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In The Shadow of Zekrom (660)


Can we please get the older, old forum back?
Wow... Random Mijumaru is watching Ash and Shooti battle.. Shooti gets overconfident about his prowess due to Pikachu failing...

Zekrom zapped Pikachu because it was lured by Pikachu thunderbolting Team Rocket just when he arrived in Isshu.

Zekrom's back... after the Ash vs. Shooti battle.

Iris is shown again... Lightning strikes the lab. Pikachu feels the effects...


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The opening was.... different.

Man that Tsutaaja was pretty strong for a starter Pokemon. Of course Ash lost because Pikachu was out of whack.

Zekrom appears at the lab?!


Opening audio was good... but video was.... HORRIBLE.
The episode ended with Pikachu overloaded with ThunderBolt and Zekrom roaring (kind of) in the sky.
Pikachu's unable to use Electric type moves and can only use Iron Tail + Quick Attack (as shown in the episode).
Huh... as I expected (that electric type problem thingy... again!).

The animation is looking so cool :)

Looks like that Mijumaru is interested in Satoshi ;P (You know what I mean).
Watching ash's battle, watching him innocently (ADORABLE) and then asking whether he's alright or not in the lab.

Time to do some Monsta Boru action :D

Wow, they're unhiding the SIllhoutes of those Pokemon who appeared in previous episode :), now I get it.

Btw similar to the BW games, No wild Pokemon from the previous region is available in the Isshu region.
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The song was better than the original DP opening but the CG was awkward. I hope that isn't the permanent intro and that the CG was only used for this premiere of BW.


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Serebii said himself that the commentary wasn't allowed anymore before...(he told ash-kid to stop a couple of times) The opening sure was a bit mellow though unlike most of the other openings Ash's new appearance is going to take awhile to get used to and Brock being absent.

I thought it was pretty good not the best but okay.
Looks to me like he meant post after post saying: "Here we go!," "This is it! ZOMG." And making separate posts for everything. Ash-kid is doing it one post. So, yeah, hope you had fun mini-modding, though. :)


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Yeah the opening was suckish at best!


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So is Shooti just a beginning trainer? Wow, I honestly didn't think they would let Ash have a beginner as a rival. And who wins the Ash vs Shooti battle?


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Is that really a random Mijumaru, or is it a starter poke'mon that is under Aragi's care atm?

Paul Ketchum

I guess they really are going for a much faster paced show, I felt like so much was happening really fast.

I'm kinda disappointed that Shooti turned out to be a beginning trainer, I thought he would be more experienced like Ash and Paul. I don't know how the writers are gonna pull off a serious rivalry between them since Ash is much stronger and way more experienced, but we'll see.


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Well I didn't want them repeat the exact thing with Paul anyway, but I never expected Ash's new rival to be a beginner.
This Ash vs Shooti battle actually reminds me of the games when you have your first battle after picking your starter with the rival who has the type advantage. But who won the battle guys?


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I guess Shooti won't be his main rival after all. Anyway looks like some theories regarding Miju stalking Ash is translating in the anime.


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Yeah that Mijumaru following Ash is the same starter Mijumaru. The opening is a little more interesting now. I still think it shouldn't have been CG but whatever. I have to commend them on trying something new.


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I like the running commentaries and I don't see people's problem. I can't watch the episode and wouldn't understand it if I could so I appreciate people who undertsand it translating it for me so I can understand.