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In The Knicker Of Time! (281)

Sonic Boom

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If I could delete any episode from Hoenn's list of episodes, at least the early ones, this would probably be it :/

I could not for the life of me tolerate the Ash look-alike. I just found him very zany to the point of being annoying, He went on and on about the version of comfortable clothing that's easy to wear, and insulted May and her father after a winning a battle with a type-advantage. It was neat to see Max try to exact revenge though. =P

Terry. T.

One and Only...
Uh, does this mean Nicolai's a you-know-what? And he seems to think Max wears uh... <CENSORED> =D


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if i had to erase sth id erase:
my, me and myself, i hated that episode...


Let's go to the beach, each.
That COTD with the Zigzagoon and weird furry costume obsession was soooo annoying. His appearance in this ruined the episode for me even though Zigzagoon was in this episode, and it's my favorite Normal-type from Hoenn. I didn't like it, apart from Mudkip and Zigzagoon and a small rivalry going on between the COTD and May, it seemed so boring. I hope future episodes are more solid. 2/10.
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I loved how Nicolai is acting, he was cool.
And Zigzagoon is cute, but they also know how to fight well.


Man of Mystery
I actually liked Nicolai and his quirkiness, he was kinda funny. I also liked all his costume changes and thought it was a really creative way to go after pokemon. I just wished they would have finished showing his battle against Ash instead of just ending the episode. But overall, this was great episode.


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This episode was ok... Nicolai is hilarious with his Pokemon Change outfits. It was cool seeing Zigzagoon for the 1st time. May was not very smart using her Torchic against his Mudkip especially since she's only a beginning trainer. Nicolai was such a jerk to May and Max when he insulted their father after he beat May.



This episode was cool, Ash beat a trainer, nice to see him average training once in a while! May's first battle and embarrasment altough she was more humilliated when she send out Torchic last episode lmao...

Nicolai was a jerk (and used weird furry pokemon costumes) to May and Max did seek for revenge, the costume change for catching pokemon was something new hehe.

I wonder who won between Ash & Nicolai...



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It was hilarious to see May losing to Nicolai and Max getting so infuriated about it. Although, I did find Nicolai's personality weird and even annoying sometimes. I think to an extend, this episode was alright done and that made it enjoyable for the most part.

Princess Raspberyl

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Gonna be honest here...loved this episode D8 Nikolai was hilarious and I loved his costume changes. :) And bursted out laughing when he glided as a Gligar. Was not expecting that O+O I thought it was funny at least, and Torchic was so cute in it :3 :)

Blue Saturday

Unfurl your Blessed Wings!
In the Knicker of Time

Meh episode I guess. Can I just say, holy hell, have Beedrill always been that massive? That thing was HUGE. I really liked Max's snark comment about how Ash could have won if he had done Quick Attack at some point and says how Ash is still "just in training" really like how rattled Ash was too. Don't really care for Zigzagoon tbh, typically early route normal type is bland. I was legit surprised that that large Zigzagoon was actually a person. Again, Max's snark comments throughout this whole episode, this time aimed at May were amusing. My mind kept hearing something else when Nicolai said "knickers" and something else when the word "bocker" was used. It's thanks to that the dialogue exchanges with him managed to be entertaining. Poor May and Torchic got skewered and Torchic still made out to be a joke. Constant use of Water Gun by Mudkip got on my nerves for some reason, maybe cause that's all Misty's Pokemon + Totodile really used daily against TR in Johto every episode they appeared. Otherwise, TR were expelled from this episode rather quickly.


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Funny episode. Nicolai was crazy fun but I disliked his arrogant personality at the start. Nice to see some comedy relief with May & Torchic and how she and her little brother Max wanted nothing to do with knickers. I thought it was very sweet that Max wanted to defend his father's pride by not letting Nicolai catch a Zigzagoon. The battle at the end between Ash and Nicolai should have been shown more though.


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Nicolai was...interesting. I found his Pokemon costumes a little weird. On the other hand, I loved how he kept going on about wearing knickers, mostly because I sure wasn't thinking about shorts when he said that...
I thought it was hilarious when May thought Zigzagoon evolved into a human. Also, I loved how she simply told Torchic to "attack" during the battle, and then Torchic just stood there since she didn't order it to use a specific move. :p


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It so funny because in England knickers means girls underwear, there is also a knickerbockerglory which is an ice cream dessert.

Nicolai was quite strange tbh
Strange though he was, dressing up a as the Pokemon you're trying to catch seems like a unique way to catch one.


Let's go to the beach, each.
The Zigzagoon were adorable and I cackled when May grabbed Nicholai; it was awkward. I screamed during May's battle with Nicholai; seeing Mudkip beat Torchic so easily was too bad even though I understand that Torchic was still inexperienced. I cackled when Max was ambushed by hungry Zigzagoon and I wish we had seen how Zigzagoon vs. Taillow ended.