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Ingame challenge

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation III Discussion' started by lifesharker, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. lifesharker

    lifesharker Spring-Loaded Fish

    Hello everyone. Here I'll give a list of ways to make the games more challenging, for those of us that have completed it too many times to count anymore...

    Scramble mode- 5 people recommend you one pokemon each. Your 6th is your starter, and you use only those pokemon on your list. Found here

    Monotype mode- You play through the game using a single type. Dual types are allowed if they have your chosen type, as are pokemon that will evolve into that type. If you can't catch one of your type before the first gym, trade for an EGG! EGG ONLY!! or use your starter until you can- but no dragons/ghosts. Full rules and a thread here.


    No running away- Self explanitory. Never run from a wild pokemon, fight every trainer.

    Gym Challenger mode- Only take to a Gym the same number of pokemon as a Gym leader has- how is it fair when it can be 6 on 2, for example, against Brock?


    No saving before legendaries- (includes the Snorlaxes, in this case)


    Limited items mode- don't use any item that isn't required to finish the game (items like the HM surf)- includes Pokeballs, healing items, TM's etc - use none of them! Note: You MUST choose Squirtle (I think), or you can't complete this mode!

    Single pokemon mode- Get your chosen pokemon ASAP and never use anything else. I heard about a guy who did this with a weedle on red- and won.

    Hardcore mode- Any pokemon that faints gets released. Death is permanant!

    For scramble and monotype mode, post on the relevant thread. If you want to post your progress on any other modes, feel free to post here.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2008
  2. CJV1

    CJV1 Boulder Trainer

    I know a few more

    only use dittos plus no battle pokes for surf and other needed hms

    Never enter a pokemon center

    Never pick up items on the ground

    Never change your team of six and make it equal level

    equal level means

    next strong
    next strong
    next strong
    next strong

    in level and each time the weakest levels higher than one of the others move it down to the right spot and ya cant switch pokes in battle EVER
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2008
  3. lifesharker

    lifesharker Spring-Loaded Fish

    Additions in bold
  4. CJV1

    CJV1 Boulder Trainer

    by the never change i mean the first 6 pokes you encounter and are catchable are your team so on FR i might have weedle squirtle caterpie pidgey nidoran and rattata for my end game team

    for the pp you gotta but the elixir i think whatever the pp restoring one is
  5. lifesharker

    lifesharker Spring-Loaded Fish

    You can't get an Elixer for quite a long time in game, you'd have to be forever catching new pokes for more PP.
  6. CJV1

    CJV1 Boulder Trainer

    we both forgot one thing ngame your mom can fully heal your pokes and last time i checked she didnt convert the house into a pokecenter when ya leave

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