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Ingame Single Rates/Single Movesets Requests

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Okay have my main team, but wanted to maybe add gyarados too because , well its just awesome, but i have a question , would giving it the moveset , water pulse, thunder ,earthquake and fire blast make it awesome or terrible?

Real bad and terrible idea.

Gyarados should run only physical moves. Earthquake is great, other great moves would be Ice Fang, Waterfall, Bounce, Rock Slide, or Dragon Dance. You'll want at least 1 STAB move, though, which means Waterfall is a must.


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Masquerain? I would like bug buzz as its main attacking move . Silver wind I like a lot because it compliments masquerain's sp.att and gets stab, also a great 10% chance of raising all your stats at once! Stun spore is handy when I can afford it. But these are just suggestion , so feel free to use any moves you liekz!


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I am trying to train a physical nidoking to take advantage of the sheer force ability he has gained in the 5th gen.
This is what he looks like so far

Evs: 252 Atk, 4 SPd, 252 spe,
Item Life orb/ choice scarf
Poison jab
Brick break
giga impact

Are there any better moves that I can run because I haven't trained a nidoking since 1st gen lol.
I'm looking for a 6th Pokemon for my party. I currently have a Typhlosion, Torterra, Dragonite, Garchomp, and Mewtwo. I am open to any Pokemon in Kanto-Hoenn. I currently don't have any way of getting many more Sinnoh pokemon unless they are in like the Safari zone. I'm in SoulSilver btw.


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Hello again.
I'm not happy with the movesets of my Meganium and Blaziken. I've already completed the game, but this movesets are leaving my Meganium and Blaziken very weak.
Meganuim moveset:
Grass Knot
Sweet Scent (I want to replace this move)
Flash (I don't want to remove de move. I NEED HM moves)
Bullet Seed

Blaziken moveset:
Rock Smash (My Typlhosion already know this move, so I want to remove him from Blaziken)
Rock Climb

For what FIGHT-type move should I put in place of Rock Smash?
PLease send suggestions for my Meganium's moveset WITHOUT remove Flash.
Note: This is not a help for competitive, but for in-game.


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Meganium doesn't have a lot of good options, sadly. You should remove Bullet Seed and Sweet Scent, replace them with Earthquake and maybe Body Slam if you want to go as offensive as possible, or Sleep Powder and Synthesis if you want to make it more defensive (though I wouldn't recommend it since that would leave you with just one damaging move). You can also replace Grass Knot with something else such as Seed Bomb or Energy Ball depending on which move you prefer.

Blaziken on the other hand, has a lot of awesome options. I recommend Sky Uppercut as a Fighting move, which it learns at level 59. And if you are interested in changing its remaining moves, I have some suggestions for those too. For a Fire Move, you should go with Fire Punch, Blaze Kick or Flare Blitz. For the final moves, you can choose between Brave Bird, Stone Edge, Rock Slide and Thunderpunch for offensive moves, you can also use Swords Dance to raise its Attack. Or maybe something else if you would prefer that.


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how about this for a ss nuzlocke?
Typhlosion with choice specs (not really suicidal when even double resisted full health eruption does a crap load of damage)
Eruption (main stab)
Flamethrower (low health backup;boosted by blaze and has high pp)
focusblast/earthquake (for karen's dang houndoom; power+specs boost + easy renewability vs reliability)
hidden power (if good)/swift
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