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In The Pink! (090)


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
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In The Pink!

After getting caught in some Whirlpools, Ash & Co. get washed up on Pinkan Island, a special Pokémon Rserve which contains Pokémon that are only of the Colour Pink. However Team Rocket also washed up on this Island and start causing problems. Can Ash & Co. stop them?

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Well, duh. Of course they stopped them, or else the series probably wouldn't have continued on with Team Rocket's antics and lack of success.

THis is also a much loved episode by me, mainly because of Lickitung, the awesome pink song, and the HAIPER BEAMERZ!

Factory Head Noland

I loved this episode! It was so funny when Meowth said "Look! A pink Lickitung!!!" lol.
That rampaging Nidoking was scary!!
But we got to see Togepi use Metronome! I love it when it's lil hands go blue!!


I really liked this episode. ^^ It was pretty cool to see a different colored pokemon that wasn't a shiny. *sigh* I wish someone would have caught one of the pink pokemon though...XD I know they weren't suppose to but...it'd be cool to have one.


Team Awesome
This is definitely one of the most bizarre episodes of the show, but it has the little highlights that definitely make it worth watching: Team Rocket's pokemon working together and defeating nidoking, the extremely bizarre Team Rocket fantasy, James getting excited over a pink Jigglypuff and a pink Lickitung, the flashback with Misty conking herself on the head. It adds up to an interesting episode. :)


Staff member
Andrew said:
Well, duh. Of course they stopped them, or else the series probably wouldn't have continued on with Team Rocket's antics and lack of success.

They didn't stop them. The pink Nidoking did.


I didn't specify "They" so it can include the Nidoking. Tosser.


Well-Known Member
An alright epi.Nidoking was awesome and Hyper Beam rocked. 8/10
One of my very favorite Orange Islands episode, with pink pokemon ^_^


Best part of the episode had to be when Kenji sent out Pikabl- erm, Mariru to fight Nidoking, only for it to get scared and run off like a wuss. XD

Guess cuteness dosen't always prevail after all.


Well-Known Member
An interesting episode, nice to see an episode that focuses on Pokemon that are raised on an isolated island and have a interesting diet that makes Pokemon pink. Also this is the first episode where Berry trees are introduced which will be late used in Johto and Hoen. I got a laugh out of Misty trying to teach Togepi to use headbutt and Pinkachu.
A filler that is still remembered by me, so it has definitely stuck out to me. I watched this episode again last night after a gap of about 5-6 years, and I agree that it would've been interesting for one of the cast to catch a pink poké, but the best that they got was Pinkachu - a terrible joke, living up to Ash's reputation.


Old school
Ah Nidoking made this episode... It's rarely handled badly in the show, from what I can recall! Every time Gary used his was a pleasure, and it was in fine form in this ep too.

And of course any chance to see Lickitung is a welcome one...

They should have let that stupid Rhyhorn fall into the sea. How long has it lived on the island? Does it not realise the danger of a cliff?

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
This episode made me think of the pink Butterfree, this might have been where it came from.

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
It was a little strange that only a little bit of Pikachu turned pink from eating the fruit, i would have thought its whole body would have changed.

Ice T. Sackboy

This episode was one of my favorites of all because a new discovered thing for Pokemon is here. Whenever a Pokemon eats pink berries, their body changes pink, but if you relate that to the berries in the Pokemon World, they're different since they heal you. But it was funny that TR blasted off from a Nidoking and went after the twerps for no reason.