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Ingame Single Rates/Single Movesets Requests

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kk thank you for the accuracy right


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Okay, I want to ask what a good pokemon would be to cover my Grass weakness for my Sousilver playthrough. Right now I have Totodile, Mareep, and Wooper. If this isn't a good place then tell me so.


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Bellsprout, Pidgey, Hoothoot, Ledyba, Oddish, Venonat, and Pineco should all be available to you soon or already, if you're near Azalea.


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Yeah, I was thinking Pineco maybe... or Entei once I can get him, but that's further in.


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is this a good donphan set?

Donphan@Chesto Berry/ Lum Berry
Adamant (252 Atk/ 204 Hp/ 52 Def)
~Stone Edge
~Ice Shard
~Stealth Rock/ Assurance/ Rest/ Rapid Spin
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Is this a good movset for my Torterra?

~Leaf Storm

Also, what would be a good moveset for an Adamant natured Rampardos?


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I'm going to go with this Scizor for the battle tower -

Scizor@leftovers/life orb (?)
Adamant/Impish (?)
EV's: 32 HP, 252 Attack, 224 Defense
Bullet Punch
Swords Dance

Basically, I'm going to begin the battle with a choice-trick/thunderwave strategy to really disable my opponent. Then I switch into this guy. I'll hide behind the subsitute and swords dance for a few turns, which IMO is manageable thanks to the defenses I'm putting into this. I'm still wondering if I should do an impish or adamant nature. After I've swords danced, I'll use Bullet Punch, which I know will do very decent damage thanks to STAB, technician, and the aforementioned swords dance. And since Bullet punch is pretty much a steel type quick attack, I won't have to worry much about speed.

Should I have leftovers or life orb? I'm thinking that leftovers is better if I'm going to be hiding behind substitute, and that life orb wouldn't be a very good option due to the fact that I'd lose more HP every turn.


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Leftovers, and use Brick Break over X-Scissor for Heatran. Roost is also an option.


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You see my current team and place in my signature. I just need help: I don't know if I need Tauros or Heracross. I haven't defeated the Kimono-girls yet, so I can't train right of New Bark town. The movesets&levels:
Tauros Level 34 @Silk Scarf.
- Strength
- Payback
- Zen Headbutt
- Horn Attack


Heracross -Newly caught- Level 26
- Fury Attack
- Brick Break
- Counter
- Aerial Ace

Please comment. I know Heracross has higher stats, and a way higher attack stat. Though, Heracross has 2 weaknesses, and 1 uber-weakness, but also has 5 resistances. Anyone?


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For this Salamence:

Salamence@Focus Sash
EV's: 255 Attack, 255 Speed
Jolly Nature
-Dragon Dance
-Fire Fang
-Earthquake/Fly (?)

Should I go with Earthquake or fly? I know Fly gets STAB, but Earthquake has better coverage, if I'm not mistaken. I know this is kind of a stupid question, but I've always liked using Fly. Besides, it can avoid attacks for a turn, and that could turn out to be useful.


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Earthquake, always and forever. By the way, EVs only boost stats up to 252 EVs, so put the last 4 EVs you're currently wasting into HP. Flamethrower or Fire Blast are good options over Fire Fang.


^i second EQ the only practical reason to use Fly to avoid damage for a turn is if you inflict a status like Toxic, have Leftovers or you opponent is useing a 2 turn move such as Solarbeam. All of which dnt apply to Salamence


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Heracross @ Choice Scarf / Muscle Band
Adamant / Jolly | Guts
- Megahorn
- Close Combat
- Stone Edge
- Night Slash / Swords Dance


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^Flame Orb is also good for Hera with Guts. Just sayin'. Night Slash covers his Ghost and Psychic problem, even though almost all of the Psychic and Ghost threats will outspeed him. In which case Choice Scarf all of the way.
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