
    Last edited: May 14, 2013
  12. DGatrz Master

    DGatrz Master Trainer of Legends.

    Ah, Gengar, your going to get different opinions for that little guy! He has a pretty big movepool, so you could do a lot of different things with him. Let me name a few... There are of course more, but you get the idea.

    Shadow Ball (STAB)
    Sludge Bomb/Psychic (STAB/coverage)
    Thunderbolt/Energy Ball (coverage, one for flying types, one for water/ground, whichever you prefer)
    Dark Pulse/Focus Blast (coverage, kinda power vs. accuracy here)

    I'd either go with Machamp or Poliwrath for the fighting types, they're both good.

    Ability:No Guard
    Dynamicpunch (abuses No Guard/STAB)
    Stone Edge (abuses No Guard/flying coverage)
    Poison Jab? (not sure)
    Payback/Earthquake? (not sure)

    Brick Break (STAB)
    Earthquake/Ice Punch (coverage)
    Poison Jab/Psychic (cause they're cool XD)

    I'd go with Braviary over Mandibuzz, Braviary just seems to have a better movepool.

    Superpower (coverage)
    Fly (assuming you have it for that purpose)
    Shadow Claw (for psychic/ghost types with Thunderbolt)
    U-Turn/Rock Slide (if you need a switchout/coverage)

    Haxorus could have a few different movesets, but I'm just gonna do ones most people do while giving it my own "flair"

    Dragon Claw/Outrage (STAB)
    Earthquake (coverage)
    Rock Slide (coverage)
    Aqua Tail (if you don't use Poliwrath)

    Your going to have to be careful with Arcanine, it can learn it's best moves by breeding and/or pre-evolution.

    Flare Blitz (pre-evolution move)
    Crunch (pre-evolution)
    Aerial Ace/Outrage (coverage)
    Dig/Extremespeed/Wild Charge (coverage)

    If you don't want to deal with pre-evolution moves, I'd replace it with Tyranitar. (either Arcanine or Eelektross, though I think Eelektross's ability is more handy.)

    Earthquake (coverage)
    Rock Slide/Stone Edge (STAB, power vs. accuracy)
    Crunch (STAB)
    Aerial Ace (for fighting types)

    If you keep Eelektross, I'd do:

    Crunch (coverage)
    Wild Charge (STAB)
    Brick Break/Flamethrower (coverage)
    Dragon Claw (coverage)
    Last edited: May 14, 2013
  13. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    Next time, for another team give it a different thread.

    Modest/Timid Nature
    ~Shadow Ball
    ~Thunderbolt/Giga Drain
    ~Focus Blast
    ~Sludge Bomb

    Dark & Ghost shares similar coverage, so DGatrz was wrong about the coverage thing for Dark Pulse.

    Also, Poison is a bad offensive type, Fight-Types generally do not need Poison and Ground move because Rock (Rock Slide/Stone Edge) + Fight already takes care of most of the things.
  14. VVeiland

    VVeiland Member

    Alright sweet, and i will do next time shine :) cheers

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