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Inazuma Eleven Series

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by PokeRhymeBeat, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. PokeRhymeBeat

    PokeRhymeBeat Well-Known Member

    Inazuma Eleven is a RPG/Soccer game for the DS Wii and the 3DS. So far they are 5 games for the handhelds and 2 or 3 for the Wii. Does anyone plan on getting Inazuma Eleven 2 Chrono Stone?

  2. arceus7

    arceus7 Arcane Of The Wild

  3. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    I've seen a few episodes of Season 1 of the anime (about 20 episodes as of now), and I already love it. I'm planning on getting the first game either for Christmas or for my birthday. Since this is a Level-5 series, I'm all in for it. <3
  4. arceus7

    arceus7 Arcane Of The Wild

    Everything with Endou Mamoru is awesome, I just couldnt sit through it anymore when they introduced time travel with dinosaurs
  5. PokeRhymeBeat

    PokeRhymeBeat Well-Known Member

    yeah first series (trilogy) was better but I do like some stuff from GO tbh. First season was cool but kinda ave mixed feelings of the current arc.
  6. arceus7

    arceus7 Arcane Of The Wild

    Of course. I like it before when Endou was the coach and not back from the past

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