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~Freezing Winds~
I felt like making this thread because I sprained my calf in the last week while fencing. So:

What injuries do you have at the moment? What was your worst injury? Where?


Because I'm Worth It
I have a few scars on my arms from cat scratches, but they're not that bad.


is your favorite
The worst injury I've had was a broken hand. I was at wrestling practice and got my hand trapped under my chest. It knocked the wind out of me, so I got to enjoy the terrible feeling of my hand slowly bending the wrong way and being unable to tell my friend to get off of me.


Well-Known Member
I have never gotten a real bad injury like a broken limb, etc. But I do have a few scars and such from life.


not present
Thankfully my injuries have never been really serious. My most severe injury was probably when I cut my knee open. I'm surprised at my self to be honest. With the stupid shit that i've done...


U lieks Oshawott
No injuries right now. My worst would have been last year when I slipped and fell on the ice and landed on my right elbow. My whole elbow was black and blue, and every single time I moved it, it felt like I broke it. I'm right handed, so every day was hell. It was that bad for three weeks. And it happened on Christmas Eve.

Flame Mistress

Well-Known Member
No injuries as of now, thank God. My worst injury was back in Year 3, when I broke my arm because I fell from the monkey bars (lol). It happened on the first day of term as well. Extra week off for me, though, so I was happy. I've been able to bend my arm slightly backwards ever since.


Not a tool
I live a reclusive life that a hermit would be proud of, so I don't get a ton of injuries. My cat scratches me all the time, though. It's totally not my fault that my cat hates it when I touch her soft belly (that happens to feel like a cloth knitted by angels)


~Setting Sail~
Nowadays, "my injuries" is crawling its way out of my internal dictionary. But I suppose that two cases of a decently scraped knee, a mangled palm, and one severely carpet-burned back count.


Well-Known Member
I've never broken a bone or anything, but I did snap my achelis (sp?) tendon when I accidentally jack-knifed into the shallow end of a pool.
Now there's pain you just never forget. Had to wear a brace for months with that.
Right now nothing is wrong.

As for my worst injuries....it would probably be when I was trampled by a horse, but a close second is when I was cut with a knife.


Snapped my femur in half once.
Sledding, nonetheless. Broke the hardest bone to break in your body doing the simplest of tasks.


Writer's Block
The worst injury I've ever had was to my right knee after a hurdling accident while running track.

That's exactly what is hurting on me right now.


can't remember what was my age back then.

i jumped off from a higher ground and landed on my chin (fractured). went to surgery and no painkillers to stop the pain. i guess it was so painful that i forgot all about it.

that is what happen if watch too many superman shows -_-


Well-Known Member

The worst I can remember is a few months ago, when I may or may not have broken my middle toe :/ The doctor wouldn't do an x-ray, because with a broken toe, there really isn't any treatment for it anyway...

And right now, the spot behind my left ear itches! ;P


I'm a ninja
My worst injury was wen I broke both of my legs jumping off of the stairs